Oh, Puh-Leeze… “Vile, Despicable” Wasserman Schultz Plays Victim After Attacking Allen West (Video)

Typical lib.
Vile far left DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is playing victim. The vile, despicable leftist received a harsh email from Rep. Allen West asking her to stop attacking him on the House floor while he was not present to defend himself.
So Wasserman Schultz is playing victim.
Oh, brother.

Of course, Wasserman Schultz continued to spew her lie that Republicans are ending Medicare. Democrats can’t run on their record so all they can do is lie.
Allen West was right about Wasserman Schultz… But he forgot to call her a liar.

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  • bigkahuna

    She is a racist skank

  • So a disgraced military officer that sexually disparages a woman is a hero to you people?


  • ohio

    Two scrunts together. How many people were killed from the odor?

    Scrunt is a Yiddish word for “shriveled up, scrooter gold digger, a traitor whose scrooter skill scent kills innocent children”. Looked it up in the Yiddish wiki. Elegant, succinct language is Yiddish.

  • He left out hediously repulsive.

  • I feel like I am in the children’s story The Emperor’s New Clothes.

  • bg
  • correction….hideously…..bears repeating

  • Zoot

    Debbie is a Female Dog. I shouldn’t say that.
    My female dog is a much better living being than Deb and much smarter too.

  • Espresso Logic – The 6th Sense

    I’m having a hard time deciding which of the two skanks is uglier.

  • Terry in GA

    She is trying to divert attention from the fact that OBAMACARE cut half-a-trillion dollars from those same thousands of south Florida seniors, but seniors across the nation remember. Nothing DWS says or does can erase the fact that her democrat colleagues rammed through FIVE HUNDRED MILLION DOLLARS in cuts to Medicare Advantage and American seniors.

    The only hope for democrats to win election in “senior districts” is to spin the truth and attempt to sling the snit onto their opponents. Sorry, Debs, but that won’t happen.

  • justbelieveit

    Did you expect anything less. She is a typical libtard, crying foul because she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar and Col West called her on it. WHAAA he attacked me WHAAA he didn’t play fair WHAAA he left the plantation and didn’t ask permission WHAAA he’s a racis…..well, wait he’s not really black because he’s conservative. These elitist vermin will continue their assult on America as long as Republicans set back and play nice. Col. West took her to task, hopefully it will rub off on the other Republicans. I pray that Col. West will run for president! We need a strong leader and I believe he is it.

  • Terry in GA


  • RedBeard

    Lies and more lies from the left. Predictable as the sunrise.

  • wolf t

    Who voted for ObamaCare(less)? Debbie!

    Whose vote stripped 500 billion dollars out of Medicare? Debbie!

    Who has a problem with a black man? Debbie!

    Who’s anti-Israel and supports Obama’s demand that Israel return to the 67 borders? Debbie!

    Who rubs Miracle Whip into her hair to go with the vinegary personality? Debbie!

    Who is a member of the party that gave America Jim Crow? Debbie!

    Who can’t make up her mind about which last name to use and uses them both? Debbie!

    Who proves not all jews are smart and clever? Debbie!

    Who’s the democrat version of republican national committee head Steele? !

    ‘nough said!

  • RedBeard

    Oh, and yes, Airon’s twisted and desperate attempt to defend the non-existant honor of DWS is also predictable.

  • Stella Baskomb

    ” . . .but she breaks just like a little girl”

  • trulyamazed

    Can anyone tell me what the congresswoman said that was so offensive? I just watched the video…she called mr west “the Gentleman from (his district), and a “Colleague across the Aisle”….she did say the plan he supports was “reckless” was that it?

  • aprilnovember811

    She is vile and ugly. Wasserman Schultz you are a marxist liar, as is the woman sitting beside you. Allen West is right, you are not a lady. You can’t be a lady and a leftist at the same time.

