Jeb Bush Says He Supports Tax Hikes – Takes Swipe at Rick Perry

Former Governor Jeb Bush took an underhanded swipe at Rick Perry yesterday during an interview with Neil Cavuto. The former Florida Governor said that presidential hopefuls should not ascribe bad motives to the Obama Administration, an obvious hit on Rick Perry who said Fed Chairman Bernanke was “almost treasonous” for his Quantitative Easing policies. Bush then went on to say there was no friction between Rick Perry and his family.

Bush said he also supported tax hikes.
The Politico reported:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush warned the Republican presidential hopefuls against ideological intransigence and knee-jerk opposition to President Barack Obama on Tuesday, saying they risk turning off middle-of-the-road voters.

Asked by Fox News host Neil Cavuto if some Republicans go too far in their criticism of Obama, Bush said flatly, “I do. I think when you start ascribing bad motives to the guy, that’s wrong. It turns off people who want solutions.

“It’s fine to criticize him, that’s politics,” said Bush, the younger brother of former President George W. Bush, who again reiterated that he won’t run for president himself. “But just to stop there isn’t enough. You have to win with ideas, you have to win with policies. … He’s made a situation that was bad worse. He’s deserving of criticism for that. He’s not deserving of criticism for the common cold on up.”

“If you’re a conservative, you have to persuade. You can’t just be against the president,” he added.

Breaking with the GOP field, Bush said he’d be willing to accept new revenues as part of a deficit-reduction package.

“I think the problems are so severe in this country that leadership is required to find common ground and solutions,” he said.

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  • Militant Conservative

    I love the smell of fear in the morning.

    Powder is dry.

  • RedBeard

    This Bush family vs. Perry deal is getting interesting.

    No friction, Jeb? Yeah, like the sun doesn’t rise in the east.

  • workingclass artist

    This primary is on two levels. Voters and platform. Ol’ Jeb wants DC Status Quo…and that means Romney.

    Looking more and more like 1980 only the commonsense conservative is roaring out of Texas and not California.

    Texans ask What the hell did the Liberals do to Reagan’s California?

    Gig Em’
    Perry 2012

  • Lily

    I’m tired of the Bushes.

    As for increased taxes: they’ll just spend it on ‘redistribution’ and come back for more. Increased taxes will not help the debt problem while we have this crew in charge.

  • M1

    Go to hell Jeb and take your entire clan with you.

  • President Potemkin

    Jeb, your father accepted a deal with the democrats who promised to cut spending for tax hikes. They not only didn’t cut spending, they used the “READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES” soundbite against him during the ’92 presidential election. That’s the reason why the Tea Party won’t agree to tax hikes—the promised spending cuts NEVER EVER materialize.

    How many times do you have to be fooled before you accept the fact that the government bureaucracies exist to perpetuate themselves?

  • theBuckWheat

    I would draw everyone’s attention to the Rahn Curve. It shows that when government increases the marginal tax rate above 20% that people respond by earning less taxable income. Over time, federal tax revenues have run about 20% even when rates were far higher.

    see: The Rahn Curve and the Growth-Maximizing Level of Government

    And then there is this:

    “In 2008 about 320,000 Americans reported income of more than $1 million, or about 0.3% of all income tax returns. They paid about $250 billion in taxes that year. Mr. Conrad is going to get nearly $2 trillion more from them without damaging the economy? That should be some trick. ”

    From the article, Conrad Wants $2 Trillion , on Senator Kent Conrad’s budget and tax ideas, from the WSJ, July 11, 2011.

    Both of these citations show that anyone who is proposing a federal budget that includes an increase in the marginal tax rates cannot count on government actually realizing any higher revenues from that increase. Any projections based on increased taxes will be unrealized. Further, there are just not sufficient levels of income to tax. This means that the federal government MUST base a rational budget solely on cuts in spending. Any talk of “shared sacrifice” is vapid dreaming and we no longer have the prosperity and leeway to entertain liberals by giving in to their vapid dreams.

    Of course, this is all apart from the issue that taxing the rich is just a thinly veiled form of petty coveting the wealth of others, and hoping to be able to get government to steal it from them (legally of course), so that there is more wealth to spread around on favorite programs. Never mind that the average government employee has a total compensation package of $123,049, as compared to the median household income of $52,029, at least according to USA Today and the US Bureau of the Census.

  • RedBeard

    Jeb! (that’s how he campaigned, with the exclamation mark) was quite popular as governor here in Florida. He was far from a conservative, but managed to smile at the right times for the cameras, and did just enough conservative things to keep the masses happy.

    I thought of him the same way I would have thought of a President McCain; much better than the alternative, but that’s about it.

    The Bush family’s day is over. Close the book.

  • Freddy

    “If you’re a conservative, you have to persuade. You can’t just be against the president,” he added.

    – – – – – =

    What could this guy know about ‘conservatives’? Has he ever met one?

  • Jack of all Trades

    He’s right. The rich can pay more, and should, if you and I are forced to pay more. Meanwhile, republicans are trying to raise taxes on average people while defending tax cuts for the super rich.

    Many of the same Republicans who fought hammer-and-tong to keep the George W. Bush-era income tax cuts from expiring on schedule are now saying a different “temporary” tax cut should end as planned. By their own definition, that amounts to a tax increase…

    At issue is a tax that the vast majority of workers pay, but many don’t recognize because they don’t read, or don’t understand their pay stubs. Workers normally pay 6.2 percent of their wages toward a tax designated for Social Security. Their employer pays an equal amount, for a total of 12.4 percent per worker.

    As part of a bipartisan spending deal last December, Congress approved Obama’s request to reduce the workers’ share to 4.2 percent for one year; employers’ rate did not change. Obama wants Congress to extend the reduction for an additional year. If not, the rate will return to 6.2 percent on Jan. 1.

    Social Security payroll taxes apply only to the first $106,800 of a worker’s wages. Therefore, $2,136 is the biggest benefit anyone can gain from the one-year reduction.

    The great majority of Americans make less than $106,800 a year. Millions of workers pay more in payroll taxes than in federal income taxes.

    In summary, if you make less than ~107k, your taxes will go up if republicans get their way.

  • was he listening to daddy’s voodoo economics speech?

  • eaglewingz08

    I don’t see what the big deal about the budget is. Roll back spending to 2006 levels when there weren’t cries of austerity budgets, or people living in tents, and we had a 161 billion dollar deficit. That immediately cuts 1.2 trillion from the budget deficit. Then you can adjust for inflation and some added costs for the unemployed and the safety net,and defense spending needs, and at most you’d have a 300-400 billion dollar deficit, one quarter of what we have now. Of course, Obama’s pet destructive projects couldn’t be funded, but such is the price of “compromise” that democraps love.

  • dunce

    He sounds like a democrat when he said you can not blame obama for everything like the common cold. Nobody has ever blamed him for the common cold. The things he is being criticized for are directly related to his policies. Obama can not identify the private sector jobs he saved other than union jobs. Everybody can see the jobs he has destroyed like the gulf drilling jobs. They can see that he is making our illegal immigration problems worse and opposes all effective state efforts.

  • succotash

    The more Jeb Bush and Karl Rove bash Perry,the more I’m inclined to like him and I will never forget Barbara Bush bashing Sarah Palin. Makes me think they don’t like true conservatives!

  • squeaky

    while they’re talking about tax hikes obama’s mentor jim wallis and his partners at the “circle for protection” are lobbying to protect the poor from suffering any cuts to their programs. it would seem that this “skin in the game” is a one way street like everything else the left throws out. raiding the piggybanks of one set of children for the benefit of another set…….

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  • workingclass artist

    EPA is the target…Putting a moratorium on EPA regulations in the Gulf,Coal,Fracking and Pipeline is the quickest way to jump start the economy in any state where there are energy and mineral resources. The USA is the richest country on the planet in natural resources and the American Public needs to understand that.

    “Perry, not surprisingly, was also recently asked about “global warming.” He responded that “the issue has been politicized” and that pouring billions of dollars into “a scientific theory that has not been proven and … is more and more being put into question” is not worthwhile.

    It is interesting watching the nation’s defenders of reason, empirical evidence and science fail to display a hint of skepticism over the transparently political “science” of global warming. Rarely are scientists so certain in predicting the future. Yet this is a special case. It is also curious that these supposed champions of Darwin don’t believe that human beings — or nature — have the ability to adapt to changing climate.”

  • waicool

    another bush, another tax raise, another step closer to collective socialism

  • Fasten your seatbelt because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

  • Betsy Ross

    Career politicians from both parties want The People’s money.
    Washington doesn’t create wealth, it only knows how to confiscate it.
    The American People have caught on to this theft.
    Hence, the ground swell of Taxed Enough Already Americans.
    Career politicians from both parties FEAR the TEA voter…

  • RedBeard

    Jack (#10) – can you provide a link to the quoted text?

  • workingclass artist

    Obama’s odds in FL….
    “Even with the somewhat-friendly sampling, Obama loses all three head-to-head matchups posed by Magellan. Mitt Romney beats Obama by ten points, 49/39, and Rick Perry beats him by 7 at 46/39. Obama only gets into the 40s against Michele Bachmann, who still edges him by a single point, 43/42. Perry wins an eleven-point margin among the undersampled independents (44/33) and Perry wins that category by 7 (38/31). Only Bachmann loses the independent vote 33/37 to Obama. Romney is the only Republican to win both men and women (Perry gets edged by a single point, Bachmann down 7), but all three win the senior vote — and all three win Hispanic voters by landslide margins.”

  • Militant Conservative

    #10 is a useless idiot.

