Oh, good grief. President Downgrade decides to start waving his hand during pictures yesterday with world leaders.

NEW YORK – SEPTEMBER 20: U.S. President Barack Obama waves while standing with other leaders during the Open Government Partnership event at the United Nations September 20, 2011 in New York City.

It’s not Photoshopped.




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  1. I am Obama!

    Lord of the Idiots!

  2. I’m glad he didn’t start singing “My EBT”.

  3. WTF!!! Has there ever been a more classless President than THE WON? They told me that if I voted for McCain, I would be embarrassed for my country. They were right!!!

  4. This is unbelievable!!!!!! What a disgrace!!!!!

  5. What a dork.

    I bet the guy next to him is loving it.


    Embarrassed yet?

  6. #3:

    So you voted for Obama?

  7. He looks like a kingergarnter waving to mommy.

  8. I don’t think I have ever seen the “Hi Mom” move in a picture of world leaders. This is incredible. That picture tells a story…

  9. obama is an example of all that is worse in human nature. he’s our very own mr bean

  10. What a moron.

  11. 52% of the elegible voter in this country elected a twit.

    After he’s out of office, I wonder how long before Soros takes him off the payroll.

  12. Look at Mr Bean there 3rd in the top row…..Looks like a meeting of Madame Blavatsky’s theosophical society. The world is in very poor hands. You can make the case for isolationism right here….. http://www.ozzienews.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Mr-Bean.jpg

  13. Obviously photo shopped. Notice that PJ Media didn’t include a close-up of the shopped hand-waiving photo on their website, but did have a close-up of one of the other out-takes.

    C’mon Jimmy, you’re better than this. How about some posts on the upcoming budget extension (FY 12 expires at the end of this month) and the House Republicans’ plan to once again roll over and continue funding Obamacare, Planned Parenthood, NPR, etc.?

  14. Really makes you wonder if he’s actually cracking up, losing it.

  15. [APPLAUSE]

  16. This is Obama on drugs.

  17. What a tool. It’s amazing that he continues to do things to embarrass Americans day after day. I’m sure the 52% of you who voted for him are bursting with pride today… chalk it up with all of his other embarrassing, amateurish gaffes.

  18. Narcissism on display.

  19. Notice that his hand is blocking another world leader’s face… surprised he didn’t give someone bunny ears with his other hand…. gaffetastic!

  20. @13,
    It is not photoshopped. Look carefully at the tilt of his shoulders.

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