At 9-11 Ceremony Two Boys Blow a Kiss to Deceased Fathers (Video)

These two young men lost their fathers on 9-11. Today they were asked to read off names of the victims. When they finished they blew a kiss to their fathers who were killed on that day.

What a touching moment.

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  • mg4us

    Sad yet so touching. . .

    Kisses and Prayers for all who died that tragic day

    9-11. . . We will never forget!

  • Maria

    God Bless America

  • Militant Conservative

    No no according to the left it was a kiss to

    Obama for all he has done. (sarcasm off)

  • Thanks for sharing this…I will never forget. Never.

  • owl

    We were watching and broke down and cried. God Bless.

  • 9/11

    A day with skies of Robin’s Egg
    And higher up the Cobalt burned
    And standing in the windowed sky
    She watched the fatal, final turn

    The light reflecting from the wings
    The shielding glass that held their faces
    Eyes were met as death awaited
    Frozen, in fate’s final places

    Quickly Prayers escaped the lips
    And in the hearts of these so bound
    God’s Will the moment soon divided
    As Spirits left from mortal ground

    They watch us now, the dear departed
    And those who Satan’s will employed
    Released the Genie of despoilment
    The aim, all freedom be destroyed

    We will endure this newer fight
    And in the end of all man’s time
    Escape the grasp of evil tyrants
    Our resting place the true sublime

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  • Patty

    I haven’t seen such a wonderful and powerful moment of love and proof of God’ presence.

    God Bless these sons, terrific young “men” because these days they are more mature than the adults have been.

    Their father and mother raised the well.

  • bg


    damn msm et al could have sacrificed a couple of more hours towards
    listening to the names of those who perished on 9/11/01 being called
    out today.. 🙁

    i tuned out as soon as the talking heads tuned in order to
    to keep the bond i was once again deeply feeling in tact..

    Paul Simons “sounds of silence” had me crying.. 🙁

    Rest In Peace


  • owl

    bg…..that link was awesome with new pics. I thought I had seen it all until I watched it.

  • Old One

    Had our ciompletely incompetent, venal, lusting for power, avaricious, & useless bureaucrats of the FBI heeded the warnings given them by three flight school instructors thes young men and thousands of others would have their fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, son & daughters with them today.
    The bureaucratic socialists that have usurped the government are by design destroying our nation & have the blood of our people on their greedy hands. Big bureaucratic socialist government must be purged from the country if we wish to survive as a nation..

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  • ej

    The terrorists effed with the wrong people! They have no idea the hell they unleashed on themselves. They gave birth to the Tea Party and eventually that movement will move the country in a more conservative and POWERFUL direction. I never would have noticed the politics around Obama’s run in 2008 were it not for the 9/11 attacks…they woke me, and millions like me, up politically. From that time forward I began to understand tyranny and now see how evil works through freedom robbing liberal policies and radical islamists.

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