UNION MEMBERS OUTRAGED After White House Hires Non-Union Crew For Obama’s Birthday Bash

Somebody’s Having a Birthday Party and You’re Not Invited
That is, if you belong to a union.

In case you live under a rock and haven’t heard, Barack Obama turns 50 today. And, the place to be tonight is the Aragon. The party starts at 7:00. But don’t bother to show up if you’re a union member. The White House hired a non-union crew for the event tonight.

A confidential and trusted union source contacted me today to report that the crews called in to work Obama’s birthday bash are non-union. Union members are OUTRAGED that Obama would turn his back on them.

Curiously, my source added that the day rate is actually higher for the non-union members to do the work. It’s not a money issue. What gives?

More to come… Check back here for updates.

UPDATE: Here is my source’s response to why they would go non-union for the bash:

“I honestly don’t think they thought about it. It may just be the hassle of the unions no meal penalties… Or maybe not factoring in health care and 401k plans.”

If POTUS is late, and party goes late, they would face MASSIVE overtime if they do not feed the crew enough meals on time.

UPDATE: We contacted a number of unions: two IBEW locals, IATSE and Teamsters. The Business Rep at IBEW 1220 in Chicago (they do camera work) was the first to respond. There has been no requests for his local to do work there. He was unaware of the event and actually surprised at the location of the event.

UPDATE: The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.

Looks like a nice place for a president’s birthday bash, huh?

UPDATE: More here.

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  • GrannyDee

    So the DIC’s birthday bash planners didn’t hire union workers. All I can say about that is…..

    Boo friggin’ hoo.

  • baseballguy

    Unions for thee, not for me.
    Probably just wants to make certain things get done and without paying through the nose.
    What a capitalist he is with his own money.

  • moron

    Obama must be buying! Less expensive and better. He only spends taxpayer dollars for union “work” then gets their vote in return. Votes for dollars.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Silly, gullible, Useful Idiot union workers…don’t you realize that you’re only being used?

    They only want you for your money-sucking, ingenuity-destroying, job-exporting Cloward-Piven contribution to the intentional collapse of our nation’s economy, and, of course, your votes (by which I mean your “do whatever it takes even if it’s illegal” approach to what you call “voting”).

    They only want to use you, folks. And they do it well, as you can see by looking at the results in our economy. THANKS, UNION WORKERS! (Tubby eight-steak-eating ba**ards…)

  • waicool

    look for the union label …..CLOSED!

  • american patriot

    Of course non union is being used. They’re spending their own private funds, not taxpayer dollars.

    Remember, every liberal is more than happy to give someone else the shirt off your back.

  • MDd

    “Unions for thee, not for me.”

    Is that like public schools for thee, but not for me?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Why does Barrack need to pay union wages when the entire Republican Leadership has already agreed as part of raising the debt ceiling to wait tables at this event for tips. Hey, at least this way they’re getting an invite to it!

    And think about all the wonderful things being in the presence of the country’s ruling elite (even if it does mean waiting tables) is going to do for their self esteem. This event might take months off their therapy!

  • justme

    Where does it say he is using his own funds? It says the White House hired the crew.

  • Alana


  • jacksonjay

    Getting crowded under the wheels of Obama’s bus! Hopefully the carcasses with create a road hump big enough to stop the bus.

  • nana

    Hey union members!!!! the democrats and obama’s cohorts only want your votes and money to stay in power, your self being and your family.. the democrats could care less. They want you to stay dependent through the government hand outs, then turn around and give it back to them as campaign donations.

  • overthehillbill

    too bad! I guess you can always file a grievance. ha

  • Taqiyyotomist


    EXCELLENT article by Robin of Berkeley at A.T.:


  • Tabbysmom

    I can see it now…the union members picketing the man that they thought was their Savior…

  • lakewriter

    oh now this is too precious for words! (laughing hysterically)

  • Stupid is as stupid does. Hopefully they will learn a lesson and not endorse Obama again, but don’t count on stupid learning.

  • The unions had best not complain too loudly. Obama will cancel their Obamacare waiver.

    He is a vengeful little man.

  • Daisy from Wisconsin

    Wow, he takes everything you’ll give him, tells you he’ll love you forever – and then dumps you for someone cheaper.

  • StanInTexas

    I do not understand why the Unions are upset.

    They hire non-union members, paying them substandard wages with no benefits to walk the picket lines for them. Even Unions use non-union labor.

