Obama Justice Department Shuts Down Gibson Guitar For Breaking Indian Law (Video)

It’s an Obama world…
The Holder Justice Department raided Gibson Guitar facilities in Nashville and Memphis this week because the company is using unfinished wood from India and this violates Indian law… Not American law.
News Channel 5 reported:

The Gibson Guitar CEO responded to the unjust raids today:

Henry Juszkiewicz, Chairman and CEO of Gibson Guitar Corp., has responded to the August 24 raid of Gibson facilities in Nashville and Memphis by the Federal Government. In a press release, Juszkiewicz said: “Gibson is innocent and will fight to protect its rights. Gibson has complied with foreign laws and believes it is innocent of ANY wrong doing. We will fight aggressively to prove our innocence.”

The raids forced Gibson to cease manufacturing operations and send workers home for the day while armed agents executed the search warrants. “Agents seized wood that was Forest Stewardship Council controlled,” Juszkiewicz said. “Gibson has a long history of supporting sustainable and responsible sources of wood and has worked diligently with entities such as the Rainforest Alliance and Greenpeace to secure FSC-certified supplies. The wood seized on August 24 satisfied FSC standards.”

Juszkiewicz believes that the Justice Department is bullying Gibson without filing charges.

“The Federal Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. has suggested that the use of wood from India that is not finished by Indian workers is illegal, not because of U.S. law, but because it is the Justice Department’s interpretation of a law in India. (If the same wood from the same tree was finished by Indian workers, the material would be legal.) This action was taken without the support and consent of the government in India.”

Thanks to Dana Loesch for the story.

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  • 8 My Foot

    Unfinished “would”? Are you kidding me? WHO SPELL CHECKS ANYMORE!

  • The Tonester

    Damn hippies!

  • olm

    Doesn’t the DOJ have better things to do?
    If not, abolish it. How ridiculous.

  • Mary G.

    If the Totalitarian Government is going to break the law then the citizens must fight back.

  • Mark1957

    They won’t be happy until they have destroyed every last job in the U.S..

  • mamagriz68

    We can enforce the laws of India, just not our own – especially as relates to our borders and illegal immigrants.

  • Yeosailor

    Our “tax payer dollars hard at work,” shutting down taxpayers who are hard at work.

    What’s wrong with an old-fashioned inspection, if there’s a question?

    Yeah I saw the “would” too … pretty glaring.

  • MN Jim

    And yet they cannot prosecute the Black Panthers for intimidating voters? Go figure…
    Maybe Gibson guitars are not purchased by Holders people.

  • Buster
  • Another “nudge” from Cass Sunstein and The Office Of Information And Regulatory Affairs.

    One day soon, a “nudge” will result in a tipping point to “a crisis too good to waste”, resulting in “it”……… Then we’ll see everyone’ true colors and mettle.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide

    Oath Keeper
    Patriot Guard Rider


    The Gestapo is waiting…. I suspect this was a fishing expedition to shake them down for cold hard cash for Imam Obama’s election.

  • #10 bing

  • Marie

    So our Justice Department is enforcing Foreign laws?

  • whit seven

    Gibson is an American icon, and thus a tempting target for the garbage that works for the POS president.

  • Ellise

    Let me guess. Mr. Juszkiewicz contributes to conservative causes.

    I actually would like to think I wrote that in jest, but deep down inside, I am beginning to be very afraid.

  • Conservative Ken

    I’m pretty sure I’m breaking Sharia Law. Should I be worried?

  • dunce

    Another job killing action with laser focus. The whole truth can not be this, somehow this must have been done at some unions behest.

  • Calamity Jane

    Un-(insert expletive here)-Believable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fuquay Steve

    What’s next my son’s lemonade stand?

  • Jack

    I suggest that there is probably nothing worse in the whirled than unfinished would.

  • Rob De Witt

    Gibson is an American icon, and thus a tempting target for the garbage that works for the POS president.


