New Tone: NY Times Columnist Says Tea Party Is Hezbollah Faction of GOP

This must be part of that new tone of discourse we were promised…
Liberal fascist and far left columnist Thomas Friedman says the tea party is the Hezbollah faction of the Republican Party ready to take the GOP on a suicide mission.
The New York Times reported, via AP:

Alas, that is the Tea Party. It is so lacking in any aspiration for American greatness, so dominated by the narrowest visions for our country and so ignorant of the fact that it was not tax cuts that made America great but our unique public-private partnerships across the generations. If sane Republicans do not stand up to this Hezbollah faction in their midst, the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. on a suicide mission. No American politician was more allergic to debt or taxes than Thomas Jefferson, but he also appreciated the need to have the resources to make the Louisiana Purchase and insisted that on his tombstone it be written that he founded the University of Virginia.

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  • Tom in CA

    Now who in their right mind would believe this drivel?


  • Jenny

    Hyperbole much?

  • Ella

    This is laughable. They are terrified of us. We will lower the boom on them in November 2012.

  • Cee

    I am frustrated by the disrespectful way legitimate dissent is being treated by mainstream media. The comparisons being made of law abiding American citizens to known terrorist groups is absurd and an affront to all Americans who are simply trying to exercise their right of free speech. This does nothing but reinforce the perception (and likely truth) that certain media outlets are so biased that there is no such thing as objective reporting anymore – just opinion under the guise of news.

  • Erik

    I keep hearing from the left that Hezbollah is a serious partner to talk with, so I cant see why he would suddenly see them as a bad thing? If the left really believed that comparison, they’d be happy to discuss with the Tea Party.

  • AaronZ

    If sane Republicans do not stand up to this Hezbollah faction in their midst, the Tea Party will take the G.O.P. on a suicide mission.

    So, Friedman is trying to save the GOP? Or does he see that the Tea Party is winning the argument, and now he’s panicking?


  • Rock

    Well you know your effective when they turn their guns on you, go Tea Party. Anyway the Left seems to have some sort of love hate relationship with Hezbollah.

  • Comanche Voter

    The thing you need to understand about Tom Friedman is that, if you read him long enough, eventually he will come down on both sides of any question. He’s not a serious person–but compared to some of the other doofiii (plural of doofus) at the NY Times, he’s one of the saner ones of a rum bunch of bozos. Think Maureen Dowd and Paul Krugman and Frank Rich–by comparison Friedman shines like a polished meadow muffin–not that you can polish a meadow muffin.

  • wolf t

    The New York Times follows the same economic priciple as Congress: Running at a deficit.

    The Times is bleeding as much red ink as Washington with no chance of anyone bailing them out. So who’s behind the hezbolla sucide faction inside the Times? Could it be the ones pushing socialist agendas for America like Friedman, Krugman and Sulzberger?

    It’s time congress gave the American people what they want: a balanced budget ammendement.

    If the Times gave the public what it wants, namely a balanced editorial view, they might just have a chance of survival. But those “3 Amigos” are bent on suicide. For their paper, their country and, despite being jewish, Israel, too.

  • regularguy

    Whew! I’m sure glad we’ve achieved some sort of civility since Obama spoke so elegantly at Giffords shooting memorial. That Indian prayer there sure brought people together.

  • mbabbitt

    To state it simply: Thomas “owns a big house and calls for climate sacrifice” Friedman is an arrogant elitist, so filled with his echo chamber idiocy, you just have to shake your head in wonder. Hezbollah compared to Tea Partiers. Yeah, this by a rich capitalist lamenting that the US is not more like China. He should listen to himself sometime. He’d have a conniption fit and send himself to the Gulag that lives in his mind.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Liberal fascist and confused far left columnist Thomas Friedman says…

    You forgot Commie-loving sack of crap…

  • rbosque

    You can tell these loons are getting really desperate when they get crazier than usual.

  • Valerie

    What’s insane about expecting the government to correct an obvious overspending problem?

  • Caritas7

    Ridiculous! Private-public partnerships “over the generations” made our country great? What a joke! Here is a brief history lesson:

  • Dear NY Times:

  • Multitude

    I’m intrigued at how poorly timed the progressive’s Fascism 2.0 has been. Perhaps Slavoj Zizek nailed it in his contemporary analysis around Marx’s oft-quoted line: “the first as tragedy, then as farce.”