    Is it any surprise to ANYONE that Obama would get what he wanted from a group and themimmediately forget they exist?

  • Robert

    Maybe they should apply across the street …

  • Goatroper

    No big surprise there. He’s not expecting anyone at the party who’ll need to be intimidated and/or beaten.

  • retire05

    At the 2001 Bush inaugural celebrations, there was a Texas Market Place, in conjunction with the Black Tie and Boots Ball. Artists and small businesses were invited to participate to feature the products available from Texas (of course, a Texan had been reelected). I was one that was invited.

    When we got to D.C., we were informed that we would have to hire “union” goons to load our products and displays. Since we were there on our own dime, many artists protested so the coordinators worked out a deal with the unions that we could unload our own wares but only if we were in the “artist” classification. Small businesses did not get the same consideration. Yes, we were there to sell our products, but no one figured we would do much business with a bunch of partiers.

    I set up my display which included lights for my booth. To my surprise, I was not allowed to plug in the lights myself. I had to hire a “union” worker to connect lights and the extension cord that was attached to my cash register. The cost? A flat $250.00 one hour minimum. And the same applied when I wanted to disconnect the lights and extension cord. $500 for a “union” electrician to plug in and unplug two cords. Total time taken for this? Less than two minutes.

    One business, a Texas pecan company, was told it had to pay $1,200.00 to have their van unloaded and $1,200.00 to reload it two days later. It was explained to them that D.C. was a union locked town and that all work had to be done by union workers. Since this was a mom/pop company, they simply told the coordinators of the Texas Market Place that they were going home and would not be setting up. None of these charges were explained in the applications sent to these artists/businesses prior to the event. Not even the representatives from the University of Texas and Texas A & M were exempt from these charges.

    In 2005, the same Texas Market Place was created but the coordinators had trouble finding vendors who had been burned four years before.

    In Washington, D.C., you can’t wipe your own rear end unless you have a union “sanitary” worker being paid to watch to make sure you do it properly.

  • jorgen

    Nobody want union workers – not even the Marxist-in-chief. He just want their votes.

  • Obviously, these neo-bolsheviks are ignorant of Obama’s well-publicized standard operating procedure, termed ‘under the bus.’

  • Stuart

    In the immortal words of the Dread Pirate Roberts: “Prepare to be disappointed.”

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    A confidential union source confirmed today that the crews called in for the birthday bash are non-union. Union members are OUTRAGED that Obama would turn his back on them.


  • chuck in st paul

    ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    Some more of that wonderful Hope and Change there… Serves ’em right, the bunch of thugs.

  • MN Jim

    This is another example of Democrat hypocracy; one example in a long list of examples.

  • TechGuy

    Didn’t you posters read the article:

    “Curiously, my source added that the day rate is actually higher for the non-union members to do the work. It’s not a money issue. What gives?”

    This is the $64 hr. question: Non-union workers being paid MORE. Huh?

  • Ella

    I know some union workers and they are bad workers. Slow and unmotivated. You wouldn’t want them doing your work. My guess is that even pResident IWonWTF knows that.

  • bitterclinger

    “Union members are OUTRAGED that Obama would turn his back on them. ”

    Don’t worry, you can still send him more money for his re-election, unionistas. Besides, Tubby Trumka no doubt wants a pay hike.

    The unions have been hoisted on their own petard.

  • Sunshine Connie

    “Curiously, my source added that the day rate is actually higher for the non-union members to do the work. It’s not a money issue. What gives?”

    Guarantees… Remember they might have needed to cancel due to the Debt Ceiling DEBACLE.

  • Louie_DaSmasher

    Hey, What’s dis???

    Deese here party hats is supposed to handed out by da Union?

    Only da Union hands out party hats, SEE ?!!?

    Go ahead! Put on dat party hat and see what happens to your knees!!

    (What a revoltin’ development this is)

  • JFRoll

    “A confidential and trusted union source contacted me today” Hahaha. This is hilarious. You guys crack me up with your eagerness to believe garbage and willingness to believe anything that perpetuates your feelings.

  • beacon

    Tomorrow is the real birthday, Aug 4th

  • Dave-O

    King Putt can’t be bothered with such trivialities. Not when there’s golfing or partying to do.

  • Liberalism is a Mental Disorder

    @ #23 Retire05: WHO’S JOHN GALT????