    It’s also worth considering that if Gibson, Martin and guitarmakers in general stopped using their rosewood, India wouldn’t have anything worth exporting except programmers.

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  • Militant Conservative

    http://www.rockymountainradar.com. Speed with

    Impunity. The Phantom T blocks the cops from

    knowing you scrambled them. LOL

    ECCM for the little guy.

    As for wood, hah, most musicians are left wing nuts.

    Way to go Obama, piss off more of your base.

    Powder is dry

  • ahem

    Read Pajamas Media’s report last week on how the entirety of Holder’s staff is hard Left. PJM had to file a FOIA request, and they were stonewalled at first, but they got it.

  • PJ

    Did the borrow the Ed Dept.’s SWAT team?

  • RL

    As a guitarist, I can say that Gibson’s “OK”. “Rio has been the “wood” considered “best” by most in creating acoustic guitars, but has gradually come to the point of no longer being available, while Indian used properly can be as good. The wood canNOT be finished before the instrument is made, and in my book (and never having used Gibson), this moronic imbecilic WTF shutdown – as it seems from the above – is war on a good company. If Gibson needs a “tea partier” to assist against this classless, idiot dictatorship, I’m available. It starts with complete government incompetence at the top, trickle down. Moron in Chief and Submorons.

  • FurryGuy

    With news like this the less I an sure we are not going to have even a farce of a fair election in 2012. No matter how the people actually vote, Barry will still be re-elected by a landslide. All thanks to ACORN, SEIU, and Holder.

  • This is just another example of how racial our justice dept has become under the leadership of Holder.Over at Pajamas media they have a great read about Soros ,the justice dept and the 2012 presidental election,Americans have no idea about the partisan and ideological and backgrounds of people working at the justice dept.

  • FurryGuy

    #24 August 25, 2011 at 4:21 pm
    ahem commented:

    Read Pajamas Media’s report last week on how the entirety of Holder’s staff is hard Left. PJM had to file a FOIA request, and they were stonewalled at first, but they got it.

    Even a FOIA lawsuit doesn’t force the government to turn over all the relevant documents. I am beyond positive the reality is worse than the few released documents show. This is just a peek at the vast amount of corruption that Barry and his Merry Band of Marxists have allowed to fester in our Republic.

  • Tjexcite

    Just wait until they do to a gay Iranians in the US what an Iranian law and court says that should happen to a gay Iranian in Iran. Or they would send them back fully knowing they would not survive but under the idea that they are violating Iranians law.

  • dunce

    Even a casual observer can see that the guitars gibson sells with the highest prices have the most custom finishes, some are considered works of art. The craftmen that build them have unique talents, skills, and understanding of the users. If the govt. gives them too much grief, they will not just raise prices to the customers and hope that all remains the same. They will move the assembly overseas to a country that will welcome the jobs and the training the workers will be given. The highly skilled design team that has to maintain relationships with top musicians will remain in country until the foreign host country figures out how to make cheaper knock offs and takes the foriegn market away from Gibson,then floods our country with their product. Another niche gone.

  • Speaking Clearly

    Unreal how dangerous this regime is to our posterity.

  • Rock

    And earlier this week the EPA went after Wisconsin and several other state coal plants on what amounts to Cap and Trade via regulatory demands. Just last week we where reading about Wisconsin budget improvement, guess its not nice to show up the one.


  • lynched1

    Time is soon to dump this dumb ass.

  • Rock

    #32 August 25, 2011 at 4:38 pm
    Speaking Clearly

    Unreal how dangerous this regime is to our posterity.

    Moving right along fundamentally changing America into a third world he!! hole. And does not even have the gonads to fess up to his Socialist nightmare.

  • redpillpatriot

    This an Onion News story? right…… Please tell me it is.

  • listingstarboard

    Obama regime seems to have it in for Nashville. Shutting down Gibson on top of flooding the city and state with tens of thousands of Somali refugees (no background checks) Look for the crime rate to skyrocket.

