Obamedia in Action… CBS Reporter to White House Spokesman: “You Gave Them Everything They Wanted And We Got Nothing” (Video)

The media lapdogs were visibly upset this morning with the debt deal that was announced last night.

CBS reporter Norah O’Donnell told White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, “You gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!”
By “them,” of course, she means Republicans, conservatives and tea party activists. By “we” Miss O’Donnell means the entirety of the democrat media complex and fellow communists, socialists, and Alinskyites.
Too much.

Real Clear Politics has the transcript:

CBS’ White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell: “You gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!”

White House press secretary Jay Carney responds, unfazed: “We’ve taken this question two or three times already …”

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  • MVH

    “…we got nothing?”
    Shameless, disgusting cow.

  • Mad Hatter

    Hold the phone. This is starting to get interesting.

    Boehner needs 216 votes, and he’s falling short as of right now.


  • Dan

    Might as well just drop all the pretense. Most people know the media and Obama are the same thing.

  • Ghost of John Brown

    Norah O’Donnell is with NBC, not CBS.

    She’s still a talking puppet, though.


    typica left media spewing $hit when opening mouth

  • Robert

    Journalism at its finest.

  • Ghost of John Brown

    Sorry – I mis-spoke. She moved from NBC to CBS last month. I guess she is so worthless, I hadn’t noticed.

  • davidt

    “You gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!”

    Left unsaid was, “After all we do for you!”

  • HadEnough

    Thats it James “The Carny” Carney…..slam down your media base……..watch the glue come undone

  • lol

    to the lapdog media it’s personal! shameless how they don’t even attempt to hide their bias anymore. they are all becoming unhinged thanks to the teaparty patriots, that’s why they are doing a joe the plumber background check on them, and trying to smear them.

  • Norah O’Donnell at her CBS job interview

    hocccch, huff, hocccch hoccch hoccch

  • joe buzz

    He should have responded. …” what exactly is it that YOU want out of the deal Norah?”

  • tarpon

    Not even good liars.

    Get even with the white guys —- We got nothing … Obamaville middle class hardest hit.

    Good American Thinker article, but you probably knew it all along.

    Obama’s Racial Spoils System …
    The real Barack Obama has emerged: one who hands out tax dollars, pushes policies, and formulates rules and regulations to give preference to black Americans.

    If you didn’t you should have paid attention to Rev Wright’s church

  • Mark1957

    The wheels are starting to fall off of this garbage truck of a bill, It seems that the only ones that like it are the so called leaders.


  • Bowser

    Norah is a total stupid socialist waste of protoplasm

  • MaxTruth

    The transcript says

    CBS’ White House correspondent Norah O’Donnell: “I hear Democrats saying you gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!”

  • big L

    Don’t approve it . IT gives the Grifter cover until after the election in 2012. It is his re-election gift. Norah (crap-for-brains)O’donnell is running cover for Obama and the ruling Junta.so is Laura Ingraham and dr K. and alot of the rest. They are engaging in a feint that hides the extension to after the election.
    Don’t just give Obama a free pass to re-election.
    Like Aesop’s fable where the crow was flattered into dropping the fruit. don’t buy this Commie manuever. TP’s are being flattered and the Junta is crying “woe is us” to fool the GOP etc
    We need simplicity and clarity and 10 page bills. Heck whether “my team, your team” wins.
    OR whether tea party wins. the downgrade is for the spending anyway, even if you trust the rating agencies, that said nothing for YEARS onr the $trillions of spending. Until Obama got in trouble.
    We the People didn’t just fall off the turnip (root vegetable) truck.Take out the extension and let’s wait it out. this revving up -fast,fast,fast is non-sense

  • BuddyG

    “We” ?

    F**k it, at this point the lame stream media might well drop all pretense and get some pom-poms.

    Bricka-Bracka, Fire Cracker, Zis-Boom-Bah
    O-bama, O-bama
    RAH! RAH! RAH!

  • Rock

    Fox just reported Piglosi is telling her people to vote their conscious, so she is not throwing her weight behind passing this. Looks like WTF is getting stabbed in the back again. Or maybe nothing more than a ploy to get him off the hook when they (Demwits) vote it down. In any case Piglosi is just following orders from from Soros.

  • bg


    are you ready get set are you ready get set get ready for it..

