There’s a reason that the Obama Administration won’t go on FOX News very often.
They get asked tough questions.

On Thursday Bill O’Reilly toyed with Jay Carney. Then he lectured the White House spokesman on why GE CEO Jeff Immelt was not the best person to have in the gallery with Michelle Obama during Obama’s new stimulus speech.
Poor Jay Carney.

Jeffrey Immelt, who leads Obama’s economic council, just moved GE jobs to China.




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  1. Compare and contrast the styles of Bush crew (Perino and Snow) vs bambi’s due (Gibbs and Carney). The latter two are pure smarminess and look very second rate against the polish and believability of Snow and Perino.

  2. Jay’s an idiot one for taking the job and two for not resigning in protest. I don’t know how anyone could possibly take him seriously as a journalist after Obama is fired in November2012

  3. he’s a little fukken puppet…say what WH wants me to say…what a fukken joke

  4. Jay Carney: “Not every company needs to have their jobs here, especially our friends companies like GE. Now, those like Gibson must have their labor done in India.”

  5. The usual commenting rules prohibit obscenities, so there’s nothing I can say.

  6. That was an OK exchange but if O’Reilly wanted to talk “made in America”, why not ask about those two buses that Pbama used made where? Canada. And yet the government owns GM? What is up with that?

    The Question O’Reilly forgot to ask this idiot talking head is why Obama believes this will work when HE supposedly gave same speech and proposal for HIS massive Stimulus 2 years ago and which has failed miserably.

    O’Reilly get with the game and ask the real questions of the Anointed One – President Zero!

  7. O’Reilly was all over Carney and unlike his typical media buddies was asking questions that Carney had no answer. I doubt Obama has an answer for them either. O’Reily pointed out that Obama’s Buffet Tax point that Warren Buffet pays less then his secretary and he wants to increase it must mean Obama wants to increase Capital Gains Tax as Warren doe not pay income tax like his secretary. Carney was blubbering. Bill then asked why did he not have the bills and cuts ready, and again more blubbering. Carney should be ashamed that he was once considered a journalist.

  8. Good for O’Reilly making Mr. Claire Shipmann squirm for all the stupid propaganda lies and smarmy nonsense he’s been pushing.

  9. Poor Mr. Claire Shipman can’t control his face. Over at Michelle Obama’s Mirror’s Blog there was a discussion of Carney’s “tick/snear” –a facial tick that seems to get worse when he’s stressed about an answer. Not a good thing to have in his position.

  10. The hypocrisy and sheer farce of this administration is off the charts. There is no amount of money or fame that could make an honorable person shill for them. Face it—we have “gangsta government”.

  11. When you are on the top of the food chain and enjoy the privilege, power and money, China is the best place to admire. They want to preserve their status quo in the expense of the rest of us.

  12. Carney is blubbering and smarminess because this people believes that explaining it to the serfs among us is like getting down from Mt. Olympus.

  13. Don’t know whether to loathe or admire Carney. Loathe him for for spouting this regime’s inanities; admire him for being able to do it with a straight face.

  14. Crash is coming, just delaying the inevitable.

    G7 summit the IMF is warning of this.

    it starts here if our economy sputters.

    Too late, we’re circling the drain.

    Powder is dry

  15. Jay Carney = useful idiot

    He was entertaining when he had Andy, Barney and Gomer on stage with him.
    Now, he jus be carrin Obama luggage fo him.

  16. Carney won’t last until the election.
    Wonder who they have queued up to replace the little twit.

  17. #17 September 9, 2011 at 8:05 am
    Granny commented:

    Repeat performance. He will quietly be granted “asylum,” like his sister. Some people are just more equal than others in this new Obama era.

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