  • What a waste of time for people on govt. payroll. Don’t they have something better to do and more important fish to fry?

  • squeaky
  • Interesting that India doesn’t think Gibson has broken Indian law. On another note, this evidences that DOJ does understand the meaning of ‘illegal’ if not its application. Perhaps if we could arm our south of the border neighbors with unfinished Indian wood before coming north, DOJ would do something about the illegal aliens.

  • Larkin

    Maybe this will wake up a few of the multitude of lib gui-tar pickers out there.

  • StrangernFiction

    But whatever you do, don’t question their intentions. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

  • Dave

    Per opensecrets.org, Juszkiewicz gave $5000 to the Consumer Electronics Assn. in ’09 and ’10. CEA has donated over the years to both Republicans and Democrats, but one recent (2010) recipient of a CEA donation was Darrell Issa. But I’m sure it’s all coincidental….

  • DINORightMarie

    It’s a police state. Regulations to prevent everything and anything from prospering, from being able to even breathe. Or exhale – all that CO2, doncha know.

    Armed SWAT police force for the Dept. of EDUCATION?! Raiding homes, no warnings, searching and seizing property and equipment of THE WRONG PERSON?! And, now this! I hope Gibson SUES THEM for millions. Even though it’s my tax dollars, Gibson has broken no law; they deserve compensation for this idiotic violation of Constitutional rights.

    I told so many people what was coming, but they didn’t believe me. I could see this coming like a runaway freight train, back in 2008. Most said “There’s no way anyone can do much damage in 4 years.”

    Oh, how wrong. Dead wrong. As said before, by me and many others, 2012 can’t come soon enough.

  • raugaj

    #1 August 25, 2011 at 3:44 pm
    8 My Foot commented:

    Unfinished “would”? Are you kidding me? WHO SPELL CHECKS ANYMORE!

    Spell check WOULD not have helped 🙂

  • tarpon

    Take notes, these useless departments make great cuts Just zero them out.

  • Could they please enforce India’s immigration laws, too?

    They have to be stricter than the federal government’s preference for illegals over citizens and lawful immigrants…

  • Bobbi

    So, why doesn’t some clever horticulturalist grow the trees here?

  • bg
  • workingclass artist


  • conservativeczar

    I know its the feds doing this, but you also have to question the agents doing this too.
    Maybe a few oathkeepers could have tipped off Gibson to simply get rid of the wood and then Holder and company would lose some crediblity. Just thinking out loud but something has got to give.

  • FurryGuy

    #42 August 25, 2011 at 4:55 pm
    StrangernFiction commented:

    But whatever you do, don’t question their intentions. *grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr*

    Or their shrills declamations of their patriotism. Only libdiots can question an opponent’s patriotism.

  • Iconoclast

    These sleaze bags worry about a possible violation of Indian law, about which the government of India is not concerned, but give a pass to illegal aliens, the black panthers & assorted other felons? Too bad ted kennedy isn’t available to drive zero & holder on a tour of Chappaquiddick with Charles Manson as the chaperon.

  • donh

    There is probably some Chinese maker of cheap guitars that put Obama up to this as a way to muscle in on the US market share.

  • Can’t help noticing that, of 48 comments, precisely ONE (# 40) notices,
    Interesting that India doesn’t think Gibson has broken Indian law

  • FurryGuy

    #55 August 25, 2011 at 5:31 pm
    Paul_In_Houston commented:

    Maybe more people noticed, I did. Selective application of the law, let alone just making stuff up, is part and parcel of this travesty called the Holder Department of Justice.

  • Redwine

    The regime is complicit in the NWO.
    This shut-down of Gibson proves just how dangerous the regime is to private business.

    Welcome to the gulag.

  • FurryGuy

    #57 August 25, 2011 at 5:37 pm
    Redwine commented:

    The regime is complicit in the NWO.

