New Tone… Newsweek Editor-in Chief Says Republicans Are “Suicide Bombers” (Video)

Here’s more of that “New Tone” we were promised…
Newsweek Editor-in-Chief Tina Brown called Republicans suicide bombers yesterday because they would not allow the democrats to raise taxes on American workers and spend more taxpayer dollars.
NewsBusters reported:

Newsweek’s Tina Brown compared congressional Republicans to suicide bombers on Wednesday’s Morning Joe after lamenting their refusal to agree to the tax hikes demanded by Democrats. “I think they’re the suicide bombers in all of this,” said Brown.

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  • wanumba

    Pretty obvious who’s on the first run email narrative list.

  • templar knight

    That’s ok, I think shes a dirty whore for the Obama Administration.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    That’s OK I see everyone in Manhattanstan as a terrorist responsible for the worst attack on America in history. It’ll stay that way until we see some people going to prison and losing all their crap.

  • Harrison

    Wasn’t Newsweek sold for $1? You get what you pay for.

  • Finncrisp

    There is this notion that Government cannot under any circumstances provide better services for less money. It is what business does all the time to remain in business. This whiners need to start actually thinking about that aspect of the problem instead of literally throwing money instead of cognitive thought at the issue. Never raising the debt ceiling would be the best option of all.

  • wanumba

    Her transformation of NEWSWEEK from just crappy partisan news to pure science fiction could be considered an act of suicidal terrorism on what’s left of the shreds of cred for journalism.

  • bg
  • gus

    Yes, we have our guns to the head of American people, as we strap on our suicide bomb vests.

    And our middle name is Hussein.

    Folks do you recognize that the LEFT hates you and wants Communism yet??

  • KR

    I hope the slander/libel of conservatives & GOP get more and more outlandish.
    Maybe some of the sheeple will wake up.

  • Charlie

    Man, Newsweek must be really desperate for subscriptions. I wonder if they will make it out the year.

  • Rock

    The hateful rhetoric from the violent Tea Party. What? What, say that again, she’s a Lefty? Can I get a do over, please? Anyway you can scrub this, I thought I was at Huff Puff Blow.?

  • gus

    It’s gone beyond absurd.
    If Republicans don’t agree to borrow more money they have a gun to AMERICA’S head.
    If Republicans don’t raise taxes they are suicide bombers.

    Did I miss anything?
    Folks LIBTARDS are our enemies, what do you think they think of you? Do you get it yet??

  • Faye

    This is getting more and more bizarre with the rhetoric and dangerous name calling from the socialist democrats.
    I heard a caller on a conservative radio program practically breath fire as he called the host and other conservatives terrorist via Chris Matthew’s talking points.
    This is going to get ugly and when a few of these seriously deluded sheeple turn violent on innocent conservatives you know who the socialist msm will blame. The victims or Rush and Palin but never the perpetrator nor those who are spewing this hate filled talk.

  • StrangernFiction

    Demonize………..than do away with.

  • http://facebook 1hatlady

    I am beginning to see that there are many people out there that see themselves as progressive. I see them as poor left wing nut jobs that need to spend some time at the funny farm and get well. They are splitting our nation with their idiotic nonsense. It is the economy that needs fixing! Calling Republicans terrible names only makes them look worse. When are they going to realize that the American public has awakened and are not believing their ranting. The American public is much more intelligent and schooled then it was 50 yrs ago. Citing the people as stupid sheep only will make them angry and give the Democrats a back lash they will never forget. We are broke! Democrats take heed to what you say about anyone. We do not easily forget being told we are stupid sheep.

  • mg4us

    Newsweek is a joke and Tina Brown is an Leftist Liar and whore. . .

    They should have asked her “Newsweek piled on the debt and looked what happened, so why are DemocRATs trying to do the same with the US economy? Isn’t the Republican approach to cutting spending a better option?”

    By why don’t “reporters’ call her on her language as not keeping in tone with the wishes of Dear Leader. . .oops, forgot, those are the wishes of “they bring a knife, we bring a gun” Obama.

  • bg



    pardon if a repeat:

    ht Mike H.

    ‘No drama’ Obama losing his cool

    [Something unexpected happened along the president’s breezy cruise
    to re-election. “No drama” Obama is suddenly looking about as calm as
    Jerry Lewis in a French film, about as brave as Ted Kennedy after an
    evening drive through Chappaquiddick. Witness Team Obama’s recent
    panicky behavior.]

    and please note: written by President Obama’s cousin??


  • Valerie

    This is a person who, at minimum, should be reminded that the Republican recommendations for handling the current economy are not new, and have worked well in the past. Further, the Democratic recommendations have been tried, before, and resulted in much the same situation as we find now.

    “In 1920 the United States economy went into a sharp decline in the aftermath of the Great War. The Depression of 1920 is often forgotten because it is overshadowed by the Great Depression and the 1920 Depression lasted only a short time.”

    The 1920 Depression was short, and gave to the highest rate of employment this country has ever known. It was handled with tax and spending cuts.

    The Stock Market Bubble burst, and was handled by increased spending by the government, and led to the Great Depression, which did not dissipate until after WWII.

    After the Housing Bubble burst, the plan was to try spending on the scale of WWII in hopes of stimulating the economy and reproduce the results at the end of WWII. Instead, we got a lengthened depression and higher unemployment.

    Tax cuts in the Reagan and Bush administrations were not accompanied by the full measure of spending cuts, in part to satisfy the Democrats and more parochial Republican interests. There’s a lesson to be found in the response of the economy to both budgets.

    We can call it a nice try, but we cannot call the Stimulus a success. Demonizing the Republicans is not going to make the Stimulus a success.

    Calling everyone who recognizes merit in the Republican proposals a Conservative or a Racist is not going to make the Stimulus a success.

    Calling the Tea Parties “the radical wing of the Republican party” is not going to make the Stimulus a success.

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  • wanumba

    Tina Brown was the *genius* who ran Princess Diana computer aged to 50 on the cover, next to a photo of Kate Middleton.

    Talk about ghoulish. The first time Lady Di’s image resulted in a precipitous sales drop. Brown’s a little high society terrorist in her own right.