It’s Worse Than We Thought… Obama’s Dead Parrot Economy Actually Lost 26,000 Jobs in June

Can you say Double-Dip?
Barack Obama’s trillion dollar stimulus did not just fail… It failed magnificently.
The dead parrot economy actually lost 26,000 jobs in June rather than creating 18,000.

The New York Post reported, via JWF:

The Labor Department officially announced that only 18,000 jobs were created during the month of June compared to May’s levels. That’s considerably below the 157,000 jobs that payroll-processing firm ADP said on Thursday were added by companies in the private sector.

Our economy is said to need at least 150,000 jobs a month just to keep up with people entering the workforce. So even job growth of 150,000 isn’t good enough.

Worse, not only are newcomers trying to find positions, but there are also 7.084 million fewer jobs in this economy than there were at the 2008 peak. So people who’d like to get their careers started are competing against millions of experienced job seekers looking to just get back into the game.

Now for the really bad news: that 18,000 gain announced by the government yesterday isn’t real.

For one thing, the number of jobs increased in June only because the Labor Department simultaneously revised downward the number of jobs that existed in this country during May. It’s like moving the fences at Citi Field so the Mets players can hit more home runs. It might make Jose Reyes feel better, but it doesn’t actually make him more powerful.

Without the fence-moving operation in the May employment report, the June number — yesterday’s number — would have shown a decline of 26,000 jobs.

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  • Old Fan

    YEP, the disastrous Democratic Party strikes again, just like the old Carter Malaise and the Clinton Malfeasance (like trying to Nationalize Health Care behind closed doors).

    There is nothing surprising from the Democratic Partisan disaster. The failure is as predictable as time. They did the same foolish destructive nonsense in LA, MI, CA, NJ, NY, etc. Massive regulation, taxation, spending, which drives the cost of living up for all, and only rewards their Political Machine at the expense of all else – crushing the economic health of all.

    But what is surprising is the overt juvenile sophistry coming from Our Own side, who were proven wrong yet again about the Republicans. The fashion said Boehner and Company will “roll” and they weren’t even close yet again. We expect the emotive nonsense coming from the disastrous Democrats, but to see time and again the sound Side embrace this reactionary fantasy is just pathetic. Even the mighty EIB is playing the fashion to the hilt, getting it totally wrong. Conservatism is based on reason, facts, logic, objectivity, honesty, substance, optimism, etc., not an image-identity fantasy seeing the very worst in all.

    We best get Our selves together, or we may see some foolishly enable the opposite yet again.

  • southernsue

    i am not surprised.

    he needs to go along with his evil, anti-American, Israel hating ilk.

    i will never vote democrat again! this party has been hijacked by the commie left, there is no more democrat for the little people anymore. these democrats have allowed our country to be virtual sold to the highest bidder.

    i will vote for whoever will be on the republican ticket even though my candidate is sarah palin. we as a country have to stay united and vote out this destructive bunch of people that are using the democratic party as their vessel to get their evil and destruction through.

  • a former dem

    Zerohedge has the rest of the story.

    also for May, remember the “bump in the road” only 54K jobs created, that was revised down to 25K

  • chuck in st paul

    If the ‘two trillion’ deal is true that means Beaner has already retreated when he had sure and certain victory in sight. Would I be surprised? Not at all. In fact I expect the ‘cuts’ to be pushed off into some foggy and uncertain future and that the actual cuts will amount to a few million bucks. Color me cynical, but I’ve seen the movie before. It does not end well for us.

  • a former dem

    ” will never vote democrat again! this party has been hijacked by the commie left”

    It wasn’t just commie left, these are hard core radical, marxists, and alinksky types. I was a hillary clinton supporter, I swear I never saw anything like it; the vitriol and hate from the left against her and then it was accelerated against Palin,

    I used to hate those “evil conservatives”, then 2008 happened, I had no idea the freaks in the party I used to be a member of for my entire voting time, they hid behind the sane JFK moderate/conservative dems. And the tea party made me realiase what consitutitional conservativsm meant, the repub party under GWB was not that either.

    That party no longer is in existance. I too will never ever vote for another demonrat.

  • Multitude

    Hey Republican Congresspersons, you want to really stick it to the Left with an issue they’ll have a difficult time fighting? Redistrict beltway bureaucratic language!

    It’s time for a Sarbanes-Oxley for the Federal government. Any private sector CFO, financial analyst, auditor or accountant who pulled this kind of “moving the goalposts” numerical fraud would be easily convicted, stripped of all future professional employment capability, and sentenced to many years in a Federal pen. This is what helps make our financial statements believable.

    NOBODY believes the Federal government agencies, economists, spokespersons, etc. An IRS that can’t balance its own books. a DOE that loses billions of dollars in its budget and can’t find it. A Dept of Labor who apparently hires creative writers and fiction authors to make up crap based on whatever political narrative the Chief Executive and his cronies desire. We can have none of this if we are to get our house in order. A balanced budget is meaningless when those in charge of measuring, counting, interpreting and auditing are just making it up as they go along.

    And hey, you in the media can play along too. Let’s name names here. This Labor data is has more creativity than Ken Lay’s SPEs (special purpose entities). Aren’t you the least bit curious of the number one accounting fraud story of the past 200+ years?

    “Get it done now , or we’ll get it done for you.” – Tea Party, 2011

  • avery

    Of course it went to the Unions so lot of it come back to the Democrat party.

