Speaker Boehner Given Standing Ovation After Passionate Speech on House Floor (Video)

Speaker John Boehner was given a standing ovation after delivering a powerful speech before the vote today. John Boehner noted that, to date, the Senate still hasn’t passed a bill and the White House hasn’t produced a plan of its own, and urged them to immediately “put something on the table.”

House Speaker John Boehner’s remarks to the House of Representatives before a vote on the latest debt limit / ceiling bill. His anger at President Obama and the Senate in his attempts to negotiate this legislation is clearly evident. Aired 7/29/2011.

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  • lakewriter

    Whoa! Didn’t know Boehner had that in him! That’s what I like to see. No more mealy-mouse. Get up, stand up straight and MAKE IT HAPPEN, Republicans. Call it, tell it like it is. Let the people know what you are doing.
    Say what they will, I’d like to know how Reid can say it wont pass the Senate….when he hasn’t even read it yet!!!

  • american patriot

    The left has only one answer.

    More government.

    That’s their one and only note.

    Hard to render to God what belongs to Him when Caesar demands 100%.

  • Major Kong

    Easy John, easy. Don’t say anything you can’t walk back when it comes time to sell the Reid/Senate bill to the House Republicans.

  • dallasdan

    Passing his bill is a start. However, I have waning confidence that the Senate Republicans will stand up against Reid.

  • Coasta

    More fire in the belly please!!!

  • Mad Hatter

    I thought the Democrats and the media called the Republicans the “party of no”? Now that this bill passed with no Democrats on board, and it’s suppose to be “dead on arrival” in the Senate, does that mean the Democrats are now the “party of no”? (cough cough)

  • Annaleesea

    Once again I will tell you the seniors are on to the “you won’t get your SS check if the Repubs have their way”. My rep is the fantastic uni-brow Casey. Does anybody else think he is the stupidest, hanging on the old man’s coat- tails, idiot in the senate? When he talks my ears bleed…

  • Molon Labe

    Boehner can talk tough, too bad he doesn’t walk the walk. The details of the bill are so vague and so useless that it is impossible to predict what will happen. Except I am willing to bet we will see higher taxes, hyperinflation and more spending.

  • HE SOLD YOU ALL OUT! Before any of you get too excited…know that Boehner’s been working behind the scenes with Obama, Reid and McConnell on a 3rd plan that will give Obama enough of what he needs to put the final nail in the US coffin. He knew this bill would be voted down in the Senate and this was all theater. And it will be.


  • jimger


  • bg


    excellent speech Mr. Boehner, and i appreciate your efforts, however,
    the “WE” in Congress are not abiding by “WE THE PEOPLE’S” wishes..


    and direct what i stated here to you, and
    every other member of Congress as well..

    have we been so mentally conditioned as to believe we must
    incrementally surrender more people power to accommodate
    the power brokers?? powers we haven’t an ice cubes chance
    in hell of redeeming by lock stepping to the present course??


    Barry what’s in a name Hussein may have pulled the chain, and we
    may very well be circling the drain, but i for one do not care to assist
    our future generations being outright flushed into economic slavery..


  • If only he were that impassioned in defense of Cut, Cap, and Balance, instead of this Trojan Horse bill that the House GOP will be made to choke on, after Reid and the Senate Democrats get done with it.

    And if Boehner is angry now, then he’d better buckle his seatbelt with the 2012 primaries get here, because we Tea Party Hobbitsses will show him what made really looks like.

  • Mad Hatter

    #9. Katy,

    If Boehner did sell us out, then he just put the final nail in his political coffin, because he’ll get primaried out in 2012.

  • 2nd Treatise

    Amen Major Kong! He won’t need conservatives when he sells us out with the Reid bill. Both of my Senators from TN are ready to support Reid giving cover for establishment types in the GOP to pass the bill with nearly 100% Democrat support.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Uhmmm… nice speech but Boehner caved weeks ago when he said that he WOULD raise the debt ceiling no matter what! The moment he said that, he took ownership of the whole debt ceiling issue and Obama and Reid just had to sit back, mock whatever he did, and enjoy the show because they KNEW he would raise the debt ceiling.

    Remember John McCain flying back to Washington in the fall of 2008 because he wanted to be seen as the white knight riding to the rescue of the financial collapse? He’s was a fool because all he succeeded in doing was taking ownership of it. And, the Dems laughed at what a complete fool he made of himself. Hey, if McCain wants to take ownership of the crisis, who are they to stand in his way?

    Boehner has shown himself to be an incompetent for the way this whole situation has been played out. He should be removed from the Speaker’s Office and replaced with somebody who let’s all those Marxist/Socialist/Communists in the Dem Congressional Caucus (all of whom play very serious hardball politics) know that he/she enjoys bloodletting and put them all on notice that he/she won’t be taking any prisoners, period!

  • tommy mc donnell

    standing ovation for ignoring the wishes of the people that voted for them. more money for the politicans less money for the citizens who worked for it. politicans 1 citizens 0.