  • SeniorD

    So the Puppet President threw the unions under the bus just so he can party? We must remember that Rahmbo is now running Chi-town thus, the fix is in.

  • vagabond trader

    lmao, I’m sure the purple people beaters will be out in front of the Aragon protesting this injustice.

  • bg


    Union members are OUTRAGED that
    Obama would turn his back on them.

    oh not to worry, Obama paid them to say that (they’re probably
    collecting “time out so we can fake outrage @ heir chiefO” pay)..

    hmm, did not TRUMPKA visit the WH the other day?? hmm hmm..


  • jorgen

    Obama thought he had given the unions more than enough in “stimulus”.

  • Bunni

    I bet Rahmbo had a hand (less some finger) in all this. He’s really been a thorn in unions side lately. Someone got paid off to work there w/out the unions. Check obummer’s donors list and who owns the companies the help is coming from.

    I wouldn’t go to that vile scum fest if YOU PAID ME $35 K.

  • czekmark

    Don’t worry unions, Obama will just throw you some more bones soon. All you have to do is the same thing you have been doing, rolling over and begging.

  • succotash

    I would bet that not $1.00 from the Obamas’ personal stash is paying for this shuck n’ jive event.Imagine paying $38,5000. a couple to be in the same room with Lord Bam &Lady Boozle.LOL What idiots!

  • succotash

    Oops $38,500.00. What ever it’s a he!! of a lot of money.

  • My question isn’t why they hired non-union workers for his Chicago party. My question how did he find non-union workers in Chicago?

  • jimg

    You could search far and wide, and never find an issue I couldn’t care less about than this clown’s birthday or his party.

  • RedBeard

    Having dealt with Chicago union thugs…er, I mean workers when setting up trade show booths, I can understand why the White House (or anyone else trying to get a job done) might want non-union help.

    It takes three union guys (not simultaneously, of course) to do the job that one ordinary man could do. One union man can only unload the truck, and then he sits down. The next one gets up slowly, moves at a snail’s pace to get things into position inside the hall, and then he sits down. Finally, as soon as he’s done discussing Da Bears with his buddies, the third one ambles on over to plug in the lights, grousing the whole time about how the second guy put the displays in the wrong place, forcing him to actually bend at the waist to do his job.

    “That’s not my job” is a tiresome union mantra. Bad attitude goes right along with that, like a small child saying, “You can’t make me!”

    I didn’t like unions when I was in one, and constantly being told (threatened) to slow down and do less. I don’t like them any more now.

  • bg


    LOL, i’m betting Trumka wil be there with bells on his tO’s..


  • bg


    gah re: #51

    Trumka = Trumpka


  • squeaky
  • Fetus Cletus

    Where’s this propagandist’s proof that “union members are outraged?” Sounds like just another lie told to ratchet up the insaniTEA.

  • hehehehe……………..giving the union the finger

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  • jorgen

    proof that “union members are outraged?”

    Union members are always outraged.

  • Sally

    That is rich.

  • SSReaney

    oh well, there goes the neighborhood

  • jimg


    Yep. Try setting up a booth at a convention in Las Vegas sometime. It’s exactly the same thing.

    We couldn’t even carry in our own boxes of s.w.a.g. without the union coming unhinged.

    Believe me. It almost came to blows, and it would have if not for my wife.

    I despise unions with every fiber of my being.

  • bg


    squeaky #

    OMG.. i can seriously picture Obama
    being filled with to die for envy.. /nk/


  • bg


    re: #60

    squeaky # = squeaky #52


  • donh

    The Aragon Ballroom in Chicago has hosted a number of International Mr. Leather competitions for the homosexual BDSM set. I wonder if Obama is going to have a ” Mr. Bootblack ” competition where members of the media strip down to their leather jock straps , get down on their knees, and shine Obama’s shoes. … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/International_Mr._Leather

  • czekmark

    Unions – the scourge of the world, not just America.

  • Bob Z

    Wake up union members

  • daryl

    Damned unions would have wanted to featherbed the whole affair with extra people from the serving line to the music and entertainment and obama, by damn, was having none of that. Mess with him and he’ll pull a Harry Truman on them and do like Harry did the railroads right after WWII and nationalise the suckers.That oughtta show ’em.

  • Rock

    I am sure the Union thugs had a prior engagement, terrorizing some teenage kid who is home alone. Bankers kids, Boy Scouts doesn’t matter to them as long as they get to destroy private property or bust heads.