    [Nothing in the 14th Amendment changes that. The 14th Amendment
    simply does not transfer the power to borrow money from Congress
    to the president. What Section 4 of the 14th Amendment does do is
    prevent Congress from disavowing a debt once it has been incurred.

    So while Congress can legally change anyone’s Social Security benefits
    tomorrow, the 14th Amendment prevents Congress from invalidating
    any of China’s U.S. Treasury bonds.

    The scariest part about the Democrats’ novel interpretation of the 14th
    Amendment is that if Obama did choose to go the Clyburn route, he
    would probably get away with it.]

    is it too early to say told ya.. /sigh sarc/


  • Scott

    Breitbart.tv’s version has far better audio and the camera pans to a fairly close shot of her when she says “we got nuthin'”, clearly showing the frustration on her face.


  • Nancy

    Obama got exactly what he wanted. The Democrats forget that he doesn’t give a rat’s behind what happens to them. He’s got a slush fund for the 2012 election, tax hikes coming down the road (Bush tax cuts ending, remember) and Obamacare tax hikes on the horizon.

    The Republican leaders were so eager to circumvent the Tea Party that they let themselves go along with the Democrat leaders and screwed the taxpayers again. They need to go in 2012. I hope to God we can straighten this mess out in 2012 because another 4 years of Obama means the end of America as a free society.

  • bg


    disclaimer re: #20



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  • Either way it’s utter crap…the conservative wing/TEA party got screwed in this deal. No actual cuts at all, and the “cuts” (i.e. decreases in the increases) don’t even start until 2013, at which time THAT congress can decide “nevermind, we don’t want to do that” and will have absolutely no requirement to do so.

    Such utter crap….

  • Molon Labe


    Great post. You nailed it.

  • Leatherhelmet

    Wow Norah. Your looks aren’t going to let you get away with this kind of partisanship.

  • Ipso Facto

    How utterly revealing! The American free press, which is given a critical place in our form of government by the Constitution, has totally taken up the cause of the left. We may have freedom of the press, but today, the main stream media is nothing but a bunch of political action committees with broadcast arms and printing presses.

    This travesty is due to allowing our public educational system to be taken over by the teacher’s unions and the left (one and the same) for the last 60 years or so. With these vermin preaching leftist ideals to our kids, few people in our country have any idea what’s actually going on anymore.

    Enough! We need to totally do away with a government sponsored educational system, reduce people’s taxes by the amount that goes to them and give people that money back so they can send their kids to the PRIVATE schools of their own choice.

    I cannot see any other way to accomplish the objective of ridding our nation of a corrupt mainstream press.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    The Fair-and-Balanced Media using “we” for Democrats and “they” for Republicans?

    Good heavens, it’s almost like they’ve, uh, picked sides, or something….

    Apparently the President isn’t the only one who reveals more-than-intended when speaking off-teleprompter.


  • Bill Mitchell

    Lol, I find it amusing as hell that Norah refers to Republicans as “They” and Democrats as “We”.

    Sorry but your bias is showing ** facepalm **

  • Bill Mitchell

    You know, considering so many talking heads on the right consider this deal to completely suck for us, it sure seems like the left is having epileptic fits considering they “won”.

    What this tells us is that while this deal may squeek by there was absolutely ZERO ZERO ZERO chance of getting the kind of deal the Tea Party wants. Nevertheless, I think it is good for them to complain because they continue to provide the gravity from the right. They will likely never get EVERYTHING they want (since we don’t have a Republican king that rules by decree), but they do pull the conversation to the right which is useful.

    The Tea Party is not really a party at all. It is a movement within the Republican Party. They are not the party but they are the wind in our sails. Thank God for them.

  • George

    Who is “they” and who is “we”?

  • maraz

    Interesting how the media thinks of the American people as them… and the media wants American people to suffer more.

  • maraz

    I called my congressman and told him to support the Connie Mack Penny Plan which is a real fiscal answer along with… Cut, Cap, and Balance and force Senate to vote on CCB… This plan is the largest debt increase in history

    $2.4 trillion will be largets debt-limit increase in U.S. History

  • tru

    Norah O’Donnell is the new Helen Thomas.

    I agree with #22. The only thing Obama ever wanted was make this go away and get him through his election. After all. he’s got a big week of birthday bash fundraisers planned. It’s all about him. It should be obvious to everyone, even his adorinbg fans by now that he likes runing for president much more than being president.