  • coolidgerules

    Annaleesea commented:
    Once again I will tell you the seniors are on to the “you won’t get your SS check if the Repubs have their way”. My rep is the fantastic uni-brow Casey. Does anybody else think he is the stupidest, hanging on the old man’s coat- tails, idiot in the senate? When he talks my ears bleed…

    With any such luck, this Obama boot-licjing salad tosser will be out of a freakin’ job in 2012

  • coolidgerules

    licking… sorry

  • Repubs better hold the line. Or they are GONE in 2012 just like the rest of the Jack-donkeys.

  • Major Kong

    Meanwhile, what the hell is happening with “Fast and Furious”? Has AG Holder been indicted yet? Yawn….

  • bg


    i truly believe they don’t care..

    i truly believe they’ve all made their
    beds and are profitting off of them..

    they have absolutely nothing to lose..

    most all leadership on both sides of the
    isle have been in congress for decades,
    and have plenty of time to ‘stash’ away
    so to speak..most all are millionaire’s..

    i also believe most have off shore savings accounts that would, more
    than likely, tend to make the so called “rich” people in America seem
    rather “poor” in comparison.. 🙁


  • Annaleesea

    He’s done. Wants to believe that Obama will save his ass. Not. At.All. ( and I actually work for a utility and they hate him, he’s cooked, put a fork in it..

  • lorne

    On to scene 3. This is great reality tv, it must have taken a long time for the reps and dems to write this script. A great piece of fiction.

  • Major Kong

    Actually, I’ve become even more cynical that I thought I could be. I’ve been trying to figure how the geniuses at Goldman Sachs are playing this thing. Since most of them are big-time dems, they’re going to get behind Obama. So where are they putting their money? Still, if it came to investing AGAINST this country, I don’t think I could. Sucker, huh?

  • Craig

    I prefer Ron Paul’s PLAN

    Ron Paul will vote NO… and explains why in this short video:
    Ron Paul: “Default Is Coming”

  • I am amazed as to the narrow mindedness of those posting on this forum. I cannot believe that ANY American could possibly suggest that the ONLY working program in American history be meddled with. I would hope that none of you here ever need a Social Security check or Medicare because with the present “Boner” thinking, you will not receive enough to survive or to be kept alive. I am still in wonder that after the fiasco over holding America hostage over unemployment that trying it again would ever be a consideration. I cannot wait until the next election so that Americans will be rid of this bullying as a tool to try to push an agenda. Any one that would support what is going on right now should be ashamed to call themselves Americans. I am neither Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I am however, an American and can see when something is bad for the majority of the people in this nation. Some facts for you all to mull over: Forget that your “golden-boy” is trying to pull what he terms as “entitlements” out from under the American people, even though the “Big Three (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid), have nothing to do with the national debt or a balanced budget. Forget that these are not entitlements what so ever, (We are forced to pay these every week out f our pay checks and it is matched by our employers). Forget that these so-called entitlements are fully supported through the year 2038. Forget that the Bush tax cuts have cost this country, in real revenue, more than the 2 wars and the bail-out combined. What are you left with? A crying puppet of the tea-party that has won nothing and most likely is going to lose his and many other politician’s jobs because they did not want to raise a debt ceiling that is usually done routinely, (18 times alone under the Reagen Administration and 17 times under the Bush Administration). 80% of all Americans do not want any one touching the “Big Three”, perhaps you should call your “patron saint” and let him know that he is about to do unrepairable damage to your all ready on life-support party.And by the way, MY facts and figures are SUPPORTED and I forgot to mention that the 80% that I spoke of above are from every race, creed, social, and economic status in this country. The real question is: Why are the Republicans or the Democrats not going after NAFTA/GAFTA, Illegal Immigration, Aid to Illegal Immigrants, Big Oil subsidies, Pay cuts for politicians, Lobbyists, and speculation in the markets? These are the things hurting the American economy, not the poor or elderly. Think about it…..Seriously.

  • Annaleesea

    All of us are old now, we want our parents taken care of, and our children. I’ve worked for 29 years and I am a single mother, they took at least $5000 of taxes out of me every year, Why was it that I paid taxes and 51% did not?

  • Annaleesea

    I want someone to answer the question, now. Why have I worked my ass off and paid taxes for those who didn’t work at all???

  • @DA_Stalker:

    The entire budget deficit for 2011 – all 1.5 trillion worth, is due to Entitlements. Our Entitlement program doesn’t work; it is horribly, irrevocably broken. Our discretionary spending is entirely funded by discretionary revenues. To say otherwise, as you do, is to demonstrate utter ignorance of the state of the federal budget.

    I’m 35; I’ll never see Social Security. As far as I’m concerned, it is nothing more than an immoral, confiscatory, wealth-redistribution tax. It is not my responsibility to fund anyone else’s retirement, and to force me to do so flies counter to the very principles upon which this country was founded.

    “Shared sacrifice” is simply an euphemism for socialism. I don’t want Entitlements. I want to be left alone, and left to my own devices, to provide for my family and to prepare for my own retirement. But I can’t do that, because of how much of my income is forcibly taken from me, and given to Entitlement recipients.

  • lynched1

    @ #20

    Patience grasshopper. Timing is everything.

