Obama Ag Secretary: More People on Food Stamps Means More Jobs (Video)

They’re all nuts!
First it was Pelosi. Now it’s the Ag Secretary.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack also agrees that more people on food stamps means more jobs.

Vilsack must be very proud then because a record number of Americans are on food stamps today.

How do these crackpots ever get into office? That’s the real question.

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  • mg4us

    Time to fire all these socialists and RATs (DemocRATs) and have them join the unemplyment line and maybe even qualify for Foodstamps. . then they can tell us how many jobs were created. . .

    They are a pox on the country – -Incompetent, Inept, and Into themselves.

    Time to Restore AMERICA to Greatness!!!

    Perry/Palin or Perry/Christie or even Palin/Perry or Palin/Christie

    ABO – Anyone But Obama or BBB – Bye Bye Barack (and take Angry Big Mama with you!!)

  • Ella

    Mr. Vilsack, go take a look in Europe. They go from one benefit to another and it doesn’t help anyone, let alone the local economy. It just COSTS money.

    Good grief.

  • Please…… PLEASE stop saying they’re nuts.

    They’re not nuts ; they’re not incompetent ; they’re not inexperienced.

    They know exactly what they’re doing.

    They’re changing the narrative across the board and 99.9% of the media is part of the equation.

    They’re re-writing current, recent and past history one ‘nudge‘ at a time.

    It’s “The Big Lie” being promulgated on every single aspect of American life, individual freedom and Rights.

    They said they were going to fundamentally transform America.

    They got funded and elected by extreme leftists to do it.

    They’re doing it.

    Wake up, because they’re just beginning the ramp up to “it”.

    Want some proof ?

    BATF promoted the three gents in charge of Fast & Furious.

    Yeah, promoted.

    Kenny Solomon
    Israel Survival Updates
    The American Survival Guide
    Unified Patriots

  • KOW

    I think the real point is that no other President has been so desperate to hike their jobs building resume, that they had to claim those receiving unemployment and food stamps are actually help to create jobs because they spend money right away, locally.

    Those jobs are already built into the economic system, there is no way to estimate how many jobs the two programs saves, or how many are added when the systems have more using them, like 9% unemployment, and 20% on Foodstamps, both up 50% under Obama.

    No other president has been so desperate to need to pad their jobs record, and this needs to be relayed to the people through ads.

    Now, lets say Obama wants to have 200 million on food stamps, 120 million unemployed, he will then have created some 100 million jobs. Of course those jobs would cost the Governments $100 billion a month, but he would of created jobs.

    Wait, isn’t that socialism?

  • bg
  • Chris in N.Va.

    And, in other news:
    Administration health experts unveil 6,000 calorie-a-day diet with zero physical exercise guaranteed to reduce weight and increase muscle mass and tone!

    Government telephone operators in D.C. are standing by! Sign up to enroll now, only $2.99 per minute (not the phone call, the life-long, no-cancellation-allowed subscription, silly!)

    Call: 1-202-IMA-DOPE

  • Granny

    I’m dying to know how more Americans living on a sub-standard, bare bones subsistence diet that originated in the concentration camps (see Hunger in America, published in the late 70s by Harvard School of Public Health) can in ANY way “create more jobs.”! If anything, people spending less on groceries will create FEWER jobs, since stores will sell less.

  • Tjexcite

    Why do they need the middle man and not just pay the farms and stores to give free food the the people. They can set up state-owned farm and state owned grocery stores and then pay people to work at them and when you need food you stand in the bread line to get what you want are allowed. Why pay people to pay people to work at the farms.

    Or they can just launch a hot air balloon and dump money on the crowd below and that would give more jobs or something.

  • squeaky

    the only industry that i can see benefitting would be the poverty industry.
    [[There is little doubt that they benefit financially and create jobs based on dealing with the poor. John Stossel says that since the poverty industry is reliant on the existence of a substantial poor class, such organizations spend more time giving handouts and defending the poor, rather than helping them move up in society.[4]]]

  • StrangernFiction

    Presto, $1.00 becomes $1.84.

    They have to be evil, because they can’t possibly be THAT STUPID.

  • Mark

    Record number of marxist idiots in government.

  • ohio

    Goebels would be proud.

  • MrGoodWench

    More people on food stamps
    means London style rioting in USA

  • Rock

    Kenny Solomon,

    Thank you for stating the obvious, its been said before but needs to be repeated daily. We are facing a force that wish’s the destruction of our country. These cretins are not fools but the tools of a force that see’s our country as an obstacle to their One World Government dream. Why Americans continue to ignore the truth is frustrating and dangerous. It can and is happening, America wake up.

  • american patriot

    Move government out of the way.

    Recovery happens.

    Every time.

    I simply do not know what to do about these people who think big government and government dependency are good things. Basically there is no hope for them. As Savage says, Liberalism is a Mental Disorder.

