Pathetic. Obama Attacks Republicans During Green Bay Packers Visit to White House (Video)

What a pathetic remark. Barack Obama took a swipe at Republicans during the Green Bay Packers visit to the White House today.
He just couldn’t help himself.

Obama still has no plan.

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  • big L

    He wants someone to take a swing on him or otherwise attack him. that iswhy he is riding the American people. It the ruling junta’s idea and he can pull it off.
    Did you see the truck legislation. Some friend of the Teamsters. they spent $30 million to get him elected ,maybe more

  • Mitch Rapp

    What would you expect from a low level Chicago bag man? Remember, he was trained as a slum lord, a Chicago voter fraud expert and sat at the knee of Bill Ayers!

    Class and Obama don’t mix very well at all.

  • Rick

    He is attacking us every minute he is awake. We need to be as dedicated in our effort to get him out of the WHouse.

  • bg


    woohoo!! great job Barry!!

    Obama Slipping: Black America Waking Up – To the Nightmare

    [Obama’s minions attempt to maintain a “Black Wall” around the president,
    with diminishing results. “The realization that the dream was a chimera is
    one thing, but to awaken to a catastrophe in which the Great Black Hope is
    revealed as the Great Black Betrayer, is another magnitude of pain.”

    “A distinctive, Black-led anti-war movement is emerging, one
    that is radical
    , anti-imperial and, specifically, anti-Obama.”

    hmmm, wonder if they’ll be labeled “terrorists”?? nah, they,
    like the Black Panthers & the NOI, are “Holders people”.. /s/


  • Spartan

    Keep pushing mac. Keep swinging those haymakers. Pretty soon everyone is going to see that you can only land a ‘lucky’ punch. You have made a mockery of the WH, the American people and the country. We are not amused by your snide remarks anymore. People no longer think your shiny cheesy grin is going to save you. Your time is up. Your failure has stink to it now. The entire world is smelling it.

    Quit while your ahead and either lead, or get the hell out of the way!!!!!

  • Francesca

    Who is that tool of a reporter who seems to find this so amusing? Pathetic.

  • Missy8s

    This sonofabitch absolutely not be reelected, if we have President Downgrade 2.0 America is done, period.

    If you think republicans or TEA Patriers are trying to “take anything from you” via SSI Medicare or Medicaid just wait until O gets done, your liberties won’t exits anymore either…

  • Militant Conservative

    He’s a HNIC nobody knows more than he.

    The NOTUS is a pure evil reprobate.

    Evil is very much an easy target , America was

    Napping. mostly dumbass first time voters.

    Poser is dry

  • bg


    sorry, but after listening to that “snippet”, i didn’t come
    away with thinking Obama “attacked” the Republicans..

    in this case i agree with Herman Cain:

    ‘Americans Have to Learn How to Take a Joke’


  • Missy8s

    This “thing” calling itself a “president” is a dictator in his heart of hearts, please for God’s sake do not vote for this treasonous prick ever again if you did the last time.

    He will take everything from you including your right to speak, meet in private, pray to the creator you believe in, vote and eventually to live.

    He will eventually make Stalin, Hitler and Mao look like amateurs in the mass murder department if he is reelected by the ignorant children and illegal aliens that voted for him last time…

  • WTFhappensnow

    I’m thinking Barry is more of a soccer mom than the whole football thing going on..posier

  • patman

    He’s just a dick.

  • Conservative Ken

    Since Bush left office if really feels like the office of President has been vacated.
    We have

    No Leadership
    No Accountability
    No Responsibility
    No Democratic Solutions
    No Initiative

    But we do have an overabundance of posturing, finger pointing and excuses. Obama really thought he was elected to a four year dictatorship. He has no understanding or willingness to understand how to govern a Republic.

  • wanumba

    #4 August 12, 2011 at 7:06 pm
    bg commented:

    Peculiar. Not Van Jones and his vision? Anyway, waiting for the flash mob youth violence to get to the point that Obama announces “under public pressure to do something” the “urgent need” for “National Service Draft” to keep young people ages 18-45 busy doing … government funded things.
    Haven’t seen yet that Obama hasn’t gotten what he said he was gonna get. And the media is already working on accepting Obama as “Big Landlord” as IF that was a valid role for POTUS, but he has lots of advisors who know ALL about owning and renting out properties to maximize profits .. at the expense of tenant standard of living.

  • bg


    re: #4



    thinking of writing a book, “Nightmares From My Presidents
    Momma’s Baby’s Father”, or something like that.. / O’sarc/


  • StrangernFiction

    This “thing” calling itself a “president” is a dictator in his heart of hearts

    Now that is just silly. And speaking of silly:

    UNDERGROUND by Barack Obama

    Under water grottos, caverns
    Filled with apes
    That eat figs.
    Stepping on the figs
    That the apes
    Eat, they crunch.
    The apes howl, bare
    Their fangs, dance,
    Tumble in the
    Rushing water,
    Musty, wet pelts
    Glistening in the blue.

  • Arthur Machen

    Here’s how Barry got elected: The American public, suffering from liberally biased reporting during the Bush administration and in a psychotic break due to the housing crisis voted for national suicide.

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  • Old Dude

    This is what happens when diarrhea spread up your back and into your brain. There seems to be a lot of that in this administration.

  • bg


    wanumba #14

    tried to read it all, but am too tired, will
    hopefully get back to you on it asap.. 😉

    re: [owning and renting out properties to maximize profits]

    for sure he does, not to mention the Dodd Social Engineering Bill..

    re: [flash mobs]

    please scroll for more @ link & connecting links, thanks..