Speaker Boehner Given Standing Ovation After Passionate Speech on House Floor (Video)

Speaker John Boehner was given a standing ovation after delivering a powerful speech before the vote today. John Boehner noted that, to date, the Senate still hasn’t passed a bill and the White House hasn’t produced a plan of its own, and urged them to immediately “put something on the table.”

House Speaker John Boehner’s remarks to the House of Representatives before a vote on the latest debt limit / ceiling bill. His anger at President Obama and the Senate in his attempts to negotiate this legislation is clearly evident. Aired 7/29/2011.

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  • lakewriter

    Whoa! Didn’t know Boehner had that in him! That’s what I like to see. No more mealy-mouse. Get up, stand up straight and MAKE IT HAPPEN, Republicans. Call it, tell it like it is. Let the people know what you are doing.
    Say what they will, I’d like to know how Reid can say it wont pass the Senate….when he hasn’t even read it yet!!!

  • american patriot

    The left has only one answer.

    More government.

    That’s their one and only note.

    Hard to render to God what belongs to Him when Caesar demands 100%.

  • Major Kong

    Easy John, easy. Don’t say anything you can’t walk back when it comes time to sell the Reid/Senate bill to the House Republicans.

  • dallasdan

    Passing his bill is a start. However, I have waning confidence that the Senate Republicans will stand up against Reid.

  • Coasta

    More fire in the belly please!!!

  • Mad Hatter

    I thought the Democrats and the media called the Republicans the “party of no”? Now that this bill passed with no Democrats on board, and it’s suppose to be “dead on arrival” in the Senate, does that mean the Democrats are now the “party of no”? (cough cough)

  • Annaleesea

    Once again I will tell you the seniors are on to the “you won’t get your SS check if the Repubs have their way”. My rep is the fantastic uni-brow Casey. Does anybody else think he is the stupidest, hanging on the old man’s coat- tails, idiot in the senate? When he talks my ears bleed…

  • Molon Labe

    Boehner can talk tough, too bad he doesn’t walk the walk. The details of the bill are so vague and so useless that it is impossible to predict what will happen. Except I am willing to bet we will see higher taxes, hyperinflation and more spending.

  • http://shelfreliancedenver.com/team/katy/ katy

    HE SOLD YOU ALL OUT! Before any of you get too excited…know that Boehner’s been working behind the scenes with Obama, Reid and McConnell on a 3rd plan that will give Obama enough of what he needs to put the final nail in the US coffin. He knew this bill would be voted down in the Senate and this was all theater. And it will be.


  • jimger


  • bg


    excellent speech Mr. Boehner, and i appreciate your efforts, however,
    the “WE” in Congress are not abiding by “WE THE PEOPLE’S” wishes..


    and direct what i stated here to you, and
    every other member of Congress as well..

    have we been so mentally conditioned as to believe we must
    incrementally surrender more people power to accommodate
    the power brokers?? powers we haven’t an ice cubes chance
    in hell of redeeming by lock stepping to the present course??


    Barry what’s in a name Hussein may have pulled the chain, and we
    may very well be circling the drain, but i for one do not care to assist
    our future generations being outright flushed into economic slavery..


  • http://www.chipbennett.net/ Chip Bennett

    If only he were that impassioned in defense of Cut, Cap, and Balance, instead of this Trojan Horse bill that the House GOP will be made to choke on, after Reid and the Senate Democrats get done with it.

    And if Boehner is angry now, then he’d better buckle his seatbelt with the 2012 primaries get here, because we Tea Party Hobbitsses will show him what made really looks like.

  • Mad Hatter

    #9. Katy,

    If Boehner did sell us out, then he just put the final nail in his political coffin, because he’ll get primaried out in 2012.

  • 2nd Treatise

    Amen Major Kong! He won’t need conservatives when he sells us out with the Reid bill. Both of my Senators from TN are ready to support Reid giving cover for establishment types in the GOP to pass the bill with nearly 100% Democrat support.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Uhmmm… nice speech but Boehner caved weeks ago when he said that he WOULD raise the debt ceiling no matter what! The moment he said that, he took ownership of the whole debt ceiling issue and Obama and Reid just had to sit back, mock whatever he did, and enjoy the show because they KNEW he would raise the debt ceiling.

    Remember John McCain flying back to Washington in the fall of 2008 because he wanted to be seen as the white knight riding to the rescue of the financial collapse? He’s was a fool because all he succeeded in doing was taking ownership of it. And, the Dems laughed at what a complete fool he made of himself. Hey, if McCain wants to take ownership of the crisis, who are they to stand in his way?

    Boehner has shown himself to be an incompetent for the way this whole situation has been played out. He should be removed from the Speaker’s Office and replaced with somebody who let’s all those Marxist/Socialist/Communists in the Dem Congressional Caucus (all of whom play very serious hardball politics) know that he/she enjoys bloodletting and put them all on notice that he/she won’t be taking any prisoners, period!

  • tommy mc donnell

    standing ovation for ignoring the wishes of the people that voted for them. more money for the politicans less money for the citizens who worked for it. politicans 1 citizens 0.

  • coolidgerules

    Annaleesea commented:
    Once again I will tell you the seniors are on to the “you won’t get your SS check if the Repubs have their way”. My rep is the fantastic uni-brow Casey. Does anybody else think he is the stupidest, hanging on the old man’s coat- tails, idiot in the senate? When he talks my ears bleed…

    With any such luck, this Obama boot-licjing salad tosser will be out of a freakin’ job in 2012

  • coolidgerules

    licking… sorry

  • http://mainfo.blogspot.com/ Opus#6@AmericanPerspective

    Repubs better hold the line. Or they are GONE in 2012 just like the rest of the Jack-donkeys.

  • Major Kong

    Meanwhile, what the hell is happening with “Fast and Furious”? Has AG Holder been indicted yet? Yawn….