Polls Show That If Election Were Held Today… Barack Obama Would Lose in a Landslide

Enough is Enough.

After destroying the economy, squandering the country’s wealth and bowing to foreign tyrants, America has had enough. The latest polls show that if the election were held today Barack Obama would lose in a landslide.

The National Journal

President Obama’s job approval rating in the latest national polls has been in the danger zone, ranging from 42 percent (Gallup) to 47 percent (ABC News/Washington Post), with every survey showing him with higher unfavorables than favorables. Needless to say, it’s not a good place for a president to be, especially since his numbers have worsened over the past two months.

The race for president isn’t a national contest. It’s a state-by-state battle to cobble an electoral vote majority. So while the national polls are useful in gauging the president’s popularity, the more instructive numbers are those from the battlegrounds.

Those polls are even more ominous for the president: In every reputable battleground state poll conducted over the past month, Obama’s support is weak. In most of them, he trails Republican front-runner Mitt Romney. For all the talk of a closely fought 2012 election, if Obama can’t turn around his fortunes in states such as Michigan and New Hampshire, next year’s presidential election could end up being a GOP landslide.

Take Ohio, a perennial battleground in which Obama has campaigned more than in any other state (outside of the D.C. metropolitan region). Fifty percent of Ohio voters now disapprove of his job performance, compared with 46 percent who approve, according to a Quinnipiac poll conducted from July 12-18.

Among Buckeye State independents, only 40 percent believe that Obama should be reelected, and 42 percent approve of his job performance. Against Romney, Obama leads 45 percent to 41 percent—well below the 50 percent comfort zone for an incumbent.

The news gets worse from there. In Michigan, a reliably Democratic state that Obama carried with 57 percent of the vote, an EPIC-MRA poll conducted July 9-11 finds him trailing Romney, 46 percent to 42 percent. Only 39 percent of respondents grade his job performance as “excellent” or good,” with 60 percent saying it is “fair” or “poor.” The state has an unemployment rate well above the national average, and the president’s approval has suffered as a result.

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  • Reconstitution

    Reagan vs. Carter was supposed to be a cliffhanger according to the media and the polls, but Carter got slaughtered. If the polls show a Democrat presidential campaign with the Democrat losing before the election, the Democrat’s loss will almost certainly be breathtaking.

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  • southernsue

    we just have to watch for voter fraud.

    they have it down to a science now.

  • USMC Thomas

    Wait till the libturd MSM gives it’s own spin.

  • Militant Conservative

    Gee #2 redacted for unallowed vulgarity.

    My, my the Obamabots are sooooooo testy in the

    Morning. Especially when confronted with the failure

    Of their whole world view and belief system.

    Sucks being stupid.

    Powder is dry

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  • Tru

    Civitas Poll 14% drop in North Carolina. 44% approve of the job Obama is doing. 53% disapprove and 4% are undecided or do not know.

    Dem Gov. Bev Perdue 44% favorable 47% unfavorablehold 6% have heard of her but have no opinion and 3% have never heard of her.

  • Tom in CA

    Looks like the chickens have come home to roost!

  • Obama has rigged the election. He may well carry 57 or 58 states.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Yes, that is if the election were held TODAY.

    However, after the wimp-twins Boehner & Cantor gratuitously hand Obama his highly coveted raise in the debt ceiling without making any significant cuts in gov’t spending, Obama and the Democrats will win 2012 elections all across the country in landslides as rank-n-file support for Republican candidates collapses out of sheer disgust.

  • 6Kings

    I am seriously stunned that over 40% still ‘approve’ of this failure in office. Do 40% of Americans like and approve incompetence? Are they even paying attention? Weird..

  • Bitter Clinger

    @chillguy33: Spit coffee all over my keyboard! Thanks for an early morning belly laugh! Can’t wait to see this man child go down in flames dragging the libtards behind him on his lengthy coattails. “Air” Claire McCaskill comes to mind!

