Muslim Bus Rider Suffers Sudden Jihad Syndrome… Shoots Passenger Dead in Springfield (Video)

Mohamed H Dawod suffered a severe case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome today in Missouri. Dawod shot a passenger in the back and then was tackled by bystanders before he could kill anyone else. (Springfield Mugshots)

Springfield KSPR reported on the murder:

Springfield police have asked the FBI for assistance.
St. Louis Today reported:

Police in Springfield, Mo., were seeking a motive in the killing there on Thursday of a man waiting to board a bus for St. Louis.

Justin Hall, 32, of Mount Vernon, Ohio, was preparing to board a Greyhound bus when he was shot in the back. Mohamed H. Dawod, 25, of Glendale, Ariz., was charged with first-degree murder and armed criminal action in the shooting, the Springfield News-Leader reported.

Witnesses told police that Dawod was trying to fire more shots but that his pistol, a .22-cal. semi-automatic, jammed. Other passengers subdued Dawod and held him until police arrived.

The attack appeared to be unprovoked, according to court documents.

Hall and Dawod had been on a bus traveling from Amarillo, Texas, to St. Louis that had stopped over in Springfield. Witnesses said Hall and Dawod had not talked to each other on the bus.

KSPR reported more on Dawod.

A spokesperson for the FBI in Kansas City says the FBI is providing assistance.
“We’re trying to determine that suspect’s motive, we’ll look at any and all possibilities as to why he committed this act,” Kansas City FBI Spokesperson Bridget Patton said. “We want to caution people to not make any snap type of judgment.”

Ten separate witnesses say they did not notice the men fighting or arguing before the shooting. One passenger said she watched the suspect wander around the terminal until the call to line up to re-board the bus. “She then observed the suspect remove a silver and black handgun from a back pack he was carrying,” the officer wrote. “The suspect then pointed the handgun upward while saying something. The witness could not understand what the suspect said and didn’t know if he was speaking English.” No matter what was said the witness said Hall didn’t react or turn around. Shortly after the witness says Dawod shot him from a few feet away.

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  • WW

    It’s not sudden, it’s taught!

  • wolf

    If we refuse to expell all the muslims in our midst now they will turn around and attempt kill all of us later. Then we will have to hunt them down and kill every last one of them in America.

    Just think: Michigan might lose a couple of congress critters when that happens. New Jersey, too!

  • MrGoodWench

    Kansas City FBI Spokesperson Bridget Patton said. “We want to caution people to not make any snap type of judgment.”
    aaaaaaand the cover -up begins
    It must be the victim’s fault according to the F umblin B umblin I diots, just guessing here .

  • MrGoodWench

    “The suspect then pointed the handgun upward while saying something. The witness could not understand what the suspect said and didn’t know if he was speaking English.”
    allahuakbar …bet on it

  • gus

    He seems to be a BLACK MAN. Am I wrong here??

  • big L

    ex-con prob where they have all these rights to worship with muslim cleics and imams while in prison…

  • Sonoran Supposition

    “We want to caution people to not make any snap type of judgment.”

    Good job, Jim…

    Good grief. So damn ignorant.

  • Valerie

    Sudden Jihad syndrome, my a$$. There’s a history. We don’t know it, yet.

  • Truth Teller

    Exterminate him now….and all like him.

  • rbosque

    Another American dies from “political correctness”.

    Hey Obama! How many more people have to die until you pull our head out of your ass and see the ISLAM is at war with us!

    And more Americans have died as a result of your incompetent decision not to perform your job and kick illegals out of this country? More Americans have died here from them than soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq!

    But I guess nothing is going to seperate you from the illegal vote no matter who dies right?

  • Truth Teller

    The history is that he is a low IQ, sub-human animal deserving of a meat grinder.

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  • olm

    I know what the motive is. My only question was whether or not this was truly sudden jihad or some type of 9/11 birthday celebration.

  • Truth Teller

    All real patriots…I know you are out there. Tell me….if this were your child, brother, or father killed by the genetic mistake…what would you do? Accept it?

    Well, this is a child, brother, and father in YOUR country! How much longer must we remain silent?

  • Old One

    Just heard a media story on the murder. Absolutely no mention of the fact that the murderer was a muslime. More mushroom food delivered by Aall Bull Crap news. We dare noit say terrorist.

  • Rock

    The shooter was from AZ.? Sure hope that gun is not connected to Gunwalker, not your typical drug runner type of weapon, though gang bangers do use them for up close and personal payback.

  • Multitude

    I’m pretty sure it was an absence of soup. Soup kills, or to be clear, its absence kills. The utter absence of soup is a known fact across the Middle East. Correlate soup absence with violent, radical behavior and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you deprive a people of soup, you’ll end up with a bunch of deranged killers.

    I’m glad our President is tackling this remarkably difficult problem head on, rolling up his sleeves and serving soup this weekend to commemorate 9/11. It’s just a shame that he’s not Souperman, not able to be in all locales at the same time. A man’s gotta find time for golf, jetsetting, burger runs, and hiding from that angry Klingon bitch aka “the Michelle beast” (isn’t this what they invented the Man Cave for?).

  • Rock

    From reports here and elsewhere the shooter may have planned to shoot others, and a jammed gun plus heroic efforts by others prevented him from doing so. This could happen anywhere malls, stores, restaurants anywhere in the United States. Be vigilante we live in dangerous times and it seems those in charge of our safety have other agendas to pursue.

  • Richard McEnroe

    Mr. Goodwrench, look how well the FBI hid that gun from the Border Patrol shooting. They know a thing or two about cover-ups.

  • Rock

    Be curious to see how the media tries to spin this as some sort of deranged individual, or worse connect him to the Tea Party. Rest assure the anti gun crowed will jump on with both feet in an attempt to target gun ownership.