Good Grief… Bill Clinton: It’s Un-American to Deny Global Warming Junk Science

Really?… People still believe in this junk??

Bill Clinton says it’s un-American to deny global warming junk science.
The Politico reported:

Bill Clinton turned up the heat on the leading Republican presidential contenders Tuesday, saying their opposition to acknowledging climate change makes the country “look like a joke.”

“If you’re an American, the best thing you can do is to make it politically unacceptable for people to engage in denial” about climate change, the former president said on the first day of the Clinton Global Initiative’s seventh annual meeting in New York City.

“I mean, it makes us – we look like a joke, right? You can’t win the nomination of one of the major parties in the country if you admit that the scientists are right? That disqualifies you from doing it? You could really help us there,” Clinton added.

Kicking off the three-day conference, Clinton called the lack of debate in America on climate change “really tragic.”

Bubba, please.

And, here we thought these socialists were in retreat.
Guess not.

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  • Rose

    WHO thought they were in RETREAT? Rip Van Winkle???
    They think they are in the Majority and WINNING!

    Even the news of Times Atlas being caught photoshopping Glaciers into green pastures isn’t going to dampening their enthusiasm, in the LEAST!

  • Wait, I’m confused. Did he say both that we’re not having enough debate about climate change, then say everyone who disagrees with his position should shut up?

  • Ice

    I think Bill having a girl under his desk in the Oval Office makes us look like a joke. Exercising free speech, debating science, and wanting to know the truth, appears to be more American than Bill is lending credit too.
    He must be getting jealous of the money that Al Gore is making off of the ‘snake oil’ sales, so he is jumping on the band wagon.

  • NeoKong

    Maybe Billy Bob can ask his boy Al Gore how those polar ice caps are doing.
    Weren’t they supposed to be gone by now…..?


    hey dumbass bill…if you weren’t porken monica when bin laden was offered to be turned over to the USA…we might be a bit better than we are now…so you crawl under a rock and STFU

  • Dick

    It comes from the very same tool who blatantly lied to the entire country. Screw him. And that’s the sugar coated version.

  • Bill Mitchell

    All you need to do is look at the fossil record from the last 10,000 years which shows that on 3 separate occasions, The Minoan Period, The Roman Period and The Middle Ages, Earth was not only warmer than it is now, but DRAMATICALLY warmer (as in +3 degrees Celsius!). Compare that to the 0.7 degrees Celsius the Earth has warmed in the last 165 years and it quickly becomes obvious how ridiculously post hoc and flawed the entire AGW argument is.

    As an interesting side note, the three periods mentioned which had the highest temperatures coincided with the periods of greatest human advancement. Go figure…

  • ScottJ

    So, Bill leaks “the plan.” O’boy freaks/flames out, Dems replace him on the ticket with Hillary, and Al Gore gets to be vice president again. What could go wrong?

  • cal rifkin

    Slick Willie sure has gotten mucho media over the last 4-5 days. Major dinomedia still sucks up to that guy big time. There’s got to be something brewin’. The anthropomorphic globull warming schtick isn’t dead, but its blood sugar’s mighty low.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Clinton called the lack of debate in America on climate change “really tragic.”

    Weren’t we told that the science is settled on this subject?

    Who exactly then are the ones that aren’t interested in debating?

  • zooomzooom

    and just how much “global-warming” do cigars* produce……..?

    *when used properly

  • bg


    Bill Clinton: It’s Un-American to Deny Global Warming

    Earth to B$ll et al..

    no one is denying global warming any more
    than global cooling aka: CLIMATE CHANGE..

    what is NOT FACT is that it’s MAN-CAUSED.. duh fuh!!

    CLIMATE CHANGE has always been, is, and always
    will be a fact re: Planet Earth with or w/out MAN..

    POLLUTION is MAN-CAUSED & certainly needs cleaning up,

    however, POLLUTION does not cause CLIMATE CHANGE..


  • MrGoodWench

    Clinton called the lack of debate in America on climate change “really tragic.”
    Really BillC ?
    How about THIS for a debate :
    Your 2nd chakra a k a Gore debating Lord Monckton
    ON LIVE TV ?
    BTW BillC, we know you too well , so do tell WHAT and HOW MUCH is YOUR financial interest in the greenscam ? You MUST be benefitting in some way, otherwise you wouldn’t say a word about it

  • Paddy

    Bubba must have some skin in the global warming game. Otherwise, why would he make his stupid ill-informed remarks. He is attempting to protect his investment value.

  • vagabond trader

    He seems confused. Everytime anyone tries to debate the agw scam these zealots lob ad hominems at us.

  • vagabond trader

    @ Paddy #14:

    Knowing this cheap socialist grifter, its probably someone elses skin. 😛

  • big L

    I had a 45 ft queen palm cut down. It had a lot of water in the segments. Perhaps the water comes and goes thru the segments of he planst. It is called nature. Pehaps nature doesn’t need any help from us. We are too puny.