  • big L

    I think nr 10 is closer to the reality. On the one hand I can’t see how Obama could have 40 %+
    IT should be maybe 19%. Then again I think of my friends–teachers who have been laid off/teminated, still votin’ for Obama, the blacks, even tho they have been scrod by the donks and lefties still support Obama and 97% will vote for him. The Older seniors feel sorry for Obama and wil vote for him even tho they are getting the shaft. Then there is Hollywood,the gays,the arts, the Mexicans, prob 1/2 independents. all the unions. Certain women voters…The thrust is to create an inveitability. And all the debt talk drives the newsday for months and keeps We the People from focussing on the destruction of our way of life. this is what the Junta wants, to bamboozle the populace. Forget Hi gas prices, all theregulation, the blocking of Oil. thecrazy EPA rules killing electrcity production and on.

  • Cole

    Of all the truly amazing things in life, witnessing average Americans sink into a belief that right wing political leaders are on their side is the most amazing of all. No understanding of a Judas Goat I suppose. Who was in power when we were lied to and falsely led into this war? Who was in power when the economy actually tanked? Who was in power when we first bailed out the Wall Street folks responsible for the the mess? On the other side, which party started Social Security and Medicare that so many depend on? Time to wake up folks.

  • jony101

    next election they need to use that picture of him bowing on every election ad his ratings are still too high, many people in denial and will vote for him anyway.

  • daryl

    Broadcasting from beautiful uptown Washington D.C.
    It’s Barack, Harry, and Nancy singing for your listening pleasure….!!!

    All in the Telepromter
    (Or The Liberals Lament)

    Boy the way that Pelosi played
    Laws that made the country rage
    All the liberals had it made
    Those were the days.

    And they all had money then
    Their Girls loved girls and their men loved men
    Man they could use a man
    Like Jimmy Carter again.

    Had themselves one big welfare state
    No one had to pull his weight
    Did’nt that old GM Volt run just great
    Sho nuff! Those were the days.

  • davej

    Sorry but this poll does not take into consideration the left’s ability to manufacture votes. Acorn is still be funded by Team 44 and the unions are getting their thug thizzle mobilized.

  • Finncrisp

    The polls show how hard it is to kill the “brand” of the president. Utter failures still get support. With Barry, the perplexing part is he has supposedly lost his zealot support. This would indicate not. Otherise he would be in the mid 30% range for positives.

    He is stuck now. because if things get better in real terms, then the inflation and lots of price increases kick in. The way he has crippled oil procduction and exploration, if the economy heats up now, we are looking at 6-7 dollar gas, easily. Higher electricity is also on the way.
    Thanks for nothing, Barry.

    Something is also going on with big oil. They are splitting off refining into separate companies. This does not bode well because that will have impact on cost structures down the road. Overregulation, demonizing, and choking off future supply has consequences. 2012 can’t come soon enough. The concealed damage is even more devastating than the damage that we can see.

  • bigkahuna


    Democraps were the ones who pushed the CRA which led to the financial crisis. The deocrats were in charge of congress from 2006-2010 when the largest parts of the deficit was increased. The democrats passed Obamacare at about 2100 pages that will grow to be over 3000 pages and will kill private insurance. Democrats refused to propose or pass a budget in 2010 when they controlled all 3 branches and they stole GM and wont make the much needed cuts in spending so Yes I blame 90% on them. 10% is the republicans and thats troo much when considering we have 14 trillion debt.

    All the while they were selling guns to Mexican drug cartells , screwing us at Freddie and Fannie and killing the jobs market while claiming he was focusing like a laser for 2.5 years. His laser is broke or he has no clue on what he is hunting. You can decide which.

    You see the difference between the right and left is that we hate crazy out of control spending and taxing and oversized government no matter who is in charge. Thats why the Tea Party came into power like it has. Democrats are morons no matter who is in power GOP or their own communists.

  • Racist polls!

  • ahem

    Media bias is worth 8-10 points for Obama, so even those figures may be optimistic. This could be a tsunami.

    In the next 15 months, get ready for some incredibly evil and irrational behavior from the Left in 2012 as it sees its castle crumble. No mistake, it’s going to be ugly. So ugly it will make you doubt your own senses. But get off your couch and vote Obama out. At every one of his attempts to circumvent the law, stand firm against him. Start educating your liberal friends now.

  • tommy mc donnell

    no matter want the polls show every single democrat still supports everything the myth wants to do. party loyality that would make the old soviet union smile.

