RNC Chair Says Obama White House Fundraising Video Is a Crime – Wants Investigation

RNC Chair chairman Reince Priebus is demanding that Attorney General Eric Holder investigate Obama’s obvious fundraising violation.

The President used the White House to fundraise for campaign cash.
ABC reported:

The Republican National Committee has asked the Justice Department to investigate what it calls a matter of “grave concern:” President Obama’s appearance in a campaign video filmed inside the White House.

“If President Obama recorded the video in the Map Room, then it appears he has committed a crime under federal law,” RNC chairman Reince Priebus wrote in a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder.

The letter attempts to revive an issue Republicans first raised weeks ago but that has failed to gain much attention or traction. Many good government groups and independent legal experts have dismissed the claims.

Still, Priebus says Obama’s use of a “place of official government business” to solicit political contributions is against the law, and that all money collected in response to the video should be returned. He stopped short of calling for the appointment of a special counsel.

The Map Room has been “used for a myriad of official functions, including the administration of the oath of office” and the launch of the administration’s effort to reduce government waste, Priebus wrote in the letter. “As the facts of this case strongly suggest a crime was committed,” he said.

The White House defended their actions back in June claiming their fundraiser was not really a fundraiser.

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    don’t the repubs know that nothing will ever happen in any investigation…you have a lawless fraud and holder running things based on their own constitution

  • ReligionWillDieManWillLive

    First post! Yahoo!

    I think President Obama has the right to use the White House as a seat for political ads. After all, President Bush used the White House as a seat to take a dump on the American People.

  • ReligionWillDieManWillLive

    Since when does a guy with a name like Rinse Proebius have a say in American law? If I’m not mistaken, he is Iranian. That makes him disqualified to live in the US or to participate in elections.

  • A New Liberal

    Actually, ReligionWillDieManWillLive,

    Rinse Probasz is Iraqi, not Iranian as you say.. He is a naturalized American citizen, but his voting rights have been blocked in New York because of felony convictions…

    Get your facts straight.

  • DINORightMarie

    I could barely make it through that hack media assault – they would NOT let the man make a point without reiterating their same mantra “Isn’t it irresponsible” to not take the Obama way?! The “irresponsible one is Obama!!!

    Reince Prebus is another Republican who does NOT know how to communicate!!!! The answer is “IT IS IRRESPONSIBLE FOR THIS PRESIDENT TO USE THIS ISSUE TO FORCE TAX INCREASES DURING A RECESSION!!” Yes it is “irresponsible” – for Obama and this administration to hold seniors hostage, to say we don’t have the money or “revenue” when in fact we do, to use the bully pulpit to repeat these lies until the public think it is true!

    And yes, it is illegal to use the White House working rooms for political ads. Period. This issue only died last week because of this debt ceiling manufactured crisis, Casey Anthony, and the Murdoch attacks in the UK.

    You see, there are too many relevant, important things that go by the wayside, that are truly illegal, vitally important; but there are so many distractions and sleights of hand, so many manufactured crises, that the real crimes are not getting the proper attention.

    This election law broken – 1 example. Fast and Furious – another example (no major MSM outlet is really covering this).

    I can’t WAIT for 2012!!!!

  • patman

    This is where the repubs need to take PR lessons. If the birth certificate thing backfired as bad as it did, what outcome would this little “outrage” create.

    This is why I stopped donating to the repubs…

    Conservative to the core. Tired of stupid stuff coming from our side of the isle.

  • A New Liberal

    Hi DINORightMarie,

    Just because President Obama is an irresponsible political hack, does that make him ALL bad?

    I say no! Just look at all the laws that President Reagan broke: mercenary war in central America, arms smuggling to Iran, lying to Congress. All that, and he’s counted as one of the greatest Presidents the US has ever had!

    So let’s not judge President Obama too harshly now, shall we?

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Their fundraiser was not really a fundraiser and bombing Libya is not a hostile act. 2 +2 = 5

  • Chisum

    ReligionWillDieManWillLive/A New Liberal,

    Go find another sandbox.


  • kansas

    Look at this. Obama breaks the law and trolls bring up Bush and Reagan. Funny. Must be true. Impeachment should be off the table. Arrest him.

  • RS

    Holder… yeah right.

    “Mr. Capone, we believe we have identified some criminals in your organization and would like you to investigate.”

    America has NEVER had a time where corruption of government and media occurred at the same time… until now.

    As Martha Steward might say “It’s not a good thing”.

  • JimmyT

    New Lib–If you are a “new lib”, you are a quick study. You are just a fountain of misinformation. Priebus is NOT Iraqi or Iranian. AND he is not a naturalized citizen. He was born in the Sudan to a Greek mother and his U.S. soldier dad. I would bet he could get actual real birth certs to verify.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    bho WH claimed “…June claiming their fundraiser was not really a fundraiser.”

    gosh-don’t tell me they LIE!!

  • mike191

    If the Press veted President 44 ,with any effort, this calamity around the “fourth estates”neck would never have happened.The press has turned into the “emperor has no clothes”body.You are stuck with him and the self-inflicted damage is beyond repair.

    Post 7,please put down all those “Art Voice Articles” you purloined, in an attempt at humor and political wit.

  • Major Kong

    Investigate Obama? Yeah, sure, good luck with that.

  • A New Liberal

    Hi JimmyT,

    You say “Priebus is NOT Iraqi or Iranian. AND he is not a naturalized citizen.” So then logically, according to you, Probe-us either is not Iraqi AND Iranian (holding dual citizenship in countries declared as axis of evil), OR he is a naturalized citizen (but perhaps denied the right to vote in some other state).

    I stand by the facts.

  • KR

    When all the trolls come out it is a dead give-away what scares the left.

  • L.E. Liesner

    Asking the DOJ to investigate the White House is like asking the fox to guard the hen house. It’s no wonder the RNC is having problems with the grassroots of the party. If Peiebus is only looking for publicity this is a weak effort in that endeavor. This administration has made a mockery of our “nation of laws” principle and turned it into “to the victor goes the spoils” theory. This president promised “hope and change”, he never said it would be good for the country.

  • Trekker

    Asking Holder to investigate anything detrimental to his BFF OCriminal is like asking Bill Clinton to stop lusting after girls 1/3 his age…ain’t gonna happen.

    Better approach is a VERY public hearing in the House.

  • http://www.birtherreport.com CONNECTICUT SSN 042-68-4425

    I wonder if the GOP will investigate this? – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PShOaSm-R0c

    No. It would be racist. They would be accusing a black guy of multiple crimes.