NOT GUILTY!… SEIU Thugs Cleared in Brutal Gladney Beatdown! …Update: Gladney Reaction (Video)


I just spoke with Kenneth Gladney and his wife outside the courtroom. Here is their first reaction—
“I couldn’t beat them; I didn’t have the resources they had. They had all the money in the world and the backing… I’m just an average man.”

Video of first reaction after the verdict:

** It was the prosecutor’s first jury trial.

The Kenneth Gladney beatdown case continued this morning in St. Louis County Court.
After a health care town hall meeting in August 2009 St. Louis native Kenneth Gladney was beaten, kicked and called racist names by Rep. Russ Carnahan’s SEIU supporters. Gladney spent the night in the hospital after the beating.

Kenneth Gladney attended a protest against SEIU violence following his beatdown in St. Louis.

Accused SEIU thug Perry Molens who beat Gladney told the jury this morning that he saw Gladney selling Obama-in-white-face swag outside the town hall…
So then he beat his a$$ on the pavement.
Via StL Activist Hub:

Of course, this makes perfect sense if you’re a Islamist, child, lefist.

Another witness for the defense testified that people were getting maced by the police after the beating. This may be the same woman who got maced because she resisted arrest. Charges were later dropped against her. Today she testified that (5′ 9″ 140 pound) Kenneth Gladney started the fight against the two (6′ 4″ 250 pound) SEIU thugs.

The River Front Times has more on the trial. The St. Louis Post-Dispatch also posted a short article.

UPDATE: Tuesday PM. The case is ready to go to jury but closing arguments first. Contacts inside the court room claim that the judge cleared the room twice.

UPDATE: (From a source in the courtroom) Closing Arguments– The defense attorney pointed out how Ken had been glory hounding making money off this… Claimed Ken changed his story on TV… Claimed Ken is a tea partier because he came to our protest right after….OMG he just said the tea party paid Ken to promote their agenda…. I assume he means the bus tour….This is not looking good for Ken.
(Of course, none of that has anything to do with the fact that he was beaten by thugs and it was caught on tape!)

UPDATE: Contacts in courtroom wonder if case is being thrown. NOW the case goes to jury.

UPDATE: NOT GUILTY! SEIU thugs cleared in video-taped beating of Kenneth Gladney.

UPDATE: In case you missed the video… This was not a beatdown (according to the jury).

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  • Redwine

    What does a “white face” pins have anything to do with the trial? It was about the SEIU thug attack on Gladney. This is an insane kangaroo court.

  • Mark S.

    have to say, this is what is becoming of St. Louis, and it’s not been a slow descent, this has been a basic steamroll into “mob rule”. Go look at some of the mayor’s comments about “no criminal activity” and stuff.. It’s getting down right embarassing to admit to living in or around St. Louis.

    And as for the Riverfront Times… anyone who considers that a “news source” is seriously deluding themselves.. they are a left-wing opinion/propoganda fish-wrap of the ultimate degree.

  • DANEgerus

    The jury and the verdict have the Union Label.

  • gus

    St Louis is a sh!thole. It’s dead.

  • DANEgerus

    I haven’t seen Jim Crow(D) beatdowns of a black man on tape like this since “Bull” Connor(D) in the 60’s

  • ilikai

    so when do we get to start cracking union heads? Sometimes you got to get down in the gutter with them to beat them at their own game.

  • Toaster802

    More social justice. Like not prosecuting the panthers for voter intimidation, this sends the message that their will be no punishment for those leftist thugs willing to assault their political rivals. One more step closer to 1930’s Germany.

    Therefore, all Tea Party functions should be from this day forward must be a RTC rally also.

  • Bowser

    Shame on you County Courts and St. Louis. Go with the Civil Suit!!

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  • Smarty

    So now the rule has to be “always fight back”.

  • Bunni

    This played out just as I feared it would. There is no justice in the obamanation, esp. with the felon who’s running the justice dept and doing criminal acts like fast & furious, just saying.

    God Bless Ken, he was very brave and I hope he recovers soon. I for one won’t be going to
    any rallies in the future, thanks to these unhinged THUGS, and it’s only going to get worse, you know….they will be emboldened now. God help us! The Founding Fathers and spinning even faster in their graves.

  • Mark S.

    Bunni… if you say this.. “I for one won’t be going to any rallies in the future”.. then jackboot thugs have won… That’s the worst thing to say in regards to this.

    Don’t give up your freedoms, but have yourself ready for these kind of thugs.

  • Gort

    To me this means SEIU thugs are fair game. Hear that scum?
    I carry and if they try to do this to me, at least 15 of them will be in the morgue.


    welcome to odumbos world of thuggery and corruption where laws don’t matter

  • jakev

    Okay. So we can’t get justice through the courts in the fight with union thugs. Fine. Perhaps it is time to treat them as they treat us. What’s left if not that?

  • waicool

    Elston McCowan, of St. Louis, and Perry Molens, of De Soto, nice men.

  • SM-AZ

    Welcome to Barry & Moochelle’s world. Real change has come to America. This is what the Obama voters unleashed on America. God help us.

  • MaxTruth
  • American Patriot

    Anyone familiar with the St. Louis County Prosecutor’s Office should not be the least bit surpised by this verdict. After all, it was Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCullough himself, a Democrat by the way, who threatened to send out truth squads to make sure Republicans were reporting correctly on Obama’s healthcare facts. The entire Pa’s office is rife with cronyism, incompetent lawyers, career associate prosecutors and warrant officers, and an overall laziness that has permeated the entire staff from secretaries on up. To hear that all of the facts were not presented, medical records not entered, and pertinent witnesses not called, coupled with this being the first jury trial for the prosecutor tells me that the case was purposely thrown.

    So the next time you see union thugs show up at a TEA Party event or other rally, be prepared to either fight, or receive a Kenneth Gladney style beat-down. Most of all though, be sure to film the entire event. The case was thrown by the PA’s office this time, so it’s going to happen again and again until someone gets really hurt, and then McCullough won’t be able to hide in his office and assign a pimple-faced prosecutor to try the case.

  • czekmark

    As I predicted in #13. The whole thing was a whitewash starting with the phony 2 year proscution delay. ergo: Justice delayed is justice denied.