  • bg


    dohn #62

    is San Fran going?? he might do it for her..

    oh wait, are teabaggers invited?? / 😀 sarc/


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  • AuntieMadder

    @ #59 jimg: I’ve worked years as marketing coordinator, which included trade show coordination, so I’ve set up booths at the Las Vegas Convention Center, as well as other convention centers/convention halls around the country. You’re right. They’re all like that but Las Vegas is the worst. Setting up one of them, we had shipped a scaffold (I think that’s what it’s called) and Hollywood style electric lights/lamps that hook to it. The scaffold wasn’t very large (two people could easily set it up) and the lamps weren’t large (the size of a desktop reading lamp, similar to this http://lampsmanufacturer.com/uploads/allimg/100328/1-10032P912560-L.jpg ) or high voltage (just regular ol’ 120).

    The union show people saw us clipping the lamps onto the scaffolding and damned near tripped over themselves to get to us to tell us that we needed an electrician to clip those lamps on. We went back and forth until we agreed that we (my helper and I) would go ahead and get our booth set up (time is everything when getting set up, as you know) and we’d pay for an hour of electrical work even though the electrician would only come by and take a quick look at the lights. Silly, because there was nothing to look at, no more than looking at the lamp cable plugged into the electrical outlet on the wall right there at your home. Greedy bastages…

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  • Major Kong

    Illinois Governor Quinn was jubilant when signing the so-called “Dream Act” the other day. So suck it up union slobs. It’s called shared sacrifice We want to be we weeeeelcoming to our non-union, undocumented, illegal aliens doing the labor. We have to reach out to them. After all they’re only trying to get on the bottom rung of the ladder in achieving the American Dream. Certainly, you can understand that can’t you? You stupid bunch of suckers did your part to elect the Bolshevik, now live with it. No sympathy for you. And guess what idiots: your union officials are gonna tell you Obama must be re-elected and you are going to vote for him. CHUMPS!!!!!!!!!

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  • Joe

    Getting a kick out of the union/Las Vegas stories. I was talking to a guy in a airport a few years back. Turns out he is a small time comedian in Vegas. He was telling me how unions destroy everything in Vegas. He could not get dressed in his dressing room without an attendant at a rate of $300. So he had to come to his shows dressed and ready to go. It seems most unions are in the business of extortion. There are a few good one out there though.

  • Rock

    Major Kong said

    and you are going to vote for him. CHUMPS!!!!!!!!!


    or at least their Union dues will pay for his re-election attempt. Chumps and clueless.

  • Kissmygrits

    Is there going to be picketing involved tonight? Hope the msm is there to shoot some video.

  • Major Kong

    #75 August 3, 2011 at 2:56 pm Kissmygrits commented:
    1) Is there going to be picketing involved tonight?

    If there is no one but the picketers will ever know about it

    2) Hope the msm is there to shoot some video.

    Of course the so-called msm will be there. They’ve got a big wet kiss to give “Dear Leader” on the occasion of his 50th. Why, I’ll bet at least one gets a tingly leg before it’s all said and done.

  • Johnny S

    Why does everyone on the right hate unions? Do they even know, outside of what they’re told to hate du jour for the cycle? Unions are workers coming together to demand fair, living wages and basic insurance/protections from big corporations who would enslave U.S. citizens if it would profit them and they could get away with it. It’s like you folk are filled with self-hate and demand that you’re bent over with no KY to dull the pain of what you demand you take from your masters. Simply amazing they’re all so gullible.

    BTW, the non-union crew? MORE EXPENSIVE. So, that argument out the window for the numb-witted tossing out the anti-working folk insults.

  • Conservative Ken

    Oh goodie! Union beatdown outside the President’s Birthday Bash! I’m scalpin tickets, film at 11:00.

  • Major Kong

    Johnny S, you’re kidding, right?

  • Mary

    retire05: my husband had a similar situation in STL at the convention center several years ago. None of the vendors were allowed to bring in their own stuff and had to wait for a union electrician to plug-in the computer. I realize they go thru lots of training to get those 3 short prongs into that thinga-magig in the wall. The unions and the democrat controlled cities wonder why they can’t get business’ to relocate to their towns.

  • Mutnodjmet

    Speaking of unions, I need the ATTENTION TEA PARTIERS IN CALIFORNIA! The public employee unions have put out a lie-filled radio ad undermining the vital petition process in the state. We need you to get the word out!!!! Thanks.