    Don’t ever refer to Col. Allen West as a disgraced Military Officer punk.
    When have you ever done anything but be a parasite off of your fellow countrymen? When have you ever done anything to help your country? All you’ve done is feed off of the backs of the host, the taxpayer. Go get a job.

    Col. West has two daughters, a wife, and a mother. I’m a woman. The one who is mistreating women and minorities by using them for her political gain is that marxist Wasserman Schultz. Shut up with your trying to act as though you are so much for women. Your party degrades women. They only like them if they’re carrying a hammer and sickle. You are going to lose and not only lose, but face a humiliation unlike one ever witnessed. You’re a detestable bunch.

  • Shes opposes Rep West politics, ergo she is racist! She should be ashamed for her racist rant and attacks, now she is trying to drag other people into her racist flame war! Yeah, thats the ticket—lets all accuse her of being racist! Call her office and demand she stop her racist attacks against Rep West /sarc off
    …btw, Debbie, what is UP with that hair??
    Ain’t it funny how all the leftist women politicians are all up in arms over this email—and completely turn a blind eye to the true attacks on Palin and Bachmann?

  • joe buzz

    Team 44 and the rest of the Dems were pushing her out in front of the cameras quite a bit until the “we own the economy” remark. They tried to reign her in but now she is back out there…..her foot will be back in her mouth in no time.

  • Missy8s

    Wasserman Schultz called West a racist and an “Uncle Tom” with this statement…

    First she called him dishonest and a coward with this backhanded swipe…

    “The gentleman from Florida who represents thousands of Medicare beneficiaries, as do I, is supportive of this plan that would increase costs for Medicare beneficiaries.”

    Wasserman Schultz wasn’t being very subtle either with this obvious swipe at Colonel West’s race and outright implying that he is an “Uncle Tom” for being republican.

    “Unbelievable from a member from South Florida.”

    Where is the MSM’s outrage for this obvious racial attack because West is a black Republican???

  • RickS

    I just wish she would get the s**t out of her mouth when she talks. I keep wanting to offer her a can of sprite or something.

  • bigkahuna


    So a fantastic military officer that calls the skank out and disparages an evil woman is a hero to you people?

    Absolutely. As opposed to the low life classless media and Bill Maher types on the left that kneel in front of Obama day and night.

    She is a racist pig…with or without lipstick. She hates old people, kittens and puppies too.

    On top of that she is a cliueless twit with no common sense and is a liar..

    Other than that she is a lovely woman who was beat senseless with the ugly stick

  • trulyamazed

    Aprilnovember…Allen West was Court-Martialed by the army…it doesn’t get much more “disgraced” than that…..and thank you for showing the unhinged side of the conservative movement…making baseless attacks against someone you disagree is a SURE way to help your cause……it is people like you who disgrace the Right in this country…

  • George

    Can anyone tell me what Allen West said that was so offensive?I just read his email. Everything he wrote about her is true. God bless Allen West.

  • RickS

    Airon, he retired from the Army with an honorable discharge as a Lt Col. That’s not a disgrace. And BTW, we like the fact that he fired a pistol next to the ear of a scumbag terrorist. It’s only you effeminate liberals (but then I repeat myself) who get the vapors when bad things are done to bad people.

  • trulyamazed

    @big Kahuna: Excellent satire dude!

  • StrangernFiction
  • mike

    She says shes wasn’t fazed by it yet sits there and whines about it??????????

  • Chris in N.Va.

    Years ago, some friends of ours had two little kids, a boy and girl…. The girl kept poking her brother, even past the point where the mother told her to stop doing it. Finally when she punched her brother in the arm, he did the same to her.

    She wailed and cried, complaining that, “He hit me! He hit me!”

    “Well,” asked our friend, “did you hit him first?”

    sniff, sniff, “Yes!”

    “Well then, I don’t want to hear any more about it. That’s the way life works. Get over it.”