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  • Craig

    So once again you will be bailing Europe…lol. The politicians have no guts… all they had to do was to say NO to this stupid plan. Ron Paul, explained why in this short video… watch it!

    Ron Paul: “Default Is Coming”

  • Major Kong

    Hey #26, since you seem to think you know most of us here and how we think, tell me, who is it in your mind that we regard as our “golden-boy”?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    DA_Stalker? For somebody who claims not to be affiliated with any political party, why is it that you can parrot the DNC’s talking points virtually word for word? We get it. You’re a troll sent here from DailyKOS.

  • Major Kong

    #34 July 29, 2011 at 8:00 pm
    Mahdi Al-Dajjal commented:

    Too right. Limbaugh played an audio soundbite of dimorat talking heads today and they all had the word “hostage” in each and every one of them.

  • bg


    i think “we the people” are the ones who just got a fork stuck in us..
    you see, by he time elections roll around, Obama et al will not only
    have paid their loyal constituency (corporations, black panthers, noi,
    seiu et al, islamarxist cohorts, etc..) off big time, but many more will
    be on some sort of assistance and afraid to vote against “cutting
    themselves off” in order to just survive so to speak.. yes, it’s a catch
    22, and imho Obama is so far ahead of us that i don’t even want to
    imagine what my dear great grandchilds future will be like.. 🙁


  • patman


    What is wrong wit saying the word “Democrat”, “liberal”, “Socialist ashite Prez loser”??????????

    Say it John! Say those exact words.

  • lizzy84

    He got it done….far from perfect.. yes..but so far in this whole fiasco, he’s the only one that got something done.

    I admire him for that.

  • bg


    yep, Boehner should be given the O award for best performance.. /s/


  • tommy mc donnell

    #28 you did it so the politicans could buy enough votes to stay in office permanently. thats the purpose of the bought and paid for vote. you can be the biggest crook, the most incompetent legislator, the most immoral, unethical person and still get re-elected for ever.

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  • Rose

    Too bad Boehner didn’t write a bill to match his party’s VOTERS to go with that speech.

  • Old Fan

    Boehner grows as a serious proven leader, very mature – responsible and sound. The likes of Ryan, Cantor, etc., are showing us we have excellent offerings via the GOP in the House. Very thankful for their presence and efforts.

    The other aspect, the fashion again shows how utterly ignorant and blind it has become, far from Conservative. And it grows more ironic, as Mr. Ingraham correctly remarks how nonsensical a number of the fashion players have become. As if they did not learn anything from the 2010 Midterms. Ironically, for example one very well known Celebrity whom I had great respect for before the embrace of the Maverick Platform, is talking about targeting Mr. Pence in some kind of desperate vengeance play? This is the same politician who provided populist tax increases on Oil Companies and built Climate Panels before she vacated her responsibility as Governor. Does Mrs. Palin, and a number of others, really have this political tin ear?

    The sophistry displayed by so many, so many we all understandably held in high esteem, created a bigger nose dive. Many missed the self destructive addiction after 2004, but the times were filled with fears over Iraq. Many made huge mistakes on the sound side. But now it is so evident, even more clear than before, there are those amongst us who have fully embraced a self destructive existence – profiting not from pushing serious conservatism, but from playing a game with Our Base. So driven with personal greed, they are actually talking about going after some of the best on Our side.

    It is truly pathetic. No one should be hyping this nonsensical sophistry.

    Time to move on to empower the reasoned and the genuine, serious – substantive conservatism, without the exploitation players.

  • bg


    re: #39 re< #43

    eh, forget the O award, make it the O F award.. /sophistry sarc/


  • Molon Labe

    Old are you employed on K street? Either that or your really Margaret Carlson.

    Hobbits of the world unite and msash the trolls!

    Mordor’s hordes are at your door led by the Old Fan.

  • @Chip Bennett

    Once again I am seeing an arrogant reply from some one that must have themselves aligned with the so-call “Tea-Party”. You and the people like you, sir, are a MINORITY in this country. You rule nothing and to be honest, though you have a right to your opinion, that is what it is, it is a MINORITY opinion. The MAJORITY of this nation does not share in your beliefs of “oneism”. In this nation, MAJORITY rules and MINORITY voices their opinion and it is taken under consideration. We, ie: “We The People”,(The MAJORITY of U.S.citizens) do not agree with your opinion, (did I mention that IS what it is?). We believe that these are not “entitlements at all and have NO problem paying for them. On another point, I noticed that you have done what every “typical” right-winger does, diverted from the REAL issues that I had expressed, (NAFTA/GAFTA, Illegal Immigration, Aid to Illegal Immigrants, Big Oil subsidies, Pay cuts for politicians, Lobbyists, and speculation in the markets), these are “entitlements” and huge mistakes made by both sides of the aisle. As usual with your party affiliation, you attempt to distort my comment and make it about something else entirely and resort to “finger-pointing” and labeling as a way to try to further your agenda. I am an American, I AM one of “We The People” we will not shrink away or disappear. In MY opinion,and that is what it is,all of the present parties should be dissolved and NO career politician or attorney should ever be allowed to make decisions for classes of people that they have NO idea about.