Sarah Palin: “Heck, If We Were Real Terrorists Barack Obama Would Want to Pal Around With Us” (Video)

Sarah Palin commented on Joe Biden’s terrorist remarks tonight with Sean Hannity,
“Heck if we were real terrorists Barack Obama would want to pal around with us.”

Sarah Palin on Joe Biden’s terrorist remarks:

“Well the president’s speech in Arizona as he asked folks to start ratcheting down the rhetoric was all talk. He wasn’t sincere in that. And, that’s typical Barack Obama. Unfortunately that’s typical of our president where its Blah-Blah-Blah. It’s all talk and no real action. In other words otherwise he’d be on Biden and tell Biden to tone it down a little bit… Heck Sean, if we were real domestic terrorists, shoot, President Obama would be wanting to pal around with us. Wouldn’t he? He didn’t have a problem palling around with Bill Ayers back in the days when he kicked off his political career… No if we were real terrorists President Obama wouldn’t have a problem with us.”

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  • 8 My Foot

    I love that woman!

  • GrayRider

    CHA CHING!!!

  • Spike

    Can you say Madame President?

  • DINORightMarie

    You just gotta love this lady! Throwing their muck back at them……with panache!

    The most vetted candidate, if she chooses to run. They have dug to China trying to find dirt on her, and find nothing. Squeaky clean – and she keeps on coming back, zinging the left, just to tweak them. To make their heads explode.

    Makes me smile. 😀

  • tru

    Dito Dito and Dito!
    She’s exactly who we need.
    Run Sarah Run!
    Great interview.

  • donh

    When did Bill Ayers join the Tea Party ?

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  • bg


    reverse psych truth, gotta love it..

    and i heart Sarah Palin.. 🙂


  • Susan

    You go, girl!

  • Militant Conservative

    Right between the pansy’s running light’s.

    Obama is just a life support system for a penis.

    What a loser/socialist.

    Hey Satan, time is getting short.

    Powder is dry

  • bobbi85710

    Grand Slam…. New…. Game On? Righteous!

  • Susan

    If McCain had allowed people to go after obama during the election, she would be Vice-President right now. That’s what I love about Sarah Palin; she calls them as she sees them.

  • Rose



    No wonder I plan to vote for her!

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  • Amjean

    She took on Obama and she took on Mitt! It was a glorious thing to behold!

    Palin has to run – if she campaigns for anyone she sucks the air right out from under them
    making them a nonentity.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Sarah, you rock. If you were a male, you’d need a wheelbarrow.

    A true American.

  • suec

    She’s spot on. That is why the left hates her so much. She says more in one sentence than they can say in a whole speech! LOL

  • Pete_Bondurant

    Perfect. Everytime liberals mention Tea Party terrorists, we will mention Bill Ayers and Obama’s tolerance for scums like: Ayers, Chavez, etc. etc.

  • Dan

    She also took care of Romney in that interview too.

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  • chicago

    liberals’ heads explodes! LOL!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #18 Pete_Bondurant

    They had a Mao Tse Tung ornament on the White House Christmas tree.

    What else needs to be said?

  • Mac in NM

    Ditto to all the posts. Run Sarah Run.

  • sara2912

    Sarah is the only MAN in the room. Damn straight 2012 can’t come fast enough w/ the Barricuda leading the brigade. ( she’s also smart not to declare yet & save her money while the other declared candidates deplete their resourses & reputation.)

  • Taqiyyotomist

    (…for those who have been de-educated…Mao Tse Tung’s communist regime murdered FORTY MILLION PEOPLE in just four short years, during the “Great Leap Forward”, from 1958 to 1961…this is the madman most people in Obama’s administration ADMIRE.…)

    They aim to double his efficiency at murder. It’s inevitable. Each time a communist regime forces itself on an unwilling population, the mass graves double in size, and the speed at which they are filled is halved.


  • apodoca



    Run, Sarah, run!

    She sure is inside Obama’s OODA.


    As my Grandmother would say “Ain’t that the truth, now it’s time to get rid of those critters.”

