UCLA Professor: Without Media Bias the Average US State Would Vote Like Texas or Tennessee (VIdeo)

Dr. Tim Groseclose is the Marvin Hoffenberg Professor of American Politics at UCLA. He has joint appointments in the political science and economics departments and has held previous faculty appointments at Caltech, Stanford University, Ohio State University, Harvard University, and Carnegie Mellon University.

Tim released the book Left Turn recently and was on Hannity with Senator Fred Thompson on Friday night to discuss the book.

According to Tim’s data, without media bias most US states would vote more like Texas or Tennessee.

It’s just unfortunate that the Republican Party has not yet been willing to addess this issue with the attention it deserves.

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  • Ginger

    So True! The MSM is “Brain washing” Just like Pelosi and her little communist morons do. But I think that is changing a little because of the internet!


    we could only hope that every state would vote like those 2 states…fukk off lamestream media

  • I actually bought this book last week. Really fascinating stuff. Looks very well researched and documented. In other words, a liberal’s worst nightmare.

  • Joe Camel

    Seriously, this is not news. Anyone, well an open minded and honest person who throws their bias away would know this. Issue is, most won’t throw that pre-conceived, I am a Democrat/Republican/Independent label out and see things without the bias. Thus, here we are.

  • american patriot

    What is particularly revealing about the left generally is that they conduct their personal lives on the basis of conservative principles. For example, how many of them have unemployed, drug-addled crack whores (with ever-changing boyfriend/s) living in their homes to whom they PAY a stipend (welfare) to pump a baby even couple of years.

    But they expect that the great cosmic public decisions which affect all of us as a society should be based on ill-considered feelings, not the facts of human behavior.

  • StrangernFiction

    [Six politicians who have PQs similar to mine are (i) Governor John Kasich (R-Ohio) (PQ=14), (ii) former Congressman Joe Scarborough (R-Fla.) (PQ=16), (iii) Senator Lindsay Graham (R-S.C.) (PQ=15), (iv) former Senator Bob Dole (R-Kan.) (PQ=12), (v) former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich (PQ=11), and (vi) Senator John McCain (R-Az.) (PQ=16).]

    So the average American is quite a bit more statist than Morning Joe, McShame, Grahamnesty….. If true, we are in even more trouble than I thought we were.

  • Highlander

    I wish I knew what the “solution” was though. Since we can’t legally suppress the media outlets that are controlled by the left, or expect them to police or limit themselves, our only option is to counter them with opposing viewpoints from conservative media outlets. Unfortunately, to date, the only thing that even resembles a conservative network is FOX, which is a joke, and I don’t know anyone with the money or resources to start a new TV or radio network. Contrary to what we hear from leftists all the time, the big money in America is in the hands of the left, and because they control the media, their share of the pie is growing….

  • Major Kong

    I wonder if his colleagues have shunned him, tolerant bunch that they are?

  • Even friends on the Left have admitted the media bias and these are folks who think W really was the anti-christ…. not that they believe in an anti-christ. I don’t agree however that Republicans as a party and as candidates should be taking this on as an “issue”. Bias to the Left is as much a fact of life as a blue sky or salty tears. Harping on it is just not a good look on an adult with an obvious vested interest. Instead a Palinesque approach is best: push back forcefully and substantively to specific events and specific people. Now that we actually have Lefties going into Fox things are much more evenhanded than they used to be, no matter how far to the Left MSNBC and the Bigs go. Actually, the crazier they get, the better.

  • M1

    The Republican party is unfortunate.

  • rbosque

    The nation has always leaned conservative (as a whole). The MSM loves to focus on loud vocal minorities to blow up their numbers and their message because it works. They have been able to creep the gay agenda and nanny-statism into the American subconscience. This shows they are NO “news” organs but phychologic / propaganda units bent on brainwashing people to think as they do.


  • retire05

    Bias in the press toward statist goals has been around long before any of us were born. It manifested itself in the persona of Walter Cronkite who declared American defeat during Tet while American soldiers were actually winning that offensive. Cronkite was held up as the standard bearer for the non-biased press, yet when he retired, he openly admitted that he was a far left-winger and his political stance did affect his reporting. Still today, Cronkite is exampled in every journalism school in America as the epitomy of journalistic standards and integrity.

    Robert Jensen, journalism professor at the Univerity of Texas, is openly Marxist. This, ladies and gentlemen, are the people teaching our future reporters.

    Is there a way to fight the bias and demand that the press become truely objective? Yes, it is called M-O-N-E-Y. When those publications no longer have readership/viewship, they will do whatever it takes to remain profitable. And if that means changing the views of those like Pinch Sultzberg of the NY Slimes to hire conservatives to the press team, Pinch baby will do exactly that. Profit becomes a motivator.

    Refuse to purchase left wing publications like the NY-LA Slimes, the St. Louis Post Dispatch, the Dallas Times, the Austin American-Statemen, Time, Vanity Fair, etc. Don’t watch CNN, MSNBC, ABC or any of the other alphabet networks that stack the deck in favor of the progressives. Ignore the leftist web/blog sites and don’t give them traffic, traffic which generates advertisers for them.

