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  • Andreas K.

    I’m pretty convinced that GBTV will be a success. I’m going to subscribe in August. Not much sense doing it now, considering I’ll be gone to Japan next weekend.

  • Ginger

    Look at all of the brain dead/liberal/communist/TRAITORS in that video!

  • obfuscatenot

    Celebrate? Hmm? Thought Glenn was a total nut job and not worth listening too? Why celebrate if you consider him such a loser? Hilarious.

  • Ginger

    Have a good time in Hell you scumbags! :)

  • Keith

    Very cute how they believe they are are the reason Beck has left TV.

    They clearly are not listening to what Beck has been saying for more than a year now, or else they would be very worried about the influence he is about to have and how the game is going to change.

  • Mad Hatter

    Listen to all the Alinsky children talk about who their next target is going to be.

    The Soros funded Media Matters motto,

    “Free speech for us, but not free speech for you if you disagree with us.”

  • Txn4ever

    Nice shirt dude did your mommy forget to iron it? I mean your room mate.


  • Alana

    What’s wrong with them?

    When I was growing up, there were different points of view, and people accepted that.

    Now we’ve got grown people who live for the joy of making sure someone else (many someone else’s) can’t be heard.

    I wonder, do they love their slavery that much? Because it seems to me that people who refuse to hear other ideas (or have others hear them) are intellectual slaves, in a way.

    Why do people want to make sure neither they (nor anyone else) can hear anything they think they don’t want to hear?

    The connections Beck has made on his program are real; not conspiracy theories.

    These people would prefer that no one hear about Van Jones’ politics, to name just one example.

    My question is: How can grown people be so eager to NOT learn, not hear? Not even hear, then reject.

    People are free to reject what they hear. But these people want things shut down so no one can hear any other point of view.

    That strikes me as very unscientific and anti-intellectual, and it didn’t used to be that way.

  • BarbaAZ

    I’ve usally had a good opinion of Glenn Beck. I watched on the internet while Glenn Beck gave his preview of what he intends for his GBTV. My only objection at this point in time is that he hired the woman who was responsible for the successful business end of Huff PO. He announced and introduced her that way which is being honest. She worked for the Huffington Post. He and she said it didn’t matter that she was a Liberal. I guess I think it does matter. Maybe I’m being overly picky, but it seems kind of peculiar to me. What does anyone think about this? Am I the only one who thinks this is strange?

  • LibsRMorons

    They think they are winning, but far from it. They have no idea whats coming and how they will be soon be marginalized to the huge nothings that they are. 2 years ago they were top dogs, it seemed everything was going that way. Now they are nothing, but a huge pile of smelly dog poo with flies circling.

    Enjoy the party, there wont be many more to celebrate when the adults take over and the Tea Party makes sure it does!

  • BarbaAZ

    usually not usally. ULP!

  • LibsRMorons

    Barb, since this last Presidential election, I cant stand to be any where near a liberal and I have some in my family. They make me sick. So if Beck hired a liberal, he hired the enemy.

    Like you, I think that is very foolish and he will soon regret that decision.

  • Mike W

    What shmucks. Without the constrictions Beck is going to be He!! on wheels after the progs. Laugh and celebrate while you can fools because the last laugh will be the best and that will be when you are gone.

  • JoeAstroturf

    Fox Nation had this on how to do away with Media Matters.

  • a former dem

    All I see there is white people, what a bunch of racists.

  • TammyChicago

    What a bunch of D-bags. Typical from the Puffington HO.

  • BarbaAZ

    Thanks LibsRMorons. She looked a little uncomfortable throughout his preview. Maybe Glenn thinks he can magically influence her to turn from Liberalism? It doesn’t make any sense to take the chance. I don’t trust Liberals either, so as you say, Good Luck with that!

  • a former dem

    I liked watching Beck many times, learned a lot from his programs, but sometimes his hypocrasy is glaring.

    exmaple, he invites Jim Rogers on his show, now Jim Rogers was partners with guess who???? george soros in the 70s/80s, they ran the “Quantum Fund” together, made lots and lots of millions of dollars. Yet, Beck doesn’t bring this up once, I understand why, Rogers is his own person now, and it would be rude to ask Rogers about Soros to sort of spring it on him… but it just made me think, did Beck know this info?

    Beck goes on and on about Soros, so I wonder if he saw rogers in any way connnected to Soros, considering they were partners in a very influential and rich fund.

  • PmBasse

    Nothing worse than to watch lame, stupid and ugly nerds trying hard to celebrate anything…BORING! I would rather watch paint dry…CHEERS..Im celebrating INDEPENDENCE DAY with right wingers who know how to CELEBRATE here in TEXAS!!

  • Redwine

    Soros’ puny losers.