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  • Mark1957

    I love it, the spanish language part was hilarious. Thanks


    I got 30 seconds into it and almost puked… WTF

  • StrangernFiction

    Rule 5

  • Petra

    Gohmert not only swiped the American Jobs bill name for his bill (see heritage foundation)…he’s also just introduced his two page bill…as opposed to zero’s 150 boondogle:

  • mg4us

    This is awesome

    Attack Watch is needed so we can spy and report our parents, our friends, our kids. . report them all

    Report anyone and everyone who says something against Barack Hussein Obama . . mmm mmm mmm

    If only East Germany’s Stasi had this, maybe the country could still be around. . .

    Oh and report anyone carrying or displaying and American flag. . .

  • Bob Z

    to long. I lasted about 30 seconds.

  • KR

    Mark1957, can you translate the spanish for us?

  • KR

    I’ve watched it 3 times now and laugh more each time.

  • Mark1957

    # 7

    Sorry, I can’t, It is the fact that they made it bilingual is what I found funny.

  • ocrick

    Until the “right” can disprove they LIED (when called out on it) which they Never do…

    it would be a useful part of any campaign.

    The extreme Paranoia is pretty funny on the video… be afraid, very afraid… cowards

  • Bitter Clinger

    I turned myself in to Attach Watch today. Sent them a picture of me in my “Grandma’s for Freedom” tee shirt at a Tea Party Rally. Asked them if I should translate my self incrimination into German as that was the most common language of Nazis. Told them to come and get me. I say we should melt the server and mock them into shame (assuming they are capable of being ashamed.)

  • http://biggovernment gee!

    heeeeeeeeeee i needed a good laugh today

  • southernsue

    this is crazy!

    we need to be very watchful come this election for voter fraud!

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  • katy

    The right are finally using Alinski Tactics against the left. I LOVE IT!!!

    Ridicule is the most potent weapon!

  • Hobbitually conservative

    I’m telling on you guys. You’re mean.

  • befuddled

    Dear AttackWatch,

    I have a white neighbor who I believe is making more than $200,000 a year. Obviously, he must be a Republican stooge and a Corporate Fat Cat. Also, I’ve never seen him with an Obama/Democrat/Union bumper sticker,t-shirt,lawn sign,or other paraphernalia.So obviously, he’s probably your typical racist Tea Party scumbag as well. In my heart, I know he isn’t paying his fair share and bad mouthing our president. How do I notify Mr.Holder of this terrorist threat in our midst, so we can promptly round up his family?

  • Bitter Clinger

    @southernsue: There WILL be massive voter fraud so we conservatives must come out in tsunami-like numbers to overcome it. In 2008. the Obummer campaign called me three times asking me to “canvas” for them. I explained that as a registsered Republican, that wouldn’t be on my list of things to do. The day before OH began early voting, I was called again. The Obama campaign “needed me in OH”. I should be prepared to go on a bus to OH and would be gone overnight. I explained (yet again) that I was a Republican and asked them how they got my name. I was told that it was “on a list provided to them by ACORN”. But, that’s illegal, I said. She laughed at me………This is what we’re up against. Plus the MSM will revert to type and tingles will suddenly reappear as in the olden days. Banana republic……….

  • Mark1957

    Now if we can get people to show up at Obama rallies wearing these “Stop Snitching” tees it would be awesome.,171301364

  • gus

    I just reported OC-DICK. He hangs out at RIGHWING blogs. He cannot be trusted.