With the Obama Unemployment Rate at 9.2% & Debt Ceiling Deadline Looming… Senate Dems to Focus On Gay Marriage This Week

It’s an Obama world.
With the Obama unemployment rate at a record 9.2% and a debt ceiling deadline looming, Senate democrats will tackle gay marriage this week.
Of course.

(San Francisco Sentinel)

Don’t ever let a good crisis go to waste.
USA Today reported:

A Senate committee this week will put the spotlight on gay marriage, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.

Feinstein, D-Calif., is the lead sponsor of a bill to repeal the law known as DOMA, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman and bans federal recognition of gay marriage. The Obama administration earlier this year said it would no longer defend DOMA, saying the legal landscape has changed.

Most recently, New York became the largest state to allow same-sex marriages — an action that gay rights supporters say gives momentum to similar laws across the country.

Feinstein on Tuesday is expected to be joined at a news conference by three gay couples who will talk about the roadblocks they’ve faced from DOMA. On Wednesday, the Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on the existing law and discuss Feinstein’s repeal bill.

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  • SSBN 627(B)

    “America is not a Christian nation” says the Liar-in-Chief, fundamentally transforming a vibrant electrified landscape into one of uniform gray darkness and unlimited depravity.

    Thank you so very much, librats.

  • patman

    Don’t overlook this little gem:

    SAN FRANCISCO — The San Francisco Superior Court announced Monday that it’s laying off more than 40 percent of its staff and shuttering 25 courtrooms because of budget cuts.

    Presiding Judge Katherine Feinstein said the actions were necessary to close a $13.75 million budget deficit caused by state budget cuts. She said the cuts mean it will take many more hours to pay a traffic ticket in person, up to 18 months to finalize a divorce and five years for a lawsuit to go to trial.

    “The civil justice system in San Francisco is collapsing,” Feinstein said.

    Some 200 of the court’s 480 workers will be let go by Sept. 30, including 11 of 12 commissioners who preside over a variety of cases. And she said it could get worse if optimistic revenue projections don’t materialize by January.

    “The future is very, very bleak for our courts,” Feinstein said at a Monday press conference. Feinstein said criminal cases would remain largely unaffected because of constitutional guarantees of speedy trials. Every other type of court, though, is facing significant cutbacks…

    And the beat goes on…

  • Bowser

    She is the Devil Incarnate! THe Country is Dying

  • calamity jane

    “A Senate committee this week will put the spotlight on gay marriage, as Sen. Dianne Feinstein pushes for repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act.”

    You just can’t make this stuff up! This nation is clinging to the side of the toilet bowl with Barry’s hand on the “flush lever” and the Dems in the Senate are wasting time on this!!!!!! Nevermind! I forgot Feinstein was involved.

  • Finncrisp

    The party whose symbol is the Jackass lives up to it’s potential. Dianne is this weeks winner of the MVJ. Most Valueable Jackass.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    When Progressives start tossing gays, gun grabbing and the fetuses of their plantation slaves into the filter, they’re stealing money.

  • Trialdog

    And, are the republicans keeping the pressure on by, say, introducing and passing legislation to repeal Obamacare? To defund Cap & Trade rule enforcement? To protect domestic energy production? If not, why not. Blitzkreig time guys. Sitting back and letting Obama exacerbate and exploit the debt ceiling “crisis” is a mistake. Act. Act now. Total war – all fronts. Do not lose the momentum.

  • PamelaOfThePoconos

    Dems’ biggest crisis is avoiding losses in 2012. Look for the DREAM Act next. A vote is a vote is a vote.


    wait until they vote mooslum sharia law into effect…that’s exactly what the kenyan fraud wants

  • John Fembup

    Thanks #2, for the cite and quotation. It also contains this priceless gem:

    “necessary to close a $13.75 million budget deficit caused by state budget cuts.”

    You see? Budget deficits are never caused by too much local spending. They are always caused by too little funding of local stuff by other people. And so politicians reduce local spending only if forced when they run out of ways to take more of other peoples’ money away from them.

    This behavior is in their genes. There can be no persuading them, there can only be firing them.

  • Multitude

    This ought to tell us everything about how real the debt limit “crisis” really is. If they knew for a moment that their personal investments, families jobs, safety, property, etc. was at risk as they claim, they wouldn’t be wasting time on periphery issues.

  • Dave in Houston

    According to the guy then known as Michael Weiner, then Mayor Feinstein refused to close the places where AIDS was being spread the most, in the cities many homosexual bathhouses. She thought viruses have rights, too, apparently.

  • tommy mc donnell

    since the myth became president, feinstein doesn’t have violations of the geneva convention to bring up every week so she is back to the gay standby.

    the idea that marriage is between a man and a woman is not discrimination again gays. it doesn’t allow two straight men to get married or two straight women. they will be getting married now though. for the same reason as the gays want to get married,spousal benefits. that is why the democrats support it, more people to put on the dole, more bought and paid for votes. the leftist politicans of the world have caused a worldwide financial crisis by giving people benefits that someone else has to pay for and the democrats want to increase the problem. cloward-piven on a worldwide scale.

  • David Elton

    I’ll say it again: There is no such thing as “gay marriage”. If every state passes it, if the Federal government passes it, there will still be no such thing as “gay marriage”. It is pure folly, a vast illusion.

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  • olm

    Oh boy, here’s the picture of our productive senate.
    Hey Feinstein, get this done quick, there is a polygamist in Utah just waiting for you to get through this so he can get his lawsuit on plural marriage has a chance. These people are utter idiots.

  • cal rifkin

    Heyyy! What about the oppressed minority that likes to f___ knotholes, and the ones that like to bang the deceased??? Who’s lookin’ out for them? Huhhh?

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  • MA


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  • Mark

    Senator for Life DiFi please stroke out and die.

  • SamTheName

    Look at it this way we get what we vote for, if things are bad, we made a bad mistake in the last presidential election, lets see if we can’t do better next time.

  • SamTheName

    look at it this way, you can’t build a large chicken farm if you eat all the eggs.

  • SamTheName

    look at it this way, if the government gives everybody what ever they want, who is left to pay for it.

  • SamTheName

    look at it this way, the oppressed minority is the rich people, they pay for everything the government spends

  • SamTheName

    look at it this way, if you are born rich, half of your life has been stolen from you.

  • SamTheName

    just think, being born poor you can do it your way.

  • SamTheName

    have you noticed the wilder the girls get the gay men increases in population.

  • Molon Labe

    Please like the Dhimmies push their gay agenda till the elections.

    Please, in the name Of NAMBLA.

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