    Remember all the libdiots protesting during the years Bush was in office, saying he was a tool of the NWO? Or how much of a war monger GW was?

    Amazing how we have more wars now with Barry, with much closer coordination with the UN and one world governance, and nary a peep from the Left.

  • Bobbi

    Maybe they were one of the hundred companies who Holmes with Srarbuck CEO to sign “no donation” edge for incumbents.
    Anyone have a link to the list?

  • Molon Labe

    Obama won’t enforce American law but will enforce the laws of foreign countries? Time to impeach.

  • Redwine

    Yep, FurryGuy (#58). But the Left’s accusations against Bush were just that – accusations. Comrade Barry’s regime is actually carrying out these actions. He handed the Libyan war over to NATO to avoid accusations of violating the War Powers Act. He used the dangerous UN/Soros/Samantha Power “Responsibility to Protect” excuse to exact regime change in Libya. There’s so much more and things will speed up, especially if he manages to hold on to power. Comrade Dear Leader is proving to be quite the tyrant.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Glad we don’t have any corrupt New York banks in this country for the DoJ to worry about.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Hey what if these leftist in the DoJ decide to start enforcing China’s one child law? What? You doubt they’d try? bahahahahaa

  • Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    What foreign law will Holder’s DOJ decide to enforce next?


    (Not paranoid by virtue of this being a real enemy)

  • Ipso Facto

    Let me see if I have this right. People can come here illegally, and the Federal Government doesn’t want anyone to bother them in any way, even though the vast majority of our population existing immigration laws to be enforced.

    But…if Gibson Guitars brings in some wood from India that someone alleges to be illegal, under Indian law, the US Justice Department just comes in and shuts them down without even first doing an inspection to see if the allegations have any merit?

    Please tell me that there are enough good people with guns somewhere that are ready to come out and just stop this nonsense.

  • lol

    they are getting desperate. they know the “won” is a one termer so now they are becoming unhinged. they are hell bent on spitting on american laws, and trying to enact this global law crap. be prepared because they are going full steam ahead with the lib agenda, while they are in power because they know this is the only chance they have. it’s gonna get ugly!

  • RedBeard

    Dave @ #43: Excellent find. My first thought was that Gibson must have done something to piss off “The One” and precipitated the vendetta.

  • Steve

    Let me guess….Gibson donated to conservative causes!


  • bigkahuna

    Hello…is anyone in there ? Holder? Holder ?? Holder ? Finished wood does not do well when its cut, bent, shaped, sanded, glued, and otherwise “worked” into a new guitar.

    Thats the first dumb thing…then you can discuss the rationality of even pursuing such an idiot case.

    Gawd these people are clusless morons bent on killing America at every level.

  • aprilnovember811


  • KOW

    Check the money trail, likely Gibson must not be sending money to the right, or I mean left, people. Also, they supported NASCAR.

    Shame on Gibson. Get with the program.

  • Richard

    By what authority is the DOJ authorized to subject United States citizens, living in the US to Indian law??? Sounds to me like Gibson wouldn’t contribute to the Great Someone’s re-election campaign.

  • FurryGuy

    #69 August 25, 2011 at 6:17 pm
    bigkahuna commented:

    Dumb is incapable of consistently achieving so many anti-American ideas and ideals. Ruthless calculation is more like it. Barry and his Merry Band of Marxists only seem to be dumb because they are pursuing such blatantly destructive policies that normal people can’t (or don’t want to) see the sheer evil in it all.

  • StrangernFiction

    The enemy is hiding in plain sight.

  • FurryGuy

    #72 August 25, 2011 at 6:27 pm
    Richard commented:

    By what authority is the DOJ authorized to subject United States citizens, living in the US to Indian law??? Sounds to me like Gibson wouldn’t contribute to the Great Someone’s re-election campaign.