  • Cole

    bigkahuna, please get your facts straight. The CRA was originally passed in 1977 and has undergone numerous changes since then…instituted by both parties. The most damaging of which was the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act…again, a bipartisan deal. Even if you blame the law, it was the corporate banks that took advantage wherever and whenever they could.

    As for the Healthcare Reform Act…if you are happy with the current healthcare situation, you are in the minority. For my money, putting the health insurance companies out of business would be a very good thing. Health care has gone insane. Stole GM? If you mean General Motors, they were the ones coming hat in hand, begging for government money. What the hell happened to the capitalistic, private enterprise principle of sink or swim?

    Selling guns to Mexico ? Where was the NRA position on that? ( http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/07/13/nra-to-fight-obamas-southwest-gun-control-push ). Getting screwed by Freddie and Fannie…..someone must have been asleep at the switch, who was in power when that happened?

    I don’t expect you to buy into any of this but please try to be informed rather than just emotional.

  • Ausonius

    I still stand behind my belief that all of those who voted for this bottom feeder should appologize to the rest of us…and put it in writing so it can be passed on to future generations who will also suffer from this fellow’s policies.

  • Ausonius

    I promise that if you stop huffing paint fumes your senses have a better than average chance of returning to you.
    Your distortion of the issue pertaining to the guns going to Mexico is staggering. Obama administration officials, not Bush, were actually facilitating illegal transactions of weapons that then went, under their watchful eyes, to the Mexican cartels. We now know there was at least one other mirror operation sending guns to Central America as well. You would really try to lay that in any way on the NRA?
    The current economic mess is a culmination of a few things which a majority of the blame should fall on democrats:
    1) housing market distortions through govt action leading to a bubble that has blown up with 10% of houses sitting vacant that will take years to fill before prices level out and the hope of increases in values can return. This was resulting from a litany of democrat policies
    2) extended period of sustained, expensive gasoline, a direct result of govt policies largely backed by democrats which were pushed under the guise of environmentalism
    3) the belief in Washington that compromise is necessary to operate govt when in reality part of the idea of divided govt is to limit the ability of the govt to “get things done” without consensus of a diverse group of people who have competing ideas. This would result in a very narrow range of ideas being codified into law which all parties can live with.

  • daryl

    “please try to be informed rather than just emotional”

    No one but a front teat sucking government employee would side with and voluntarily haul as much water for this set of liberal bureaucrats now in power.

    As for facts, Bush’s administration attempted in 2003 to create an agency to oversee Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The bill never made progress in Congress, because of sharp opposition by Democrats.

  • mamagriz68

    Please Lord, let it be so! And please don’t let Romney be the next president!

  • Ausonius

    I just read post #14 and I was wondering how it feels to be one of those relying on Social Security, Medicare and the federal govt in general, knowing it is effectively bankrupt and reliant on borrowed money to keep those checks a coming?
    Whether you paid into this system or not, it was never set up to do what it does now. These programs you praise will without a doubt cease to exist or enslave future generations in order to keep those checks coming. Generations who, by the way, will not retire at 62, 65, or 67 with the “benefits” currently enjoyed.

  • Cole

    daryl, I’ve been the owner small businesses for over 30 years…no government job, no government contract, no government connections. Ausonius, I have never taken social security, Medicare, Medicaid, welfare, unemployment or any other form of federal income subsidy. (I did get a government backed, low interest disaster loan when my house was lost to a flood in 1979 though…repaid in full). There are always two sides to everything. This country is in dire straits and the only hope of changing things for the better requires putting the negative emotion aside and making an honest attempt to see another viewpoint….even if it galls you (as it does me). We need to find some middle ground…in the name of the greater good. I watched an old movie last night, made during WWII. At the end of it, they pitched buying war bonds as a patriotic duty. I’m wondering if that type of individual commitment and pulling together would even be possible in today’s polarized America? Would Help Save America – Buy Your Debt Reduction Bonds stand a chance?

  • daryl

    cole says
    “daryl, I’ve been the owner small businesses for over 30 years…no government job, no government contract, no government connections.”

