Obama Folds: Will Hold Spending Jobs Speech on September 8

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Barack Obama gave in to Speaker John Boehner tonight. He’ll move his jobs speech to Thursday night September 8.
The AP reported, via Free Republic:

President Barack Obama has acceded to House Speaker John Boehner’s wishes to deliver an address on jobs and the economy to a joint session of Congress on Sept. 8. The president had requested Sept. 7 for the long-anticipated speech.

In agreeing to Boehner’s schedule, Obama’s address will compete with the opening game of the National Football League season — a conflict the White House wanted to avoid.

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  • Dr_Tumbleweed

    Cut off his ears, and he’s the perfect Pr_ck.

  • gus


    And Boehner is???? ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. Worthless.

  • Mrs. X

    Um, that’s the beginning of the NFL season. So. Not. Cool.

  • conservativeczar

    Thr tv ratings are in favor of one game over the other, you get one chance to bet which one wins!
    P.S. Ratings involve interest AND trust in the programing.

  • gus

    The WORLD CHAMPION GREEN BAY PACKERS open at home that night!! Obama has already lost Wisconsin. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa!!

  • CV1

    Good for Boehner!!!! Obama, once again, will not get his way.

  • MrGoodWench

    In agreeing to Boehner’s schedule, Obama’s address will compete with the opening game of the National Football League season — a conflict the White House wanted to avoid.
    NFL will re-schedule ?

  • Sasja

    Long-anticipated speech..by whom? He doesn’t even need to show up. Just put a cardboard cutout of him at the podium and replay any speech he’s made to date. They’re all the same. It’s silly Congress needs to convene a special session just so The Evil One can feel important and spew the same, tired rhetoric.

  • Only a foreigner illegal immigrant like bin Obama would schedule a speech on the opening night of football.. cultural ignorance.

  • Rich

    In agreeing to Boehner’s schedule, Obama’s address will compete with the opening game of the National Football League season — a conflict the White House wanted to avoid.

    I call B.S. on this one

  • retired military

    Looks like I have developed a sudden interest in Football.

  • wolf

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if half of congress was out watching the football game instead of listening to president short pants!

  • bg


    LOL, love that vid.. 😀


  • Conservative Ken

    Barry is probably glad to postpone it as it wont end well for him.

  • kato

    It’s tough to posture arrogantly when so many people are finally smelling the stench.

  • MrGoodWench

    President Barack Obama has acceded to House Speaker John Boehner’s wishes
    and Speaker John Boehner and the Republicans will get a sharp vicious vitriolic hateful
    tongue-lashing when the COOTUS reads his speech on Sept 8 .
    The petulant prima donna never gives up a chance to throw a hissy fit !
    Hussein holds grudges like nobody’s business

  • patman

    “acceded”: ebonics for ?????

  • Bubba

    OWNED!!! Barry must be fuming tonight. He looked like a petty, cheap politician and ended up with nothing to show for it. Up against opening night of the NFL season? With that marquee opening day game??? Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaa muuuuwaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa…only the die hard political junkies will be watching that non-event waste of time.

  • donh

    You would think with that big Solar Panel company declaring bankruptcy Obama would just phone it in and leave his demand for more spending on voice mail. The tax payers were just ripped off a half billion dollars in one day on loans defaulted by this bogus company . Alot of that money could now in the hands of Hamas through its muslim brotherhood affiliates in the US laundered through bogus ” consulting ” contracts and the like.

  • Politico, NBC and Republicans should bill this debate as THE DEBATE THE WHITE HOUSE DIDN’T WANT YOU TO SEE.

    Way to stick it to Obama Mr. Speaker!

  • jainphx

    My goodness, is this the first time someone has said no (besides Moochelle) to the Savior? I wonder if he kicked more doors, or maybe he kicked BO.

    I can’t believe how tone deaf this a$$wipe is! The whole world can now see the complete utter foolishness of this spoiled rotten little boy. This country wants and deserves MUCH better, and better would be Peter Rabbit, or anyone.