    But we don’t have to suffer them. They MUST be voted out of office. To do that is where we come in. We MUST, we HAVE TO, educate friends and family that limited government means freedom and economic progress. Big government just the opposite.

    The solution is in the hands of the voters. Which explains why the left is constantly after the goal of a dumbed down, dependent electorate.

  • Johnny

    Vilsack mentioned things that are done to magically turn $1.00 in food stamps to $1.84 in stimulus funds. The things he mentioned are “stock it”, “pack it”, & “ship it”. He forgot to mention that you also have to “PAY FOR IT.

    #3, KS is right, they do know what they are doing, but it’s hard when you have to work with “messy things like democracy”.

  • Granny

    #16 August 16, 2011 at 2:58 pm
    Johnny commented:

    Vilsack mentioned things that are done to magically turn $1.00 in food stamps to $1.84 in stimulus funds. The things he mentioned are “stock it”, “pack it”, & “ship it”. He forgot to mention that you also have to “PAY FOR IT.


    The thing they over look is that all groceries have to be stocked, packed & shipped. People on food stamps eat less groceries because they cannot buy as much food and they use FAR less in the way of consumables like TP, cleaners and such – food stamps don’t cover that and you have to be pretty darned poor to get food stamps. That means LESS packing, LESS shipping and LESS stocking of shelves . . .


    “How do these crackpots ever get into office? That’s the real question.”


    the real question is who are the fukken morons that will continue to vote for them

  • dwd

    Why isn’t everyone in America on food stamps all the time, then? Let’s do that, if it’s so productive.

  • Question asked: How do these crackpots ever get into office?

    Answer: Crackpots send them.

    Government is just a mirror image unfortunately.

  • moriah

    Who do they think they’re talking to with ridiculous circular reasoning? Hey, more people should get on food stamps, then right? Maybe I should sacrifice for the economy and go on SSI or welfare — i could create some revenue for the country. I’d be like a PATRIOT or something …

  • chris

    The magic multiplier logic means the government can expand forever with only good consequences as long as the magic multiplier remains above 1.

    You have love the exactitude of 1.84. Not 1.81 or 1.86 but 1.84! Two decimals means that a professor did the math and it was peer reviewed, no doubt.

    The magic multiplier justified TARP, Stimulus, Food Stamps, Medicare..if the government prints more money and pays for it, you simply will get more of IT.

    For proof that the magic multiplier works, just ask someone from the USSR (for younger readers, that was once a country that killed you if you questioned the magic multiplier, and doesn’t exist any longer.) Go down to Cuba and look at the magic multiplier do its wonders. What a marvelous healthcare system they have, it’s free and people are skinny-skinny but don’t try to buy exotic drugs like aspirin or medical break throughs like Q-Tips.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    We-e-elll, isn’t it obvious?

    More people on food stamps = more government bureaucrats MANAGING the food stamps dept.

    More people on unemployment = more bureaucrat managers for unemployment benefits.

    More people on Section 8 benefits = more bureaucrat managers for Section 8 benefits.

    Etc, etc…..

    Just think- as the economy gets worse and worse, we’ll employ more and more bureaucrats to run the programs to make things better.

    If it gets bad enough, we be at FULL EMPLOYMENT!! Ta-Daaa!!!!!

  • George

    He is so proud that he worked with state governments to create more dependency. We are in serious trouble people if this administration gets reelected. They are working very hard to create a larger permanent dependent class. Just be ready on Nov. 3rd , there will be a lot of angry Obamamites roaming the streets looking to kick whities ass. If you have to come in the city, be sure you are armed.

  • A_Nonny_Mouse

    Oops, that should have read “we’ll be at full employment”. But maybe the slight touch of Ebonics highlights… something… nevermind.

  • arnonerik

    How can I invest in the Governments food stamp program? I will even split the increase with them and they can just pay me 40% profit on my investment and can keep the rest. Does the government have any bridges for sale? I so dumb I’ll buy one of those also. How about some swamp land?

  • theBuckWheat

    With all due respect to the Secretary, when he claims that every $1.00 in food stamps generates $1.84 in economic benefits, he is utterly wrong. At the very least, he ignores what was being done with the $1.00 that was extracted from the economy. If the money was borrowed from China, it will cost us interest forever until it it paid back.

    If the dollar was taken from a corporation that was making a 5% profit, then that dollar can never make a profit again. If for example, it was taken from the median family, in 2010 the median family income was $52,026. This means that for every $1 million the government wastes, it destroys the income of 20 families.

    If the Secretary’s specious Keynesian logic was correct, then we can spend ourselves rich and the more we inflate, borrow and tax out of private hands and into government coffers, the more wildly wealthy we can become. Who believes this crap? People who are so vested in big and Bigger government that they have morally prostituted themselves to the Leviathan State.