  • trulyamazed

    once again, can anybody tell me what she said in the original video that was offensive…you people are getting all worked up because one of your Heros “hit back” or some such non-sense, when all she did was point out what she felt makes the position West supports a bad idea…that is what they do in Congress…to any thinking person, Mr west’s behavior is unseemly at best, pathological at worst……No wonder Repubs in Congress have even lower approval ratings that the Dem Sell outs…..Can’t we just get back to trying to solve problems?

  • John03

    I’m upset that none of West’s colleagues are coming out in his defense. What are they afraid of? She the CBC out defending her. Are there no other Republicans in congress with a set?

  • John

    After watching Wassermans-Schultz Oct 2010 speech I don’t think Allan West went far enough she is vile and a liar.

  • Conservative Ken

    Wasserman-Schultz needs to be verbally smacked down at every opportunity.

  • Mad Hatter

    This is part of the Alinsky playbook that the Dems use. They attack, slander, and lie about a Conservative. When the Conservative responds, the Alinsky Media and the Dem prep an interview to make the Dem a victim, thus making the Conservative appear that much more of a villain.

    This is a tactic to demonize, and discredit Conservatives in attempt to turn public opinion against Conservatives.

    For the Dems and the Media, Alinsky is their God, and Rules for Radicals is their Bible.

  • trulyamazed

    @ Ricks: yes, Mr West has possession of an Honorable discharge, it was part of a plea deal to make him leave the army after his court-martial…if he had not taken it, he would be in Leavenworth.

  • FLorida Native

    Medicare is on it’s own path to self destruction. The liberals are lying to seniors by not admitting this. She is in fact a vile person and not a lady. Even Obama doesn’t like her. What I don’t understand is why she puts that mayonnaise in her hair.

  • Conservative to the Core

    West needs to learn how to deal with criticism, demonstrate some leadership skills, have an adult discussion and not make it something personal.

  • Chisum

    #24 July 21, 2011 at 12:15 pm
    trulyamazed commented:

    Aprilnovember…Allen West was Court-Martialed by the army…it doesn’t get much more “disgraced” than that…..and thank you for showing the unhinged side of the conservative movement…making baseless attacks against someone you disagree is a SURE way to help your cause……it is people like you who disgrace the Right in this country…


    Got a link to back up your claim that West was court martialed?

    Making making baseless attacks against someone you disagree is a SURE way to help your cause……it is people like you who disgrace the LEFTin this country…

    You are another in a long line of spewing crapweasels.

  • bigkahuna

    #17 July 21, 2011 at 12:07 pm
    trulyamazed commented:

    Can anyone tell me what the congresswoman said that was so offensive? I just watched the video…she called mr west “the Gentleman from (his district), and a “Colleague across the Aisle”….she did say the plan he supports was “reckless” was that it?

    It was clearly a thinly veiled attack on his skin color. It was an attack on the man after he left just like criminals would shoot black men in the back 150 years ago.

    She sent a mob to his campaign office to protest him and lynch him as a black man and a conservative.

    This kind of attitude toward race is simply unnacceptable and he called her out on it and we support this hero and patriot. Its not very green either because now papers will be written, energy wasted on her raicist attacks and responses. She hates the environment and wants to kill the ozone and warm the climate.

    We have to stop the brutal and racist and sexist attacks on blacks and conservative women. They have been doing this for too long now. They claim they want to help the poor and minorities and animals. Yet she hates puppies too.

    Hopefully she will be so ashamed of her racist actions and resign. I doubt it though not anyone from the party of Jim Crow, Hitlery Clinton, and Al Sharpton will stop these racist acts. I mean doesnt she realize that Obama is half black after all ?

  • Chisum

    #36 July 21, 2011 at 12:29 pm
    trulyamazed commented:

    @ Ricks: yes, Mr West has possession of an Honorable discharge, it was part of a plea deal to make him leave the army after his court-martial…if he had not taken it, he would be in Leavenworth.

    Spewing crapweasel,

    Leavenworth? You know this…how?