    They had it all going for them: Bush2 was a major crisis-creator. The Obama game’s kickoff was the near-trillion dollar “save the global markets” Bush bailout plan. Obama crafted this into a national seizure of GM, Chrysler and other forms of industrial production. Throw in the control of large portions of the financial sector and you had the foundings of a Post-Reich that even an Austrian artist might smile at.

    Then there was Healthcare and its cornucopia of “pass it to uncover the wonderful National Progressivist Party surprises inside” enlightenment. Strange how Der Obama declared prescription drug benefits to be a demand too harsh upon the nation, yet his PeoplesHealth system that intends to fiscally exhaust medical care from cradle to grave doesn’t even merit a mention.

    But strangely, something happened these past six months. If the intentionality was immediate collapse, someone (Geithner?) didn’t put enough gas on the fire. Perhaps we should blame it on the inexperience of the Progressive Ministry’s Leader himself, having had experience insufficient to pull this off. As such, I believe there’s significant truth to this explanation. Timing any complicated structure and its delivery of products, services, “surprises for the little people”, etc. is a bitch even when you have decades of experience. For a community activist and adjunct lecturer on law topics for night school undergraduates, getting this timing right is beyond realistic expectation. Soros and friends certainly hired a Zero — a blank check, a total unknown and untraceable poseur — but with that comes the cost of a Zero’s inexperience and ineptitude in handling complex timings.

    If things continue as they’re uncovering, the timing error not only represents a significant failure of those who sought this manufactured crisis as a means to clamp down on the middle class using progresso-fascist controls, but there may even be further opportunity for counter-action that exposes critical vulnerabilities in the fascist Left’s strategy. While I doubt Boehner and the other hired clowns in DC have any capacity to evaluate this level of engagement, I’m hopeful that others are prepared to approximate a Krav Maga technique and make the progresso-fascists pay for their assault upon American constitutional society and its middle class.

  • Old One

    The smell of the left’s fear of November 2012 is so strong it is discernible to all but the terrorstruck leftists at the NY Slimes.
    The left is hemmoraging and the blood of the mortally wounded beasts & demons of the progressivism. The left’s gushing wounds are coloring the political waters deep red. The TEA Party organizations that bloodied the democorrupts in 2010 & proclaimed dead by Dingy Harrt & the chatterisng classes are lobing relentlessly firing political harpoon deep into putrifying flesh of the the debauched leviathan that is progressivism alias liberalism.

  • jorgen

    Socialism is a brain disease.

  • NYTIMES is Mein Kempf of the Left….

  • Valerie

    Funny he should use the example of the Louisiana Purchase. Does Mr. Friedman know why France was interested in selling that land to us?

    Hint: it has to do with money. France had been overspending.

  • WJoy O

    Maybe Friedman should move to China since he loves it so much. China’s leaders aren’t afraid to make decisions about their citizens’ daily lives and the length of their citizens’ lives. Plus, China doesn’t have a Tea Party…the Communist Party is China’s only Party.

  • It is amazing that any intelligent person could compare average Americans who are simply disgusted with the ineptness of their government to a murderous terrorist group. It exposes an unbelievable ignorance.

  • Redwine

    Friedman is a stinking Soros lackey.

  • Atlas Shrugged

    After careful consideration, I think it’s time to shut this country down for about six months. We’ll see how many of these arrogant leftist parasites survive after the stores empty out and they have to fend for themselves.

  • mcc

    Maybe a few Ronald Reagans will stand up to these commies in our midst:

    The real task for Republicans in Washington — and for those campaigning for the Republican presidential nomination — is to push the idea of a socialist America over the cliff.

    Yes, the elites will shriek. In the 1980s they insisted that Ronald Reagan was going to bring on nuclear war. Today they insist that Republicans will cause a financial collapse.

    The task at hand in this debt ceiling brouhaha is not about the debt ceiling at all. It’s about changing conventional wisdom, of bringing a decades-long experiment with socialism to an end once and for all. Of establishing — some would say returning to — the recognition of the moral and economic superiority of a free-market, entrepreneurial, budget-balancing way of life.

  • Matt

    A domimant leftist media from a failing paper like the New York Times to have a wacco leftist like Thomas making a comparison to hesbalah and tea partiers is disingenuous at best. I hope that we as Americans and consumers realize that people like him are being exposed as the socialist left that they are. Big Govt. Maggie Thatcher once said that Socializm is a great idea until you run out of everyone elses money. Thomas Jefferson said that a govt that grows uncheck becomes taranacle. I hope my spelling is close but you get the drift.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    if you don’t believe what liberal america believes you not an american with a different opinion, your an enemy. in the free country you can’t live differently than liberal america. the role of government in a liberal country is to make everyone do what the liberal wants whether you like it or not. in short to tyrannize the non-believer.