  • Bill Mitchell

    For those among us so unhappy with this deal, please outline for us YOUR deal that would have passed the Senate and been signed by the president. Go ahead, we’ll wait.

    It’s nice to have ideals, but unless it passes it is just hot air. Bottom line, our leaders got this through and the left at least think they got their asses kicked. 2 facts. We only control 1/3 of government and if we had caused the government to shut down we would have gotten our asses handed to us in 2012. INDEPENDENTS LOVE COMPROMISE AND HATE IDEOLOGUES, THAT IS WHY THEY ARE INDEPENDENTS. If you think we can somehow win in 2012 without Independents, let me know.

    Calling for the heads of our leaders only plays into the left’s hands. You are actually helping the people you say you wish to defeat. Let the left eat their young here – let’s hang together as a team.

  • Pat the First

    That would be a great clip for the GOP to use next year in some of their ads. It would be an antidote to the garbage that the media will spewing next year.

  • Eddie Willers

    I encourage everyone to link this clip in an e-mail to CBS with a comment along the lines of
    “Nice to see you folks over at CBS have finally dropped the pretext of being neutral observers.”

    I smell a BO’R Bernie Goldberg moment…

  • Mad Hatter

    Bill wrote,

    “If you think we can somehow win in 2012 without Independents, let me know.”

    It’s called follow the Reagan plan, talk to the American people as people, and don’t put them in categories or Independents.

  • Pat the First

    #36 August 1, 2011 at 2:53 pm
    Bill Mitchell commented:

    Oh, no . . . how dare you be reasonable and bring up logic and facts!!! I guess they want nothing. Because what we got and nothing are the only 2 alternatives. Nothing would have just meant more debt ultimately. That isn’t too hard to understand . . . at least for the reasonable.

  • gus

    Bill Mitchell. Who says a PLAN must be passed??

  • Mad Hatter

    Not only that you don’t put them in the category as Independents, you don’t put people in the category of Seniors, Blacks, Hispanics, 18-28 Demographics. You treat the American people as people, not balkanized groups.

  • bg


    Bill Mitchell #

    i never said anything other than what Obama wanted would pass.

    also wondering when he’ll bypass Congress and change the rules on
    his own
    , because if they can’t make the “IT’S THE TEA PARTY’S FAULT”
    crapola stick, that’s about the only option left to him.. iow: can’t stomp
    em, stomp around em.. /s/


  • Pat the First

    #39 August 1, 2011 at 3:02 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    I consider myself more independent than anything else. I lean strongly GOP. However, there are some GOP for which I would never vote. Ron Paul is one of them.

    And I am someone who knows people who were hurt by Reagan’s policies and have never fully recovered. They were farmers who never received subsidies, but some of Reagan’s policies harmed them greatly. So, there are some people who find the mention of Reagan like fingernails on chalkboards. I am not sure conservatives haven’t figured that one out.

  • bg


    Pat the First #40

    what would you know about “reasonable”??

    btw, here you go..


  • tru

    #36 Bill Mitchell commented: INDEPENDENTS LOVE COMPROMISE AND HATE IDEOLOGUES, THAT IS WHY THEY ARE INDEPENDENTS. If you think we can somehow win in 2012 without Independents, let me know.

    Maybe you should let the presumed front runner know this info.
    “As president, my plan would have produced a budget that was cut, capped, and balanced — not one that opens the door to higher taxes and puts defense cuts on the table,” Romney said in a statement. “I personally cannot support this deal.”

  • bg


    re: #45

    btw Pat the First #40

    since when do OPINIONS (alone) = FACTS??


  • ohiochili

    I recognize this tactic. I used to use it on my boys when they were small. Let’s say I was introducing lima beans. Tasting them first, I would feign ecstasy at the delectable taste and hope I could fool them into eating them.

    They always gagged just like I am over this latest crap from Washington.

    They really do think we are ignorant.

  • Pat the First

    Tell you what . . . I think it is time for me to leave. I realize that we only control 1/3 of the government. Until we control at least 2/3rd, we can demand NOTHING. NV, MD and AK GOP had people on the ballot that could not win. And look what happened.


    I will continue to pray that God will help us all to lead us to a more representative government.

  • bg


    BM #36

    re: [Let the left eat their young here –]

    uhm, that is not their young the left are eating.. however,
    that is the right eating their young right alongside them..