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  • jainphx

    We didn’t get here over night and we wont get out tomorrow. The first thing to be done is oust Obama. The second thing is to primary Boehner and all his hench men. The next thing is to enact term limits to keep from entrenching corrupt people from almost total power.

    But what we really need is for the next president to ask for the resignations of all in State, and the DOJ. Every one then MUST be vetted to the nth degree. I know it’s a dream, but it’s my dream. Can you imagine a country and government that really has the welfare of it’s people at hart and not power and stealing money.

  • forest

    This hanky-panky has been going on with the initial jobless claims for a while too. Revise down the previous month, report a modest improvement, then revise that down a few weeks later and report another modest improvement, and repeat as needed. They can report improvement every month while losses are taking place thanks to the revisions of previous months. The whole thing is a joke.

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  • Militant Conservative
  • Annaleesea

    This regime does the whole “creative accounting” thing on steroids. Everything released is a ruse, is false information, and total spin. The good news, on the other hand, is that its unsustainable. Get the popcorn ready and get ready for show. They will fall very soon…Guess they were never big fans of history, no matter how highly educated they think they are.

  • jony101

    Time to stop all immigration legal/illegal/refugee etc. If the country is not creating enough jobs for the citizens already here, why bring in more welfare/foodstamp non-english talking anti-american scum. We already have too many lazy people to begin with.

  • mercador

    What happened to’ If you are a crook and you break the law, you go to jail”?

  • JPeden

    Related note: when everyone else was reporting the 18,000 gain figure, suddenly I heard ABC News Radio’s regular newscaster, Sherry Preston, report a 54,000 gain! ABC Radio does this kind of thing all the time.

  • Molon Labe

    Its hard to imagine that the dhimmirats are the party of union thugs, queers, blacks, Marxists, lawyers, Wall Streeters and Hollywood.

    I believe that leaves out only lepers.

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  • BruceC

    #17 July 10, 2011 at 5:30 pm
    Molon Labe commented:

    Hey are you some kind of leftie troll trying to give conservatives a bad name? Just because we are conservative here doesn’t mean we will put up with bashing blacks and gays. Now, I’m not in favor of gay marriage, but I have friends that are gay. I also have friends that are black (conservative and liberal).

    So why don’t you take your bigoted crap elsewhere?

  • vamoose

    Actually BLS reports (Series ID: LNS12000000 ) the employment level dropped by 445,000 from 139,779,000 in May to 139,334,000 in June. (I always look at the total employed because the other measures are much more easily fudged.) Thanks, Mr. Obama!

  • KOW

    I think a better example would be if Obama was to adjust Nov 2008, Dec 2008 and Jan 2009 300,000 more lost jobs each month then spread the 900,000 over the first 9 months of office for Obama, to make it look like 900,000 more jobs were added during his admin.

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  • Doug

    Remember, “The Won’s” ENTIRE Economic Team left town under the cloak of darkness, and returned to their tenured positions in Harvardland. They created the mess, but didn’t have the fortitude to stick around and face the music.

  • Moright

    As I drove thru small town Missouri noting all the newly closed small businesses (closed in past 4-6 months), it occured to me that these newly unemployed small business owners and their employees are not reflected in Obama’s dismal numbers. The reality of small business and mom/pop operations is that there is not unemployment to collect when things go south. Far worse out here than the numbers indicate. Many folks have hung on as long as they can, and it’s hitting the wall time.

  • Neo

    Last year, Obama used Pennsylvania’s Allentown Metal Works as a backdrop to tout his stimulus and job-creation success. A couple of months later, the plant closed.

    Yes, he appears with the regularity of an unwanted season

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    Adding to the weak tenor of the report, the department said the economy created 44,000 FEWER JOBS IN APRIL AND MAY THAN PREVIOUSLY THOUGHT.


  • jorgen

    How many jobs were McJobs and therefore not really worth mentioning? McDonald promised at one stage 50000 McJobs.

  • SandyfromChesterfield
    It turns out if you look out over history they always do the ‘businesses dying estimate’ in the month of January – as a matter of fact, always in the month of January.”


    Someone needs to investigate this. I guess that is why they are not worried about the unemployment rate at the time of 2012 election. The will just fudge the numbers.

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  • tommy mc donnell

    how may months in a row has the reported employment figures been revised downward? the original figure makes the news but the revision slips by quitely. american tass at work.

  • Finncrisp

    With voodoo math like this, we will soon be at 4% unemployment with millions still out of work. Joe will proclaim happy days are here again, and the media will glowingly bow down and worship.
    This is crap.

  • thussaiththewalrus

    I have worked with hundreds of Republicans, conservatives, Tea Party, and other political activists. And, I have NEVER heard even one of them speak in the vile manner of “Molon Labe” (#17 on this page).

    I have NO DOUBT that he/she is a Leftist/Democrat plant with the express purpose of making those on the Right “look bad.” Molon Labe is using the most extreme language because that is what he/she thinks the Right is all about. MOLON LABE IS A FALSE PROPHET FROM THE LEFT (no one on the Right would ever think that way, or speak that way; (if they did, they would not be on the Right, since we are gentle folks who only hate ROTTEN POLS, not individuals (also the LEFT labels, we do not)! The Left ALWAYS give themselves away by their actions and their words!!!

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