    50% of American’s pay no taxes. The upper 1%

    Pay more than the all the rest. #10 educate yourself.

    Another shining example of crainial rectal inversion.

    And class envy, typical socialist behavior/tactics.

    Powder is dry

  • Holtz

    It’s the Bushy-type of establishment RINO that’s a part of the problems for the nation, not the solutions. And now the condescending “blueblood” establishment family with the same cowboy mentality who still think they have ascendancy and the cloud to influence political outcome of Republican primary. Anyone but Bush. Hello? Jeb who?

  • flyoverland

    Either one of my two cats have a better chance being elected President than this guy. My cats are socialists welfare creatures. They don’t work. They live off the work of others. They look down on the work of others. They always want more. But, at least they admit it.

  • Ginger
  • noislamocommie
  • Ginger

    On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.

    …there is a very real danger that if we naively put our cards on the table and rally around the “overthrow of capitalism” or some equally outworn utopian slogan, then our Tahrir moment will quickly fizzle into another inconsequential ultra-lefty spectacle soon forgotten. But if we have the cunning to come up with a deceptively simple Trojan Horse demand…

    See you on Wall St. Sept 17. Bring Tent.

    Continue reading on Beware the U.S. ‘day of rage’ September 17 – National Conservative |

  • retire05

    One has to be able to understand that there are two kinds of politics going on here, both Texas style. George, Jr. came into play running for governor as the son of George, Sr. Everyone said he could not win against the dynamic Ann Richards who epitomized brash, bare knuckled Texas politics. George, Jr. was new, polite, hit the small towns and communities that Richards ignored. He spoke Spanish (Richards didn’t) and he talked about “compassionate” conservatism that appealed to the left leaners in Texas. Richards went for the throat. But she had had some set backs (promising insurance rates would decrease as we saw them skyrocket) and Waco, which most Texans considered a scar on the state and many blamed her for because she refused to let the Texas Rangers act on Koresh when he was amassing guns.

    Bush won, to everyone’s surprise. But his eye was on the real prize, Washington, D.C. and he didn’t think Texas politics would carry him there.

    Last night Karl Rove went on the defensive on O’Reilly claiming he was the person responsibile for getting Rick Perry to switch parties. I’m not sure how much influence Rove had there, and that claim is news to a lot of people I know (some who have been players in Austin for 20 years). Most say that the Democrat Party was beginning to move to the left and in a direction that some Texas yellow dogs didn’t care for thinking that Democrats were trying to lean too heavily on big government and not enough on individual responsibility, a trait Texans espouse. A divide was happening in the Texas Democrat Party between the central goverment/state control bunch. When Al Gore, considered the most conservative of all the Dem candidates that year, lost, it was a clear sign which way the Democrat Party was going.

    Karl Rove, running George, Jr.’s campaigns, felt they should pander to the press and to the left to be able to run. Perry, on the other hand, felt he should campaign on “What you see is what you get” and not pander to the press. When he ran for Lt. Governor, Perry followed Rove’s political tactics and barely won. When he ran the first time for Governor, Perry followed his own rules and although Tony Sanchez outspent Perry 3 to 1, and did his level best to smear Perry personally with the help of the Texas press, Perry won.

    The Texas Trial Lawyers Association basically left Bush alone, knowing he would not really jack with them, while Perry promised to try to get tort reform and loser pays through the legislature (which he did) and the TTLA bucked him every step of the way. Now the national trial lawyers groups, who donated heavily to Obama, are vowing to thwart Perry any way they can in this national election.

    Rove knows that he will not be a player if Perry wins the nomination. Jeb Bush also knows that the Bush dynasty influence will be reduced to being watchers from the side lines. Both Rove and Bush were backing Paul Ryan to throw his name in the hat but Ryan decided that it was not his time. Rove, and the Bushes, except for George, Jr., backed Perry’s last opponent, Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is considered an establishment Republican (RINO) by most Texans. Hutchison promised she would retire within months if she lost the primary, but she still hangs in there. That did not set well with a lot of Texans, but she stayed because Perry could name an interm Senator to replace her. Rove and the Bushes did not want Perry putting a solid right person in that seat.

    What I see is this is a case of the D.C. establishment GOP vs. someone who is his own man and does things his own way. It is Yale vs. Texas A & M, Bunnebunkport vs. Paint Creek.

    Now, don’t mistake what I am telling you here. This is not a push for Perry. It is simply an explaination of what we see happening on the ground here in Texas.

  • Ruebacca

    The Bushes have destroyed the Republican party twice. Bush senor destroyed the Reagan coalition and Jr destroyed our congressional majorities obtain by Newt. The Bushes will dispirit the right.

  • Jack of all Trades

    #23 is an idiot. 50% of people don’t pay taxes because they don’t earn enough income or are elderly/retired. Hell, I think social security beneficiaries represents abgout 20% of that right there. If you want them to pay taxes, reform the tax code. Blame the earned income tax credit and the child credit (Reagan and Bush expanded these). Secondly, you’re only focussing on federal taxes. Rest assured they pay sales and local taxes.

  • RedBeard

    Not to nitpick… well, ok, to nitpick… Jack’s quoted text is wrong on one point, at least. The “employer’s share” is a fiction. The entire load is on the shoulders of the employee. The total cost of employment is a heck of a lot larger than the employee’s gross pay as shown on his stub.

    Those other costs, such as that “employer’s share,” come out of what the employee could be making without those costs interfering. But the old “out of sight, out of mind” thing comes into play, and people start really believing that employers are chipping in that amount as some sort of a forced bonus.

    As for me, I wish I could have back all the money I have paid into that failing system, both “my” half and the “employer’s” half. I could have saved and invested it all, and be realizing a tidy nest egg right now. But that would upset the Nanny State Applecart.

  • Bill Mitchell

    Ok, it is settled. RINO’ism is a genetic disease passed on from one Bush to another.

    All you have to look at is the unemployment numbers in Illinois to see what raising taxes during a recession does.

  • elmo

    One thing about it, critism by a Bush helps Perry’s argument that he is no Bush clone.

  • retire05

    RedBeard, you’re correct. Those “hidden” taxes are called that because employees don’t pay much attention to them when they pick up their pay check. They are listed on the bottom under federal income taxes.

    Also, those payroll taxes are paid by employees with the anticipation they will, upon retirement, get them back, along with what their employer paid. To take funds out of Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid when it is facing becoming insolvent, is not good management, it is strickly politics. Why not reduce federal income taxes instead of denying funds to Social Security that is rapidly going broke?

  • Jack of all Trades

    Ben Stein on Bill O’Reilly last night: “Mr. O’Reilly, sir, there is no correlation of raising taxes and unemployment. If you can show it to me, I’ll eat your shoe.”

  • Ginger
  • RL

    #31 – no, you are the imbecile. Earned income does not belong first to a government that is neither an earlier or modern day dictatorship. Citizens who [cue the big sloppy sob] “can’t afford to pay” income taxes are too often an in the majority, entitlement slaves made that way by CYO savant imbeciles, Kerrys, Buffets and others of the inherited, sanctimonious “comfortable”. Too many exist in academia, thinking their bean counting expertise “entitles” them to justify diverting from earners rewards for the lazy. As a debt-free Vietnam Era Vet and Ph.D., I find you boringly, intellectually, inadequate to understand this. Lack of character not up to the task of facing reality – people also have a “right” to fail. Go away.

  • Dave-O

    excellent post Retire’05 #29 – that’s the way it smells to us out here in the hinterlands as well – Ivy League vs. the Aggies – we’ve had enough of those kind of people looking down their noses at folks such as Palin, Bachmann, Perry and anybody and everybody else not lucky enough to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and with a Ivy league college legacy to step into. Rove is hanging around too many establishment RINO’s and is proving that he is out of touch with the immense sense of anger and betrayal that is rising out here in this country

  • retire05

    Jack of All Trades, Stein is a hard core Democrat. Did you really think he was going to agree with O’Reilly? And if you want to look at a correlation between rising taxes and unemployment, I suggest you study the 1930’s.

  • Spider

    This election is becoming more and more important. I really didn’t understand the Cocktail party GOP faction until the election cycle in 2008.

    They are the GOP elite. Same as the DNC elites.

    They all need to be flushed out of Washington and replaced with Tea Party conservatives.

  • RL

    The fantasy world of characterless pseudo-conservatives who continually let themselves be painted into a corner of outrageous demands from dictatorial morons and then declare their ever diminishing, losing position “a victory for compromise”. Hey, maybe G. Washington and the rest of the country should have “compromised” with the Britis, too? Imbeciles.

  • Ginger
  • workingclass artist

    Phil Gramm had more influence on Perry than Rove..Sheesh!

    Gramm used to teach economics at A&M….hello?

    Rove is delusional with respect to his influence in Texas Politics…

    Perry is the only candidate in the race to beat both a Rove campaign and an Axelrod campaign.

    Gig Em’ Rick
    Perry 2012

  • Teresa

    I’m so glad Jeb is not running. We are finished with the Rino Bushes. I do think these comments from the Bush folks helps Perry. Hopefully they don’t realize it.

  • Ginger
  • MamaGrizzly

    Why TORT REFORM is a bad idea:

    It REMOVES THE PROVENCE of THE JURY. It is ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL. We have a right to trial by a jury of our peers.

    It is amazing to me that so many fellow conservatives are Constitutionalists, EXCEPT when it comes to the rights we have in the courts. If a jury of our peers decides on an award for an injured party, and then that award is artificially capped by bureaucratic fiat, then we have LOST A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT.

    I cannot emphasize this enough.