  • L.E. Liesner

    All these union thugs need to remember is to get the rank and file out to vote for Democrats. I have no pity for the brain dead.

  • squeaky

    time warp in aisle #77.

  • Rock

    Johnny S #77
    Why does everyone on the right hate unions?


    Not members so much as union leadership.
    Look no further than the conduct by members and leadership in Wisconsin. While on a grander scale, a norm in their style of negotiating.
    Andy Stern (to the Power of Persuasion not working then the Persuasion of Power).
    In my day Hoffa,
    And in our area three plants that where forced to join unions where gone in three years as jobs moved overseas.

  • olm

    This is hilarious.
    Oh well, how mad can union members really get? They are so far invested in The One, this will quickly blow over.

  • Rock

    Johnny S
    Oh yea, dirty Cops who use their uniform to intimidate when at union protest.

  • Did you say “ERA GONE” ballroom? Yep, that would be a fitting place. The era of American liberty, greatness, and prosperity will soon be gone.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Hahaha. This is hilarious. You guys crack me up with your eagerness to believe garbage and willingness to believe anything that perpetuates your feelings.

    If you think he’s lying, prove it.

  • succotash

    OMG I was wrong when I posted the price per couple it’s only $35,600.00 What a deal for those millionaires and billionaires who fly in for the “BASH”. Why O was just bashing those guys yesterday. Check out Drudge O takes his team to lunch for all the hard work THEY did on the debt deal. Cheeseburger,fries and toasted marsmallow milkshake (1700 calories). What a bunch of effin’ hypocrites. God,forgive me for my thoughts.

  • gus

    LIBTARDS ARE STUPID. That’s what they do. If you think a LIBTARD is going to recognize that he is getting punked by Obamatard, you’ll be waiting a while.

    LIBTARDS are stupid. That’s what they do.

  • Major Kong

    Johnny S, still unsure if your use of sarcasm is so nuanced I simply missed it. I have copied a portion of one of your claims ( basic insurance/protections from big corporations who would enslave U.S. citizens if it would profit them and they could get away with it).
    I’m pretty sure the irony will jump right out at you when you substitute “government” for “big corporations” and “Obamacare” for “basic insurance/protections which would enslave U.S. citizens if it would profit them and they could get away with it.”

    Kinda startling if you really think it through.

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  • squeaky

    i guess that’ll teach him. tired of hanging around the union hall waiting for work so you look and find a job……

  • tommy mc donnell

    #77…why do people dislike unions, maybe because when the democratic party politicans took over the unions in the 1970’s they changed unions from the protector of the guy that does his job into the protector of the guy that doesn’t do his job.

    i’m a lifetime member and supportor of unions but the current union leadership uses the unions to support the biggest exploiters of the working people in america, the liberal politicans. if the worker does not have the right to the fruits of their labor they are slaves and the economic slavery of the worker by the liberal politican is what the current union leadership stands for.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Unions are workers coming together to demand fair, living wages and basic insurance/protections from big corporations who would enslave U.S. citizens if it would profit them and they could get away with it.

    Who says a worker has to stay at a company that treats him/her like a slave? If the company sucks, go out and get a job at a different one, preferably one that treats and/or pays its employees better.

    Crikes, these lefties seem to think that once a person gets a job someplace, they now OWN the position or something.

  • Mueller

    The Aragon Ball Room was always a sh*thole venue. They had to hire the people that didn’t mind cleaning up human waste in the corners of the room.

  • Mary

    Why would the “millionaires, billionaires, corporate jet owners” et al, want to be in the same room with this guy? With the extreme high cost of a ticket, or just have ‘an opportunity to have your picture taken with…’, it certainly isn’t “the little guy” BHO pretends to care about who can afford to attend this lovely bash. He needs the uber-wealthy and the unions. Why do I feel we all have been suckered? Maybe that’s why BHO is smiling so huge in the ‘luncheon photo’….

  • Katie

    I use to live on Lawrence about a block from the Aragon…we called it the Brawlroom, not Ballroom. I don’t know how the neighborhood has changed, but when I was there it was a really, really crappy scary place (I was in college, paying my own way…cheap was cheap) Gunshots, gang bangers were regular, our car was broken into monthly (and we had a pull out stereo so they would break in just to break in…we finally left the windows down and door unlocked to stop fixing windows) and public housing surrounds the area. The only good part? Great Vietnamese spots to eat.

