Rush Limbaugh chimed in on Hurricane Tropical Storm Irene today: “Obama was hoping (Hurricane Irene) was going to a be a disaster” so he could have another excuse for the economy.
Thanks to Media Matters for the video:

It’s not like it’s such a far-fetched idea.
They already used the DC earthquake as an excuse.




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  1. Rush, of course, is right. This will be added to the ever expanding list of excuses. George Will took Donna Brazille to school on it on Sunday. Was satisfying to see the look on her face.

  2. Of course the inept Puppet President wanted a major storm so he could look Presidential! He had all his sycophantic media and political useful idiots out over hyping what was, at best, a minor Tropical Storm.

    The man has no class and no confidence in the convictions his masters says he has.

  3. Last count 32 Americans died in Irene Hurricane. Any loss of life is a tragedy. Obama called out the guard. Governors closed all transportation accept for the Cabbies in New York who took advantage by charge more.

    Transit was shut down way too soon in my opinion but that was Bloomberg’s baby.

    I am sure that this administration was thinking this is our moment and we better call out the big guns as we don’t want another Katrina. They never want a crisis to be ignored and politically they will use this to their advantage.

    I love Rush, maybe he is right, because as I see it he hates Bush and his actions and words since Jan. 08 has definitely shown us all he feels Bush is Unpatriotic.

    Those are real fighting words when Bush was one of the most Patriotic president compared to Obama.

  4. I can just hear the lib media’s caterwauling on this one. Sure to lead MSNBC’s moonbat brigade’s lead stories this evening.

  5. Obama Hates Bush, I needed to clarify.

  6. Rush and I agree!

    Obama didn’t give a fig how many Texans lives have been destroyed because of the extreme drought this past year.

    Neither has Obama shown any empathy or offered much help to the extreme floods that have crippled parts of this nation all summer long.

    Nope. Obama wants to show himself the ‘Hero’ to his voter base in the blue states. He’s shown himself to NOT BE the President of the United States – just the president of the blue states.

  7. Has Obama dropped the disaster talk yet?

  8. No disrespect to the victims of Hurricane Irene, but Obama just ordered much of the FEMA funds allocated for the Joplin, MO disaster DIVERTED to pay for the Irene damage. In case you don’t recall, Joplin was almost wiped off the map, and many people died, including entire familes when entire houses were demolished with the families inside. Obama NEVER approved a dime for the devastating wildfires in Texas, either. Pandering, perhaps?….AGAIN.

  9. #8

    Agree, never has seen a person like him. I can only hope we never will again.

  10. #10

    Sad to think this guy is PRESIDENT? He also hates Perry.

  11. First I will make it clear that I am not an Obama fan.. However I would like to say that Rush L. is a bunch of hot air and the poster boy for all you racist hopefulls that are hoping for the US of 1850.. Not happening! Pointing out every possible mistake made by the President is the desperate and malice attempt to discredit w/o cause. The crap he does, he should own up to but any accusations or assumptions should not be made just because “y’all” are racist and can’t stand the man because he has some black… half/half makes him just as white as either of you… you guys are worried that your usual tricky and criminal ways of living off of the poor is coming to an end… yep it is!! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!!

    Socialist & proud!!
    Daphne J

  12. He will blame this for our economic crisis, undoubtedly. And this is among the many stupid and underhanded things Obama has said and done.

    Sad, when a person and more sad when a president just doesn’t get it. He would have a better approval rating by just admitting he has been so very wrong on the economy.

    From the very moment Obama care was discussed then past and never read was the most enlightening moment in my life.

    I can only hope that this disaster of a plan will be overturned and one of the most jaw dropping time in Obama’s last term as president. That will be the day when Obama will have a Crisis to talk about and will definitely deflate that sick ego.

  13. #13…Nothing makes a day brighter than to have a whitey hater drop in. Just what the world needs. Honey, don’t believe anyone that calls you a racist. No, no, no.

  14. First I will make it clear that I am not an Obama fan..

    Not far enough left for you?

  15. Obama will be making a statement about Irene later today. Hope he puts his foot in it.

  16. Daphne, your comment might have arried more weight if you had not tagged yourself as being a “socialist.” I am pretty sure that no one here wants to go back to 1850, but it seems that you aspire to go back to 1917.

    Since you and your “fellow travelers” seem to point out every posible mistake made by conservatives, it would just as apt to state that it is “the desperate and malicious attempt to discredit without cause.” (Sorry, I had to fix your grammar.)

  17. ++

    albeit i don’t think he’s 100% correct 100% of the time, i do like and
    listen to Rush a lot, ergo, believe he is a on loan to US from God.. :-)

    at any rate, couldn’t help but notice that he seems to take his
    vacations around the same time as the Obama’s take theirs..


  18. Sorry typing too fast meant “carried more weight.”

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