    An example: Dr. Bozo is partying the night before a high-risk delivery (C-back). Has a hangover. Doesn’t hear his name called over and over on the intercom as he’s sacked out in the doctors’ lounge. Some idiot who can’t read a fetal monitor waits too long. The would-have-been normal, healthy baby is now toast. Didn’t die, but is severely brain damaged. Will need care for life. Family is devastated. Hospital employed Mr. Wonderful MD who had previous discipline on his license. Hospital employed nursing staff without proper training. Basic middle-class family is destroyed financially. They will need several million just to set up a track in the house to put the growing baby (girl) in to get her around. Special feeding equipment needed. Nursing assistance and physiotherapy, etc. needed. All because the doctor decided to be irresponsible. The jury awards more than $10 million and know they’ve done the right thing after 3 weeks of trial testimony. They go home after all that time investment knowing they did the right thing. The cap is $250,000. The jury doesn’t even know about the cap. The insurance company, hospital, doctor, and staff all go home happy.

    You can imagine many such examples–car accidents, work accidents, etc.

    We HAVE to trust the jury. If it is your husband, wife, child, parent, etc. who is injured, you will seek proper compensation. This is how society monitors itself.

    The insurance companies have lobbied the conservative political sphere heavily, loaded them with false stories, in order to push “tort reform.”

    The other thing to remember is that more than 80% of all court cases are BUSINESS CASES, not injury cases.

    It’s just sickening to see what is going on and how people are hurt through tort reform mandates. The decisions in court MUST be handled as designed by the founding fathers. The jury won’t always be right, but interestingly, most of the time they ARE right–which is why the insurance companies hire their lawyers and lobbyists to work to protect their money–even if it hurts the little guy, because it’s the little guy who is right most of the time. And they know it.

    Trust YOURSELVES, those LIKE YOU, to make the decisions–don’t trust the government.


  • RKflorida

    Raise taxes and Obama is really OK. And we are supposed to what? Believe this?

    Who you gonna believe, Jeb Bush or your lying eyes?

  • MamaGrizzly

    You know, a lot of people who make their money off of OUR money, don’t like it that we are shining the spotlight on them. Kind of like a performance review.

    One Amendment to the Constitution that I support: Every member of Congress must live by the same laws they enact. Obamacare for the “masses?” Then Obamacare for Congress. Taxes paid on income levels set by Congress? Then THEY pay the same.

    You get my drift.

    THEN we’ll see what they will and won’t pass.

  • olm

    Gig ’em Aggies but not Perry. I trust him as much as a Bush.
    Mark Levin was all over Jeb yesterday and he was right.
    This election is about freedom of the individual vs government control.
    Jeb is on the government’s side.

  • Ginger

    Want a good lugh? Pass this on! 😀


  • Ginger


  • MamaGrizzly

    Wow Ginger. That is so moving and sad. I’m weeping.

    I am convinced that Obama is intentionally trying to demoralize and depopulate the military. Like I said before: the only thing a dictator truly fears is a well-trained military. Death the the Tyrant Obama.

  • workingclass artist


    Tort reform in Texas works….And the #1 Ambulance Chaser in Texas Houston’s Coale married to Greta is advising your hero Palin…Trial lawyers have it out for Perry cause he pissed them off….So SAVE IT!

    Doctors are flooding to Texas to practice medicine because they can afford to practice medicine and currently there is a boom in Healthcare & construction….And that means JOBS!

  • MamaGrizzly

    Ginger 4#6 / #51 is on a roll!!

    51 is hysterical. I don’t even bowl and I want to go. Surprised Obama didn’t shut it down. They should install big flapping ears though, which waggle every time a pin goes down.

  • MamaGrizzly

    #46 #51


  • MamaGrizzly

    I mean, sorry I got the numbers goofy. I need coffee … : )

  • Ginger

    Johnny Cash…… sings “Obama’s Prision Blues”

  • workingclass artist


    “It REMOVES THE PROVENCE of THE JURY. It is ANTI-CONSTITUTIONAL. We have a right to trial by a jury of our peers”

    In Texas Tort reform means ending frivolous law suits aimed at cash payouts through settlement to corrupt ambulance chasers…sheeesh!

    “John Coale, a former trial lawyer who has donated tens of thousands of dollars to Democrats over the years, agreed that Texas had once been the “golden goose” for plaintiffs’ attorneys.

    “Now, the pendulum has swung in the other direction, where it’s a very bad place now,” Coale said.”

    Sock Puppet Liberal much?

  • Jeez, these Bushies just need to step aside and let the Conservative Ascendancy proceed without their drag. Thanks for the Global War on Terror policies (mostly), guys. Not so much with the Big Gov domestic spending stuff. You had your shot. You gave us Pelosi-Reid-Obama.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • MamaGrizzly

    Shut up yourself workingclass artist. I know what I’m talking about.

    AS I’VE TOLD YOU 1,000,000,000,000 times, workingclass, I’m not a “Palin supporter.” You got this wrong the last time. I’ve said I don’t think she can win, and I don’t. It’s my opinion. From what I’ve read, so far I can support most of her positions (I think she needs to be a teensie bit more protective of the Alaskan frontier if they’re going to open up for energy exploration).

    So stop trying to discredit me by saying I’m a Palin supporter. You were a total jerk on another thread about a week ago.

    Anyway, it’s kind of funny, because there ARE a lot of Palin supporters here, so not sure how much traction you’re getting.

    I’m fence-sitting now, but still favor Romney.

    Now, if Alan West would run . . . . : )

  • aprilnovember811

    “If you’re a conservative, you have to persuade. You can’t just be against the president,” he added.

    Who are you working for Jeb? He, Karl Rove, and others are trying to manipulate the peoples primary. YOU DON’T GET TO PICK THE CANDIDATE BUSH, GO HOME. YOU GET ONE VOTE, THAT’S IT! I’m starting to think the Bushes, Rove, and others, are part of the heist of the US Treasury. They seem awfully defensive about Bernanke as though it’s personal for them?

    Did you get money from TARP Mr. Bush? How about you Rove? How about former President Bush? I voted for him twice, but the more time that goes on, the more I trust none of these people.

    How about Fast and Furious Jeb? Is it ok to criticize Soetoro about killing border agent Brian Terry, or is that being too hard? How about the death of the Ice agent, is that ok with you, know it all? How about 150 others?
    How about him saying he knew nothing about it, only to find out he allotted $10 Million in his looting of the Treasury Bill aka Stimulus? Is that ok with you? Should we check with you first know it all? How about lying to the American people on a daily basis? Would it be too hard to criticize that you jerk? How about his associations with some of the worst elements of society know it all? Ayers, Dohrn, who thought Charles Manson was cool? Do you think he was cool too? How about the Muslim Brotherhood? Are they above reproach too?

    There you have it everyone, Jeb Bush thinks everyone should shut up about this lying sociopath Obama. SHUT UP, WE’RE SICK OF YOUR ILK. GO BACK TO FLORIDA AND QUIT TRYING TO STEAL THE ELECTION FROM THE PEOPLE. GOD, THE BUSHES, CLINTONS, YOU CAN’T GET RID OF THEM.

  • Ginger

    Mamma Grizzly

    I have been trying to find things to make us laugh but then I come across such sad stories.

    The ones that anger me is that evil, evil sob soros! May he die soon and meet his maker satan.

  • Ripped

    Jeb Bush and Rick Perry neither can be trusted or taken seriously.

  • workingclass artist

    @ #61 Mamagrizzly (Your moniker is convincing…sure)

    “Shut up yourself workingclass artist. I know what I’m talking about.” – Mamagrizzly


    “I’m fence-sitting now, but still favor Romney” – Mamgrizzly


    (eyes rolling here)

  • MamaGrizzly

    Ginger: Totally agree about Soros. He is FAR worse than anyone can imagine. Thanks for posting some fun stuff.

    workingclass: just like there are really good school teachers out there, there are 1000’s of really good trial lawyers out there protecting people. You are going to have to grow up and face that fact. If you or someone you loved were crippled through the recklessness of another, you’d need compensation. That’s why we PAY insurance premiums–in case. The problem is, when someone is injured the insurance companies don’t want to pay per the contract. That’s called Insurance Bad Faith. They fight everything. It’s all business to them. Of course if tort reform makes it so people can’t receive representation because lawyers can’t get paid, it might look like tort reform is “working.” But listen–a plaintiff’s attorney can work several years on a case without payment in order to protect the rights of his or her client. The insurance defense attorneys are paid by the hour. The insurance companies are skewing the playing field in their favor by lobbying for tort reform.

    We MUST stick by the rights afforded us by the Constitution, which trumps states’ rights in that arena.

    The trial lawyers should have been neutral. They go for the Dems a lot because traditionally, the Repubs have been pro-business to a fault (read, pro-insurance).

    Now I can’t remember, workingclass, are you for Perry or Paul?

  • workingclass artist

    “If you’re a conservative, you have to persuade. You can’t just be against the president,” – Jeb Bush

    Ehemmmm….Texas says NOPE! and I’m pretty sure the rest of the country will say no too.

  • Ginger

    The Bush’s and Perry’s are all alike….You put them in a bag…shake it up and turn it over…they will all fall out at the same time! They are all called Bilderbergs and One World Order evil corrupted people. Deceivers who has and are fooling a lot of people. Perry is more of the same as we have now so if his motor mouth charms enough people and he becomes president GOD help America!

    Read: “The Franklin Cover-up” by John DeCamp

    Who is Robert Morrow??????