  • Chisum

    Here’s a little history of the studied attacks Wasserman has made against West


  • trulyamazed

    @Chisum….I don’t have time to do your research.

  • lakewriter

    Airon, you bet he is a hero. Ask any of the troops that he saved from sure death in a planned ambush. West fired a shot near the terrorist’s head (bullet landed in bucket, terrorist was never in danger), scared him enuf to get the necessary info and spared American soldiers from a certain death.

    ummm, Debbie. West cant handle pressure!? Really? Ask him to take you on a tour of Iraq during battle and put you in charge of keeping our troops safe. Once you have completed that task successfully, then you can come back and talk about pressure. Meanwhile, I don’t think you know the meaning of ‘pressure;’ you could learn from West. btw – my bet is you’ll never even board that plane headed for Iraq because at that moment you will experience the true meaning of pressure and outrun the champion runners – going in the opposite direction of the plane. My opinion.

  • This thread is bringing out all the aspects within the Modern American Right that you people claim we Liberals/Progressives are solely in charge of.

    It’s a wonderland of Right Wing hypocrisy and comedy.

    Projection, thy name be Hoft sychophants

  • Chisum

    Wasserman-Schultz is a hypocritical, spewing loser.


    She picks fights and then cries foul when she gets smacked down.

  • Mad Hatter


    The DailyKook website is down the hall, last door on the left.

  • Chisum

    Not my research.

    It’s a demand that you back up your spew. WHICH YOU CAN’T!!!

  • Chisum

    Airhead has taken lesson in passive-aggressive behavior from Wasserman.

    That’s your new “phrase for the day”, Airhead.

  • RedBeard

    Let’s see now… who would I rather have on my side, in defense of my country, my home, and my family? Would it be a whiny lying leftist weaselette like DWS? Or a man who served his country and who was willing to accept the consequences for a battlefield action he took in defense of his men, and would do so again if needed?

    Golly, this is gonna be a hard choice. Do I pick the wimpy liar, or the steadfast man of honor?


    hey wasser man puke…please do us all a favor and stop breathing you vile POS….the entire demoturds actually believe the $hit they spew…unfortunately there are too many moochers on society that believe it too

  • Chisum

    Wasserman-Schultz Resents Allen West for Beating Her Buddy Ron Klein

    Finally, I thought it was truly refreshing that West had the chutzpa to call her out on it. He got fed up enough to fight back. Good for him! I think many people are cheering him on, both R’s and D’s and will contribute to her opponent’s race. She will be beaten this election. And it will be a strong and decisive defeat. People, even her aged and ailing constituents that she has buffaloed for so long, are going to turn on her and vote against her because her actions are inconsistent with her words. Plain and simple she does not tell the full truth.


  • No, Shultz needs to apologize for all the hateful, mean spirited things she’s said.


  • Speaking Clearly

    “As a constituent of mine…”

    Hahahahaha….Debbile cannot help herself from trying to act like a controlling dominatrix.

    Here she is desparately trying to portray her fellow Congressmen West, as a lowly constituent, to make herself appear to be in a position of power over him.

    Hahahahah….these Democrats….are amazing power hungry control freaks.

    We need to vote every single one of them out of our governments as fast as possilbe…and fire the rest of them.

  • Trent

    You need to get your head out of your fourth point of contact and maybe conduct some research before you make a claim.

    LTCWest was never courts-martialed. He received an Article 15 from the Army and retired. I know quite a few soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen who have gotten Article 15’s and were never declared to be disgraced.

    Are you Contessa Brewer incognito?

  • For all of you mouth breathers that are defended West’s actions, just keep your unflinching defense of him in mind the next time anyone even lightly challenges Sarah Palin.

    …………just saying that hypocrisy is VERY easy for all of you to slip into

  • #55 Trent

    Did I ever say he was “court-martialed”? Oh, wait………..no, I didn’t. I stated – and quite accurately – that he was a “disgraced officer”.