  • U.S. Jobs Department

    “Why isn’t everyone in America on food stamps all the time, then? Let’s do that, if it’s so productive.”

    Call us.

  • “Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack also agrees that more people on food stamps means more jobs.”

    So therefore if you give everyone food stamps, unemployment will drop to zero?

    Will someone please take up a collection and send Sec. Vilsack to college for one semester of Econ 101. It would take him out of circulation for a while (less damage to the economy) and maybe he would understand doles don’t create jobs. These programs only take money away from taxpayers that they could be using to pay bills.

  • MrGoodWench

    So when Obama says that he wants to save or create jobs ,
    what he means is that he wants to put us on food-stamps, right ?

  • Lenore

    #3 you are absolutely correct. They know exactly what they are doing. I can only hope every regulation, rule and law Obama made and passed is overturned in the courts or congress.

    As far as food stamps and welfare the people who have been on it for a time will soon see the facts. 50% of the people can not pay for the other 50% of the people. It is a mathematical impossibility.

    As for Buffett saying the rich should pay more, why doesn’t he? Stop paying accountants and declare nothing at all. You will pay more. What a hypocrite.

  • Lenore

    These people are dangerous to freedom and liberty. The truth is they are creating slaves. People totally dependent on a government which is no longer ruled by the people.

  • Lenore

    If Ron Paul wasn’t so blame America for everything. I’d consider him, but I have had enough of that from Obama and his ilk.

  • Lenore

    Perry is a progressive in conservative clothing. If he gets the nomination I’ll have to sit the 2012 election out on principle.

  • Joanne

    Okay, I’ll explain it. When you take monies from those who have monies in the form of taxes and higher taxes and give those monies to people for food stamps, then the people who are paying taxes, have less monies to spend. The leftards don’t seem to understand or maybe they do, is that you are just shifting monies from one person to another. YOU’RE NOT CREATING JOBS MORONS – those jobs would still be there, but instead of the ones that are paying taxes spending their OWN monies, which creates jobs, you are giving those monies to other people to spend.

    Joe has $10. The government takes it and give it to Sally. Sally spends $10. How many more jobs are created?

  • squeaky

    [[CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. – Anger and frustration from dozens of Clayton County parents who say their children are going hungry after their food stamps were suddenly cut off.
    State officials admit that something went wrong down in Clayton County at the office that administers food stamps and Medicaid but they’re still not sure what.]] imagine this on a larger scale.

  • vityas

    When Tom Vilsack was in college, he inhaled. Deeply. There’s no other explanation for this.

  • Patriot Act

    I estimate that for every $1.00 that’s confiscated from taxpayers there is $2.237 in lost income for investing, innovating, and hiring new employees.

    You can trust me on that figure because I’m a Keynesian economist.

  • Joanne

    They are socialists – this is how socialists think, and that is why all communist countries go for crapola….and that is why America is suffering with these nutjobs running the nuthouse.

  • Major Kong

    So how many people have to be unemployed for our country’s workforce to be considered fully employed? Damned Doublespeak.

  • myohmy

    Vilsack must have been referring to those kids that bought soda cans using food stamp and poured them on the roadside in exchange for cash.

  • patman

    The more people in the soup line, the less people filling out job applications.

    See, the odds just got better you unemployed peoples.

  • Mac in NM

    #37 Not only did he inhale deeply, he still sees Paisley prints dancing around in mid-air.

  • Gimme a Break, I’m just a Hobbit

    Does Vilsack think anyone with an IQ above 80 will believe this line of bull? Is he stupid enough to believe it.

  • DAve

    Somebody better tell Food Stamp Guy about Unemployment Guy … because he says that Unemployment is even better than Food Stamps for the economy!!!!

    If you recall…

  • rabble-rouser


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  • Him and Odummie must went to same school for economics.

  • Joel

    To experience real America….attend a Tea Party, up lifting speeches, patriotic songs and people that truly care about the USA. An event for the whole family. No littering will be seen.

    Americans need to vote. Start by making Obama a one-term president. And seriously look to see what your local representative has be doing. There is a good chance he or she might need to go too.

    We need to take back America!

  • Rock


    They did,maybe not WTF but Piglosi a many others, its called the Bilderberg Group


  • ohiochili

    As a former cashier, I can testify that using food stamps does create new jobs. You see, it frees up cash in order for the food stamp recipient buy more alcohol, cell phones, schedule more hair and nail appointments, and various things to smoke.

    Get on food stamps – some formerly jobless tattoo artist will thank you!

  • squeaky
  • lol

    they are all delusional, 2012 can’t get here soon enough. hopefully this administration can take advantage of the snap program and foodstamps when their unemployed.

  • befuddled

    Next on the foreclosure front: Homeless people means more jobs saved or created for the rest of us. Enjoy your Obama prosperity.