    I rather like the left calling us terrorists, rather than man made disasters.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Mao made Hitler look like an inefficient pansy candyass.

    And nobody under 45 years of age knows this fact.

    Because communists run our schools: they can say Hitler was bad; after all, he was a Right Wing Extremist!. They dare not tell about the Holodomor, nor the Great Leap Forward, nor Che Guevara shooting kids in the face in front of their parents, to punish their parents for their incorrect political views.

    So most Americans are completely UNAWARE of Mao’s and Stalin’s murder-count.

    Because they have been educated by the communist Public Schools, and indoctrinated through the Commie-run Media, most Americans have absolutely no clue about the pure evil that is communism, marxism, and socialism. They were never told a thing.

    Walter Duranty’s legacy lived on in the Public Schools and in the movies, TV, “Journalism”, and pop-culture.

    And we’re gonna see the results. And smell the acrid odor of them in the air.

  • rbosque

    Terrorists and tyrants are liberal’s best friends. Sarah is right.

  • lol

    now tell us what you really think gov. palin! she has that reagan quality of simply stating a fact, using humor and getting her point across. can’t wait till she is sworn in as the first female president of the United States.

  • Jeff


  • Rick

    I agree with all of the above comments about Sarah Palin.

  • Sickofobama


    You’re right.

    Those who don’t know history are destined to repeat it.

    What I have often wondered is those who do know history – older libs and such – who think Obama is great that their children will suffer from all the damage he is doing to the country?

    Maybe that’s just the commonsense in me.

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  • succotash

    Sarah is spot on and not afraid to speak the truth. She has so many admirable qualities which is more than can be said for anyone in the current administration.

  • Betsy Ross

    Not to mention the fact that it was the DEMOCRATS who had the majority in the House, Senate, and White House when THEY held the American people hostage and rammed Obama-care down our throats even though every possible poll out there showed We The People who are Taxed Enough Already BEGGED them to not pass the bill….sheesh…

  • ohio

    Bitch Barry got bitch slapped.

  • catwoman368

    Someone said she rides to the sound of gunfire, un-afraid, charming and a lovely spirit. May God give the USA the gift of Sarah Palin in the oval office. That is after it is fumigated from that ___________ fill in the blank jackwagon.

  • CommonSense

    You guys are all idiots! The bitch is a wacko!

  • JudithNYC
  • DanO


    #29 August 2, 2011 at 9:13 pm
    Taqiyyotomist commented:

    “They dare not tell about…Che Guevara shooting kids in the face in front of their parents, to punish their parents for their incorrect political views.”

    I desparately need your source for this nugget about Guevara. I need to confront a fellow Little League dad (!) who stomps around the bleachers in a Che shirt confronting TEA Party t-shirt wearers and spittling “Viva la revolucion”.

    Please Please Please. Google and other search engines route me to endless Che romance. I need to put this azzhole in his place.

  • DanO

    …oh look! The Che-loving azzhole I mentioned showed up in Comment #40 as CommonSense!

  • USMC Thomas

    Anymore, utterances from the liberals sound like headlines more fit for the National Enquirer.

  • Vixen

    @DanO #42:
    Check out Humberto Fontova. Here’s a bit of info here:
    And you can check out the drop-down menus there to see if you might find the sort of ammo about Che Guevara you’re looking for.

  • SM-AZ

    God bless Sarah!!!! No comparison between her and Barry, Joe and Moochelle. Can’t wait until we vote them left wing loons out of the whitehouse!

  • Sickofobama
  • DanO

    Vixen and Sickofobama, Thank You Thank You Thank You. With your source-ammo and inspiration from my heroine, I will scorch the earth where that Che-loving Obot stands, and then pivot to recruiting for Organize4Palin.

  • StrangernFiction


  • bg


    “How many kids does Sarah Palin have to shoot in the head in front of
    their parents for their incorrect political views in order for her to be as
    cool, ‘good’, and ‘righteous’ as Che Guevara? Ten? Twenty? A hundred?”

    ~ Taq


  • bitterclinger

    Sarah Palin has not flinched since she was brought on to the national scene in ’08.

