It’s a sign!
Top New Jersey Democrat Stephen Sweeney was nearly hit by lightning while he was bashing Republican Governor Chris Christie.
Via Breitbart TV:

Lightning Almost Hits Christie Foe On TV:




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  1. SHAZAM! Payback.

  2. Here’s your sign……….

  3. sweeney-“that was close..”

    not CLOSE enough-in my book!
    my bad-SARC-

  4. maybe he’d have had some sense struck in him..

  5. In the words of Larry the Cable guy…

    Dear Lord I apologize for that there thinking you almost struck that evil POS down

  6. Now, you just know those sore losers from the DSCC are going to wander over here, and take this post seriously.

  7. You can tell it shook him up, as it should.

  8. Just what has that to do with voter I.D, some people just can’t see that one doesn’t mean the other. I admit I’m not sure of why you made the link, but apples and oranges. He is accused of DUI so therefore his support for voter I.D is suspect, and must be forgotten?

  9. It works like this: “Repent and be saved.”

    See if Sweeney gets the hint.

  10. I bet somebody had to change his underwear after that. I am soo glad I am not the good Lord, cause I would be zapping ole big ears on the golf course zap, zaaaaap, zzzzzaaapppp for good measure.

  11. Something uniquely delicious about Sovereign and Divine Justice.

  12. Thor needs to dial in the windage a bit, then move south.

  13. #8: Nice threadjacking. Now go away.

  14. I guess God is as much of a fan as Ann Coulter.

  15. It’s called “weather”. It’s called “electricity”. And it has NOTHING to do with the imaginary friends you call “god”. It’s a natural phenomenon. Lots of people are “struck” by lightning every year. Not that they’re really struck, because the lighting from the sky doesn’t hit them.


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