  • jimg

    Why does everyone on the right hate unions? – JohnnyS

    Well, I can’t speak for ‘everyone on the right’ but I can certainly speak for myself.

    Wanna know why I hate unions?

    Because every time – every. time. – I’ve dealt with them, they’ve been nothing but lazy, selfish, stubborn, demanding, uncompromising, over-priced, under-worked, obnoxious punks.

    That’s why.

  • donh

    The Aragon Ballroom was also Al Capone’s underground hang out during Prohibition…. Obama just loves that Gangstaaah goverment…so coool to be the thief in chief.

  • RedBeard

    Johnny @ #77:

    I don’t hate unions. I hate what they have become.

  • Valerie

    “#77 August 3, 2011 at 3:04 pm
    Johnny S commented:

    Why does everyone on the right hate unions?”

    Actually, they don’t. They just haven’t seen what unions are like in states with right-to-work laws.

    I worked at two companies that had unions in Houston, Texas. I got a good, close look at the union workers, especially in the second company. The union workers in both companies were smart, often holding college degrees, with the resounding exception of the guy who was illiterate: he had an astounding memory. At the second company, the union representatives were the older, more experienced, more skilled, and most productive workers.

    Where union membership (that is, payment of dues) is voluntary, the union is a good thing.

  • Bobbi

    why is Barry celebrating his so-called birthday the day before his “official” birthday? Of course, he probably doesn’t know his own birthday.

  • MDd

    WTF! What’s with the commentalanche? You’d think Barry was taking his laser focus on jobs, for a break. Only thinking of himself.

    Some people say, Barry will be 666 yrs old.

  • Militant Conservative

    Hey isn’t that the Gay bathhouse Obama and

    Emanuel have lifetime memberships to??

    New meaning to blow out the candles, maybe

    Obama is “stumping do votes” you know,

    “Pressing the flesh” , kissing lil one eyed babies!!!

    To rich, left the clown OD on really good drugs.

    Powder is dry but Barry won’t be. LOL

  • owl

    My Dad was Union and I listened to enough tales to understand the work came to a complete stop unless the right person was in the right spot, at exactly the right moment. Otherwise, it all shut down.

    Having worked trade shows in convention halls is enough to make you understand the game. You are not allowed to plug in an outlet, in your booth. You have to pay and then it takes two of them. Unloading? Wait for hours after paying, upfront, through the teeth and then hope they don’t break it.

  • Francesca

    That place looks terrible. What’s the deal having it there? Is it in the slums? I would be afraid to go there, I think.

  • Francesca

    So, what happens if you plug in stuff yourself? Broken legs? Cement booties? Slashed tires? What?

  • shibumi

    I can’t believe that no one has asked this question: is this a venue with a union contract? If it has a union contract, they have to use union labor. If they have no union contract, they can use either non-union or union labor. My guess is this is a non-union venue, with a staff of regular people they use. So they simply called up the people that normally work at the venue, who happen to be non-union.

    I’m shocked that El Presidente would choose to hold his party at a non-union venue.

    /also, at one point in time, I worked on a similar job for Clinton, and the union labor had no problem getting clearance. Not all union people are scum. Of course, we are talking about Chicago.

  • Stephen

    IBEW does not do camera work. The IATSE covers camera work.

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  • Nancy

    Waah! Waah! Waah!!

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  • Militant Conservative

    the union files a grievance against you via your

    Company. It costs the company monies in fines.

    A “protection racket” get it now?!

    Unions today are just thugs.

    Damn I just described Obama again.

    Powder Is dry

  • gpposter

    Is that right? Do you have just one attributed quote? Do your readers just believe everything you write? I mean, surely one of the locals would have something to say about this. But you have nothing?

    Don’t waste my time!

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  • brianroberts

    Just remember it was union memember that went up the stairs of the world trade center on 9-11-01. Shame on all of you for putting working people in the middle of all of this!….B…

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  • flyoverland

    I am pretty sure the drive of the bus he threw them under is in the Teamsters.

  • Yorkshire

    Guess what, the world didn’t come to an end with skilled non-onion employees.

  • brianroberts

    “My Dad was Union and I listened to enough tales to understand the work came to a complete stop unless the right person was in the right spot, at exactly the right moment. Otherwise, it all shut down.