  • pyromancer76

    Like grandfather, like father, like son. Raise taxes. Grow the goverment. If I wanted another Democrat, I would have voted for one. Oh, whoops. Democrats used to be the working persons’ party. That does not mean big, nanny government to stomp the big, bad robber-baron corporations. Give “us” freedom of opportunity in a free market system. Neither left, nor right. Simply American.

  • Let em’ eat cake

    “Read my lips, no more taxes.” GHWB

    Get me once … shame on you. Get me twice … shame on me.

    Get me 3 times …

    The silver spoon set has no clue about, or sympathy for, the struggle for the basics that the “little people” deal with every day.

    They represent their Ivy League cronies & the Wall Street Banksters – & F* – everyone else.

    Who else needs um’?

  • workingclass artist

    I aint’ for RomneyCare….and Ron Paul is a nut who acts one way in his district & another too his cult.

    I’m a native Texan and I want America to get back to work and reduce the EPA to two filing clerks in California saving seals.

    Somebody has to stop this insane green agenda crapola that is killing American Industries in whole regions…While the Chinese are using Cubans to drill in the Gulf? Perry will do it and secure the borders….That’s why DC & Wall Street have lined up against Perry.

    Perry is a Reagan conservative…

    “From what I read here at American Thinker and elsewhere, I believe America is starved for leadership and here we have a conservative Republican chief executive who has it in spades. Conservatives, Republicans and independents should be praying that this man will step forward and declare his candidacy for president. Look at that list one more time and tell me a man like this isn’t what this country needs to lead us out of the quagmire Obama and the Democrats have led us into.

    This man is Rick Perry, Governor of Texas and Chief Executive Officer of the nation’s most successful state economy, a true fiscal and social conservative and a strong proponent of states’ rights and limited federal intrusion into our lives: the dark horse who could win it all.”

    “What was a bit unclear as California was in decline, however—until last week, that is—was that any clear successor was emerging. One is. It’s Texas….
    Howard Jarvis’s Proposition 13, a successful 1978 California ballot initiative to limit property tax increases, was the beginning of the modern “tax revolt,” which Ronald Reagan would ride to the presidency in 1980.”

  • StrangernFiction

    Ho hum, just another statist Repubican giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

    It isn’t about R vs. D.

  • Pingback: Jeb Bush Says He Supports Tax Hikes – Takes Swipe at Rick Perry | Liberal Whoppers()

  • gary gulrud

    #29 Thanks for the background, Oh5.

    Looking over Romney’s Bain tenure, I wonder why he isn’t hitting his expertise as ‘corporate raider’ more, looking to gut the Federal redunant and bloated bureaucracy?

    He certainly has no record creating jobs.

    Close the Depts. of Education and Energy and the FCC; remove regulatory authority from EPA; lift EO blocking drilling; fire all the lawyers at the SEC and hire accountants with the savings; return federal lands to the States, no charge; institute tax reform; repeal Obamacare,…

    Layoff 10% of the Federal workforce and strip Congress of defined benefit pensions.

    Oh, that’s right, that’s what Perry, Palin and Bachmann are proposing, not necessarily in order of emphasis.

  • cal rifkin

    Yeah, Enough of the Bushes…and more taxes??? That’d be a definite cause for splitting the party. Bush should be a bit more careful about his strawman technique, as it reminds me of a certain affirmative action prez.

  • retire05

    MamaGrizzley, obviously you know squat about how the tort reform laws in Texas works. They not not much different that the tort reform laws in California except that actual payouts are slightly less.

    If you are insured in Texas, and you have an accident that prohibits you from working, your first complaint should be filed with the Texas State Board of Insurance. Insurance companies have a “fudiciary” responsibility to pay benefits on a legitimate claim, and if that claim is judged legitimate by the State Board of Insurance, the company pays or faces an extreme fine or even perhaps loss of their license to do business in Texas by not exercising fudiciary responsibility. Filing of that complaint costs the person NOTHING.

    What the trial lawyers do is by-pass the State Board of Insurance. And there is another factor in these cases; trial lawyers work on a contingency basis. They charge 30/35% of the settlement, but that is not all, they also can charge the plaintiff all the expenses the lawyers incur during litigation. What was being seen was that when cases were settled, and the plaintiff was awared $1,000,000.00, the plaintiff wound up getting $25,000 after contingency fees and expenses were deducted from that amount. If you really want to see criminal fees on the part of tort lawyers, look no further than the law suits against tobacco companies. Lawyers, a number of them, became very wealthy while plaintiffs got virtually nada. Look to John Edwards, who amassed great wealth while his clients got little.

    Tort reform grants actual damages but kills the “pain and suffering ” cash cow many lawyers become rich on. It also provides for “loser pays” rules so that companies can better defend themselves against stupid law suits that are, in many cases, cheaper to pay out than to defend. Those costs are NOT born by the company, but passed on to the consumer in the cost of the goods or services the companies provide.

  • gus

    Who gives a flying fvck what JEB Bush says?

    And what the fvck is a JEB??

  • MamaGrizzly

    workingclass: okay, now I remember. For you it’s Perry. That’s fine.

    But you raised this issue before–about “my moniker.” WHAT ABOUT IT? I so don’t get you.

    Since you’re here–I picked it because I was po’d at something that day and I had read up on grizzlies after some idiot shot and killed a 700+ lb. Legend Bear–by CRAWLING in it’s cave and essentially murdering it in it’s sleep. Not hunting. Not okay. The laws are being changed because of his foolishness. Had been thinking “I wish I had been a grizzly and taught that puke a lesson.”

    So–what is so effing “telling” about my name?

    I don’t think I like you, workingclass. And I don’t think I like your stupid candidate either.


    West (if he were in)
    Palin (if she were in)

    They are all fine candidates.

    I was sitting on the fence re: Perry and haven’t had time to further investigate.

    BUT BECAUSE YOU’RE SUCH A TOTAL JERK, I can only imagine your candidate is too.


    I realize this is an unfair position to take, but I’m in a bad mood because of workingclass’ stupid little “know it all” (NOT) arraignment of me–which he’s done in the past. So let me put it this way: If Perry is like you, workingclasss–FORGET IT!!!!!!!


    Mama Grizzly

  • workingclass artist

    The comparison isn’t completely daft, either. The notion that we should move to a war footing on energy has been a reigning cliche of U.S. politics ever since Jimmy Carter’s Oval Office energy crisis address in 1977. “This difficult effort will be the ‘moral equivalent of war’ — except that we will be uniting our efforts to build and not to destroy.”

    Ever since, we’ve been hearing that green must become the new red, white and blue.

    It’s difficult to catalog all of the problems with this nonsense. For starters, the mission keeps changing. Is the green energy revolution about energy independence? Or is it about fighting global warming? Or is it about jobs?”,0,4353091.column

  • retire05

    MamaGrizzley, last night mcc said I was “immature” because I was turned off by all the adoring Palin worshippers.

    If you judge Rick Perry because of ONE supporter, we can put you in that catagory, right? And why is it considered to be a legitimate position to be an ardent Palin supporter but not a legitimate position to be an ardent Perry supporter by someone who actually lives in Perry’s state?

  • retire05

    workingclass artist, the problem is that the “green” movement has actually become the new red, not the new red, white and blue.

  • workingclass artist

    “BUT BECAUSE YOU’RE SUCH A TOTAL JERK, I can only imagine your candidate is too.” – Mamagrizzly

    Look…vetting a candidate is one thing….Shrill emotionalism in response to challenges is another.

    Frankly I could care less if you “like” me…This election will be about primarily about the American Economy and how policy in DC affects it. I don’t choose candidates on whether or not I like them…or their supporters…I go on record and principle.

    Suit yourself as to your choice with RomneyCare…I’m going with what I know living in Texas and I want America to get economially stronger in all the states.

  • workingclass artist

    #81 Retire05

    BINGO!….So Sayeth the Gulf States and the Agriculture/Ranching States and the Energy/Coal States…

  • exceller

    haha, how many times have I read people commenting about what a wonderful candidate Jeb would be. HA! he’s the ultimate softheaded Rino.

  • Ginger

    MamaGrizzly…. Oh…Yell! 🙂

  • gus

    Hey Mama Grizzly, why don’t you just call yourself TODD.

  • workingclass artist

    My support of Perry is based on what I’ve seen as a commonsense conservative over the length of his career.

    He can unite the party and lead a GOP sweep in both houses…Perry can win the middle like Reagan did.

    Perry can influence the platform away from being RHINO dominant…Like Reagan did.

    Why is this a bad thing?

  • workingclass artist

    Reagan was considered too conservative & too much a cowboy too….yeah…

  • Big Al

    Did Stalin and Mao have “bad motives”? Until republicans are willing to stand tall and aggressively confront the motivations of collectivism, they will get crushed again.

  • Andreas K.

    Look into Europe. Taxes are criminally high for everyone, yet the deficits and national debts are OUT OF CONTROL. Yep, despite those high taxes for everyone the money is not enough.

  • workingclass artist

    What is Romney gonna do….Hmmmm….Lines are being drawn

    “Rick Perry took a step to shore up his pro-life credentials and draw a clear contrast between himself and his toughest opponent in the Republican presidential primary. Perry has signed the pro-life pledge from the Susan B. Anthony List, promising to nominate originalist judges to the federal bench, appoint pro-life Cabinet members, and pursue pro-life policies as President. Mitt Romney has thus far refused to sign….