  • Ladue Pundit

    $1.00, after it’s dragged through the U.S. Govt, borrowed from China, and handed out by an SEIU federal worker, is probably worth -$1.84. NutSack forgot the negative sign.

  • Redwine

    Kenny (#3) is exactly right.
    Remember what Queen Moochelle said during the campaign in 2008: “Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation.”

    From calling taxes “revenues”, military operations “overseas contingency operations”, terrorism “man made disasters”, talking about the historical “contributions” of Muslims to American society, pronouncing the Muslim Brotherhood “largely secular”, Comrade Dear Leader and his lackeys know exactly what they’re doing.


    How ridiculous! The people who are on foodstamps were buying groceries and feeding their families BEFORE they got on food stamps. You do not create jobs by substituting foodstamps for paychecks in the economy. This guy and anyone else that repeats this ridiculous statement should be fired immediately.

  • tommy mc donnell

    everyone of these marxists was put into power by obama with the approval of every single democratic member of congress. nobody opposed any of these leftists that are destroying the existing order. more people on food stamps means more people under the thumb of the marxist politicans. just like in the workers paradises.

  • Ladue Pundit

    Don’t forget, NutSack was a Democrat Presidential contender in 2008, along with Kucinich, Biden, Hillary, & [email protected] The D Party is wall-to-wall kooks.

  • tommy mc donnell

    #54…there are no homeless people when a democrat is president.

  • Ipso Facto

    We should change the way the employment numbers are reported.

    First, we should isolate the number of PRIVATE SECTOR jobs. These are the jobs that are creating the overall GDP of our nation.

    Second, we should report on the number of PUBLIC SECTOR jobs. These are the jobs that may, in some cases, be necessary government jobs, however, these jobs COST us all money and they don’t contribute one dime towards our GDP. We should report on the federal public sector jobs and each state should also report on their public scetor jobs including every job down to the county and city level.

    The ratio of these two numbers should also be reported and it should get back down to the level where the public sector is no more than 16% to 18% of the total number of jobs.

  • JPeden

    I take it that those now receiving food stamps weren’t eating before?

  • tommy mc donnell

    unemployment checks and food stamps create jobs according to our most brilliant administration in history. with a record number of people on food stamps and with a massive number of people on unemployment for longer than anytime in our history our economy must be booming.

    unemployment checks and food stamps create something, dependence on the politican.

  • Little David Puddy

    “Someone’s got to stock it, shelve it, package it, process it, and ship it.”

    Someone also has to PAY for it you F’n Jackass. They are called the TAXPAYERS.

    The food stampers are part of the 50% who don’t pay ANY Taxes.

    Wealth redistribution is all it is.

  • JPeden

    oops, hadn’t read TXCPA #57 yet, too much thinking about how an increasing unemployment rate with increasing food stamp use must mean more jobs exist, and so on ever upward!

  • Brad Morgan

    Note how this Zombie Aparachnik states that Texas is an ‘underperformer’ when it comes to foodstamps…..Ummmmm – that would be due to the fact that JOBS are being created in Texas – much to the chagrim of Team O.

    BTW – There are mathematical methods and algorithms that have been empirically studied over the years. For reference you can look at


    also http://implan.com/V4/Index​.php

    For government spending, the multipliers are almost always less than 1.
    Clearly Vilsack does not know what he is talking about

  • USMC Thomas



  • Rock

    Well it looks like his big job program initiative in Sept. well include big food stamp handouts, for all his future voters. Crap this AO is one disaster after another.

  • tarpon

    It’s like listening members of the defunct Soviet Politburo … Jim, You are right, nuts says it all.

    I have always wondered why the Soviets fell on their face …

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  • Finncrisp

    This is the Peter Principle. Incompetant politicians runnig off at the mouth while they Pi$$ away our money, speading misery everywhere. We can do better than this Marxist crap. all together now – out with their sorry a$$es.

  • Ginger

    Kenny Solomon #3

    First…I too am so glad you are back posting have been missing you here.

    I agree with you they are evil and everything they do is PLANNED!

  • Ginger

    Kenny Solomon…… If you come back here what does Molon Labe mean?

  • JKB

    What do you call doing the same thing over and over expecting different results? No, not crazy., economics. Liberal economics.

    Here is this most persistent fallacy explained by Milton Friedman. All this is is churning money. All that happens is the government expropriates someone’s money, gives it to others after taking a cut, who then buy things from others who then have their money expropriated by the government to churn some more unproductive “economic” activity.

  • Rock


    Greek phrase for come and get them.


  • Rock

    Sorry should have been Ginger

  • Ginger

    Good morning

    Thank You Rock…. 🙂

  • averagemelon

    Using the same reasoning, raping makes more jobs for cops, nurses, mental health psychologists, judges, lawyers and labs.


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