    Barracudas Maximus ’12

  • bg


    DanO #42

    Sickofobama #47

    and a few more here..


  • bg


    oops re: #52

    missed Vixon #45 post..


  • gus

    Sarah Palin scares the shiit out of LIBTARDS. Alynski tactics don’t work, all they have left is MORONIC ad hominem. It’s actually quite funny.
    Their JUG EARED ASS HOLE IN CHIEF, is a ball less wonder. Big ears, and big mouth. And Sarah constantly reminds LIBTARDS of that. LIBS being MORONS, have no answer for her.

  • CommieJuice

    That was masterful! She took what these vile losers said and turned it against the even more pathetic lame duck.

    What does that say for zer0bama when his state funded media sycophants call her “dimwitted” or “not qualified” multiple times daily yet she still comes out on top?

    A country girl will survive!

  • USMC Thomas

    Libturd’s fear of Sarah have made them abandon any sense of decency.

  • Ladue Pundit

    CommonSense commented:
    You guys are all idiots! The bitch is a wacko!
    Define wacko. I’d say Obama is a bitch and a wacko.

    Who has 20+ certified pinkos serving as czars?

    Who shut down U.S. oil drilling and exploration, while giving our taxe$ to Brazil for the same?

    Who has jacked up the deficit in 2 years, making it more than all previous administrations COMBINED?

    WHo said police acted stupidly?

    WHo said there will be time for profits later?

    Whose most frequent WH visitor runs GE, sends job overseas, and pays no taxes?

    Who said “I don’t want to be in the car business” and gave BILLIONS of our tax dollars to GM & Chrysler as they shut down factories?

    Who rammed through a state controlled death panel medicine takeover using our taxe$ as bribe money on Christmas Eve?

    Who said your mama should take the blue pill?

    Whose mama was shagged by more Africans than a wildebeast in heat, and crawled back here to suck off our health system after being mis-diagnosed with appendicitis in Indonesia?

    Whose union buddies sopped up all that $timulu$ cash meant for shovel ready jobs?

    Whose pastor takes God’s name in vain during sermons and gives Farrakhan awards?

    Well it sure isn’t Governor Palin.

  • ogee

    Ha ha ha. Would I vote for her? In a heartbeat. She doesn’t need to campaign. We already know all about her. 😆 Take your time Sarah.

  • Molon Labe

    Palin and Obama in a cage fight! Palin in 30 seconds, with Obama’s head torn off from a bitch slapping.

    I love Palin. She puts the fear of god into RINOs and dhimmierats.

  • ogee

    Many Americans have been informed and more have become aware of the Radical Marxist background of Obama and the people he has placed within his administration. We don’t agree with the idea that our country needs to be “fundamentally, transformed.” We are disgusted with the elitism of both parties, wihin our government and the way our constitution is being disregarded.

  • ogee

    I’d love to see her win and uhbama crawl into airforce one for the last time waving good-bye. Wouldn’t that be a thrill up the leg?

  • lynched1

    Sarah Palin: “Heck, If We Were Real Terrorists Barack Obama Would Want to Pal Around With Us”


  • ogee

    @Ladue Pundit
    Who got the first dibs on the money today from raising the debt ceiling? Union leader Trumka. Why? So he can spend it on uhbama’s campaign. That’s all that raising the debt ceiling was for. It was for uhbama’s re-election campaign and congress’ pet project.
    How’s that for the dog and pony show we just witnessed with uhbama calling for cuts in social security and entitlements while saying Pubs did. Nae.

  • Guess Osama Bin Laden didn’t get your note, Sarah.

  • bg


    ogee #58


    thanks for sharing.. 🙂


  • gus

    LaDue, MOST LIBTARDS, garden variety LIBTARDS, have no idea, WHY they back OBAMA. They are idiots. Seriously. They are idiots. Libtards like CHE GUEVARA, CASTRO, CHAVEZ and MAO, because they don’t realize that the aforementioned are/were REAL REAL REAL MURDEROUS BASTARDS. Libs think they are/were THEORETICAL freedom fighters. Libtards ARE…THAT…stupid.