    Most of the Republican hopefuls signed the pledge earlier in the campaign. However, Romney balked, as has Herman Cain (who has flatly refused to sign pledges at all), Gary Johnson, and Jon Huntsman. Romney objects to the third clause, which defunds all entities that perform or fund abortions, claiming that the policy would harm hospitals and would have “unintended consequences.” The current legislation proposed in Congress on which this clause is based does not defund hospitals, however. ”

  • workingclass artist

    Swiped comment from hotair thread…an adept assessment…Strategery…

    “The RomneyCare strategy is sinking fast.

    Romney was counting on the fact that Obama would be hard to beat, and – in that environment, the GOP would be all awash to nominate a “centrist”.

    But the economic downturn has made beating Obama a foregone conclusion.

    This proves Romney’s complete lack of understanding of capitalist economies. He should have known that a Socialist in office would do nothing but destroy the economy – and be easily beatable without a “moderate” candidate. Had Romney known this – he could have simply pulled out his “true conservative” mask from his flip-flop cabinet. Not like he hasn’t tried to play that role before.

    So now Mittens is out on a limb, a left leaning limb – and no way to climb down.

    Go Perry!” – HondaV65

  • MamaGrizzly

    gus #86: I don’t know what TODD means, so if you were trying to insult me — FAIL.


    Does anyone else here know why retire05 and workingclass are continuously trying to paint me as some kind of emotional, rabid Palin supporter? It defies reason.


    Weren’t these guys on a thread last time and were really vile to the point of reprehensible because I wouldn’t jump on the Perry bandwagon? I’m still trying to check his Soros/Bildeberger connections, and frankly, it’s all out there.

    I don’t know enough about Perry one way or the other.


    Romneycare was a snide little descript that Pawlenty threw around to get himself ahead. I don’t think it was like that when Romney was governor.


    I find retire05 and workingclass to be loud-mouthed Perry-ites, and hey–don’t care if you like me either. BUT know this: if your candidate is anything like you two, he is just a creep. And note: Palin isn’t running . . . duh. So get off it.


    For some reason, some people, as the above are trying REALLY hard to discredit me through misinformation. Just like liberals. This is another reason I’m wondering if Perry is Obama lite, a stealth candidate. What ABOUT the Texas borders? What ABOUT tort reform? What about meeting with the world’s financiers behind closed doors? Hmmmmm??????

    My thinking is that there are many other up front candidates. Heck, I even like Trump better–for now at least . . .

  • MamaGrizzly

    “But the economic downturn has made beating Obama a foregone conclusion.”

    Don’t underestimate him. And don’t underestimate Soros.


    NOW, workingclass is equating Perry with Reagan. I so totally smell a rat. THAT is seriously laughable, wc. Reagan spent years reflecting and writing in his journals about his political philosophies before running for office. Reagan was not considered a “cowboy” despite his films.

    Weak. So weak.

    May I suggest that you and retire get some flashy pompoms and go and root for your man. Do it. Right out there in the streets of Dallas, Houston, or where you live–in front of your house.


    Be it understood that I don’t want a socialist or anything close running for office in the USA.


    Has everyone seen the communist statue desecrating the mall in DC? Now we’re stuck with it. It’s what Obama WISHES he could do for himself. Last week he was telling people he’s like MLK. Ha. And $120 million???? to China??? The depiction looks just like Mao–Chinese with an afro.

  • MamaGrizzly

    Here’s Romney’s pledge:

    My Pro-Life Pledge
    June 18, 2011 12:50 P.M.
    By Mitt Romney
    I am pro-life and believe that abortion should be limited to only instances of rape, incest, or to save the life of the mother.

    I support the reversal of Roe v. Wade, because it is bad law and bad medicine. Roe was a misguided ruling that was a result of a small group of activist federal judges legislating from the bench.

    I support the Hyde Amendment, which broadly bars the use of federal funds for abortions. And as president, I will support efforts to prohibit federal funding for any organization like Planned Parenthood, which primarily performs abortions or offers abortion-related services.

    I will reinstate the Mexico City Policy to ensure that nongovernmental organizations that receive funding from America refrain from performing or promoting abortion services, as a method of family planning, in other countries. This includes ending American funding for any United Nations or other foreign assistance program that promotes or performs abortions on women around the world.

    I will advocate for and support a Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act to protect unborn children who are capable of feeling pain from abortion.

    And perhaps most importantly, I will only appoint judges who adhere to the Constitution and the laws as they are written, not as they want them to be written.

    As much as I share the goals of the Susan B. Anthony List, its well-meaning pledge is overly broad and would have unintended consequences. That is why I could not sign it. It is one thing to end federal funding for an organization like Planned Parenthood; it is entirely another to end all federal funding for thousands of hospitals across America. That is precisely what the pledge would demand and require of a president who signed it.

    The pledge also unduly burdens a president’s ability to appoint the most qualified individuals to a broad array of key positions in the federal government. I would expect every one of my appointees to carry out my policies on abortion and every other issue, irrespective of their personal views.

    If I have the opportunity to serve as our nation’s next president, I commit to doing everything in my power to cultivate, promote, and support a culture of life in America.


    Seems well-reasoned to me.

    Here’s a problem and little-known fact: Most abortions are started in doctor’s offices, then given over to hospitals half-way through–when the mother’s life IS in danger. Hospitals are left to pick of the pieces of intentionally botched or just botched abortions and the doctor’s medical malpractice insurance doesn’t go up that way.

    I think Romney’s stand is a good one and an excellent starting point. I also think he’s too conservative for the RINOs.

  • MamaGrizzly

    He supports all in the pledge except holding all appointees to a litmus test–which is absurd to do and bad politics. They should NOT have put it in the pledge.

    That’s why we don’t make as much progress as we can with pro-life policy. The advocates go too far, too fast for the general public.

    Actually, Romney is really going out on a limb on this and is far right in terms of politics.

    Because Mormons have doctrines regarding the eternal nature of family, I don’t think the issue is something they have had much experience with.

    As an avid pro-lifer, I can support Romney’s position wholeheartedly.


    Got those pompoms ready, you two?

  • Jim

    I do not listen to anything the brother of the man who signed a bill banning the light bulb says!

  • Ginger

    MamaGrizzly…Don’t you know you can not reason with Texas Liberals?

  • workingclass artist

    #94 Mamagrizzly

    “NOW, workingclass is equating Perry with Reagan. I so totally smell a rat. THAT is seriously laughable, wc. Reagan spent years reflecting and writing in his journals about his political philosophies before running for office. Reagan was not considered a “cowboy” despite his films.

    Weak. So weak.” – Mamagrizzly

    I lived through 1980 and it was the first national election I voted in so I fully remember how Reagan was attacked by the establishment Country Club GOP in the primaries and the liberals in the general. Yeah “Cowboy” was a derogative used against him in both…just like Rightwing…Dumb…too christian…Bedtime for Bonzo…yada yada yada…all ended with Reagan will kill Grandma through starvation and all of us with bombs!

    The Perry/Reagan quote is from Michael Reagan…So if you have issues with Perry being compared to Reagan I suggest you take it up with Reagan’s son Michael…I just posted the link.

  • Patty

    The left tried to destroy Bush and Palin. Don’t forget that. But Obama has serious and damaging policies. We have seen the affects already. Should the Obama care get going are country’s economy looks bad now, just wait.

    We need tax reforms but no higher taxes on the middle class and lower classes. As we struggle now we can not allow to rise taxes on them.

    Obama deserves Criticism, more than any President in U. S. history. Regulations and Policies that Obama has created are killing America. So, Criticize, Criticize and keep it coming and no matter what Jeb Bush is talking about, f Obama’s own words are our ammunition.

    The Truth will set us free! Warts and All

  • workingclass artist

    “The Reagan legacy is alive and well in Texas” – Michael Reagan

  • frank smith

    I’m so done with the Bush clan!

  • Patty

    When candidates run for president and are demanding each other you get an idea which side the lean on. Some who run you know exactly where they stand on the issues. Who among us knew just how far far left Obama was. And who among us new just how far he would go.

    His inexperience who knew. Perry stands firmly conservative on most ideas and has been Gov. for 10, we know where he stands and fairly where he would take America.

    We have heard all the Candidates in the Republican Party, most anyway.

    The next president could be this time running leaning more Right with NO problem. Why because of the Tea Party. Seems they on the left have tagged the Tea Party as Far Right.

    Well, anyone with a lick of sense knows that the Tea Party is the Constitution Party and the left and apparently some Republicans just aren’t getting. So, this moderate thing is not going to get it this time around as Obama was kind a sort a looking moderate, he must have to some Republicans, yes, some like Jeb maybe, well, no more we need a firm Conservative who may lean right to change the socialist views we have in the White House now.

  • MamaGrizzly

    I was seriously disappointed with George Bush’s light bulb ban idea. How absurd. Now we have mercury and all associated problems. Like reintroducing lead poisoning.


    workingclass: I was disowned by my family for voting Reagan–my second vote, and I have voted ever since I was of age. So I REALLY don’t need your lecturing. If you want to vote for Perry, do it. No one is stopping you.

    But some of us are looking into things. I keep bringing up problems with Perry’s stance, and you and retire05 have YET to answer them. Basic questions:

    Border problems–too soft?
    Tort Reform–favors insurance companies?
    Bildebergers–why align with a secret organization?
    Why so late in race–when there are a good group of candidates already?

    to name a few.

    Always crickets chirping with you on those questions.

    He just seems like too much of a package-deal to me. Or PACKAGED deal. And by who? Those are my questions.


    I’m remembering you two now . . . all red-faced and vile when Perry first entered the race, and everyone who didn’t agree with you was slime . . . I remember now. I’ll try and find the link and post it. You were both running down bg, calling her an old biddy, and that was only the start . . .