    Please learn how to read posts before you comment.

  • bigkahuna

    Airon this is what conservatives have been dealing with years…. Suck on it…she is a racist

  • avery

    Truly amazed commented -What type of Court-Martial did he recieve and why would would he be sent to Leavenworth He save solider lives under him.I recieve a Court-Martial while in Vietnam after that i started moving up the ladder in Rank.

  • Julius Caesar

    Weiner without the Weiner and they promote her because she is a liar of the worst kind. It’s the one quality progressive traitors value most.

  • bigkahuna

    Airhead… disgraced soldier to liberals is a patriot to most Americans. I will take 1 “disgraced Lt Col West for every 100 Limp wristed Obama socialist traitors who hates America, hates our constitution, hates business and profit, hates the military and bows to Muslim dictators, kings and scumbags

    Go give terror trials to terrorists in New York City

  • donh

    Here is the VILE Debbie Was A Man named Schultz conducting a heinous protest in front of
    Alan West’s headquarters where she/he accused Col. West of calling women ” Oral relief stations “… http://youtu.be/ZLRVeuokZmM

  • bigkahuna

    Debbi dumbass is their atatck dog racist because they know one day she will step in it and have to resign and be tossed aside like a dead rat…

  • No Man

    I miss Greenspan! Tho, he needs to get his eyes checked. Look at his wife!

    They need to appoint him to some high-finance poobahhooddom.

    Then, with the Bernank and tax Cheat Geithner we’d have three blind mice running the humongous scam which is the evil Fed/Treasury axis of financial ruin.

  • No Man

    #63: She looks like a dead rat without make-up (the dead rat is without make up that is).

    You, sir, owe every rat in America an apology.

  • avery

    Article 15 is almost nothing.

  • Sandy

    Sounds like Ms. Wasserman-Schultz is desplaying leftist racism and that she wants to destroy Mr. West’s career. Do we ever hear Republicans speak like this? And this vile woman is the leader of the Democratic Party. She is shameful and should resign her leadership but then she’s a Dem so she will get a pass.

  • gus

    Do you LIB FUKKTARDS have any idea what West did to hasten his departure from the ARMY.
    Do you fukking disgraceful pieces of shhit have ZERO morals, character or dignity?

    Nah. You’re LIBTARDS and have no morals at all. You’re clueless and weak.

  • Ripped

    Does anybody take this skank seriously?

  • elmo

    We got rid of a weiner, hopefully we’ll get rid of dick in 2012, now lets start on this cuxt.

  • dnb

    Airon Later: So a disgraced military officer that sexually disparages a woman is a hero to you people?


    A military officer who tries to protect the lives of the soldiers he commands versus someone like maybe you who would choose to be politically correct?

    And re: Schultz, it is proper to allow someone you are referencing the opportunity to answer you back. Thus, she is a coward. As is a president who disparages Supreme Court Justices during a State of the Union address, allowing no chance for rebuttal. Birds of a feather obviously block together.

  • tommy mc donnell

    debbie wasserman-schultz is the standard bearer for the new political civility that obama was talking about.

  • Sandy

    Now the Dems seem to be worried that the American Flag makes people vote Republican. Its not that the American people have a tendency to vote Republican because of our flag. Its just that it reminds us how much the Dems hate this nation and everything it stands for.

    Why do so many people of color vote for Dems when they make it obvious everyday how much they hate people of color?

  • owl

    Well, isn’t this precious. One sneaky liar interviewing a very vile liar.

    I will always believe the reason Tim Russert lied about Plamegame, was to protect lying Andrea’s azz. She was the contact (from Mr Silent Colin Powell & sidekick) that stirred the trumped up mess and the one that interviewed Wilson. She should sleep easy.

    DEM’s MSM little sweetie with her boss.

  • Mrs. X

    Quick, somebody call the WAAAAAAAMbulance for Debbie!