    Having worked trade shows in convention halls is enough to make you understand the game. You are not allowed to plug in an outlet, in your booth. You have to pay and then it takes two of them. Unloading? Wait for hours after paying, upfront, through the teeth and then hope they don’t break it.”

    Thats a good one,I work union,matter of fact I’m the supt. on the job come work for me if you don’t produce your down the road.Bottom line if you can’t do your job your gone.But thats with the trade unions not all that factory crap….B….

  • brianroberts

    I’ll put my union workers up against any workers,lets see what happens. We build wind turbines and I’ll bet you $100 bills you can’t find anyone that can come near us as far as production goes.
    I’ve got the money to back it up!…..B….

  • citizenjane

    Hey Militant Conservative, have I ever told you how much I love you?

    I’m just a good ol’ Texas girl with dry powder.

    God speed.

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  • jharp

    I am all in. My whole stack. That you dumbasses have no idea what you are talking about.

    disclaimer: I was completely wrong on the Anthony Weiner scandal

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  • tjm

    Maybes he’s on a mission from whatever god he worships….f.y.i. The movie “The Blues Brothers” ending of the film was filmed here.

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  • Bart

    um, no, no part of the blues brothers was filmed at the aragon brawlroom.

    What a dump to have a party at. Haven’t been there for a few years, maybe they really cleaned it up or something…..

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  • gwhh

    maybe the hotel looks better on the inside than on the outside!

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Ahh, yes, the Arrogant Ballroom — perfectly appropriate for our Narcissist-in-Chief.


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  • Gary

    Who said he could find non-union workers in Chicago ? They had to fly illegals in from Arizona ..
    Any surprise illegal aliens are non union ?

  • david Isham

    Maybe the Prez didnt hire unions cause he cant give away political favors anymore like candy. Or the earmarks which have been handed out as legal bribes to the unions for decades. Never knew why the Justice dept wanted to go after Hoffa when they both were in the same boat. Must have been to see who was the real capt.

  • niknfrank

    Union members hear this. This punk is only pro union when he wants your money. After he gets it you can all suck wind….

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  • Militant Conservative

    #123 August 3, 2011 at 9:05 pm
    citizenjane commented:

    Used to be a Texan for about 20 years.

    Lived in Dallas, miss the common sense tell it like it is people of Texas.

    Must be whay you like me though. I tell it like it is with out PC spin.

    Unions were needed once, now they are a drag on productivity.

    #122 My brother is a welder, on of the top 100 in the nation. Always non union.

    usually made 200k plus as a non union. This year he will work only 3 months and

    take home 130k (as a union member). Take it elsewhere, he has been harrased and told

    to” slow down charlie your making the rest of us look bad”.

    Sorry, most union members do not know how to tuely compete for thier positions.

    powder is dry

  • patricia connell

    no need fo the union members to be outaged.just remember not to donate any money into the presidential coffers.you all are just wanted for the money and then good-bye,good-bye,good-bye.

  • Cathleen Hays

    Just had some ‘union’ concrete work done on my driveway (I didn’t hire them HOA did) two days to do 4 hours worth of work. Typical of their work ethic – 1 guy working while 4 guys lean on shovels. Other neighbors waiting for union roofer to redo their building ( 4 townhomes – again hired by HOA) roughly 2 tons of shingles etc. been sitting on the top of roof all week – no sign of roofers. When they do show up they work about 4 hours and then leave for the day. Won’t even tell you about my last UAW made new car that had the transmission drop out on the highway because the ‘union’ member who was supposed to tighten the bolts – was working at his usal pace an my car was one of the ones he let go by without doing his job.

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  • desert3030

    You may not have the union but check out the crowd.

    Is there any people he shakes his finger at? Private jet owners, bonus boys and girls from Wall Street, lobbyist thugs, CEO who are over paid, or worse of all CEO who move operating units to China and announced it recently?

    $35,000 a plate a day after the Debt fiasco, and now a market drop of 500+. Yea I almost forgot Debbie W-S says it is better. Happy Birthday Mr. President.

  • Pathfinder

    The unions complaining about Obama? They must be racist!

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  • Chicago Ray

    By the way, we Chicago Suburbanites call that dump the Aragon BRAWLROOM for all the mouli’s it usually houses and attracts.

  • Robersire

    An unnamed source said that Obama plans on confiscating the Union pensions after he wins in 2012. At least we have one thing to get excited about if the B.O. wins.