    The authority of Social Justice, duh. The Rule of Law has been replaced by the Rule of Man cronyism.

  • raybojabo

    C’mon, what’s the REAL reason they did this. This is a setup for something bigger. Bet on it. What raw materials will be next? Imported precious metals, gems, rare earths used in batteries? How old is this supposed Indian law? China is fighting the WTO on the export of its rare earth minerals. If they pass a law saying only they can sell finished bi-products of these minerals similar to the Indian laws it will be validated by the actions taken in this case, if its allowed to stand.

  • Nanna1

    Isn’t Tennessee a red state? And many country music people buy Gibson, and most of them are conservatives.
    This Obama asministration has to hurt the four corners of this country. They evidently hadn’t done enough to the South yet.
    They have gotten most big cities,car companies, RV companies, restaurants,light bulb manufacturers,coal companies, farmers, oil companies, the stock market,many small businesses, all of the American people. Just had to get a better dig on conservative Nashville, let no business go untouched!!

  • donh

    I wonder if this is what Morgan Freemen ment when he told Obama on the golf course to get pissed off.

  • squeaky

    “..Morgan Freemen ment when he told Obama on the golf course to get pissed off.” ah morgan another one to cross off my list. [[Freeman added, “If I could vote for him 1,000 times, I would.”]] i bet he would. even being a known face he’d probably be allowed to vote a thousand times….sure thing morgan.

  • So, now Eric Holder’s people are Sikhs and Hindus? It’s starting to get weird, Houston.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

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  • Halal-PigFries

    Let’s see what would cause this to happen:
    1] Somebody in India is making a big contribution to the Elect Obama 2012 campaign.
    2] Somebody in India plans on making guitars.
    3] Somebody at the Gibson Co. is a frothing at the mouth conservative, Tea Part or Republican
    4] This is just smoke and mirrors for something else that’s being planned.

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  • befuddled

    Jobs created or saved abroad: Obama is laser focused.
    Jobs in the USA: Will be shut down unless you contribute to the DNC.

  • RS

    People need to remember: a man like Obama can not stand to have anyone around him that he perceives to be smarter than himself.

    So what that means is that Obama, as bad as he is, is the MOST competent person in his entire administration, unless someone fooled him by playing dumb.

    And I suspect that Obama has quite a few other junior narcissists around, and in their organizations, THEY will hire and promote people less competent as well.

    The result is not pretty. Or rational. Or even functional.
    But this admin is going to be very emotional about its own righteousness.

  • TonysTake


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  • Mad Hatter

    Obama and Eric Holder Conversation…

    Holder: “Mr. President, do you want me to start rounding up and deporting Illegal Aliens?”

    Obama: “No, can’t do that. I need the Hispanic Vote in 2012.”

    Holder: “Mr. President, do you want me to conduct raids on the Crips and the Blood Gangs?”

    Obama: “No, can’t do that. Those are your people.”

    Holder: “Mr. President, do you want me to come clean on the Fast and Furious gun program?”

    Obama: “No, can’t do that. We need that to go away.”

    Holder: “Mr. President, what do you want me to do?”

    Obama: “Go after the Gibson Guitar factory for using unfinished wood. Now there’s some criminals we need to crack down on.”

    “Besides, I won’t win Tennessee in 2012, so who cares.”

  • bg
  • james

    did india ask the DOJ to investigate? did the DOJ do this on their own?
    and why is the DOJ doing trying to determine what a law in another country does or does not say or mean??? Im thinking they have enough problems in this country and need to worry more about whats going on here as opposed to trying to determine what a law means

  • Valerie

    No. Really. Why did they do this? The law in India has nothing to do with this.

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  • Redwine

    #89 August 25, 2011 at 8:42 pm
    Valerie commented:

    No. Really. Why did they do this? The law in India has nothing to do with this.

    Can you get a link for this? Is anyone out there into international/Indian law who can cite a law that would support this action against Gibson?