  • Paz

    Shut up Clinton. You’re a despicable rapist.

  • Rita

    Bill still has a sh*tload of carbon credits to sell.

  • rbosque

    What’s un-American is getting kcik-backs from the Chicoms in exchange for American rocket technology.

    “Denying” involves disbelief, which should apply to faith and religion. If there were conclusive proof of “global warming” there would be no need for “believing” since the evidence would speak for itself.

  • nano

    I am getting a bit tired of people calling me unamerican simply due to having a different opinion.

    That is going over the top.

  • Molon Labe

    Ironic isn’t it Mr. Clinton? This all depends on the definition of the word Joke doesn’t it?

  • tpartynitwit

    Bill’s gone vegan, so what do you expect? I know I’d lose it if I couldn’t eat a fresh grilled ribeye steak and wash it down with a few icy brews. Dang, I might even oppose voting rights restrictions if it were the price of a good meal.

  • Spider

    How does this guy have a forum to blather his bullsh*t?

    Go to Hollywood, hang with your groupies, share your insane philosophy with others of your kind, and please just leave the rest of America alone.

  • Blackbird

    We can survive “looking like a joke” just fine, it is cheap. You want to bring us over to the “science”? Just simply release *all* of the data and the programing behind the model your scientists are using. Believe it or not there are quite a few of us that would have no problem at all parsing it. Until they release their data and math to be scrutinized by their worst opponents it is not even close to science. Pier reviews are not the finish line for science, they are simply a gate to pass through on your way to being published. These horrible people are using scientists to cry wolf and when it all unravels the next generation will not believe anything legitimate scientists say for decades. I weep for the future.

  • Ipso Facto

    Two things are really tragic.

    The first is that there isn’t one single politician who has even the slighted degree of expertise about climate science. They are all using this canard to funnel money into the Democratic Party’s pet projects, which in turn funnels money into the Democratic Party coffers.

    The second is that many of the climate scientists are getting grant money (big tim) to study this canard. Everything they do is 100% based on computer models and not one single computer model to date has factored in cosmic rays from the sun. We have already seen how they have been trying to fudge the data to support the result that will keep them all on the money.

  • bg
  • Fuquay Steve

    Someone’s got pictures and video on him.

  • bg
  • Freddy

    Look at the bright side. We no longer have to listen to anyone that claims Bill Clinton is not as deranged as Al Gore!

  • Oh Noes!

    All of those commie bastids, Gore, Clinton, Obummers all the Czars, Democrats have one goal and that is to rape the American people and keep us down as sheeple and accept the one world goberment. Not gonna happen. Bill can stick that C I G A R with the son doesn’t shine.

  • Callipygian1

    The man is a proven liar; I do not believe anything uttered by proven liars.

  • Oh Noes!

    opps …. sun

  • Stephana

    What is really tragic is the fact that these buttwipes are still pushing the fake propaganda, and still spending billions on the junk science that has already been proven false.

  • i wonder if the solution to man-made global warming wasn’t a world-wide communist government if billy boy would believe in global warming.

  • don abernathy

    Joke….denial…. Bill Clinton…… Yep……. That about sums da guy up


  • I guess the STD’s finally got to the other head.

    Critical thinking is not his forte’.

    Powder is dry, his depends not so much.

  • bill

    The “Sex Crazed Poodle” must have gotten “Slick Willie” invested in Greeeeeeeen..
    Buddies again.

  • Spider

    We have a motley crew of ex-presidents.

    Carter, BushI, Slick-Willie, BushII, and soon the Big O

    Not a conservative among ’em

  • czekmark

    Same ole bill, nothing he says is relevent.

  • Francesca

    #26: Exactly so.
    Very disturbing.

  • Walden

    The evidence for anthropogenic global warming is quite strong. While reversing or even slowing it is impracticable, adapting to the new conditions is quite viable. Building seawalls and moving populations inland for example.

    Denying that it is happening is willful and dangerous ignorance.

  • MrGoodWench

    Walden commented:
    The evidence for anthropogenic global warming is quite strong.
    Show us the RAW DATA

  • Liz

    Bill Clinton is turning into a mean drunk.

  • bg


    Walden #42 September 20, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    apology for the redundancy..

    the missing link..

    ditto MrGoodWench #43 September 20, 2011 at 5:09 pm

    and enjoy!!


  • bg


    oops re: #45 September 20, 2011 at 5:15 pm bg

    Walden #42 September 20, 2011 at 5:02 pm

    re: apology for the redundancy..


  • Rock

    Hey Bill frack you, go steal someone else’s hard earned money you two timing dog in heat piece of trash.

  • MrGoodWench

    #43 September 20, 2011 at 5:09 pm
    MrGoodWench commented:
    Walden commented:
    The evidence for anthropogenic global warming is quite strong.
    Show us the RAW DATA

    Wahapind ?
    You don’t want to prove me UnAmerican anymore ?