  • Watch – in his speech he’ll comment about how the Republican delayed his efforts to speed up the economy recovery….

  • Most folks will tune in to the NFL opener and hear what Obama said from the pliant media. Everything the Republican candidates say on Wednesday night about the economy and jobs will be obsolete and forgotten in one day. Anything else they have to say will be knockked off the talking points agenda because Obama will talk specifically on the jobs/economy issue.

    Obama wins.

  • Orangeblossom Sandybanks

    DMartyr commented:

    “Watch – in his speech he’ll comment about how the Republican delayed his efforts to speed up the economy recovery….”


  • Patty

    I truly am amazed at all the contradictions and all the times that there have been instances where Obama has no clue.

    It fails me now upon another time when something similar happen. Obama needs some better advisers and communicators in his office.

    Yet, can’t imagine his not being aware of debate. That is more correct. NBC must have raised the hell and that is more like the real reason. Some how I think tonight his temper is fuming not about Downgrade, 9.1% unemployment or fast and furious, it is that it he caved or he will look like he did to those Dirty Republicans.

  • Mad Hatter

    Not only has Obama lost the Independent Voters, now the NFL fans have turned on him.

    Some of these comments read like they’re from this site. =)


  • Colint

    Any Republican who applauds or stands up should be primeried.

  • Dr_Tumbleweed

    Alternate Scenario to # 23:

    Most folks will tune in to the NFL opener and hear what Obama said from the pliant media (post facto).

    On the previous night, before a record audience, the Republicans will have made their key points on the economy and jobs that will be analyzed and commented upon throughout next day — the day of Obama’s speech.

    Obama’s SWAT team will be frantically incorporating/tweaking their own analysis into the talking points agenda that Obama will be compelled to address in addition to his own jobs/economy issues.

    Obama must juggle both the previous night’s events and his own. TV time will have been maxed on Wednesday (Packers and Saints jerseys will be noticeably absent on Thursday). Obama will likely conclude that he needs more than two teleprompters to be successful.

    Obama will fail – again.
    Face it; Obama is finished before he begins his chatter.

  • Patty

    Wow! The power of the skin.

  • Patty

    Off topic but DOJ Advises Gibson Guitar to Export Labor to Madagascar

    But the Guitar company that is democrat across the street who have the same wood were not raided.

    Funny how this DOJ works. Kick him to the curb.

  • Molon Labe

    As if anyone wants to watch Bozo give a speech written by Bill Ayers about the glories of socialism and Hussain’s birdie.

  • Michael Maxim

    I like the clip but it’s obviously doctored….Obama is weak and pathetic and would never kick a door that hard! He’s just pissed he will miss out on the NFL opener!

  • StrangernFiction

    #26 August 31, 2011 at 11:12 pm
    Mad Hatter commented:

    Love it. Poor, poor Barky.

  • MrGoodWench #16

    re Hussein holds grudges like nobody’s business

    Poor baby Hussein. So do We the People, and we are bigger, stronger, smarter and tougher than he is.

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    If they weren’t playing, I’d be watching something on A&E or the History Channel anyway. I’d rather have a root canal than listen to another whining screed from Obama.

  • Gini

    I almost feel sorry for BHO – he is so over his head and doesn’t have the brains to realise it.

  • i’m going to turn on the game, just to help drive his ratings down farther…

    i encourage all of you to do the same if you don’t normally watch TV.

    after all Jefh as done to us, it’s the least we can do for the SCOAMF in return.

  • jorgen

    Bohner should have told him to publish his plan in any other way. Why should Congress spend time and effort on listening to a campaign speech?

  • Arch

    Obama needs to deliver a budget, something that is required by the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, not another campaign lecture to Congress and the American people. What we will hear is that Obama wants another stimulus-by-another-name, more engineering students in college and “investment” in more green technology.