  • workingclass artist

    “Rick Perry: The God-Fearing, Know-Nothing, Pistol-Packing Embodiment of Liberals’ Worst Nightmares

    “What Rick Perry has achieved in his inaugural strut on the political stage is unprecedented in the annals of modern conservative history from Barry Goldwater to Sarah Palin. It is not just that the Texas governor has dominated the news cycle, overshadowed the Iowa Straw Poll, vaulted over every GOP contender except Mitt Romney in the national polls, and reduced Karl Rove to sputtering frustration. All that is admittedly impressive for a first-time candidate whose name was familiar to only half of Republican voters just a few weeks ago.

    But what sets Perry apart and earns him his niche in the far right corner of Mount Rushmore has nothing to do with the gyrations of the 2012 campaign. Indeed, Perry is not only a presidential candidate, but also a cowboy-booted sociological experiment. It is almost as if Perry’s political persona was constructed by bundling together all the fears and phantoms in the left-wing anxiety closet. Since the hysteria of the 1950s Red Scare, no Republican figure has matched Perry in his God-given ability to give liberals the heebie-jeebies. Others can rival the governor’s disdain for academic achievement (Palin), his cross-on-the-sleeve religiosity (Michele Bachmann and Mike Huckabee), and his antipathy to Social Security and Medicare (Paul Ryan and Barry Goldwater). But never before has a top-tier presidential candidate embodied the whole lethal package—and more…”,0

    Gig Em’ Rick
    Perry 2012

  • Patty

    Obama fooled Americans. Not me and sure not anyone here. He had nothing to offer the people other than a senator? Community Organizer? And his time in the senate doesn’t bode him well.

    Anyway, It will be a Governor who wins and it will be someone who speaks the mind of the People. And that mind is, Jobs, Fiscal Responsibly, Less regulations on the job creators,

    And more importantly, repeal Obama care.

    There are so many things that we must undo of Obama reign but first things first.

  • workingclass artist

    Regan was branded the “Conservative Bogeyman”….Perry has taken up the standard…

    “Asked last week about how he differs from Bush, Perry tellingly replied, “He’s a Yale graduate. I’m a Texas A&M graduate.”

    “More ominous to progressive values is that Perry, as governor, has tried to run the state university system like a business, seemingly unaware that the European history program should be held to different standards than, say, the animal science department. Texas A&M, now headed by a former Perry chief of staff, actually rated professors based on whether they brought in more outside funding than they cost.”

    “But emotionally, every time liberals hear that Perry twang and those dropped “g’s,” the instinct is to quake at stumbling into a horror-movie remake entitled, Mission Accomplished 2: Return to the White House.”,0

    Gig Em’ Rick
    Perry 2012

  • surfin’ bird

    Once a Bush, Always a Bush

  • thomas

    The anti-bush folks will vote for perry simply because a bush wont. Mr. perry should send jeb a thank you card.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Form your own party, Mr Bush, and take all your RINO compatriots with you.

  • logicfirst

    @ MamaGrizzly

    How do you call yourself a conservative that adheres to self reliance & responsibility yet in the case of a medical mistake, the victim or the families should hit the lottery with a $10,000,000+ settlement and then be able to live a lifestyle they were NEVER able to achieve for themselves. Do you think money grows on trees? Do you think endless multi-million dollar lawsuits against the medical industry is sustainable? Who pays for it in the end?

    Sorry but if you were making $40,000 per year prior to a medical mistake and are unable to work then you should only receive enough to maintain your existing lifestyle for the next 30, 40, 50 years. Giving someone a $300,000 per year lifestyle just because of an honest mistake is not FISCALLY SUSTAINABLE. The sooner you get this through your head the better.

    If multi million dollar lawsuits are allowed to continue what will be the price of mal practice insurance and the large policies that hospitals carry? Who in the end will end up bearing more of the costs? Yes that’s right the local community. Remember the Hospitals are already required to give free health care to illegals which is a MASSIVE BURDEN so throwing in multiple million dollar lawsuits is not going to be sustainable. Will the hospital offer lower salaries to physicians and in turn not attract the best & brightest because they are under a pile of multi-million lawsuits? Something has to give and in the end others will also suffer because of the size of the settlements.

    I’m not cruel enough to wish for you to live under a government run single payer healthcare system but it would be entertaining to see you & your medical lawsuit ambitions try to sue the government. Maybe then you will comprehend that yes the doc made a mistake but the millions would have to come from the pockets of all the other payers in to the system. Emotion is your Achilles heel.

  • Patty

    off topic and just heard from another pundit who is conservative that Obama could turn things around and possibly win…DEAR GOD, I shouldn’t listen and take my own advise and stop paying attention to them.

    If he gets in office another 4 years we are done. But that is what I said in 08. Please America DON’T BE STUPID!

  • workingclass artist

    “Why so late in race–when there are a good group of candidates already?”

    Haley Barbour and Daniels said no…This is a party wrangle between DC & the Conservative Governors…

    “Border problems–too soft?”

    No. The Federal Government through funding , NHS and the AG have tied the hands of the border state governors. Perry is for security foremost…Then we as a nation talk about immigration policy and enforcement. Common Sense. He’ll work with the governors of each state and hang the congress if need be…This is a state issue as well as a national issue and DC has dropped the ball for too long. If you want a GOP candidate to round up undesirables and expel them or put them in Gulags you have a long wait as that is currently unconstitutional. Illegals have to be documented and Perry has a sound plan. Xenophobics won’t like it and neither will the pro amnesty crowd.


    Blech…WND & Jones can suck on that twinkie as far as I’m concerned right along with area 51 but hey it sells ads & books & radio time

    “Tort Reform–favors insurance companies?”

    Pro-business. Also cuts way down on the fraud in the Ambulance chasers & frees up the courts.

  • catwoman368

    Mama Grizzly, I am a Perry supporter, however I will vote for the gop candidate because for me its anyone but Obama. Micheal Reagan said that Rick Perry out of all the candidates was the most Reaganesque except for him. I think he also said at one time that Palin was Reagan in high heels. Rick Perry will make a good president and his wife will be a lovely first lady. The Perry is not perfect but he loves this country. We can’t say that about obama.

  • workingclass artist

    “Dana Perino, the former White House Press Secretary to George W. Bush, tells Fox News today that the Bush family hopes Jeb Bush runs for president one day, and that she thinks he will….

    “HOST MARTHA MacCALLUM: Do you ever see him running?

    PERINO: I do.

    I know that his dad and his brother both want him to run. I think that each of those Bush presidents and a possible future president brings a unique aspect to the table, but what they have in common is a quiet dignity and love for America that makes me still support them everyday when I wake up.

    Jeb has repeatedly denied (most recently, yesterday) that he’ll run in 2012, but it’s widely thought he could make a 2016 bid when literally every other Republican star is expected to run.”

    Revealing isn’t it…yeah…

  • retire05

    MamaGrizzley, Texas tort reform was intended to end stupid law suits like these two which juries award tons of money that make only the lawyers rich.

    Kathleen Robertson broke her ankle when she tripped over an unruly child in an Austin furniture store. The store was surprised at the award of $780,000.00 to Robertson since the unruly child she tripped over was her own.

    The family of Karen Norman sued Honda, and it’s U.S. distributor, when their daughter rolled off the levy in Galveston, Texas still sitting in her car. The passanger managed to get out, but it seems that Ms. Norman was too druck to unbuckle her seat belt. Her blood level was .17, twice the legal limit in Texas. Her family was awarded $65 million by the Galveston jury.

  • bg
  • retire05

    Let’s just put the Bilderberger crap to bed once and for all.

    Here is the list of the 2007 Bilderberger attendees. Please, read. You will NOT find Rick Perry’s name anywhere.

    Alex Jones conspiracy theorists need to get lives.

  • workingclass artist

    PRINCETON, NJ — Shortly after announcing his official candidacy, Texas Gov. Rick Perry has emerged as rank-and-file Republicans’ current favorite for their party’s 2012 presidential nomination. Twenty-nine percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents nationwide say they are most likely to support Perry, with Mitt Romney next, at 17%.

    “I’m not surprised at all by Inhofe’s decision to make an early endorsement for Perry. Six months ago, I interviewed the Senator in his office to discuss his fight against the EPA, and I brought up Perry’s battles with the regulatory agency. Inhofe immediately mentioned how it would strengthen Perry as a presidential candidate, and charmingly diagnosed Perry’s denial of interest in the race at the time…”

    Does this matter…yes..strategery & fundraising…

  • Ginger

    If Perry wins the primary and the election between him and the kenyan fraud would be like voting for the same thing. America will be doomed! Count me out! I will not vote for the president it will get a big X drawn through it then I will vote for straight ticket Republican for other offices. Perry is not what he and his paid whores are making him out to be. More of the same! Bilderberg/One World Order………..

    Fool me once shame on you…fool me twice shame on me. Is not going to happen.

  • workingclass artist

    “Inhofe also said that he has reservations about other members in the field, but none with Perry”

    “You remember, it wasn’t more than a year ago that they came to kill eleven of his coal-fired generating plants. And all he’s trying to do is just provide energy for the people of his state, Texas. So this is consistent with the fact that the EPA is going to try to shut down any — you watch and see what they’re going to try to do in Oklahoma now that we have a good, conservative Republican governor …” – Inhofe of OK

  • MamaGrizzly

    I dunno. It’s just what I saw:

  • bg


    Ginger #120 August 24, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    re: [Fool me once shame on you…fool me
    twice shame on me. Is not going to happen.]

    i concur.. 🙂


  • workingclass artist

    @#120 Ginger

    Don’t understand your particular snit…But your lumping Perry with Obama is amusing. How’s that Alex Jones inspired paranoia working out for you?

