Insane… Philadelphia Youths Shoot Up Bus After Woman Told Not to Beat Child (Video)

A youth mob shot up a Philadelphia bus last month after a woman was told not to beat her child.

The woman, Penny Chapman, called her friends and told them to, “Shoot that n***er,” after she was confronted for spanking her child.
The New York Daily News reported:

A horrifying video was released Friday showing gun-toting men spraying bullets at passengers on a Philadelphia bus.

Four suspects are on trial for an shootout, which stemmed from an earlier argument on the bus. Philadelphia prosecutors released the video as part of a preliminary hearing.

The bus ride from hell happened last month when passenger Lefanus Pickett threatened to report another passenger, Penny Chapman, after he saw her spanking her child.

“She was spanking her son for something he did,” Pickett testified at a hearing Thursday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer. “I said, ‘That’s child abuse.'”

When Pickett threatened to call the cops, Chapman allegedly phoned friends to come meet her, My Fox Philly reported.

At the next bus stop, the angry Chapman allegedly got off the bus with her child and told a man, ‘Shoot that n—–,” Pickett testified.

The video shows Chapman leaving the bus by the back door, where she meets the boy’s uncle Angel Lecourt and his accomplices, Keron and Raheen Patterson. Lecourt helps the mother and child off the bus – then holds the door open as the Pattersons spray the bus with bullets.

The four adults are on trial for the shooting.

No one was injured from the gunfire.

In the video, an 80-year-old woman is seen frozen, standing in the the bus, unsure of what to do.

“You see her very clearly because she doesn’t actually see what’s going on. She’s sort of left standing in the middle of the bus as everyone has sort of separated all the way to the front or all the way as far as they could go to the back,” said prosecutor Morgan Model Vedejs, according to My Fox Philly.

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  • john03

    Ah, the city of brotherly love.

  • BuddyG

    Yeah, similar to the risk of telling unruly people in a movie theatre to be quiet.

  • 8 My Foot

    It’s a hate crime to say in the article that they were all Black.

  • backhoe

    I denounce us all!

    Weren’t we supposed to have entered a post-racial society?


    “his accomplices, Keron and Raheen Patterson”…gee no mention of their race in the article…figure it out for yourselves…that odumbo sure got his kin folk all riled up now….

  • docwatson55

    The first bizarre thing about this is that the “spanking” (according to the video) seemed no more than a simple single swat to the bottom – to me, perfectly appropriate. Pickett had no business interfering.

    However, the girl’s reaction to his criticism, and the subsequent shooting, are callous and insane beyond words. I hope all the idiots involved get long jail terms.

  • Oh Noes!

    That woman will now loose the child that she spanked and called out her thug dogs for this ungodly shoot out. I pray that this child will have a chance at life with a decent up bringing, but I so doubt it.

  • Militant Conservative

    Saw this on FOX first (for a change). the female swatted her unruley kid once after the hellion

    was running up and down the isles. she immediately got on the phone after the other

    buttinsky gladys kravitz stuck his/her nose in others bussiness.

    The two uncles showed up with semi autos and shot up the bus.

    I’m shocked all involved were black.

    powder is dry.


    What can you expect from a city that makes
    DOG FIGHTING a communal pastime?
    (According to the ASPCA.)

  • Granny

    I guess she sure showed Mr. Butinsky who was boss, didn’t she? Saved him the trouble of calling the authorities too . . .

  • pink tie Republican

    Dat be Philly for ya, bro.

  • Eddie Willers

    Perhaps the FBI should have thought about what was going to fill the void when they cracked down on Organized Crime in the 80’s & 90’s…

  • bg


    heh, Holder = carte blanche


  • MrGoodWench

    “She was spanking her son for something he did,
    But was it a ” spank ” spank ??
    I’m just wondering what that thing of the View will say , specially after giving unconditional public support to Micheal Vick because dog-fighting is a ” black culture” thing

  • bg


    well thank goodness she didn’t shoot her kid, huh?? /duh-fuh sarc/


  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Say what you will about the stupidity of those people shooting up the bus and Chapman’s summoning of them, but her swatting of her own kid wasn’t any of Pickett’s business.

  • Jeanne

    He had no business meddling. He should have just minded his own business.

  • befuddled

    Holder’s “people”. The case will be dismissed for lack of evidence due to the fact that the defendants are all black,Muslim,Acorn members or Black Panthers.

  • vityas

    On a night in 1964 in NYC Kitty Genovese was accosted and stabbed. She screamed for help. Her neighbors admitted they heard her but didn’t want to meddle. Famous murder case.

    It takes a village to raise a gang.

  • befuddled

    A gang of unemployed youths(I am assuming since they don’t seem to have anything better to do in the middle of the day)shoots up a bus full of people and you people would rather argue about if it is out of bounds to question another person’s parenting skills. This is a scene out of a 1920’s gangster movie. Liberal logic is beyond me. Perhaps the solution is more food stamps,contraceptives,stimulus money, and parenting classes. Oh yeah, that will solve all our ills.