    The regime is intent on shutting down private businesses, especially is there’s some Conservative connection (which very well might be, in this case). The fact that Holder acted before an investigation could be conducted is unconstitutional and criminal.

  • San Francisco Conservative

    alot of lost jobs when Gibson moves over seas to a business friendly country – then again things will return to normal when ODumbo is out

  • When is this congress going to admit that the Obama administration IS the ‘enemy within’ they swore an oath to defned the Constituion from. When is this usurper going to be arrested? Congress = spineless dolts!

  • bg


    the Green IslaMarxist goal via the UN is:


    get used to it, because i see no one
    slowing Obama et al down one iota..


  • JD13x

    What BS! Why won’t they uphold the laws here rather laws from other countries?
    Everyone, please vote this idiot out come election day.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Lets see he shut down the coal industry the oil industry and now the guitar business, and next month he’s going to tell the nation how he’s going to create jobs. What’s really hard to understand is that there are still people that believe what he says. Stupidity compounded by idiocy.

  • Henry chance

    They look the other way on weapons trafficing. But raw wood? next they will have us worship cows so we don’t disrespect indians. I hope they don’t raid my freezer because we have frozen pork that offends islam.

  • back_jack

    They were raided for the same reason back in 2009. Potently breaking laws laid out in the Lacy act that went into effect in 2008.

  • back_jack
  • AlanWest2012

    Obama regime using Gestapo tactics on American businessman. Once again showing their economic brilliance and job creating prowess.

  • tommy mc donnell

    i wonder if they are violating india’s immigration laws?

  • back_jack

    this raid was done by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. they are is a part of the Department of the Interior, is that a part of the Justice Department?

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  • ahem

    It must be payback for supporting Issa. Holder would be that kind of jackass. He would direct other government agencies to harass someone for their politics.

    This is a police state, folks. If you don’t all get behind one Republican in 2012, this country is history.

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  • Patty

    The DOJ is nuts, for one. They waited for Gibson to pass away. They waited in line for a brain and none were left.

  • Patty

    Fight this to the end. This is one of the many preposterous things that have stunk to high heavens. It is sick and demonic.

  • Anonymous

    Last I checked Nashville and Memphis were both located in The United States of America, not India.
    How is it that ThePirateBay was able to get away with piracy for living in Sweden where there is no piracy laws, but Gibson gets raided for breaking an Indian law? A law which is totally racist.

  • waicool

    so after reading the article it appears this is a “union” type issue. if the wood was finished in India, the Obama administration would not have a problem with it. since it is not finished in India but instead is shipped to the usa where it is finished by american’s, well, now there seems to be a problem. sounds like a familiar union bullying tactic to me. man, i can’t stand the loss of liberty the Obama administration is subjecting our country to.

  • FurryGuy

    #76 August 25, 2011 at 6:38 pm
    raybojabo commented:

    What is the one imported commodity that if it were withheld would collapse the American economy in a matter of days?


    The Left constantly whines about our dependence on foreign oil, but steadfastly blocks any concerted effort to allow domestic drilling.

  • Rose

    What have they got against GIBSON GUITARS?


    Albert Einstein: Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom.

    Albert Einstein: Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.

  • Joyce

    The only logical explanation (not that this Justice Dept ever operates on logic since Holder’s been in charge) is that Gibson guitars are Conservative. And we all know how they hate Conservatives in the Holder Commie Justice Dept.

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  • TRE

    If the Obama Administration prosecutes whichever laws from anywhere in the world it chooses, then we’re living under a dictatorship. Are they taking lessons from the Communist Chinese?

  • robert

    today it is them for something seemingly stupid, but tomorrow it will be us for something equally stupid. stupid is as stupid does. and as our founding fathers revealed, it takes a lot to stop stupid…

  • Jack of all Trades

    Dunno. I’d be pretty pissed if stuffed bald eagles became all the rage in India to the point that they became endangered, but Indians continued to kill and export them.