    Seriously, she is pathetic. Far, far much worse has been said and done to Sarah Palin. Grow a pair, Deb, you’re in Washington now!

  • bigkahuna

    I am sorry and apologize to rats for comparing dead ones to Debbie Wasserman Putz.

    dead rats look better and are twice as smart.

  • overthehillbill

    Col West left the Army with Military Honors and full retirement that was due him. He did
    recieve an Article 15 for scaring the crap out of a terrorist dude to save his men. Any
    commander worth his salt would have done the same thing. Scaring the crap out of the
    enemy is not a crime in my book. Any way, how long did you serve?

  • Mark S.

    okay, i’m usually on Col. West’s side, but I have to say I finally caught the clip of W-S and what she said… and other than the usual political rhetoric that she has accused Republicans of doing (time and time again), I’m of the opinion that Col. West took the comment and intentionally blew it out of proportion.

    Did she same something that was misleading? Absolutely (again, i finally watched her entire time on the floor), but I’m going to say that this time, I (personally) think Col. West went too far in his criticism over what she said.

    Sorry Kahuna, but Ive heard “gentleman/woman across the aisle” heard PLENTY of times when referring to democrats talking about Republicans or Republicans talking about Democrats on the floor of the House and of the Senate. There was (IMO) absolutely nothing that implied anything about race or social status in her comments.

    Now if he’s going after her for various other comments from her past history, I have no argument with what he wrote, but in this case, I think Col. West overreacted on what someone “told him” happened on the floor.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    call the RNC offices and the NRSC offices and demand — DEMAND—that they back up WEST-

  • C-Christian Soldier

    # 78 and et al—-
    BTW-to those who believe that W.S . is OK – she back-stabbed West AFTER he left the floor—

    Diss me face to face -OK- stab me in the back – NOT OK!


  • tom beebe st louis

    #50: Unfortunately, the american people, when last faced with the choice between a wimpy liar or a steadfast man of principle, chose the former

  • Rock

    Given the attacks Palin (while still in office), and Bachmann have suffered at the hands of the left attack machine I would suggest Wasserman is just a putrid cry baby. But hey if apologies are what the Left needs maybe Piglosi should cough up a few for her disgusting attacks on Bush and the Right.
    Even funnier She picked Andrea Mitchell’s show to cry on, really the queen of hate, please.

  • Finally someone who has a spine to stand-up and smack-down the lies this idiot has been sprewing, good for West the dem-o-rats of Florida sent mailers out publicized West’s social security number, and his wife’s employment indentification number during the campaign this was done intentionally you can bet this idiot Schultz knew all about it.

  • trulyamazed

    To those claiming that West is a steadfast man of principle: If he received/took an “Article 15”, he cannot be a man of principle.
    Article 15 states:”To initiate Article 15 action, a commander must have reason to believe that a member of his/her command committed an offense under the UCMJ. “…..
    “Disciplinary infractions are breaches of standards governing the routine functioning of society. Thus, traffic laws, license requirements, disobedience of military orders, disrespect to military superiors, etc., are disciplinary infractions.”
    So what did he do to be subjected to article 15? Disobey orders? If he took the officers oath, that means he violated his oath. Man of principle? Really?

  • Rock

    The left has no room to attack any one when it come to oaths of office, none, period, zip, nada.

  • bigkahuna

    Trulyamazed…. If you want to step up to the plate and complain about Col West and try to tear him down you are barking up the wrong tree. The man makes liberals look like pond scum.

    Wasserman Putz is a racist plain and simple. She disagrees with Col West and attacks him all the time, plays victim and is a nasty dog in heat.

    She simply hates strong, intelligent, Patriotic black men. and hates attractive conservative women because she will never be one.

    Racist skank, elitest snob, demented twit, ignorant female poodle in heat.

    How can the democratic party keep this racist in any position period ???


  • AuntieMadder

    Wasserman Schultz: “Waaaaaahhhh waaaaaaaahhhhh! My alligator mouth overloaded my hummingbird azz. Boooooo hoooooooo!”