    Money, that is the equalizer.

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  • donh

    Yes it is very unfortunate that the Republican leadership is infested with democrats who harbor and ecourage the same bias as the media…A bigotry which holds the rank and file in contempt to be stimied and thwarted at every turn on every issue in every way legal and illegal.

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  • cal rifkin

    It’s to some extent that the media’s layout or format is to blame…they’re dependent on ratings, Right? – to get good ratings they can’t be in the business of being honest, telling it like it is; and ’cause they need people to like ’em, they can’t piss people off. So therefore taking an honest look at issues isn’t possible, because in a nutshell, saying no isn’t received well. An independent media without needing to be liked and which rationally looks at issues minus political correctness is necessary.

  • Mark

    The Republican Party has been unwilling to address any important issues. They are hopeless.

  • wtd

    Took the test and rated 7, with McCain and Lyndsay Graham coming in close by. Sorry, but that isn’t at all reassuring in the least. Can’t stand the politics of either of those two RINOs. Something is not being taken into consideration for such results to make any sense whatsoever.
    Guess this is one book that I won’t be buying.

  • No Man

    Everything stinking thing the lying sacs of excrement say is a LIE.

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  • arnonerik

    When you consider that the average American voter is not a political junkie and usually only pays attention in the last month or two before an election you can realize why media bias has such a profound effect. Most people are confused by the competing claims and accusations of the candidates and their Parties. ( As a salesman I can tell you that the fastest way to lose a sale is to confuse the buyer). Confused and looking a way to make sense of it all, they are easily taken in by the Leftist Media which dominates all but talk Radio and Cable.

  • StrangernFiction

    Guess this is one book that I won’t be buying.

    I just took the test and IMHO you are making a wise decision.

  • chuck in st paul

    I heartily concur. I am constantly having to correct my Mother’s misimpressions of what is causing what. I can’t get her off the damn TV news. She’s 88 and her news rut is well worn and too deep apparently to get her out of it.

    I guarantee you that if the “news” shows were any bit neutral and reported news and facts surrounding any particular thing, the public would be significantly more center right.

  • tommy mc donnell

    keep informing people of the bias of our schools of propaganda. they have been lying to us since the advent of television. television created a media with a political opinion that had a monopoly. it will take decades to undo their dirty work because they were doing it for decades before anybody realized they were doing it.

    senior citizens don’t like change so it is hard to change their opinion. however if you look at the tea party not all senior citizens still believe the propaganda of american tass.

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  • RJLigier

    “It’s just unfortunate that the Republican Party has not yet been willing to addess this issue with the attention it deserves.” The Republican Party has always been considered the minority liberal party since the Eisenhower nomination. Why would they address this? It’s becomes ever more imperative for disaffected social conservatives within 3rd parties to help the federalist/conservative/Tea Party movement overwhelm the Republican open primary states to prevent the nomination of another neocon/Rockefeller Republican or nomination of a socially liberal statist attorney as was the case in 2008.

  • mg4us

    Republicans should step up. . and challenge liberal bias whenever they are on the air or interviewed. .

    In the meantime. .They should propose a special tax. . yes, tax increase. . on MSM. . TV news and newpapers. . even Hollywood. .

    And consumers should boycott, not just MSM (already newspapers are declining) but also boycott their sponsors. . .

    I would prefer to do business with other politically conservative leaning outfits. . . not companies that support more government control.

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  • Westie

    How about we get rid of the Affirmative Action taxes which have been paid since 1965 and make a stand against the idiocy Diversity and Political Correctness.

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  • bflat879

    IT’s been obvious for years and the Republicans refuse to address it. They think of the old adage that you never pick a fight with someone who buys ink by the barrel. The problem is, those people who buy ink by the barrel have sacrificed their credibility to support the Democrats so, if you’re going to pick a fight, now is the time to do it. Does anyone believe the NY Times has credibility, on any issue, today?

  • Deserttrek

    the gop establishment is in on it with the far left …… both sides are dangerous to the freedom of the People and the Republic … look at the bushs and the clintons … they are very tight ….. no the chamber of commerce likes things the way they are and continue to push for more destruction of the middle class

  • gotroy22

    One Big Party.

  • JohnYuma

    Conservatives would be wise to confront biased media head on, rather than pretend it doesn’t exist. Milquetoast Romney should have unloaded on Crowley’s collusion with Obama on the Benghazi incident during the second debate.

  • JimB

    Hey! We Texans are glad to provide a good example.

  • iconoclast

    Newt Gungrich did a great job of refusing to implicitly and quietly accept biased questioning.

    But better yet would be to refuse to accept Democrat political operators as moderators.

  • dude1394

    Wthe gop and conservatives need to play chess here. Begin to purchase these outlets. Buy magazines and tv stations. Influence universitys with grants tied to conservarive teachers being hired.

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Ask Todd Willingham about the Texas Govt. Oh you cant because Texas MURDERED him in cold blood…

    Texas isnt freedom…

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Ask Todd Willingham about Texas “good example” you ignorant moron… Oh you cant ask Todd because Texas KILLED HIM IN COLD BLOOD…

    Texas should be immediately broken up into smaller states and every single Texas Govt official put into prison..

