Latest DNC Spin: We Need Jobs Bill Because Moms Are Late for Football Practice and Astronauts Need Groceries (Video)

This is bad. Even I’m embarrassed for them…
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz says we needs the president’s latest stimulus because moms are late for football practice.

This follows yesterday’s plea from Democrat Jim McDermott (D-WA) that we need Obama’s jobs bill so that astronauts can get groceries… or something.

No wonder most Americans don’t think this latest stimulus will work either.

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  • HenryD

    What a warthog…god she’s ugly!

  • Mark

    Dimwit Debbie Schultz and Traitor Jim McDermott, the face, or butt of the Commiecrat Party. Absolute scum.

  • HadEnough

    Has this clown been smuggling heroin in has @ss again and the balloons keep breaking…….I told him to use better balloons next time……..

  • NeoKong

    Gee…I thought we were supposed to have already fixed all that stuff with the last stimulus.
    Where did all the money go….?

    As far as the “fair share” thing goes I will cough up some more money when all the sec.8, food stamp, welfare crowd starts paying their “fair share” for all the freebies they receive.

  • Neo

    We’re told by a source inside the Times that the paper is preparing a story arguing that Obama no longer finds joy in the political back-and-forth, has seemed increasingly listless to associates, and is generally exhibiting the litany of signs that late-night cable commercials will tell you add up to depression.

    Cue the “Leave Brittany Barack Alone” YouTube video.

  • DeeDee

    Everytime they talk about people paying their “fair share”, I only think about maybe all of Congress should have their tax returns published so we can see if they ARE paying their fair share.

  • StandUpChuck

    Coo-coo, coo-coo…

  • avery

    “Trumka” was Licking his Chop the other night wanting to get his paw on this Job bill money.

  • Patty

    Polls showing Republicans can beat Obama in the presidential elections and this is a last ditch effort to get another stimulus past, they are grasping at straws.


    absolute stupidity…see ya later demo-turds…let the flushing season begin

  • avery

    Trumka spend more time in the White House then Obama.

  • Kissmygrits

    To the Hon. James McDermott, sir, I would think our astronauts need a space ship before groceries. I will be glad to pay my fair share when Warren Buffet and Jeff Immelt does the same.

  • donh

    I am going to gain weight eating all these Little Debbie Nutty Bar Snacks…

  • patman

    Keep talking Debbie. Get on every news show you can.

    Kids late for football practice… Wow… National emergency at hand…

    We must pass this bill NOW. Think of the children…

    republicans hate little league football…

    This is awesome!!!

  • Bill Mitchell

    The fact the DNC chose a person as purely idiotic as DWS speaks volumes about their current state of being.

    Truly pathetic.

  • http://My Joe Camel

    We pay “federal” gas taxes for the purpose of “roads” and “infrastructure” of the federal highways/bridges.
    We pay “state” and “local” gas taxes for our communities and state roads upkeep and repair.
    We pay state and local taxes for schools and upkeep.
    So, why do we have to give “stimulus” money to do what is already being done and financed? Quick fix, just don’t send the money to Washington, have them siphon off a huge portion, then supposedly give back a pittance of what was sent originally. Jay Nixon just loves that federal money in Missouri. If you can’t afford something, don’t buy it folks, pretty straight forward.

  • KornKing

    Didn’t “Bagdhad Debbie” tells us the economy already had turned around?

  • befuddled

    Lame duck President. Go sit in the corner with your golf clubs. We’ll call for you when the moving van arrives.

  • Finncrisp

    Nanny state personified. Nanny Wasserman-Schultz needs to keep us infoprmed, hourly if necessary. I wiould also like to report a lie. There is no jobs bill. It is more correctly named the MISERY & MALAISE PERPETUATION ACT.

  • dwd

    We don’t have a space shuttle program anymore (thanks Obama) so we can’t even get to the space station on our own anymore. The space station is about to be left completely unoccupied because Russia is delaying the next launch until after the people up there come back, so they can take new groceries up with them (groceries… seriously?!?!). Wouldn’t want those groceries to spoil up there while no one was there to eat them… what a waste of stimulus money that would be. And in 2020, after all the time, money, and effort put into building it and stocking it with groceries, the space station is going to be crashed into the ocean.

    The world won’t end if moms are late to football practice, and the economy isn’t going to roar back just because they get to football practice a couple minutes sooner.

    You have to do better than this, Dems.