Iranian Regime Says It Will Move Ships Into Atlantic Off US Coast

An Iranian Alvand Class Frigate (Press TV)

The commander of the Iranian navy announced the regime plans to move vessels into the Atlantic Ocean to start a naval buildup near the US border.
Fars News reported:

Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that the country plans to move vessels into the Atlantic Ocean to start a naval buildup “near maritime borders of the United States”.

“Like the arrogant powers that are present near our marine borders, we will also have a powerful presence close to the American marine borders,” Sayyari said.

Speaking at a ceremony marking the 31st anniversary of the start of the 1980-1988 war with Iraq, Sayyari gave no details of when such a deployment could happen or the number or type of vessels to be used.

On July 19 Sayyari also said that Iran was going to send “a flotilla into the Atlantic”.

The remarks come as another high-ranking Iranian military official rejected a recent US request to establish a “red phone” link between the countries in the Persian Gulf.

“We would establish direct contact with the United States if we would ever go to the Gulf of Mexico,” Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Ali Fadavi said.

He rejected the US demand, and explained, “In the view of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the presence of the US in the Persian Gulf is illegitimate and makes no sense.”

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  • redpillpatriot

    Dear God…… Please help us, our government is so retarded! Bush did squat when the Iranians taunted our carriers in the middle east.. We all know Barry will do squat when this happens. Hmmm is it possible they may have a nuke or EMP on board???

    If you think we will stop them from hanging out in international waters you are still asleep. We should assume this is an act of war and blow them out of the water, and turn Iran into a freaking parking lot!!!

    And if anyone squaks turn them into a parking lot also. Done and Done.

  • Ipso Facto

    And when those Iranian ships (that they probably bought from Russia) get here, what are they going to do?

    They will be shadowed by Aegis Cass Destroyers and Virginia Class Fast Attack submarines.

    Can you imagine how much our Navy is lookin’ forward to this?

    I’ll bet the crews of those Iranian ships will be choking down Imodium tablets with every meal.

  • Blackbird

    Those shallow water lubbers have absolutely no idea what they are biting off. Let them go for it. They will spend a fortune keeping their “fleet” supplied fueled and maintained. That is money that isn’t going toward the Iran Nuclear Weapons Program. The Atlantic will chew them up and spit them out, these sailors have literally never been out of sight of land as far as I can tell. The only real danger to us is if the drug traffickers pirate one of their cruisers from them. A Mexican drug cartel possessing an armed cruiser is not a good thought at all. Other than that all I see is pure comedy gold coming from this.

  • garettc

    Just makes them an cheaper target. Really, not to worry.

  • wodun

    Pretty funny.

    The revolutionary guard opening up training bases in Venezuela is troubling though.

  • serrfer62

    Did OHbama surrender yet?

  • Blackbird

    Ha, I thought they had a few old Russian cruisers, turns out the best they can field is 5 frigates. /fail

  • I’m quaking in my boots.

    The Iranian navy’s biggest ships are five frigates. Three of those frigates are 40 years old. Only one mounts armament as heavy as a single 111mm (4.37″) gun. They have torpedos and 20mm antiaircraft guns but no missiles.

    Iran’s North Korean-style Kilo-class diesel submarines can launch mines and torpedos but nothing else (like missiles).

    That’s a “naval buildup”?

  • chuck in st paul

    Wooo Hooo!! Live targets for the Navy!

    #3 Blackbird, I totally agree. This is a whole lot like when they run out with their patrol boats to harrass our warships. They circle around, make alot of noise, then go home. One eyeblink and they’re kindling. This bunch will be porting in Cuba constantly to buy crates black market of Imodium and Pepto. ha ha ha Wait until hurricane season and/or Atlantic winter storms. ha ha ha

  • vamoose

    Just sayin’…vessels has been known to disappear mysteriously in the Bermuda Triangle.

  • jony101

    I use to be in the navy, back when it was manned with real men and wooden ships. Back then we stared down the soviets on a daily basis, and there ships where loaded with missles. There was no political correctness on the ships, the captains where gungho and we all use to smoke throughout the ship and dump our trash hazadrous or otherwise over the side. Nowadays there are so many rules, captains have to respect the feelings of the crew and there well-being, respect the environment, otherwise they dont get promoted. Hopefully the DADT crew wont get scared when they see the Iranian warship comming, but I have my doubts.
    This proves one thing the Iranians are not scared of the US, they use to but not no more, they see weakness and will exploit it.

  • Dave-O

    this is what so-called “Smart Diplomacy” has brought to us. Iranian row boats off the US coast. Maybe John Kerry can get back into his Swift Boat and launch a pre-emptive strike. Or perhaps we should parachute Hillary onto the scene with a re-start button in her hand? I hope they brought their oars and their fishing poles as re-supply might prove difficult.

    Please pass the popcorn.

  • here hoping they get into a cat 5 hurricane

  • Freddy

    I wonder how well Iranian ships will fare when the first hurricane hits?

  • jorgen

    Hussein Obama is busy putting up a telephone answering machine with message: “We surrender”.

  • This is great! The U.S. Navy won’t have to sacrifice its old ships for target practice, now that Iran has volunteered.

