30 people were arrested this week at the “Yes We Can” social club in St. Louis.
KMOV has video:

KSDK reported:

St. Louis County police will release more information this afternoon about 30 people were taken into custody from a home in Bel-Ridge last week.

They were taken into custody shortly before midnight on August 11.

Police said they went to a home in the 8800 block of Snowhill Court to execute a search warrant for prostitution, drugs and alcohol.

According to the Missouri Secretary of State’s website, the business, Yes We Can Social Club, is run out of that home.

Police have not yet presented their case to prosecutors for possible charges to be filed.

St. Louis Today reported:

There was a 15 year-old girl at the house at the time of the arrest.
The house, in the 8800 block of Snowhill Court, was raided early Friday morning by the county’s tactical operations, K-9, and special investigating units.

The address is listed as the location of the “Yes We Can Social Club” on the Missouri Secretary of State’s website. It was incorporated in January for the purposes of “recreation” and says that assets from the corporation would be given “to another charitable organization,” according to paperwork for the club on the site. Latroy L. Simmons is listed as the club’s registered agent.

A police spokesman said he didn’t know if the social club had anything to do with what police found last week at the home.

Some weapons were recovered and there was a 15-year-old teenage girl unrelated to anyone in the house at the time, police said.

Charges are pending.



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  1. Gee, I wonder what alerted the neighbors.

  2. Tick…… tock…… tick…… tock…… tick………………

    Kenny Solomon
    Typical bitter clinging terrorist Hobbit

    Reaganhu Akhbar !

  3. Figures. I bet they have ties to the Obama campaign and/or DNC.

  4. any guess as to their race?????

  5. When Obama talks about “jobs”
    y’all do know that he is talking about jobs like –blow, hand, oral etc . , right ??
    What better name than
    ” Yes we can “… he needs every penny he can get to f%^& our country and his devotees are using the only trick they know to make a contribution to his coffers.
    Obama is a geeeeneeeeyus :D

  6. Ah! The St. Louis division of ACORN!

  7. #1AMERICAN commented:
    any guess as to their race?????
    Can’t be latinos because then it would have been:
    ” si se puede” cantina

  8. Is it a Government funded Brothel? ya know like ACORN.

  9. What do the lying sacs of human extrement that call productive, American patriots “teabaggers” say about this? Crickets?

  10. Obamaville

  11. This is just perfect! Just the thing to throw in the face of Lib attackers one week after Peter Kinder was dragged through the mud.

  12. Sounds like the sewer pipe Travis capped in the movie Taxi Driver. Sure this wasn’t Anthony Weiner’s rehabilitation clinic ? What a mad mad world…. http://youtu.be/Z1R9oZN2wZk

  13. And this surprises who? I mean, this is St. Louis. No need to say more…Love the “jobs” comment above, very entertaining..8-)

  14. It was the Zerobama Administration’s latest fundraiser.

  15. Did they receive taxpayer money?
    Everything, every association with the regime is corrupt.

  16. In hot air parlance : too good to check.

  17. OT, but a good one…….

    OBAMA’S GREEN PET GOES BANKRUPT: Got stimulus money, promised 800 jobs


    From the WH website touting the Masters Hand as he healed the economy.


    Thanks to the Obama Administration’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, real impact is already being felt across the state.

    Because of the Stimulus Bill and New Contracts, Green Energy Companies Are Looking to Hire Many New Employees. “The clean-tech and green industries in Massachusetts are hiring. Companies looking to add employees include Aeronautica Windpower in Plymouth, lithium-ion battery maker Boston-Power Inc. in Westborough, and Conservation Services Group, also in Westborough… The workforce expansions are being partly spurred by the federal economic stimulus package, which includes billions for home energy-efficiency upgrades and an extension of a tax credit for renewable energy technologies such as wind power… Because of the stimulus bill as well as several new contracts, Cowell plans to add 200 more jobs this year. The company currently employs about 400 and does business in 22 states. At least 30 to 40 of the new jobs will be in Massachusetts, he said. ‘We’re sort of the tip of the iceberg,’ Cowell said. ‘A couple of hundred people will be hired here, but that means that 2,000 people will be hired at the local level to do the work that we spec out and help facilitate.’ … At Boston-Power, which makes the Sonata battery used in Hewlett-Packard’s notebook computers, vice president of marketing Sally Bament said she is looking to hire about two dozen people in marketing, sales, and other areas. Evergreen Solar, the Marlborough-based maker of solar panels, also is hoping to hire 90 to 100 people at a manufacturing plant in Devens, said Gary Pollard, vice president of human resources. Aeronautica Windpower, meanwhile, hopes to bring on between 50 and 100 employees to begin producing midscale wind turbines at a facility that the company hopes to open somewhere in the state this spring.” [The Boston Globe, 3/6/09]

  18. More Evergreen fun. Evergreen’s stock hit an all-time high of $113.10 in late 2007, today it fell from $0.42 to $0.18 (57.14%), that is right, $0.18.

  19. KOW
    So we have another Solyndra
    darn those corporate jet owners not paying their fair share of taxes
    and Bush and Cheney and Halliburton too …

  20. Hookers, crackheads, & drunks!

    Barry’s best supporters for his Tragical Misery Tour!

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