    Unless Congress passes another continuing resolution, the Obama Administration will run out of obligation authority on September 30th. Boehner should remind Obama publicly that, by law, the government will not be funded unless he acts now, telling Reid to get his mark up of Paul Ryan’s budget into conference, have it agreed to and accepted by House and Senate and signed by Obama this month. I doubt that the Tea Party will pass another CR.

    We have spent over a 1$ trillion on Keynesian stimulus. It failed. Unemployment went from 7.8% to 9.1%. Growth is flat. We are falling into another recession. The last thing America needs is to borrow more money, grow government and create more make work jobs. Obama was elected to be the agent of Hope and Change. His failed policies must now Change. Can Obama cut the size, cost, and intrusiveness of the Federal government?

    Obama wants to spend money now to create more engineers and scientists. Great idea, but a Bachelors in Science takes a student four years. If he enrolls now, he will get his BS in 2015. How does that create jobs in 2011? Who is going to hire him? To do what? In what country?

    In Spain, the Socialists went all in on green jobs – windmills and solar farms everywhere. How did it work out? Every green job cost 2.2 real jobs and energy costs went up. The only way green jobs become viable is if oil hits $150 a barrel. Increased energy cost hurts, not helps, economic growth. If I have a factory and to keep it running at a profit when power costs rise, I have to lay off workers.

    Call me a cynic, but I bet Obama wanted to watch the NFL opener. That is what he does best. Obama is not interested in jobs. He wants government dependency and free ESPN for all.

  • Nance

    Awww, Obama. Did Boehner mess up your opening NFL party night? Poor Boo.

  • Rose

    His ears and tail just keep growing longer and longer – the ultimate Pinocchio the Donkey Boy. What a total Maroon!

    The most crass – a combo of all the worst of humanity combined in one incarnation!

  • Rose

    Everyone in Congress in BOTH HOUSES who oppose Obama’s massive Marxist Destruction should come to the event wearing CHEST HIGH DEEP WADERS.

    Let open hooting and hollering and General Scorn be “General to the Dance Floor!”

    Guess some of you Old Timers like me still remember the term “Let it be General!”

  • Here is an advance review of the speech:


  • Marcie

    That’s just great, it’s now on my birthday. so I don’t need to watch his hashed over speech. He’s not going to say anything new so, I’m gone. Let’s all turn him off just for the fun of it. I’m for darn sure going to. The man just doesn’t learn. I would love to see all his transcripts from college, wouldn’t you?

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  • Militant Conservative

    23 wipe your mouth!

  • ohiochili

    Oh wow. Boehner got the messiah to move his lieafying’ speechafyin’ to another day How underwhelming.

    A victory that will go down in history. The country is saved. What’s the score….. Boehner 1, Obama 3?

    And yes, the Dems will say the messiah could not wiggle his ears and magically create any jobs because the momentum was lost due to the delay of the speech or some such donkeysh*t.

    The only Obama speech I will watch is the resignation one.

  • KR

    Barry grandstanding with giving a jobs speech.
    Gibson Guitar told to use foreign labor.

    This administration sure gets the optics wrong. They seem to be on a roll.

  • myohmy

    Obama surrounded himself with petty, indolent, childish and mean feral political operatives. Now, Obama looks even more weakling and stupid.

  • Obama Folds: Will Hold Spending Jobs Campaign Speech on September 8

  • mamagriz68

    First thing I heard on the radio this morning, and I nearly did a jig. I didn’t think he’d actually back down. That just made my day.

  • Les hardie

    TV viewers will have a choice of seeing big strong men with balls, or a skinny little man with no balls.

  • mcc

    Haven’t heard much from James Carville lately, but he weighed in on this:

    “I do think this is a really big debate and I think the White House was out of bounds…in trying to schedule a speech during a debate,” Carville said on “GMA.”
    This will be Gov. Rick Perry’s first debate, and as Carville said this morning the stakes are high.
    “Given a choice between watching a debate and the speech I would have watched the debate and I’m not even a Republican or even close to being a Republican,” he said, adding it will be a “barn burner.”


  • Whoa, things just got a whole lot eaiesr.