  • I like it, Obama wont be in too much longer… as long as that foreign policy nut Paul dont get in.

  • Blackbird

    *In my best Paul Hogan accent*

    “That’s not a ship,”

    “Now this is a ship.”

  • thegoldman

    We can use more artificial reefs…

  • Neo

    I have one word for this … logistics

    The US has entire battle groups not just because they fill the ocean so nicely, but because a fleet (or even one vessel) requires re-supply.

  • Bear

    Our east coast lobster fleet could defeat the Iranian Navy.
    Those lobster fishermen are some bad dudes.

  • Texas_Treeroach

    Obama will probably open up our ports, and let them refuel.

  • Craig

    Well, what did you expect? Obama secretly sold 55 deep-penetrating bunker bombs to Israel, even though Bush refused in 2005 because the Pentagone didn’t trust Israel. They were afraid Israel would give the technology to China.


    “Israel first asked to buy deep-penetrating GBU-28 bombs in 2005, but were rebuffed by then-president George W. Bush. At the time the Pentagon had frozen joint US-Israeli defense projects, fearful that Israel was transferring advanced military technology to China, Newsweek said.”

  • Richard II

    Let ’em come! They’ve done all their sailing in a 150′ deep bathtub. The Atlantic runs 6′ swells when it is calm. They’ll spend the entire time hanging over the rail sick as a dog!

  • Craig

    Just read the comments above. WOW… so now you are not afraid of Islamists? What a change! Usually you are hiding under your bed asking for the TSA to protect you…lol.
    Please, grope us and radiate us. Please continue the Patriot Act. Please, please, keep us safe, we are so afraid of the Islamists. Take all of our rights, we don’t care, we want to be safe. We love your Police State… more, please… more.

    What a joke you people are. Double standards all the time.

  • bg


    Why Haven’t We Seen This?

    [scroll thread for more, or not, your choice]


  • bg


    redpillpatriot #1 September 28, 2011 at 1:13 pm

    re: [Bush did squat when the Iranians
    taunted our carriers in the middle east..]

    do you ever listen to what you’re saying,
    or even comprehend your own words??


  • bg
  • Lycus

    I was in the Navy and this gets me excited! If I were sill in I’d make them REALLY uncomfortable and paranoid. There’s no question I’d be happy to send them to sleep with the fishes.

  • Valerie


    If you’re going to take part in the conversation, you have to keep up.

    “Obama sold Israel bunker buster bombs that the Bush administration had previously blocked in 2005.

    The problem: In 2007, the Bush arranged for the bombs to be delivered in the 2009-2010 time period, which they were. Newsweek of course dutifully spun the story to emphasize Bush’s original refusal, rather than the fact that the bombs arrived when Bush had promised they would.”

  • Golly gee whiz, Craig, you seem just a bit testy. Were those your own words, or did your mentors fed them to you?

  • feed

  • This software really, REALLY needs an edit function.

  • Valerie

    #25 September 28, 2011 at 2:19 pm
    Craig commented:

    That comment does not fall in the class of “keeping up.” If you don’t understand what’s so funny about Iran threatening to send its small, decrepit, out-of-date fleet past any distance where it can be maintained, in order to provoke an enemy capable of reading a newspaper on a ship’s deck and shooting down a falling satellite, or ruining every electronic device onboard from a distance, or or causing all of them to mysteriously sink on cue, oh, well.

  • I bet any one the boats from The Deadliest Catch could take them out! No wait I have a better idea we’ll paint Research on the side of their ship and tell those idots from Whale Wars it is a Japanese whaling boat!

  • Valerie


    Al-Qaida calls on Ahmadinejad to end 9/11 conspiracy theories

    H/t Drudge

    Confusion to our enemies!

  • Imam Captain, I radioed to the American ship and said, “Allahu Akbar, we will have paradise and 72 virgins after this battle”. He replied something about Davy Jones Locker and whale excrement…what did he mean?

  • Coward Craig,

    When I was in the Navy two Russian typhoon

    class subs were off both coasts of America 24/7.

    Our job was to track them for the saw of okosk

    (near Japan) and through the Hokiado strIghts

    And into open Pacific ocean. We knew the ship

    number type and capabilities. Pathetic lil worm

    I’ve done things you only can dream about.

    Power is dry

  • Sea, effing I touch.

  • vityas

    Except for Craig of course, we have known something would happen at some point. Either it will be handled properly or not. If not, Democrats won’t be elected in significant numbers for the remainder of my life and probably well past, because most people, except of course Greenies, don’t want to die. Any life-threatening incident will put that realization into sharp focus for the majority of Americans. The question will stop being how to get more goodies out of the government, but how do we live to see tomorrow.

    Even the dumbest among us should be able to get that. (Should be, not counting on it.)

  • Craig

    Your comments just prove that 9/11 was an inside job. You think the Islamists are so weak. Of course they are, that is why they needed help from your government on 9/11.

  • Craig

    A neocon (don’t remember which one, there are too many on this site), said that Ron Paul was crazy because he said that Iranians didn’t have planes to bomb you. And that Neocon said: Okay, they don’t have the planes, but they sure do have boats.

