Lauren Booth, Tony Blair’s radical sister-in-law, called for destruction of Israel at a Trafalgar Square protest this week. The radical Jew-hater called for Muslims to “liberate” Al-Quds from the Jews.

Tony Blair’s crazy sister-in-law called for the liberation of Al-Quds in a rally last week.

Israel National News

Laura Booth, sister-in-law of Quartet envoy Tony Blair, has called on “Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt liberate Al-Quds [Jerusalem].”

The former British prime minister’s family member has previously sailed illegally to Gaza on a flotilla boat. She joined an anti-Israel rally in London Trafalgar’s Square, where another protest today (Sunday) may be the last as the mayor London vows to crack down on the incitement as the date for the next Olympics approaches.

“The Mayor believes that intolerance of our fellow citizens and hate crimes against specific communities are totally unacceptable, particularly in a city like London and especially in 2012 when the eyes of the world will be on the capital,” said a spokesman for Mayor Boris Johnson, the London Jewish Chronicle reported.

The spokesman added, “The Greater London Authority will not be authorizing political rallies in Trafalgar Square during the Olympic and Paraolympic Games.”

The Trafalgar Square rallies against Israel have featured Hizbullah flags.

During last week’s demonstration, Booth went on another rant against Israel. “We say here today to you, Israel, we see your crimes and we loathe your crimes. And to us your nation does not exist, because it is a criminal injustice against humanity. We want to see Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt go to the borders and stop this now. Liberate Al Quds! March to Al Quds!”



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  1. She is as insane as her sister!

  2. may she rot in hell

  3. I’m sure the muslims will treat a loudmouth woman very well when they take over the british government. She love Palestinians so much, she needs to live there permanently.

  4. Amazingly she can see all of the so-called Israel crimes, but turns a blind eye to all the suicide bombers and rocket attacks coming from Hamas and others. She is just another blind idiot.

  5. Down here in Texas I could hear Tony Blair’s facepalm slap it was so loud…

  6. Why isn’t she wearing a burqa?

  7. “This is your brain on drugs.”


  8. Right back atcha

  9. Uh hoh my god…..I threw up a little bit in my mouth.
    That was disgusting.
    I had to bail at the 49: second mark.
    Then I went back and watched the rest.


  10. Sure, they should go ahead and try to “liberate” that land. And get their pathetic butts whipped and lose more of their land. Then spend decades whining about getting it back. Jeez, what am i wishing for?

  11. Jerusalem is mentioned by name hundreds of times in the Bible, but I don’t believe al Quds is mentioned even once in the Koran.

  12. I think a lot of these broads convert and scream a lot because they’re hoping to get a grubby muslim hand up their burka and on to their “Al Quds”, so to speak.

  13. ++

    damn, just can’t wait until this propaganda is over with..
    so just let them try, and we’ll see who winds up where..


  14. At least they aren’t related by Blood.

  15. Satan has overpowered her, and she is possessed with evil spirits. There will be a great battle in the land of the 12 Tribe Israel, and there will be a great slaughter, and we will be left to bury those who fight on the side of evil.

  16. Useful Idiot.

    When she is no longer useful to them, they will take her aside and slap her face so bad, she’ll hardly be able to speak. And then they will tell her that a woman’s place is NEVER to speak out in public, but instead, to stay at home and mind her husband , cook and clean. She will be instructed to never speak again unless she is spoken to first.

  17. The UK hasn’t been this overcome by hatred for Jews since they were kicked out centuries ago. Last week on Glenn Beck’s radio show they played a recording of a female British reporter chewing out a Muslim merchant for selling dates imported from Israel. “It’s an apartheid state!” she shrieked. The Muslim guy sounded like the more reasonable of the two. That’s when you know it’s getting crazy out there.

  18. It’s one thing to harbor an irrational prejudice against Jews. When that prejudice is so extreme that you reflexively take the side of Muslims against Jews, that is deep-down crazy and perverse.

  19. The love of peace and tolerance on full display in the public square.

  20. #7 August 28, 2011 at 9:53 am
    chuck in st paul commented:

    “This is your brain on drugs islam.”

    Fix OK?

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