    Suit yourself.

    The rest of us will vote in the primaries and most of us aren’t looking for a messiah but a conservative winner who can beat Obama.

    Down here in Texas we call that Leadership

    Gig Em’ Rick
    Perry 2012

  • Ginger

    I am getting a little annoyed that the perry lovers keep bringing up all the people who supposed to be supporting Perry! Do you really think I would take the judgement or opinion of any one of those so called congress people? Really? Why in the hell do you think they have kept quiet about the kenyan fraud and are letting him tare down our country.

    THEY ARE ALL FU..N TRAITORS! They are paid whores to turn their back on their beloved country for their own selfish gains! We would not be in this mess now wanting so bad to get rid of that evil kenyan fraud if all those traitors to our country would had done what they were hired to do and that was to get rid of that kenyan fraud!!! He should had never been elected in the first place.

    You better open your eyes or you stupid FOOLS!

  • bg


    workingclass artist #124 August 24, 2011 at 1:36 pm

    re: [Alex Jones inspired paranoia]

    you not only wish, but should infer others are paranoid??


  • MamaGrizzly

    workingclass and retire05:

    Anyone who doesn’t just adore Perry is a Palin supporter or an Alex Jones fan.

    I’ve looked in on Alex Jones on youtube–he doesn’t seem off base. Palin is valid.

    You 2 are just stumping for Perry.

    And you’re mean to everyone else. You must just be little wretched horrible people.

    So, since we already know what you’re going to say, go convince some libs.


    Ginger: vote for Perry if he’s the nominee and we’ll hold him to the conservative platform with all we got.

    But really, the other contenders are okay. Santorum, Cain, Romney, Bachmann. All good candidates.

    I just want to find out more about Perry. That’s all.

  • workingclass artist

    Perry score on the issues

    Romney score on the issues

    Conclusion: Rick Perry is a Hard-Core Conservative.
    Mitt Romney is a Populist-Leaning Conservative

    Vet all of the candidates at this site…It’s a handy tool for voters

  • MamaGrizzly

    “In his first national TV interview since presidential rumors surfaced, Perry answered Fox News’ Neil Cavuto question about why he’s so unpopular in his home state by suggesting he’s a “prophet”:

    CAVUTO: You have kind of like the Chris Christie phenomenon: very popular outside your state, still popular but not nearly as popular within your state. There are even Tea Party groups within your state who like you but don’t love you. […] What do you say?

    PERRY: I say that a prophet is generally not loved in their hometown. That’s both Biblical and practical.”

    Okay, that IS a little weird. I mean–quoting the Savior as if he’s “just like that in this instance”–ugh.

    wc, I will look into your link.

  • workingclass artist
  • bg


    re: #126 re: #124

    btw, none of the info i provide mentions Bilderberg..

    not only that, but the majority of info comes
    straight from the horses mouths v A Jones..

    just a wee sampling via #126 link:

    1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Part 1)

    1972 United Nations Conference on the Human Environment (Part 2)

    and a bit more (of much more) here..

    not to mention: one of the main puppet masters with strings
    attached to even more powerful puppet masters.. could they
    possibly belong to the Bilderberg. group?? i dunno, you??


  • workingclass artist


    Taken in context it’s pretty amusing…It means he’s not a dem·a·gogue
    1. A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

    Means he approaches things based on principle…and uses common sense.

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  • bg


    MamaGrizzly #129 August 24, 2011 at 2:10 pm

    another r reason i see his own words as being A HUGE RED FLAG...

    oh yeah, re: #131..

    hah, we didn’t even get into his Gulen issue.. *sigh*

    [scroll up/down & connecting links for more info links in threads]


  • Ginger


    Maurice Strong
    population control

    Their misguided crap has been going on for years and what they have gotten out of it is wealth, corruption, power, etc. Proves my point that sooooo many of the evil scumbags has gotten by with it and now they are scared out of their pants because now that “Sleeping Giant” has awaken and I pray not to late. A lot of those
    scumbags are dead and a lot more are old as the hills.

    The “brain washing” is about to come to an end and that is why the Tea Party scares the crap out of them!

    Wake Up AMERICA!

  • workingclass artist

    worth the read….

    Perry Leads The Field By… 12
    ” Perry is a strong contender among key Republican subgroups. Older Republicans and those living in the South show especially strong support for him, at or near 40%. Conservative Republicans strongly favor Perry over Romney, but liberal and moderate Republicans support the two about equally. Perry’s support is also above average among religious Republicans.

    For a long time I have been contending that candidates must be viewed in respect to two criteria — and not just one, as the more ideologically-minded thinkers insist.

    The first criteria is ideology, of course.

    The second criteria is non-ideological attractiveness. Not “squishiness,” mind you. But things like practical results in achieving things that are universally — not ideologically — valued.

    I call this second criteria “neutral goods.” If Obama does manage something in Libya (though that’s in doubt), that would be a neutral good, because few actively root against American geopolitical victories. ”

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  • workingclass artist
  • mcc

    retire05 — you woke up this morning singing a different tune. Sounding so reasonable, in fact, I thought you were beginning to score points…

    But then, I got to #80 — and have stopped reading the thread. You mischaracterized our exchange. You cannot compare your comments on the “Iowa Tea Party..Palin” thread to what MG has said here.

    She knows nothing of Perry. But based on what she hears coming from the mouth of his supporter, she imagines she might not like him either.

    You, on the other hand, knew Palin, liked her and were going to support her:

    Congratulations, you have taken a person that drove hundreds of miles just to see Sarah (if you noticed, my state is not exactly small) liked what I saw, liked what I heard and you have managed to do to me what the Paulbots have done; make sure I am no longer a supporter.

    No longer a supporter! Waaaahh! Nothing immature about that…

    The entire thread you were ripping Palin apart. After this start:

    Sarah Palin needs to sh!t or get off the pot. She is stringing you along like an expensive date.

    You found fault with her from the moment she’d agreed to run with McCain. But then, oddly, you stated that a mere 2 MONTHS ago, you were willing to vote for her:

    Two months ago, I would have supported Palin, but it is PRECISELY because of people like you, that I will not support her in the primaries if she ever decides to run.

    MG’s response is one anyone might make. Especially to an a$$h*l@. You and workingclass artist are major turn-offs. One would think your intent is to discredit yourselves. It’s sure working.

  • Andy Worhol says

    Note to (insert name) _____ Bush: You’ve had your 15 minutes. Go home. Enjoy your wealth. Quit pretending to be conservative.


    Jeb, his mother and brother are all sounding like RINO Progressives. I think we got snookered by Bush as well as (Call me a Hobbit) McCain.

    The more I hear from those turkeys, the more I dislike the GOP in its current state. The Tea Party brought those jerks out into the light and out of the closet and can reform the GOP into what it is supposed to be, a truely conservative group, not a bunch of RINO Progressives masquerading as Republicans.

  • workingclass artist

    @139 mcc

    Sorry I’m not properly enthused about Palin…she’s not in the race..duh!

    Sorry I’m not properly enthused about Romney…He’s not a strong conservative…
    I prefer Perry from Texas…I live here and I’ll post stuff just like anyone else who has picked their horse.

    This whining is gettin kinda old.

    I am however very enthusiastic about the contenders in this race as it means conservatives of all stripes are out all over the country speaking to Americans…and that’s a very good thing.

  • workingclass artist



  • MamaGrizzly

    #132 August 24, 2011 at 2:19 pm
    workingclass artist commented: @mamagrizzly

    (regarding: )

    Taken in context it’s pretty amusing…It means he’s not a dem·a·gogue
    1. A political leader who seeks support by appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than by using rational argument.

    Means he approaches things based on principle…and uses common sense.


    Actually, workingclass, Perry IS demagoguing: i.e., he is “appealing to popular desires and prejudices rather than using rational argument . . . ”

    I mean, seriously. He’s pitching for the “Christian” vote — which presumably is what the majority of Tea Party people are. This is just too suspicious to me. Anyone can learn the lingo–but I find it irritating. Romney is a lot more honest, just by your own post on issues comparisons.

    But that being the case, I will keep looking into it.

    Now, one more thing: WHY oh WHY oh WHY won’t you answer specifics if you love Perry SO MUCH (borders, college funds for illegals’ children, Bildeberger stuff), and also why do you keep saying I’m crazy when the whole Bildeberger thing was on regular news. That’s where I saw it.


    I think you’re probably being paid to be here. Maybe not–but since your vitriol is so stupid, I have to think it. Say hi to retire05 for us. And don’t forget those pompoms.

    Romney, Cain, Santorum, Bachmann = fine

    Huntsman = liberal in Repub clothing, kind of a New-Age yuppy type
    Johnson = good on taxes and government largess, but a little too much pot for my liking
    Perry = unknown commodity
    Paul = Libertarian with all the associated problematic issues

  • Molon Labe

    No difference between Perry and the Bushies, both are the same species of Big Government spender.

    Palin or any other conservative in 2012.

  • workingclass artist

    “I think you’re probably being paid to be here”

    lol…that’s rich…Nope I’m just another citizen and conservative political junkie.

    I personally could care less what you do…But when people post liberal bull Sh*t and links I’ll respond. It’s a free country.