  • Dave Sylvester

    Look, I have no doubt that Nora is a Dem, but the transcript says, “I hear Democrats saying,…” The “we” is Democrats referring to themselves. There is plenty of evidence that the press is sympathetic to Obama. You don’t have to selectively misquote her to try to male that point. It seems kind of lazy on your part, frankly.

  • Just_Saying

    It’s all a charade: they’re trying to convince the republicans it’s a good deal (“they won”) while, in reality, it’s precisely what the Left wants. (Better than the Left could have expected, in fact!)

  • bear

    #36, bill mitchell: The best, most fiscally responsible “plan” was the one put forth by all Conservatives….Don’t increase the debt limit!! The Senate and the obamster are irrelevant. You don’t hand over more access to the national credit card to irresponsible fools who can’t control their spendthrift habits, even during a DEPRESSION.

    Look carefully at the individual States, which must balance their budgets. All the feds have to do is play copycat…..too much for you to figure out, billy-boy? Obviously, boehner can’t.

    As for the elections, just remember 2010, and the 700 total seats that changed hands.

    No more free rides for rinos and lefties. 2012 can’t get here fast enough. Every time you appeasers and spendthrifts whine about how selfish and cranky we in the Tea Party movement are, MILLIONS more actual Americans join us.

    You credit card junkies disgust us with your weakness and your intellectual vapidity.

  • bg


    Pat the First #49

    sorry you feel that way..

    but it’s still is a free country..

    most everyone in here is just trying to keep it that way..

    and albeit i have agreed with you many a time from time to time, as
    well as understand what you’re trying to say.. i not only don’t agree
    with you on this, but how you’re saying it, sort of void of substance
    with an ad hominem kick to it..

    just hope you change your mind and drop in from
    time to time (which is par your course anyways)..

    take care..


  • tommy mc donnell

    there was a time in american journalism when she would have been fired for a comment like that. now political bias in the media is considered normal.

  • kansas

    If this fails in the house because they get no democrat votes its going to be fun to watch them spin that.

  • JournOlist.

  • bg
  • bg


    kansas #56

    listening to Rush in the background.. think he
    just said it was failing (via not enough votes)..


  • Honesty from the White House Press Corpse:

    “We Reporters” = “We Democrats”

  • Callipygian1

    This is proof that there is at the very least some in the media with a liberal bias.

  • bg


    re: #59

    re: Mad Hatter #2

    oh yeah, that’s where i heard Rush say he
    heard it from, i recall him saying “the hill”..

    so, it’s been hours.. and why no word??

    wonder what’s happened since then..

    don’t recall votes ever taking this long..
    how long do these votes usually take??


  • toongoon

    Bill Mitchell and Pat the First it’s worse than you think, we only control one half of one third.

  • Highlander

    While the expressions on O’Donnell’s face, combined with her history, make it clear where her sympathies lie, it is absolutely imperative for conservative credibility that we provide the context of such remarks. And the context is that she used the disclaimer ” I hear democrats saying…” to preface her remark. Let’s not, in our passion, resort to the same tactics we so loath in our political opponents. Let’s play it straight.

  • kato

    Well, she’s got the asskissing part down. Now, if she sleeps with a producer or three, she may get herself a lucrative anchorwoman position.

  • bg


    bi-arses for sure, but they control the media..


  • joelkizz

    I jumped on this too when I first saw it. Its hard to hear because someone is coughing but she does say “but the Democrats are saying….” Is she liberal…probably. That doesn’t make it fair to misquote someone.

  • bg


    they’re EVIL, they’re EVIL, they’re EVIL..

    oh wait, we need them to take the blame..

    they’re GOOD, they’re GOOD, they’re GOOD..

    oh wait, we don’t need them so they’re EVIL..

    yeah that’s the ticket, they’re EVIL, oh wait..

    wash, rinse, repeat as needed..