  • Jack of all Trades

    ooohhhhh… back that one up a bit. I read the full article. This whole thing is full of idiocy.

  • gwhh

    I wonder what the “real” story behidn this is? sounds like someone has an Alternative motive to me!

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  • Mama Grizzly

    Bammy is a big fan of Mao.

    They are just practicing for something greater. If you don’t work for the State you are a potential enemy. Practice makes perfect. Break down the resistance of security forces to rational thought and action. Break down their allegiance to the Constitution. Create a police state, just like in Indonesia where the “One” was called Lord by all his adult servants, even as a child.

    If you can shut down American companies for nothing, you can shut down America.

    It is up to the Judicial Branch to halt the excesses if the Executine Branch.

    And that’s why it’s important to have real checks and balances.

    The election: they’ve been practicing on that too. My prediction is that there will be A LOT of fraud.

  • okiedokie

    Guess the government must have just purchased Fender and has to even the playing field..

  • conservative musician

    I’ve played gibson LP’s for the last 25 years and will continue to give my full support ($) to them to help them through this nightmare.

  • tj

    I would suspect that the DOJ is trying to set a precedent of using a foreign law to prosecute US citizens and companies.

    Gibson is a soft target and the basis of the law might appeal to greenies.

    I would guess that this would be used to establish precedent against US citizens for laws like hate speech against Islam.

    The DOJ folks are the ones who should be on trial.

  • Ripped

    Indians will be finishing the wood when Gibson moves their facilities to India. Way to go DOJ!

  • Kelly M

    When the goverment becomes bigger than the private sector do the math.

  • Bob

    Good job Obama, kill some more american jobs. The US makes the finest instruments in the world. Obama and Holder have never heard real music played by real musicians. They’re too busy hanging with rappers and lame pop-stars. This is a joke!

  • David Anfinrud

    Yep Justice department thinks Laws in other countries are more important to enforce than US Immigration laws. US Laws can be ignored yet we can shut down a business in the US violating a law that may have recently been enacted in India. Who knows. I guess American Business are what are bad. I guess they have to move thier company to India. Outsource seems to be the only answer here. More Jobs of India Less jobs for Americans. Yes That is the job of the Justice Department

  • The madness has gone far enough.

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  • Cynic

    So let me see if I understand this “wood finished in India” business; how would Gibson produce its noted sound quality on guitars made in the US with wood finished in India?
    Surely working the wood is part of the art of producing quality sound and that rests with the American craftsman?

  • NewSTAR

    What happened?
    Outsourced our government to India.

    Why not worry about our laws first….d asses.

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  • So our government is now in the businesses of harassing those who give work to Americans rather than having the work done in India and enforcing foreign law here. Who didn’t see this coming from miles away?

  • Nice post. I like the way you start and then conclude your thoughts. Thanks for this information .I really appreciate your work, keep it up.Patroll india

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  • Alicen

    Speaking of typos, a very long time ago I was a legal secretary — and a good one, I was told. I would give almost anything to see some of “the one’s” drafts when he presumably was an editor of the law review. It “wood” be great fun.

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  • Chuck

    The CEO of Gibson does donate to the GOP and Gibson is non-union. CF Martin which is a unionized company and donates to the Democrats gets their wood and finishes it from the exact same place yt they have not been raided. Intimidation and harrassment…very Nazi-like Holder and Obama.

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  • hah503

    I would not mess with making a bunch of Guitar Picker mad if I was OBAMA or the Feds.
    They never been to a bluegrass festival, obviously! What you Guitar Pickers should do is take a trip down to DC and pick your guitars in downtown DC till they cut that foolishness out.
    They got to be smoking the Happy Weed to pull a trick like that. I’m not kidding you, support
    Gibson Guitar (been there- bunch of nice folks) march on DC and let them know who they are fooling with. I would not ever come between a Guitar Picker and his/her Guitar!!