  • Rusty_MonkeyBars

    Relax Slick Willie. The last time we all saw a “full-blown” denial was when you and Monica shared the spotlight.

    Besides, not everyone on the planet gets as flushed, heated up and otherwise excited as you.

    Rest assured, you’re still the biggest joke to come along in a long time.
    (However, your boy in the White House is gaining on you)

  • Deanna

    The use od the phrase “climate change” by the AGW crowd is very clever. I mean who can deny there is climate change?
    #12 September 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm bg commented:t
    what is NOT FACT is that it’s MAN-CAUSED.. duh fuh!!

    is right.
    Of course the politicos like Bubba know that too. But they’re appealing to their whacky enviro-extremist base with this clever use of words.

  • RickS

    ‘Clinton called the lack of debate in America on climate change “really tragic.”’—but it’s him and the other warmers who are trying to shut down debate. Remember BJ, how everyone who disagrees with you and Algore is on the same moral plane as Holocaust deniers? No wonder you people are losing.

  • Viv

    Saw some video of Clinton last night… don’t get a red bulbous nose like that without consuming large amounts of alchohol over a prolonged period of time.

  • Big Al

    #42. Yes, there is evidence of climate change. Always was – always will be. Its the anthropogenic part thats a stretch. I wouldn’t even say its a theory – its POLITICS – nothing more elegant than that. Its simply the latest construct from the global left to bring down the United States. It is so insidious and therefore dangerous. It must be resisted with everything we’ve got.

  • RS

    The thing to remember about the American elite is that they REALLY don’t want to be criticized by their models, the European elite.

    So no matter how stupid Europe acts, American libs just HAVE to do the same.

  • Scott

    Don’t forget that Hillary pledged 250 billion a year in transfer payments to countries damaged by global warming…This must be part of the Clinton global initiative. The collusion between the Clintons and foreigners is staggering…He should recuse himself from lobbying for foriegn governments while his wife is Secretary of State. They are trash, evil destructive garbage who won’t stop until they are both in the grave.

  • Scott

    #42 Where’s the evidence? Even the scientists, and I use the term loosely, admit that the temperatures have dropped in the first decade of this new century. It doesn’t fit their model…Explain! Anecdotal I know, but it snowed three times last year here in the lowcountry of SC. I’m pushing fifty and have never seen that in my life. As well, we had more ice last year than I have ever seen…Get over it, the theory is a bust…

  • Scott

    Americans should never forget that Bill Clinton shot down the balanced budget amendment produced by the Republican House of Representatives. The impending bankruptcy of the Federal government could have all been avoided if not for Clinton’s stupidity. The man is a failure in all respects. No wonder he is a god to democrats. A disbarred lawyer and impeached President…Just go away please!

  • L.E. Liesner

    Wasn’t he another of those brain dead Democrats that was labeled as the smartest man in the country? Like the present occupier of the White House, he is a disgrace to the American people.

  • Earthmover

    Al Gore is so worried about rising sea levels that he
    bought an oceanfront home.

  • Perfected democrat

    This is all a little game for the Clintons, their next goal is to install Hillary as POTUS so that they can take their place as the foremost power couple in history. But history will remember them as the two highest profile duplicitous left-wing ideologues who laid the groundwork for the spread of islamist power, ennabled by the re-emergence of Russian Communist opportunism under former Communist spy boss Putin (ala Stalin w/ Hitler) as history crossed into this century; first Bill legitimizing and raising the profile of the so-called Palestinians, with the little weasel Arafat in particular, leading to the sham Abbas; then aiding and abetting the spread of muslim domination of the Balkans; and now Hillary is Secretary of State with her long-time personal aide who is an in your face Saudi operative whose parents are high profile citizens of the arab equivalent of North Korea. Only thing possibly worse than Obama would be Hillary… What is wrong with this equation once you pull your head out of ….. ?

  • jorgen

    Did he wag his finger while he lied about global warming?

  • Pete_Bondurant

    If President Perjurer told me the sky was blue, I would not believe him. The man is a liar. Why would anybody take him or anything he says seriously?

  • Gary

    I guess Bill missed Hillary’s screechy “sick and tired” rant:

  • Gary

    Bill Mitchell
    to expand on your point, and I’m not really disagreeing with you,
    even that “science” is not for certain. It is merely the conclusions that scientists today are making based on evidence from tens of millenia ago. Scientists frequently come out with “this changes everything that we thought we knew” moments. It just goes to show the science isn’t quite science yet. It’s still theory.
    They can’t even predict where an actual existing hurricane is going to make landfall two days out.
    How can they tell us what the temperature of the earth will be a hundred years from now?
    They flatter themselves (to put it politely).

  • redpillpatriot

    F*ck you Bill and the Monica you rode in on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!