  • Garrison

    I’m embarassed for the New York can they get any more convuluded amd disillusional.

    I seen this happening along awhile ago but not to this extent.

  • Radegunda

    I’m not embarrassed for the New York Times. I’m disgusted by the New York Times. It’s been a dishonorable institution for a long time. I disdain the people who regard it as sacred writ.

  • Rose

    We all knew they were dancing with glee at the news of the Oslo bomber, to use it for this opportunity.

    It shouldn’t surprise us. If we think about it, we know what it really, genuinely takes for them to gain this opportunity, in the first place.

  • Rose

    #30 – Pray tell where do you get the notion that the NYT is DELUSIONAL about this?

    You think they don’t know the Tea Parties better than the Tea Parties know themselves?

    CON ARTISTS ARE NOT FOOLED BY THEIR MARKS! Good Grief! When did Charlie Brown ever fool Lucy? Get a grip on yourself.

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  • Presnit Obluff

    Straight up Alinsky!

  • No Man

    That is why I cringe whenever I see an imbecile reading that fish wrapper.

  • a former dem

    LOL, Tommy Friedman still works? I thought the multimillionaire would be able to buy some sense with all of that money.

    So first, he’s admitting Hezbollah exists and is bad?

    and second, he’s admitting the Tea party exists??

    Seriously, Tommy, if you want to see irrelevance, please look in the mirror, and this is coming from a former reader of yours.

  • Arch

    Thomas Friedman is a far left wing cheerleader. If he really thought the Tea Party was destroying the republican party from within, he would say nothing and let it happen. The fact that he is making these public accusations speaks volumes.

    America is moving rapidly away from Friedman’s socialist agenda. What a columnist at the New York Times thinks is irrelevant and he has no idea what to do about it.

  • Terry Gain

    it was not tax cuts that made America great but our unique public-private partnerships across the generations.

    Public-private partnerships is a euphemism for corrupt arrangements. What made America great is abundant resources and a once industrious people. Resources so abundant that not even corruption and incompetence couldn’t prevent wealth from being created. But it has now been destroyed by the kind of idiot who thinks $330,000.00 do-nothing government jobs (like the one for his wife) grow on trees.

  • justavoter

    It’s amusing to see the name calling of the only crowd in our political system that could actually save us from a credit downgrade not to mention the only true and viable way to save Social security but I digress.
    If I am a terrorist as I am being painted then I say push the friggin button on another incumbent cleansing when voting in 2012, across the board.

    It’s pathetic when the American citizens cannot clearly see that our current administration is acting like zealots in having tax increases across the board.Their attempts to do away with the Bush tax cuts proved that being those tax cuts we’re aimed at people making 100k to 200k at about a 2/3 ratio over increases for the rich.This administration knows the money in the much,much broader middle class range is where the cash is at and will stop at nothing to get their hands on it.

    As for the leadership in the GOP, I have been proud of their work and steadfastness over their numerous plans put forth on this debt ceiling.The apparent buckling on this latest plan shocking, does nothing but dole out the money with no guarantees of spending reductions to the degree that we all know is needed to save SS.Forget about the credit rating downgrade, our leadership on both sides of the isle has put us into the position that makes that downgrade, across the board nearly a certainty.

    As a newly minted member of what those in the” press call me”, a terrorist of some sort, I am urging everyone to show up in 2012 and vote out any incumbents who voted for any plans that didn’t call for steep spending cuts, they are easy to spot even though the out of touch leaders think we are to stupid to know better.

  • John21

    Well if that is true, they must love the Tea Party because the surely do love Hezbollah or any other anti – joooish group.

  • bg


    “what the fascist left have been aiming for is to “equate” good with evil..
    that’s the only way they can appease their conscience in the face of the
    harsh reality they are trying to escape from because it does not fit in with
    their ideological utopian matrix.. if there is no good vs evil, then all is good
    even if [the] all is evil..” – bg


  • bg
  • tommy mc donnell

    when you see articles like this you get an idea of what the journalism schools must be like over the last forty to fifty years. complete marxist propaganda mills.

    we need to take our institutions away from the marxists that have co-opted them.

  • Jim

    Oh?? Would Mr. Friedman be suggesting that the Tea Party is to the RNC, what the KKK was to the Democrat party, way back when?