  • Andre

    What a dingbat. How can real people accept this media playa as a real faucet?

    She says the POTUS has no real action, yet he passed universal health care. She says he was meeting with Chavez, well, so did dubya and others. I guess ignoring a political leader from another country in which you import petro so your materialistic nation can continue to ruin the world is the ‘right’ thing to do?

    Somebody please find a pie to shove in her pie hole before something eeks out!

  • Rose

    #42 DanO –

    I plugged in Che Guevara murders

    Got this:

    See a list of the documented victims of che Guevara in Cuba, from 1957 to 1959

    Compiled by Cuba Archive as of September 30, 2009 Cuba Archive

    An essay by Dr. Douglas Young, Professor of Political Science & History at Gainesville State College
    February 10, 2009

    Click here to see a video of the firing squad murder of Col. Cornelio Rojas

    The true face of a terrorist mass murderer, by the Young America’s Foundation

  • bg


    Andre #67

    aww, you poor thing, must be hard living split up like that, i mean so
    much Palin hate on the one side, yet so much love of Michelle on the
    other.. /rotflmbo let em eat cake sarc/


  • Rose

    #61, ogee – fahget about one last ride on Air Force 1 – stick him on a BUS to CHICAGO.

  • AuntieMadder

    How does the woman wear panty hose, what with those huge [email protected] of hers?

  • gus

    Andre? How’s America doing?? Whatever you think Obama has accomplished, he only “accomplished” by having the House and the Senate both LIBTARD. Are you suggesting that the OBAMACARE bill is good? And even more to the point you blubbering fvckwad, do you think that OBAMA was HONEST about it??

  • MVH

    “…if we were real domestic terrorists, shoot, President Obama would be wanting to pal around with us.”
    Awesome. Simply awesome! [d]Ear Leader’s ears must be ssssmokin’.

    Remember when Palin brought up Obama’s ties to his unrepentant domestic-terrorist pals during the 2008 Presidential Campain? McCain put the smack-down quickly on that… Ain’t no little Juan McCain around anymore. Is there?

  • gus

    MVH. John McCain, reshhhpecshs, his dear friend from the other ssssshhhide of the aisle, and the COUNTRY CLUB.
    McCain, was supposed to protect US and AMERICA, from SHIIIIT like O’fuktard.

  • Island Girl

    At a time like this why are some worrying about Castro.

    Fact is -Castro outlived 8 presidents . Cuba is still there.

    Time to concentrate on America’s survival.

  • MVH

    gus@#74 (-_o)

    You know, Leftists, GOP Bluebloods, and the DinosaurMedia actually did Sarah Palin a favor while they were busy attacking her [not to mention her family] to destroy her. They vetted her. Every time they think they “got” her, they turn over the stone and there’s nothing there.

  • apodoca

    DanO here: I googled Che Guevara a murderer.

  • American Woman

    Nodrama in 2012. Just throw the bums out, before they destroy us.

    Word has it that Sarah Palin will declare; some say on Labor Day.

    Can you say Madam President? I’m looking forward to it.

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  • Bill Mitchell

    We have nothing to worry about. Providence is clearly on our side.

    The Republican Party had become completely pussified, inflitrated by RINOS from every side. We were spending like Democrats. So Providence gave us Pelosi, Reid and Obama. They made us remember who we are. Conservatism was reborn.

    Obama WILL be defeated in 2012. Republicans WILL take the Senate and retain the House. And not squishy big spender Republicans either. The Tea Party will remain the wind in our sails. America will arise from this time of trouble stronger than ever before.

    How do I know? Providence is on our side. From 1776 to 1812 to the Civil War to WWI and WWII, it has been clear that we won major battles we should have lost. Caught breaks we shouldn’t have caught. Survived and strengthened when we should have perished.

    2012 will be glorious. Keynesian Socialist Liberalism has been made irrelevant. The more Obama talks about raising taxes, the deeper he digs his hole. The more Democrats call the people Americans elected in a landslide “terrorists” the more they alienate themselves from the middle. Fiscal Conservatism is resurgent, finally getting some separation from Social Conservatism (which needed to happen because morality is the business of churches, not bureaucrats).