  • Terenc Blakely

    There is much hate in this one.

  • Terenc Blakely

    Another hater, nothing to see here.

  • chazzand

    I’m guessing the one who originated that saying bought ink by the barrel. Whatever validity there was to that at one time is not valid anymore with the advent of the internet, talk radio & FOX News. Time for counterattack is here. They are not your friends and they’re not just trying to get your side of the story out. They’re out to get you. Get it thru your head.

  • bobbymike34

    The main stream media are the 2nd (Democrat/The Left are 1st) most destructive force inside America because the lies and false reporting directly result in terrible election outcomes BUT ALSO the terrible public policies as a result of those elections, most recently of course Obamacare.
    Arguably as the 2nd more destructive force allows the first to operate so arguable they are even worse I guess.

  • TwitNitwit2

    The left has been actively targeting schools, media, and govt civil servants (via unions) for 40 yrs. Copying that will not work. Far better is go around them, using horizontal integration (of ideas that work and appeal to common sense) of grassroots to bypass top down govt propaganda (WH via TPM, for example) and the network of funders CAP…see Discover the Networks) and the media enablers from reliable Party Organs (NYT, CNN, PBS) to the faux aggregators, Media Matters, VOX, Huffpo, and the various Journolistas (Kos, Brock, Kristoff…).

    This is already working, simply following free market response to consumer needs. The libertarian, independent, conservative blogosphere, talk radio, and the success of Fox when its balanced/slightly right and provides facts, reason, and honest debate.

    This has worked for 30 years under the radar in the concealed carry movement, against great opposition (see map with animated gif…)

    and is working now with pjmedia the first entry, truth revolt, and the blaze, and derives content from independent data sources like the the communications Prof scholarly study of CCW n Rise of The AntiMedia on kindle for $10, and of course, the Army of Davids, by Prof Reynolds. The internet and blogoshere is assymetric warfare against the thought police and tyrranny of Progressivism v2.0, which is exactly why the Left is so enraged, and desperate to control it, topdown, via FCC rules, the fairness doctrine, and other means.

  • mikekelley10

    Those buying ink by the barrel can’t compete with those who don’t even have to buy ink. The newspaper industry is dying on the vine with subscribers and advertisers half of what they were just a few years ago. Broadcast news is also feeling the pinch. Bret Baier’s show Special Report is starting to beat network news in some cities:


  • TwitNitwit2

    just spread the word, based on real data, ground truths, to propagate info and help newbs to think for themselves, like Gateway Pundit has done so brilliantly, on Ferguson, and a host of other blogs who have advanced free ideas, and provided a broder readership for free market ideas, thinking, and deeper contedt formerly done by thinktanks, like Heritage, now enabled by nimbler add-ons like TruthRevolt, to old paperbound outlets.

    “You can’t stop the signal, Mal” and Millenials are growing into that age, jobs, marriage, kids, housebmortgage, school quality and governance, where the progressive Cult koolaid conflicts with reality, and they are media savvy to know when they have been misled.

    Its happening already, as subscriptions to old paper (NYT) ad revenues, and eyeballs fall off the cliff(msnbc).

    Its called cognitive dissonance. Use Ben Shapiros model of debate with facts, passion infused with moral imperative.

    There will always be LIVs, and sheep who want to be part of the Kool Kids Kos Kardashian Klub, whatevah the flavor of the hollyweird meme of the day, so dont stress on that. They wake up or not, call it Social Media Darwinism if you like….

    As Breitbart would say, first you change the culture, and the sea change is underway…truth is in, and Hopey Changy propaganda is out.

  • NotClauswitz

    Without Media Bias the Left can’t win an argument over cabbage vs. cauliflower.

  • newshound4life

    An instructor at the old Kiev Military Institute of Control and Signals used to say” …forget the facts, just control the microphone and you control the debate…” That was 1982. Conservatives have been at sleep at the switch, the computer switch. They have not used social and electronic media effectively in order to counterbalance the left’s indoctrination and opinion that passes for news in this country.

  • Mark81150

    ??????… ok, that was a disturbed comment.

  • richard40

    What they should be doing is talk some big donors into buying some big newspapers and a TV network, like ABC, NBC, or CBS. Then endow some conservative college with a conservativre journalism department. Fox should not be the only conservative TV network out there. If the networks reflected the views of the population, one of the big 3 would also be conservative leaning, perhaps not as much as fox, but definitely to the right of where any of the big 3 are now.
    Instead, during 2012 they wasted billions on campaign consultants and TV commercials for Romney (subsidizing the leftie networks), while Obama got his commercials for free from the MSM commentators and news shows.

  • richard40

    You are right that new media is very important as well. But there are still lots of people who only bet their news from the big 3 networks, or from supermarket womens magazines, and we need a conservative presence there as well. We also need to find a way to break the leftie lock on academia, otherwise who will train the new conservative/libertarian thinkers and opinion makers of the future.