Ouch. Cry-Baby won’t like this.
He’s likely to pick up his toys and storm out of the room.
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Sarah Palin labeled “No plan” Obama a lame duck president in her latest post.
From her Facebook page:

After listening to the President’s press conference today, let’s keep in mind the following:

This is the same president who proposed an absurdly irresponsible budget that would increase our debt by trillions of dollars, and whose party failed to even put forward a budget in over 800 days! This is the same president who is pushing our country to the brink because of his reckless spending on things like the nearly trillion dollar “stimulus” boondoggle. This is the same president who ignored his own debt commission’s recommendations and demonized the voices of fiscal sanity who proposed responsible plans to reform our entitlement programs and rein in our dangerous debt trajectory. This is the same president who wanted to push through an increase in the debt ceiling that didn’t include any cuts in government spending! This is the same president who wants to slam Americans with tax hikes to cover his reckless spending, but has threatened to veto a bill proposing a balanced budget amendment. This is the same president who hasn’t put forward a responsible plan himself, but has rejected reasonable proposals that would tackle our debt. This is the same president who still refuses to understand that the American electorate rejected his big government agenda last November. As I said in Madison, Wisconsin, at the Tax Day Tea Party rally, “We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we are unwilling to pay for it.”

Now the President is outraged because the GOP House leadership called his bluff and ended discussions with him because they deemed him an obstruction to any real solution to the debt crisis.

He has been deemed a lame duck president. And he is angry now because he is being treated as such.

With just days to go before the debt ceiling is reached – Obama still has no plan.



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  1. She has more common sense in her little finger than a whole room full of demtards

  2. LOL Way to kick numbnuts in the teeth. That it is all true is the sad part

  3. Well that lame duck usurper is accomplishing everything he has set out to do. The reason he does not put forth a plan, but states he has put forth a plan, is because he wants America in a crisis.

  4. Amen sister. Obama can take his outrage and hug it tight all through impeachment proceedings. Like a widdo wubby.

  5. Think about it – Obama puts forth no plan and any plan the GOP put forward will not make it through the Senate. Obama is insisting on getting his way, and if he doesn’t, America will be in a crisis that he blames on the Republicans. This doesn’t sound to me like a man who wants to stop spending America into financial collapse.

  6. He needs for the nation to default for his plan to work. His desire is to bring the nation to it’s knees and then mold it back in a European fashion! The GOP had better stand firm or there will be no GOP in two years!

  7. If only he were being treated, i.e. investigated, as the Usurper that he is, and has been.
    But alas, the “Don’t Ask. Don’t Tell” WH Forgery Policy, by the MSM, blogs, FBI, Congress, and GOP, continues…

    Why? Because according Major General Paul Vallely, the word he gets from “Official Washington” is that they won’t pursue it, due to fear of urban unrest.

    We are in the best of hands. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YMBAJGQcEnQ

  8. She said it all.
    GAME ON!!

  9. For all of you a$$wipes that voted for Obama in 2008 to show you’re not a racist, vote for someone else in 2012 to show you’re not an idiot.

  10. #9 July 23, 2011 at 2:55 pm
    Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense commented:



    Widowed at age 30 with 7 children, Susan Daniels went back to school and became a paralegal. Later, she received her Private Investigator’s license from the state of ohio. She’s been in business for herself, for the last 16 years.

    COURAGE LIVES HERE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoQSU09OXO8

  12. She’s right, but being right (correct) alone is not enough to win, either the current negotiation or the next election. The lady needs help.

    Right now, the Repubs and the Tea Parties have a point. However, they are being wildly mischaracterized by NPR, the New York Times, MSNBC, etc.

    The message needs to go to our Representatives and Senators that the Repubs and Tea Partiers are NOT a bunch of “bitter clingers,” but are acting on well-thought-out economic basis. The Keynesian approach is not working, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoxDyC7y7PM
    and we need to try something else.

    This is the list of the House Budget Committee Members.


    Democratic Budget Commitee Chairman Conrad doesn’t quite get it.


    He is confusing tax rates with revenue. The whole point of reducing tax rates is to free up money for use now by private entities, so that, when taxes are collected, more people have made more money, and more taxes can be collected. It’s counterintuitive only if you fail to recognize that private money circulates faster and more often than money that must be filtered through the government.

    These Democrats need to be told that the Republicans have a well-supported economic basis for their position that spending cuts and tax rate cuts are needed.


    These Republicans need support from their constituents to hold firm, because their sense of the county’s economic needs is well-founded.


    And here is just a whole lot of information explaining why the Republicans and the Tea Partiers are right, in this instance. It’s 50+ minutes long. Sorry about that, but there’s just a lot of historical and economic information to be assimilated.

    Why You’ve Never Heard of the Great Depression of 1920 | Thomas E. Woods, Jr.


  13. Obama has a plan. #6 “WW” got it right. Obama plan is to cause fiscal and social chaos. He wants to collapse the economy, he wants racial strife, he wants to neutralize America’s influence in the world. The Communists and Muslims could not defeat us straight up so they are bringing us down from within.
    May God have mercy on us and strengthen us for what is coming.


  15. “We don’t want it. We can’t afford it. And we are unwilling to pay for it.”

    This is the ONLY message any Republican needs to internalize and message in every way to get Obama out of the White House – and it is so interesting that it comes from our best message maker (so far) – Sarah.

    We need only ONE message and we ALL need to get behind it and this is it – I think.

  16. #15 No, what’s REALLY “scary” are attitudes such as your own!

  17. Obama Has Been Deemed a Lame Duck President

    He’s just lame, period.

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