  • Gimme a Break – I’m just a Hobbit

    Gotta hand it to Sarah. She knows how to zing the opposition. And unlike the lefts’ professional “comics” like Maher, she actually has a sense of humor.

  • Island Girl


    Pussies do not win revolutions.

    Sometimes ya just gotta kill em off.

    Noone wil hand it to you .

  • BenK

    We the LITTLE people are with you, Sarahcuda.

  • Jon

    I say this with 100% certainty. 99% of all the commenters of this story need to be wiped out and buried deep so that future generations can never listen to your insane right wing rants ever again.

  • Deanna

    DanO #42

    That story about Che murdering children has never been proven, so I would stick to the hundreds if not thousands of murders he actually did. And just throw some of his quotes back at this idiot. Or how he pleaded for his life when captured. Or you can buy your own tee-shirt that says “Che Guevara, fooling middle class white kids since 1967.”
    I am old enough to remember all of this. At the time there were some who supported him and Castro….like the SDS and Weather Underground and Black Panthers and the so-called elite in NYC and Berkley. But back then the vast majority of college kids knew better. Of course being sensible and patriotic didn’t make headlines, even in those days.

  • Deanna

    Jon #84
    Spoken like a true follower of Che.

  • Big Dawg

    Our Lady of Liberty, Sarah Palin…..

    You betcha, run baby run……

  • tru

    99% of all the commenters of this story are buried deep (in debt) and are supporting leaders who have a plan to solve the problem. 100% of the people who want to wiped out free speech have no plan.

  • eaglewingz08

    Game match Sarah! Perfect comeuppance for Obama and his vile democraps.

  • owl

    I adore this woman. It will be a hard choice between Palin or Perry (he’s a winner) but I will go with Palin. She actually said it. Go ahead, call us terrorists again, DEM/MSM.

    My fav: “bla bla bla”…….. too funny. Hey libs, she is just another of those funny people you all love to joke with…………Bill, Jon and Joy better move over……….

  • Chris

    Are there really THAT many dumb people in this country that they would actually listen to woman!?! Is she really bringing up old news that has been debunked several times over!?! I think it’s funny that the tea baggers and GOP have to resort to smear tactics and the dumbing-down of politics in order to gain votes.

  • bg


    Bill Mitchell #80

    wow, what happened to you??


    thank you..



    #91 Chris are you drunk?? You don’t even make sense.. How is your parent basement working for you. You liberal piece of Sh!t.

    The Liberal/Dem/progressive explained:

    Killing babies
    Saving Whales
    They love Illegal Aliens that leach off the system
    They Hate tax paying patriotic Americans
    They love Muslim extremists
    They Hate conservative Christians
    They Love Chavez, Che, Mao
    They Hate Washington, Franklin, Adams
    They love Big Government
    They Hate Freedom
    They have no morals
    They hate people who have morals

    Chris and other liberals: Please take an honest look at this list and tell me it’s not true, you know it is on some level.

    You hate Sarah because she tells the truth, has conviction, and stands for something. She is the exact opposite of your beloved Messiah Barry Blue Lips. That’s why you hate her.

    Run Sarah Run!


    #84 Jon, How are you libs gonna achieve that? We have all the guns. You [email protected], bring it the F*ck on!

    Oh you mean the govt should wipe us out, for you. Because you have never been in a fight your whole miserable life!! You are weak and frail, wearing skinny jeans and hanging out in a coffee shop. Well my comrade, good luck trying to wipe out a bunch of freedom loving, gun toting, patriots! It didn’t work too well for the British, Mexicans, Krauts or the Japs did it?

  • Chris

    REDPILLPATRIOT, thanks for proving my point. …a list of inaccurate slogans and true judgement…all this from a Christian I’m guessing. Wow, the baby Jesus must be proud of your non-following ways.


    Let me guess you are an Atheist so it’s OK to support murdering babies and non-communists?


    Please enlighten me on where my “slogans” are inaccurate!

  • Neo

    “We have negotiated with terrorists,” an angry Doyle said, according to sources in the room. “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.”

