You already read that the Obama Administration revived their Goon Squad Snitch Police.
Now there’s a new Attack Watch commercial.

This is hilarious.
Via Breitbart TV:

Plus - Zombie has the new Attack Watch poster.




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  1. I love it, the spanish language part was hilarious. Thanks

  2. I got 30 seconds into it and almost puked… WTF

  3. Rule 5

  4. Gohmert not only swiped the American Jobs bill name for his bill (see heritage foundation)…he’s also just introduced his two page bill…as opposed to zero’s 150 boondogle:

  5. This is awesome

    Attack Watch is needed so we can spy and report our parents, our friends, our kids. . report them all

    Report anyone and everyone who says something against Barack Hussein Obama . . mmm mmm mmm

    If only East Germany’s Stasi had this, maybe the country could still be around. . .

    Oh and report anyone carrying or displaying and American flag. . .

  6. to long. I lasted about 30 seconds.

  7. Mark1957, can you translate the spanish for us?

  8. I’ve watched it 3 times now and laugh more each time.

  9. # 7

    Sorry, I can’t, It is the fact that they made it bilingual is what I found funny.

  10. Until the “right” can disprove they LIED (when called out on it) which they Never do…

    it would be a useful part of any campaign.

    The extreme Paranoia is pretty funny on the video… be afraid, very afraid… cowards

  11. I turned myself in to Attach Watch today. Sent them a picture of me in my “Grandma’s for Freedom” tee shirt at a Tea Party Rally. Asked them if I should translate my self incrimination into German as that was the most common language of Nazis. Told them to come and get me. I say we should melt the server and mock them into shame (assuming they are capable of being ashamed.)

  12. heeeeeeeeeee i needed a good laugh today

  13. this is crazy!

    we need to be very watchful come this election for voter fraud!

  14. The right are finally using Alinski Tactics against the left. I LOVE IT!!!

    Ridicule is the most potent weapon!

  15. I’m telling on you guys. You’re mean.

  16. Dear AttackWatch,

    I have a white neighbor who I believe is making more than $200,000 a year. Obviously, he must be a Republican stooge and a Corporate Fat Cat. Also, I’ve never seen him with an Obama/Democrat/Union bumper sticker,t-shirt,lawn sign,or other paraphernalia.So obviously, he’s probably your typical racist Tea Party scumbag as well. In my heart, I know he isn’t paying his fair share and bad mouthing our president. How do I notify Mr.Holder of this terrorist threat in our midst, so we can promptly round up his family?

  17. @southernsue: There WILL be massive voter fraud so we conservatives must come out in tsunami-like numbers to overcome it. In 2008. the Obummer campaign called me three times asking me to “canvas” for them. I explained that as a registsered Republican, that wouldn’t be on my list of things to do. The day before OH began early voting, I was called again. The Obama campaign “needed me in OH”. I should be prepared to go on a bus to OH and would be gone overnight. I explained (yet again) that I was a Republican and asked them how they got my name. I was told that it was “on a list provided to them by ACORN”. But, that’s illegal, I said. She laughed at me………This is what we’re up against. Plus the MSM will revert to type and tingles will suddenly reappear as in the olden days. Banana republic……….

  18. Now if we can get people to show up at Obama rallies wearing these “Stop Snitching” tees it would be awesome.,171301364

  19. I just reported OC-DICK. He hangs out at RIGHWING blogs. He cannot be trusted.

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