  • bg


    Dave Sylvester #51 & joelkizz #67

    you are correct..

    via link provided:

    CBS O’Donnell: “I Hear Democrats Saying You Gave
    Them Everything They Wanted And We Got Nothing”

    GP’s version is “out of context”, ergo wrong,
    and sorry to say, not the first time.. *sigh*


  • bg


    more info re: #43 via #20

    ie: get ready

    Consider the Associated Press’s headline right now: “GOP Leader
    McConnell proposes giving Obama new power for automatic debt
    limit increase”

    [trust but verify the “quote” is accurate]


  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Just finished listening to all the speeches on the House floor by the leadership of both parties. Pathetic lies and half truths told to their members from both sides trying to get the “Rescue Obama’s Relection for 2012” Bill passed. This bill doesn’t do ANYTHING to cut spending and Paul Ryan is calling it a good start? Are you f**king kidding me? This is a complete joke and a major disaster for the long term economic well-being of America.

    Future generations will look back at this very moment in American history (which won’t be taught anymore anyway) and see that the collapse that they’re witnessing could’ve been avoided TODAY but the Congress chose to kick the can instead.

  • AuntieMadder

    You’re right; this is too much. We knew the so-called journalists and news reporters have been using their positions and media outlets to support the Demonrat party and to promote their lefturd agenda. Now they’re not even trying to hide their lack of ethics and professionalism.

    We should boycott them all, including Fox News, and get our news from trusted conservative bloggers until they lose enough advertising dollars that they straighten up. With only the conservative bloggers sifting through their BS reports for the morsels of truth to be shared, it wouldn’t take long for them feel the advertisers to realize their ads aren’t being seen/heard and pass the financial loss onto the news outlets.

  • rbosque

    “We got nothing”?


  • dhmosquito

    Jim, I just left this comment over at the CBS News website feedback page:

    Today I saw a video of a conversation in the White House Press Briefing Room wherein Ms Norah O’Donnell, a CBS Reporter, told White House Spokesman Jay Carney, “You gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!” Her statement was in reference to the proposed budget/debt limit extension bill. My request to CBS News is to please explain to me
    who the “we” is, to whom she refers, a group which ostensibly includes a supposedly objective CBS News reporter? Just curious.

  • bg


    dhmosquito #74

    via GP link..

    CBS O’Donnell: “I Hear Democrats Saying You Gave
    Them Everything They Wanted And We Got Nothing”


  • Black Sabbath

    So hot.
    So very dumb.

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  • mcc

    Carney’s response was equally interesting. Here’s what he said:

    “We did not get the Grand Bargain. [pause] Up front.”

    The two definitions of “up front” —

    at the beginning; in advance
    open; honest; forthcoming

    Maybe O’Donnell got the answer she wanted. After all, these are her people.

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  • dallasdan

    Norah is just another of BO’s whore dog media. No news here.

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  • LeoD

    MaxTruth (comment #16) is correct. And let me add: intentional misquoting to make a point is outright fabrication and it’s just as malicious coming from conservatives or liberals. There’s no doubt O’Donnell is a lefty stooge, anyone who’s watched her over the years would know that, but changing what Real Clear Politics (the source of the story) quoted her as saying by just selectively dropping the words “I hear Democrats saying” before, as you quote, “you gave them everything they wanted and we got nothing!” is intentionally misleading and completely changes the entire meaning of what she said, making her the ‘we’ instead of ‘the Democrats’ which was exactly the false point you wanted to make. When you reduce yourself to the level of your opponents through untruths you become no better than your opponents, the many scurrilous left wing blogs.

  • Ted

    At least once every day I say out loud to myself “I hate democrats”. The reason I do this is because they are intentionally dishonest. I try to be honest in my life and if I tell someone I will do something and I don’t, I better have a pretty good reason. I remember when Dems had an ad featuring newt that was completely taken out of context. that brought about a “I hate dems” moment. Now I am embarrassed by fellow conservatives over this Norah O’Donnell quote. You have been lied to by the originator of this story and need to remember that we should deal only in truth. Get the full quote and not the edited version. And by the way I hate democrats.
    PS I do not believe this site is the originator. Was it RCP or where did they get it?

  • Ted

    After a quick check I believe the source of the story was COMMENTARY MAGAZINE in an article by Seth Mandel and is currently being defended by John Podhoretz. It has been updated to reflect the full question/statement asked by Norah O’Donnell, but in my opinion, their defense is a little weak.

  • burt

    There has been no recent change in media bias. I remember the 1960’s every night LBJ had a new media bimbo to play with. Finally the North Vietnamese told the media to get in line about Vietnam, and CBS cut off their supply of bimbos to LBJ. The real change came when Nixon became President. Then it was ok to hate the President and the United States.

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