    Nobody expects the Potomac Inquisition !!

    “Amongst our weaponry are such diverse elements as fear, surprise, ruthless efficiency, an almost fanatical devotion to the Pope Tea Party, and nice red uniforms—oh damn!”


    Bazinga! I win…………..

  • bg


    Earth to:

    Chris #95..

    re: Jesus


  • Chris

    Illegal aliens…they give $9 billion in taxes each year that they will never see or reap the benefits from.

    “…hate tax paying Americans”…I don’t even know what that means. You idiots are the ones who vote politicians that give tax breaks to the rich. Damn dude, you can’t be that dumb?

    How do liberals “love” Muslim extremist? Muslim’s, maybe…but extremist? Where do you get that? It’s called freedom of religion, not freedom for Christians and nobody else. Seriously, man, wake up your brain.

    Conservative Christians are annoying because you people try to force your religious beliefs into mainstream law making bills. Again, we’re back to the FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

    Hate freedom? How so?

    Morals? I’m not the one who supports a war that has killed 100,000 innocent people.

    There you go Pediphilepatriot!

  • Chris

    …you hate socialized medicine but are probably on Medicare.

    …you hate tax-payer health care but have no problem with childless workers paying taxes to send YOUR kids to public schools.

    …you hate Government, bailouts, and anything non-American, only to accept stimulus checks to shop at Walmart. Buying everything made in China including the America flag t-shirt you wear everyday with mustard stains all over it.


    #102 Chris

    1. Not on Medicare, Self employed, pay all my own healthcare.

    2. I hate school tax and the federal govt in charge of public schools (with massive waste, just like everything they are involved in). My kids go to private school that is a financial burden but worth it to avoid all the global warming liberal indoctrination that goes on in public school.

    3. Stimulus check is my own tax dollars. Used to pay off debt. No I use oxyclean to get the mustard out. I usually wear my Blackwater shirt or one of my anti Obama shirts.

    Bazinga!! Redpill – 2 Chris – 0

  • bg


    Earth to:

    Chris #101

    California “alone” aka: not nationwide, as in: not even considering the
    cost to any other State, or: that was on 2004 (don’t even try to tell me
    the cost has gone down since then

    btw, your opinionated “talking points”, backed by zilch proof
    thereof, have been debunked so many times, they make me

    oh yeah, re: those TAX THE RICH DUDES, get educated,
    or at least try for new talking points you bigoted (_’o’_)..


  • bg


    Chris #102

    take a hike TROOL..


  • bg


    re: #104

    on 2004 = in 2004

    wouldn’t want Chris to go banchee on Jesus due to an O
    vs an I (as if that makes a difference to you know who)..




    Our work here is done Chris……

  • Chris

    Gotta love a website that doesn’t allow you post for using certain unprofane words. Yeah, because THAT’S what the freedom of speech is all about.

  • bg


    Chris #108

    talk is cheap Chris..

    the only thing profanity backs up is a crap sandwich, which is
    what you’re desperately trying to shove down our throats..

    certain unprofane words??

    where’d you pull that one from, eew wait, never mind..


  • Chris

    You can’t post on here using certain words. Two of my post have not posted even though no profanity was used. Freedom of speech my ass! You guys just keep lying to yourselves, that way everything that is not American or Christian will just magically go away.

  • Chris

    Luckily for the rest of the world, the tea bagger movement will only damage the fools on the right. Dividing America based on false accusations and smear tactics…losers!

  • mcc

    #108 Chris — I’m sorry your claim is not more believable. Lies are second nature to some. And even encouraged by others in order to achieve an end — one that tiptoes in on the unsuspecting in order to overwhelm its victim.

    That, surely, is evil.

    I hope Americans realize over the coming months how important truth is — and with discernment, recognize those among us who are telling the truth.

    Bg’s link at #105 is tremendously instructive for those who know little of what’s infected the minds of the weak and immoral in places both high and low throughout our nation.

    Is it any wonder we find ourselves in such peril? May God guide the hearts and minds of those who seek truth, and stir a desire for nothing less in those who would choose a different path.