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  • mcc

    When the lives of his men were in peril, Lt. Col. Allen West was willing to do what was needed to save them, returning all safely home to their families. No, it wasn’t pretty; it wasn’t something the lily-livered find palatable.

    But it was effective. And, at most, one evil man might have messed his pants.

    Now, when the very life of our nation is on the line – attributable mainly to the despicable lies of the Left, i.e., Democrats (a party led, appropriately, by a most prolific liar, one Debbie Wasserman-Schultz) – Congressman West has shown courage once again.

    This time, it was his words that weren’t pretty. They were, instead, the ugly truth. And being truth, the Dems naturally recoiled. Fear must grip their hearts. They might want to stock up on Depends: a true warrior has arrived to do battle.

    About time. There’s a great nation in peril. And more than a few of her enemies should be changing their underwear. Frequently.

  • Vladtheimp

    The test for syphilis is the Wasserman Test – Coincidence?

  • Hedgehog

    If she is the best that the Communists can come up with for a front guy, they are in trouble. Of course they don’t have much to choose from. Who else could they use? Barney Frank? Chuck Schumer? Dick Durbin? Commie pukes.

  • Radegunda

    For three years the Dems have said it’s racist to voice any skepticism about Obama’s agenda or his ability. And they have smeared conservative women in the most vicious, ugly way, with unhinged, irrational hatred.

    Then a blonde Dem-left hack carries out a long campaign of dishonest and hypocritical demagoguery against a courage, principled conservative who happens to be black — because she thinks he’s an easy target and she can’t stand to see a black person off the reservation.

    Finally the man, being a stand-up straight talker, defends himself.

    And all the race-baiting Obamaphiles and the vicious slanderers of Palin and Bachmann et al. are outraged, OUTRAGED at the black man who wouldn’t remain passive under bullying by a white girl.

    Does that remind anyone of an earlier time in southern Democrat history?

  • Radegunda

    West’s record of accomplishment and character easily dwarfs the puny parasite Wasserperson. And she ought to know it. But leftists don’t have much understanding of what real accomplishment is.

  • msw

    wha you all hate ever one that disagrees w/ you?…Thanks guys we are doooomed. Keep w/ your narrow mindedness and love hating liberals. Your movement is nearing the end! Let the insults come I can take it

  • msw

    I forgot to tell you that I’m a gay women and proud!

  • Radegunda

    Why the hateful language toward those who disagree with you? And why don’t you learn some grammar and punctuation and spelling before you try to shame others as “narrow minded”? It appears likely that you haven’t been able to accomplish much, so that’s why you have to be “proud” of what you do in the bedroom. That’s very sad.

  • BurmaShave

    Wasserman Schultz is a victim.

    She has a mental illness and is a victim of its effects; in particular she is a mad rabid blithering liberal.

    PS: She is also, clinically speaking, a vile despicable woman.

  • decentAmerican

    first of all, to the Demokkkrat racist airon who keeps stinking up this nice blog…..are you going to go and criticize the daily vile offal that comes on sites like Kos and Huffington, where Palin and Bachman and West are insulted in the most degrading way by thousands of your reptilian liberal racist friends? No?

    Hypocrisy, meet your brother, Airon.

    But, on to more important stuff. Let’s just speak the honest truth here. Wasserman-Skank, along with her racist Liberal friends (including Airon) just can not stand to see an elegant intelligent black man in a position of power. So they insult and degrade him, call him a “disgraced officer” when he was no such thing, deman him on the congressional floor….. the reall truth is that the only reason they are doing this is because he is black.

    But then, that is YOUR history, isn’t it? Not just “extremist” events here and there, but part of the demokkkrat history.