  • Militant Conservative

    #120 August 24, 2011 at 1:28 pm
    Ginger commented:

    I think you have some bad info there Ginger. Retire05 gave you the link to the site to prove Perry was not invited. Relax, first the candidates have to beat each other up first.
    Lets just seee what happens on Sept 3. I think Palin is going to endorce someone.
    That will go a long way. In so doing she may get on the short list for VP.

    too early to get your nikkers in a knot.

    being patient, powder is dry

  • workingclass artist

    Yep…1980 but better…

    “I don’t know why Time even bothers paying the new horses’ asses it calls reporters right now, since they can just recycle old copy and merely switch out the names with a computer keystroke. So today we are told that Rick Perry is unacceptable because he says crazy things about climate change and evolution. Hmmm, who does that remind me of? Oh yes, the candidate in 1980 who, when asked about evolution, said: “I think that recent discoveries down through the years pointed [out] great flaws in it.” Reagan also said that he thought “creationist theory” should be taught side-by-side with evolution in schools. OMG!

    We weren’t kvetching about climate change in 1980, but there was Reagan’s gamey insistence that trees cause pollution. “I’m not a scientist, and I don’t know the figures,” Reagan said, “but I have a suspicion that one little mountain out there [Mt. St. Helens] in these last several months released more sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere of the world than has been released in the last ten years of auto driving or things of that kind.” Reagan wasn’t even close to being right on this, but who cares really. He was generally right that what the EPA today calls “biogenic emissions” are a significant factor in ground level ozone in some parts of the country, which Reagan noted with his additional comment that “growing and decaying vegetation in this land are responsible for 93 percent of the oxides of nitrogen.”

    So Gov. Perry, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin (whether she runs or not) and the rest of the field should go right on saying what they think, especially since it annoys the media so much. It doesn’t get any better than this….”

  • Ipso Facto

    F*ck Jeb Bush for all his interference in the Terry Schaivo case – what he did by interfering in that matter was NOT a part of conservative doctrine at all.

    F*ck Barbara Bush for saying Sarah Palin should stay in Alaska. Barbara Bush is the essence of the high-minded country club Republicans who think they can just look down their noses at us mere common people.

    F*ck W. Bush for darn near ruining the Republican party with his incessant spending and acting like some product of privilege that had no obligation to ever answer his critics.

    F*ck that other loser Neil Bush for his abhorrent actions in the Savings and Loan scandal in which he received very large “loans” that he never paid back. And when he went to trial, his sentence was that he had to take an ethics course. Yea, like any of us would have gotten such a sentence under the same circumstances.

    Now the Bush’s and Carl Rove want to slam Rick Perry – when will these damn arrogant and ignorant people ever go away?

  • Ginger

    MC #147

    I saw Perry’s name on a quest list! Sure it does not prove he is a member but yet it sure does! Come on you do not get invited to a dinner meeting and not become one! The Bush families are Bilderberg/One World Order and old man Bush rules! I wish I had the link in my favorites but must of deleted it . :-l grrrr Some times I print things out to have a hard copy.

    We know Bachmann, Palin, Mr. Cain, Ron Paul, are us and not one of the evil corrupted ones. These people have been more vetted then any other ever. No corruption has been found on them! You bet your buTT if so the msm would had it spread all over the place. People voted for that kenyan fraud and knew nothing about him and look what we got!

    The Bilderbergs/One World Order has plants in the republican party so if the kenyan fraud looses they still have their puppet! Perry comes on strong with his Christian faith to get get us Christians and sad to say it could be working. This thing about bashing the kenyan fraud! hahahahahah ALL PLANNED! Just think he fooled some Christians and on top of that he fools some of the Kenyan fraud haters. Got to hand it to him he can lie and deceive.

  • Ginger


    Did you see that interview with daddy George Bush and big mouth Barbara Bush? Barbara said she wanted Romney as president and Jebb as vice president! I gagged! I knew then the fix was in!

  • mcc

    #142 workingclass artist — your enthusiasm for Palin – or any candidate – wasn’t the point of my post. It was to correct the record on what was posted at #80. (I agree, until she announces, my attention is on the others.)

    After posting, I began to regret my including you with retire05 since I don’t recall you being as abrasive. Though I do remember you and he, and most especially “rathernot”, on the early Perry threads as being, to put it diplomatically, ‘disappointing’ representatives of your candidate.

    I do agree with your last paragraph. And I hope you’re right about Perry. For me, I’ll want to be assured about his trustworthiness. Will he be honest and forthright about his past associations and decisions that have alarmed more than a few strong conservatives – and certainly how reliable he might be on future issues requiring good judgment.

  • Ginger

    We are all very worried for our country and our well being… but we must be very very careful who we pick to undo the wrong that those corrupted criminals has done to us and our country.

    I have been trying to figure out who Barry the kenyan fraud is really working for. His muslim cousins or his Communist buddies! He can not have both! Can you see the muslims and Communist getting along? ha ha

  • workingclass artist

    @#152 mcc

    fair enough.

    Once people pick their horse they tend to get a bit horsey about it…it happens. Happens in sports too.

    It’s politics.

  • owl

    Most of this thread offends me. People wonder why Bush run as a compassionate conservative? Read this trashing. I was a solid Reagan supporter BEFORE he ever got close to nomination. Bush and Reagan were wonderful.

    You would think that after 10 years of Dem trashing Bush, you would get your fill. Evidently not. No, I would never want Jeb to run because I do not care for him. Yes, I will vote Sarah. If not, I will vote Perry. What does that make me? A RINO? Bush Jr is a fine man and many of you need your mouths washed out.

  • workingclass artist


    Although I won’t presume to speak for retire05 I will say I like his commentary and think he’s sharp and solid.
    I think he’s a fellow Texan and well Texas and Texans have been taking a beating. Sometimes we get a bit cranky or exasperated about it…it happens. Sometimes it just plain baffles us.

    Hotair had an interesting commentary about the difference between who we are today and who we were when Reagan ran in 1980. For me it concurs with something I’ve observed ever since 2008…I wonder if Reagan could be elected today. I don’t pretend Perry is Regan reborn but he’s a Common Sense Reagan Conservative. Dyer the author of the article wonders if he might be more like GWB but I live in Texas and he’s tougher than GWB ever was. Even as a bluedog he was a budget pitbull. GWB only held one elected statewide position in Texas before being elected to the presidency and that was becoming the governor. He did alright but it was stepping stone for him and most Texans knew it….Perry is a whole different kettle of fish…imho

    here’s the link to hotair

    I post links to stuff I think is interesting or provides information.

    If Perry makes it all the way I think he’ll be pretty solid….We’ve done alright down here in Texas and Perry led a sweep in the last election to give us a super majority. One of our biggest threats is regulatory and I know Perry will make that a priority as it’s killing the economy and he’ll do it if it hair lips the pope…I’m not sure if the other candidates realize the priority of it but Reagan did.

    That’s my take

  • workingclass artist


    Texans welcomed home GWB & Laura. Perry called GWB on his birthday to ask his advice before he made his decision. The two men are different but they respect each other.

  • Michael

    Jeb’s son endorsed Huntsman so at least the Bushes aren’t hiding their leftist ideology. The elitist ruling class among the GOP need to be aggressively pushed out of the GOP. I don’t see Perry as the answer – his vaccine mandate was more of the same crony capitalism-big government shakedown. A true Conservative will emerge and the battle will be fierce. By the looks of it, we’ll be fighting the old guard Bush dynasty and the progressives.

  • workingclass artist

    GWB was tough in his presidency…and I’m grateful for that.

  • Rose

    JEB Bush – NEVER FORGET TERRI SCHIAVO – “Since I have equal numbers on both sides angry at me, I know I must be doing something right.”

    Some people told me AT THAT TIME I was crazy if I thought THAT INCIDENT and THAT QUOTE was enough for me to KNOW what JEB was made of.

    Sometimes, folks, it’s just a matter of RECOGNITION. He is what he is.

    Maybe he would make a great administrative executive for a fat cat company – but not mine!

    I don’t do business the same way he does.

  • Rose

    #153 August 24, 2011 at 6:07 pm
    Communism is a Socialist Party. Remember, it was the ONLY LEGAL political party of the USSR.

    Nazism is a Socialist Party – check a circa 1974 or earlier Webster’s Dictionary…
    USSR – United Soviet Socialist Republic
    Nazi – National Socialist German Workers Party

    The Nazis and the muslims got along fabulously in WW2 – the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem provided 2 Panzer Divisions of muslim soldiers for Hitler, and they provided a lot of the heavy lifting for some of the worst in some of the Death Camps.
    Their common hatred of Jews and Christians was their bond THEN – it is the Socialist bond to muslims, NOW.
    This explains Bloomberg’s ban on clerics for the 9/11 memorial and the Fed Govt creation of the muslim terrorist memorial tribute at the site of the Crash of Flight 93 scheduled for opening THIS 9/11. et et al…

    I heard about this first from Walid Shoebat (Wall-eed Shoo-ee-bat), because the Grand Mufti was Best Friends with his grandfather, and he knew the story FIRST HAND from his family.

  • Rose

    #63 August 24, 2011 at 9:57 am

    AMEN! May their EARNED HARVESTS FIND THEM MOST HASTILY! Overtake them at a speed greater than the speed of Light, Full Measure, Shaken Together, Pressed down, Running Over – exponentially increased 1,000-Fold!
    Let nothing of their Harvest be stolen or kept from them.

  • mcc

    OT: Santorum doesn’t hold back on Waters:

    #156 wc a — I post links to stuff I think is interesting or provides information

    Had to laugh since I’d noticed it myself earlier today – pretty much all links – and thinking it would be a fine way for you to be 2 people on this thread: both retire and wc a…and then there’s the truly cretin version, Eddie, on the other thread!

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  • workingclass artist

    @#163 mcc

    hate to disappoint but me no sockpuppet

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  • Right on my man!