  • Chris

    mcc, can you tell me what is false or is this just another reply with no actual evidence to suggest otherwise? I get that a lot…people saying something is not true but they never actually explain why or provide any facts to their statement. The way it reads is that only your OPINION is valid…yet nobody on the right ever has any proof. Nice work.

  • Chris


    “indoctrination” at public schools…you mean like the indoctrination of forcing kids to chant the Pledge of Allegiance? You mean indoctrination like dragging your kids to church every Sunday and force them to believe in something they yet don’t really understand? Indoctrination, like the lies you spew in your #93 comment, that I’m sure you tell everyone you can as being fact?

    I’m glad you’re self employed and pay for your own insurance. Good for you. The problem is, there is not enough of that to go around and you are lucky. Meaning the less fortunate (not the lazy) need help. Without that help, do you really think our country would move forward? Look at the other countries who don’t help their fellow countrymen…very high levels of poverty and illness. Infrastructure in all phases are affected. Fools like you think you are so great that you fail to realize that YOUR survival relies on the rest of us.

  • Chris

    Bare with me, I don’t like Maddow much either but you can’t deny these facts. These are the people you guys support.

  • bg


    thanks mcc #112

    and here you go, just in case you
    missed them), no thanks needed..

    Chris ObamAlinsky #113

    re: [provide any facts]

    provided mine, where’s yours??

    didn’t think so..


  • Chris

    What facts bg? The only thing I see is some random comment about California. Who is talking about Cali?

  • mcc

    Chris —

    I don’t expect my words to make sense to you. I speak of things from a life transformed by the living Christ.

    But I’ll leave you with this: use every moment available to seek – with a humble and pure heart – the truth. It will be revealed if it truly is your heart’s desire. Otherwise, you cheat yourself of the greatest joy freely offered man.

    May your search begin today and you find yourself blessed beyond imagining.

  • She is a mouthpiece for nothing but hatred and dissension. Sarah Palin’s rhetoric and violence-inciting imagery IS a form of terrorism and a prime example. She held Jared Lee Loughner’s hand while he murdered people with his misguided sensibilities. I was compelled to draw a visual commentary showing her handing him the gun on my artist’s blog at She’ll go to any lengths and keep spewing her insanity for that attention (and the money of course.)

  • locken

    Who got Osama, Sarah? Not bush, but Obama.

    Sarah, your IQ is about 77.

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  • locken

    I can see russia from my house!!

  • Chris


    lol! It sounds to me like you think God and Jesus are republicans and/or American? That if I’m a Christian, I will somehow realize that being selfish in regards to political ideas is the way to go. LOL!! You’re funny. I’m guessing you’re a “born-again”? You are not ‘enlightened’ and being a Christian doesn’t automatically make you smarter. It just means you believe the voices in your head and a bunch of crap some people wrote who were far less intelligent than you or I.

    In my 32 years of religious studies, I have never once read about Jesus taking a political stance in favor of republican/neo-con/tea bagger ideologies. In fact, it’s just the opposite. The “Christian Republican” could be this centuries biggest oxymoron yet! You preach Jesus but live through political ideas, even though they contradict what your God taught you. You ‘talk’ about God but in reality, you serve man.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Bernie Goldberg said it really well. He said the people that are calling the Tea Party people terrorist are the same people that will not call a real terrorist a terrorist. So much for political correctness.

  • mcc


    I read you as one with more maturity. Forgive me my mistake.

  • Chris


    I think you’re being a little harsh in regards to Sarah’s IQ. Don’t you know it takes a massive amount of intelligence to read sports news off of a teleprompter in a small town? …or too read your own comments off the palm of your hand? …or wink your eyes in hopes that nobody else will noticed how misinformed you really are? That’s genius levels my friend! That’s the kind of stuff that would make Paul Revere want to ride his horse, shoot his guns and ring his bells for! It takes some serious smarts to publicly have a witch doctor extract demons from you …you know, just in case anybody had any doubts. LOL! Oh Sarah…

  • bg


    re: brandt hardin #119 & locken #120



  • Chris

    Yep, I become sarcastic and …lackadaisical when faced with simple hypocrisy. 🙂

  • bg


    locken #122

    oh my, you are one gray cell short of having a gray cell..