  • Fred Beloit

    Why, Tom Friedman, you sly fox and snake in the grass, don’t you know that you are insulting about half the population of the U.S.? Oh, you do know but don’t give a sxxx.? You forget that this voting group took over the House in 2010 for the Repubs. You must really hate your extreme-left employers to publish such hatred in their newspaper. Look what you and your pseudo-elite friends have done. You are helping to bankrupt your employer. How’s the circulation doing now by the way?

  • bg


    albeit GP has posted about peripheral dealings re: Rep. King Hearings,
    GP has not posted, to my knowledge at any rate, a thing pertaining to
    the “substance” within..

    here is the latest..

    [“This coordinated and ongoing recruitment and radicalization of young
    Muslim men in the U.S. is a serious and growing threat to our homeland
    security and simply cannot be ignored.”]


  • Roger

    Lets stop calling the MSM the MSM. Lets start calling them “COMEDIANS”

  • Lee

    Love these comments. Let’s be outraged at Friedman’s analogy right after he’s introduced as “liberal fascist”. To quote comment #2: “Hyperbole much?”

    Also in regards to this label of “MSM”… what’s the No. 1 news channel? It’s Fox News. If that’s not mainstream than please look up mainstream in the dictionary.

  • Stuart

    Yes Jefferson bought The Louisiana Territory, but he paid 15 million for it, not 15 trillion. Moreover, Jefferson bought a hard asset, land. He did not spend that money to promote massive theft, lies, empty promises, and all of the other ephemera that accounts for todays national debt. He bought it so America could expand into a nation, exceptional in the world. He did not buy it to turn it into a thief infested nanny state.

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  • bg


    Lee #49

    sue me..


  • tommy mc donnell

    anybody think the new york times is the hezbollah faction of the democratic party-liberal media complex?

  • Cathy

    I would like any one of the media to point out what tea party supporter has done the following:
    Beheaded an enemy
    Lobbed bombs over to neighbors
    Used kids as human shields
    Set off a car bomb
    Promoted distroying any country and its people
    Use terrorist tactics to get their way…

    Just one name of anyone who supports the tea party…. just one….

  • AuntieMadder

    Yep. ‘Cause a bunch of citizens who don’t want their taxes raised even more are exactly like genocidal terrorist groups. Exactly.

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  • MJ

    This is just another piece from a pro-flag burning p.o.s.

  • Roy Merritt

    Thomas Friedman is spot on with his estimation contrary to what the majority on this site might say. Just think for a minute if any of you are capable of thinking without being informed on the GOP talking points and what you must say. These Tea Party fundamental radicals posing as politicians are willing to push the world into the abyss of another Great Depression. Don’t you people realize that you will be victims of this debacle just as everyone else? Wall Street has now decided to intervene and try to appeal the sheer lunacy of what is taking place. These people are as I said Fundamental Christians who long for the “End Times” and the return of Jesus Christ. I assume you must not have any seniors in your family or simply don’t give a crap about them. If you are under 54 you are going to feel it big time. Do you give a crap about paying our troops or disabled veterans such as myself who were damaged in these wars of adventure you guys love so much but are not willing to involve yourselves in? I went to Vietnam and served my country and plenty of you don’t have any problem with calling me every kind of traitor you can conjure up simply because I don’t agree with your lunacy. Frankly I think all this wretched behavior is due to racial animus. You people just don’t like the idea of a black man (At least a half black man) holding an office you think is only reserved for a white man. Don’t deny it I remember seeing the picture of Obama as a witch doctor and a bone through his nose at Tea Party rallys. You people want another civil war. You want chaos and riots in the streets hoping against hope the military will seize power for you are at heart all totalitarians. Don’t deny it I recall a Republican operative writing longingly about a coup by the military against Obama. That’s what you want. Have any of you people ever heard of “The Business Plot” when the GOP and a number of wealthy people such as the Duponts conspired to have retired Marine General Smedley Butler to lead 500,000 veterans to march on Washington and force FDR out of office. Fortunately for the nation Butler, who did not admire Roosevelt, was still a patriot and revealed the plot. If I had been Roosevelt I would have had them shot for treason, but he didn’t do a thing but warn them of the consequences of their actions. Now you so and sos know how I think. I shan’t ever post a comment again on a site such as this a forum for a nest of vipers. I don’t doubt some of you people are Anders Breivik in the making. Adios.

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  • coffee2bsmelt

    I’m a British guy reading this, but is not the ‘4th July’ to celebrate the independence fought for to be free of colonial rule of Britain, the main ‘straw that broke the camels back’ being unfair taxes which were too high? …. It’s amazing how some people in positions they don’t deserve obviously have the power to re-write history

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