    So now, which is it? The boats are a threat or not?

  • Wheeze

    Iranian skeet shooting…

  • Craig, I have a very important question for you. Which do you use Reynolds Wrap or generic?

  • Dave-O

    I’d put my money on the Duck Commander boys in one of their Louisiana duck boats against the Iranian navy commanded by Captain Quentin (“Ahmad”) McHale and his crew of Iranian PT 109 deckscrubbers.

  • Dave-O

    PT-73, sorry.

  • Susan

    Oh, good Lord, that craig person is off his meds again. Bless his heart, he is pitiful, isn’t he?

  • Captain Ned


  • Evil Otto

    Craig, you demented Paul-worshiping Canadian freak, that was me. And I didn’t say “they have boats,” I said that these things called boats exist. And that one can put nukes on board them. And then one can send said boat over into one of our harbors. And that they aren’t going to helpfully tell us that they’ve done so before they light the nuke off.

    No one is worried about this pathetic show by the awesomely powerful Iranian navy. These ships could be sunk by our Coast Guard. Terrorists don’t send warships. Terrorists hijack planes and fly them into buildings… ah, but you believe that 9/11 was an “inside job,” right?

    But, hey, why should we be worried about those ships? We don’t even need the Coast Guard to sink them. We’ll just give Ron Paul a hacksaw and a set of water wings and he can swim out and sink them himself. Because he is JUST. THAT. AWESOME.

  • Evil Otto

    Oh, good Lord, that craig person is off his meds again. Bless his heart, he is pitiful, isn’t he?

    Very. I’m really starting to feel sorry for the demented little clown. Not that that will stop me from mocking him, of course.

  • Dave-O

    #49 Evil Otto – I think Ron Paul can just WALK out there with his hacksaw and sink them.

  • Craig

    lol… nobody and I mean nobody on this site can debate me. You have ZERO arguments, just insults. And in my book, insults are not arguments.

  • Evil Otto

    Craig, buddy, I don’t debate the mentally ill. I mock them.

    By “mentally ill,” I mean “you.”

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  • Craig

    Valerie (#30)

    Both governments (USA and ISRAEL) are so corrupted, that nobody knows who to beleieve. There are thousands of articles from either countries that state exactly what I said and state exactly what you said. We will never know which is which.

    Don’t look for any truth to come out from these two countries. The only two things that we know for sure is that the Pentagone had suspended in those years joint US-Israeli defense projects… and the other thing is that these two countries do not trust one another. Normal. A crook never trust another crook.

  • Well, I’m pretty sure they have no chance in hell to detect our hunter-killer subs. Come on over Achmed the Sailor Man. Enjoy the swim.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • P. Aaron

    It’s called a ‘target rich environment’.

  • bg


    Valerie #30 September 28, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    much thanks for that Valerie..

    [dang, the 8 years that were, and between you and i alone, it not only
    took all of them, but a few more to debunk all of the anti-Bush/America
    /Iraq Liberation crap that is still (probably always will be) floating about]


  • bg


    Craig #55 September 28, 2011 at 6:30 pm

    please list the names of UNCORRUPTED governments..

    thanks in advance..


  • DaveinPhoenix

    “We would establish direct contact with the United States if we would ever go to the Gulf of Mexico,”

    – I’m quite certain that there will be direct contact, yes sir. No problem 🙂

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  • Molon Labe

    Wow I love Craig’s comments, its like reading the diary of a madman. Well I’ve always been interested in abnormal personalities.

    The Iranian Navy is a joke and they can sit in the Atlantic all day long. A far greater threat and one they don’t talk about is there luanching cruise type missiles from merchant ships. The Russians have provided them with the necessaries. Three of four equipped with nuclear warheads could be used for an EMP attack. I just hope they all happen to be in the Bermuda triangle if intelligence ever gets wind of such a scheme. If not I’d hope our military makes sure Farsi is only spoken in hell.

  • JohnP

    “U.S. Navy Says It Will Move Iranian Ships to the bottom of the Atlantic Off US Coast”

    Mk-48 ADCAP testing anyone?

  • HM

    What about BP….? What about rigs and underwater lines now? Iranians think suicide, that’s not such a conflict tool. A uncompromising tool.

  • Mustang

    HEE… HEE…

  • scott

    “craig” I feel sorry for you.

    The UNITED STATES did not suspend squat to the isralies. Infact they now have our obsolete F-117a STEALTH FIGHTER. WHY in the hell would we not give them bunker buster tech you goof ball. Iran is Russia’s little puppet. It is russia who wants a war with us wich they cannot win. Europe is not weak like they were back in the day. As a matter of fact GERMANY AND FRANCE are in the TOP 5 most powerful militaries in the world with the UK at number #9 Canada dosn’t even compute. You are from canada (which by the way has troops on the ground in afgan). I really think you need to get up todate with your current events. Oh, i almost forgot Russia is more currupt than any body. Really who is running that country KGB or the Krimlen? Same goes for Iran is iamadumbass running it or their suprem so called leader? Point being you do’t know what you are talking about.