    Tiina Fey said that, not Sarah Palin..

    btw, here’s an fyi for ya..


  • bg


    bottom line:

    Chris #123


  • bg


    locken #120

    Navy Seals under orders from Panetta

    [A report which is quickly gaining traction on the web suggests that Obama did not want to take out Osama bin Laden but was overridden by senior military commanders who ordered Navy Seals to carry out the successful operation.]

    warning: for adults only..


  • Joey

    Palin is my hero – I love her! It is soooo nice to see someone “call it as they see it”!


    WoW…. The trolls are out today! All you need do is mention Sarah and they work themselves into a foaming mouth frenzy of anger and hate. Weird for such a “tolerant” group to so easily get angry.

    Oh and brandt all you had to say was you were an artist – nuff said.

    and Chris your words from #114 “I’m glad you’re self employed and pay for your own insurance. Good for you. The problem is, there is not enough of that to go around and you are lucky. Meaning the less fortunate (not the lazy) need help. Without that help, do you really think our country would move forward? Look at the other countries who don’t help their fellow countrymen…very high levels of poverty and illness. Infrastructure in all phases are affected. Fools like you think you are so great that you fail to realize that YOUR survival relies on the rest of us.”

    This makes no sense, the less fortunate can go to school (on student loans or grants) just like I did (no grants for me) (i paid my way through work and gi bill, that was earned) and work their butt off just like I did, so that the govt can take take take and give it to the artists like brandt and most Obama voters, to keep them on the dole.

    The Democrats are the minorities worst enemy and they don’t even realize it. The are still slaves….. slaves to welfare and slaves to the govt tit.

    I am not blinded by hate, I don’t hate you guys. I wish you would take a step back and see the evil that you hold up as good. Sarah Palin has done nothing wrong but point out the truth.

  • bg

    Chris your anti-christian rhetoric makes about as much sense as “Jesus was a Democrat”

    I don’t believe he would support abortion. I am not a Republican, they are (in more ways) more traitorous than the Democrats. I am a fiscal and social conservative (leaning toward Libertarian) and a tea-party patriot.

    I believe in the founding principles a small limited govt.
    I believe that you should have the right to do as you please as long as it does not effect others. The govt taking my money and using it on things I don’t believe in or use affects me.
    I believe Abortion is the most evil thing there is. (If you believe a woman has the right to choose, good so do I…. she has the right to keep her legs crossed…………….
    ……….But But what about rape….. or incest….. very tragic…indeed… but killing a baby will not fix that tragedy.

    I think anyone that supports Abortion (in any way) (especially a parent) will be judged for it one day…. Good luck to you on that one… I certainly will sleep well. Sorry to hijack the thread, but I think Sarah feels the same way.

  • owl

    Notice how Sarah stirs up the trolls. Run Sarah run…………Tell them again how much Obama must love us…………tea party terrorists holding them hostage. Then finish it off with a little Obama bla, bla, bla.

    It doesn’t get any better. Hey libs………we know how to tell a joke………..can’t you laugh?

  • bg



    re: [I think Sarah feels the same way.]

    one just need look to her family to know it is so..

    God Bless Sarah Palin..

    God Damn Obama..



    Good point! BG

  • Island Girl

    Chris – Muslim’s is possessive case. The plural is Muslims.

    ghetto schooled?

  • John

    Sarah Palin should be in the White House… :))

  • Susana Wright

    It would be a honor to vote for Sarah and or West and Bachmann. We need people with morals, values, integrity and honor to stand against the evil that has infiltrated our society. In MY Humble Opinion, the only way to not shed blood in this country that is headed for a civil war, is to split the country into two. One conservative and one liberal and let the chips fall where they may. We aren’t going to change them and they surely are not going to move us. Its a stalemate and they are taking our country down. Let the masses see how their programs, big gov’t, regulations, higher and higher taxes without spending restraint works. Only takes common sense to see what will work and what won’t.