    Founded the KKK….Democrats
    Jim Crow laws …. Democrats
    Voted against Civil rights….Democrats.
    Called Herman Cain a monkey….Democrats
    called for lynching of Clarence Thomas….Democrats
    Insulted hero Allen West……Wasserman-Skank, Democrat
    Insutled here Allen West…..Racist Airon Later, Democrat

    Nope, not extremist stuff here….this is a TREND. This is your history, liberals. This is who you are.


    History ain’t just ancient history if it’s going on in the present.

  • CommieJuice

    I say it all the time, but I will never be convinced this isn’t a man in drag. No matter how much makeup you smear on this guy, he will never look or sound like a woman. I think representative West went easy on him.

  • Molon Labe


    Disgraced? Ask what his men think of him. He is a hero and his men would follow him to hell.

    You on the other hand would probably sent to hell by men of honor.

    Wasserman is a transgered-transexual skank. She is Wiener with a fright wig. Both are beneath contempt. And people who defend them only diosplay their concept of integrity.

    On one hand we have a hero and on the other skank.

    Guess which one is the Leftist progressive Marxist.

  • bg


    f’n sick world, we live in..

    DWS makes big bucks for “crying” about being justly put in her place..

    while hundreds of BLACK AFRICAN babies are dying of drought driven
    starvation and disease, as their mothers struggle to find safety from
    Islamist Caligula’s.. and these mega $$$ media hosts have the nerve
    to call themselves reporters on top of it all?? gah!! GOD HELP US!!

    THIS IS THE YEAR 2011, what is wrong with mankind?? *sigh*


  • Mark S.

    #80 sorry, but that doesn’t fly, to me…. the floor is in session, it’s up to Colonel West whether or not he’s there to hear the floor speeches. They don’t stop speeches just because one Congressman leaves the floor.

    Again, look at the video of her statement on the floor.. There is NOTHING in her speech that was “vile and despicable” as was claimed.

    Look, I think W-S is as much a scum as everyone else usually, but dammit… if we start screaming “wolf” every time something is said, sooner or later, everyone’s going to ignore us when we really do see a wolf.

  • bg
  • bg


    re: #103

    Chisum #21 = Chisum #42


  • bg


    Mark S. #102

    oh you are so right!! i mean, falsely accusing West of wanting
    to commit acts that would emulate Hitler, to a prog-dem-lib, is
    more like heaping praise upon him.. /take the blue pill sarc/


  • bg


    Mark S. #102

    re: [but dammit… if we start screaming “wolf” every time something is said, sooner or later, everyone’s going to ignore us when we really do see a wolf.]

    i totally agree with that premise, however, and albeit some issues are
    stretched to the point of ridiculous via blogs.. we (assuming you mean
    conservatives) are not the ones who have been, are, nor will continue
    to “cry wolf”..


  • bg


    Mark S. #102

    well, hopefully anyways.. *sigh*


  • msw

    You guys love to attack people who don’t agree w/ you. I am a proud gay women because your movements agenda is to discriminate against what people do in their bed rooms. Your movement will not bring me or other proud gay people down, the country is changing right before your very eyes.

  • Carlos

    Two yenta scrunts.

  • Bewildered

    @Mark S.: EXACTLY. True conservatives I know are leaving the Republican Party in droves just because of this type of behavior…West is doing nothing more than pandering to his base. And it obviously works, judging from the responses here.

  • Mark S.

    Bg.. i’m not saying she hasn’t done it in the past. (as I stated earlier, I still consider her “below pond scum”).. it’s just in this case she was getting blasted for, there’s nothing there that deserved the outburst (again, I watched the entire speech ), other than the usual political rhetoric, and for W-S, it’s extremely toned down.

    When she does that “hitler-ite” commentary, then by all means she deserves to be blasted, and I’ll be right there supporting Colonel West when he does it. but in this case, West is making an issue where there never should have been one IMO.

  • bg


    Mark S #111

    get a grip..


    DWS DID..

    both the prog-dem-lib & rino-right’s axes are
    swinging at West because he’s TEA PARTY..