    If all that be true and you still insist on coming here spouting accolades for obama and his crowd then I can only deduce that YOU SIR, ARE NUTS!
    I agree that the country is in dire straits but since the guy at the helm who sailed the “ship of state” into these shoals isn’t the one who needs to try and sail it out.
    Your man, Nancy, and Harry can blame BUSH all they want, BUT they’ve been charting the course since ’07 and ’09 respectively and haven’t shown me that they know squat about leadership.

  • Sandy

    Sure Obama could cheat his way in but you can’t force excitement amongst a lackluster electorate fed up with Obama. The guy has become a bore and all the lofty speeches have become tantrums wherein everyone is to blame but himself.

    If those who support Obama don’t turn out on election day — its curtains for the Chief.

  • Sandy

    #22 July 27, 2011 at 8:19 am
    tommy mc donnell commented:
    no matter want the polls show every single democrat still supports everything the myth wants to do. party loyality that would make the old soviet union smile.

    Why do you think the Dems have lost the Presidency so often — candidates like Carter, Dukakis, Mondale etc tell the story. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. Lousy candidates keep the voters home.

  • tadcf

    I rarely have time to go back and analyze the arguments which may be posted in response to my statements—because there are so many far-right-wing-ultra-conservative Internet sites to be read. In positing the following comment, the only thing I ask is that whether the assertions be mine or others, divest yourselves of all pejorative thinking and investigate for yourself to find the truth:


    If you want to be entertained, watch FOX, MSNBC, or CNN. If you want to be informed, watch LinkTV or FreeSpeechTV for real news, analysis, and documentaries.

  • daryl

    “If you want to be entertained, watch FOX, MSNBC, or CNN.”

    If you want to be screwed out of your life savings, kids’ education account, and the last dollar your old crabby Aunt left you, vote obama in for four more years of feeding, housing, and clothing the ne’er-do-wells who voted this current pos in last general election.
    Right-wing reality!

  • bg


    still favoring Palin & West, but Bachmann is starting to grow on me..


  • bg


    imho Gingrich has to go..

    here’s one good reason why..


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  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    The latest polls show that if the election were held today Barack Obama would lose in a landslide.

    All the more reason for the GOP to get it right this time.

    NO RINOs.

  • Cole

    daryl – it is all true and not sharing your opinion doesn’t make me nuts…except perhaps in hoping that Americans can come together before it is too late. Unfortunately we may just have to hit bottom before we can start to work ourselves up again. The countries that hate America are loving this.

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  • Ausonius

    No doubt the country is in dire straits. The real question goes to the why. Partisan based fact selection that defends party faction not only denies truth but frustrates the ability to resolve problems.
    I despise the national democrat party as a block because of it’s strict marxist belief system that nearly always arrives at a position that is counter to what is productive. On points that would back individual liberty, they choose the collective. thus smothering the individual. On points that would back society, they choose a most-extreme and radical breed of individualism so as to deny a community the ability to define itself.
    At every step, they get it wrong.
    A close second place to the national democrat party is the faction of republicans, affectionately known as RINOs, who can only be relied upon to screw the conservatives on key issues. For the record, a typical RINO is indistinguishable from a member of the national democrat party once his camoflage is removed.
    I believe that the basis is fundamentally moral, hence axiomatic, hence religious.
    I don’t believe that one group in a representative body has the inherent power to bind an upcoming generation with bills it racks up or intends to rack up, which all of the entitlements do. It is the political class selling out future generations to benefit themeselves with expanded or more certain power over their fellow man. It would be theft if anyone else did it.
    Axiomatic principles do not, by definition, lend themselves to compromise.
    The country is crumbling because of its embracement over time to principles very similar to classic marxism, including its adoption of an atheistic civil order. I doubt we have much time to recover, if that is even possible at this point.

  • Ausonius

    bg: agree with the comment that Bachmann is looking more and more appealing.
    The woman has a lot of guts and says what needs to be said.

  • Cole

    Ausonius commented “I believe that the basis is fundamentally moral, hence axiomatic, hence religious.

    The only thing axiomatic in that statement is the actual word itself.

    Engaging in gross generalizations and defamatory exaggerations (marxist, most-extreme and radical) to put down a set of beliefs you don’t personally espouse is short sighted, narrow minded and dangerous to the health of our country.

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