George W. Bush Statue Unveiled in Muslim Albania

A new George W. Bush statue was unveiled in Albania this week.

Albania is a Muslim country.

In 2007 Bush visited the pro-American Balkan nation.

U.S. President George Bush greets crowds of Albanians in Fushe Kruje, Albania, Sunday, June 10, 2007. (AP/Gerald Herbert)

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  • KatB

    Did they ever find GW’s watch?

  • Petra

    Operation Gunrunner was funded by the 2009 Stimulus Package…

  • GrayRider

    Wow…very cool. I do wonder though how long it will be until some wacko throws his shoe at it.

  • Hey. They ALL know he can fight. That’s respected.

  • This is good! But what about the Albanian dude who killed USAF servicemen in Frankfurt?

  • Stuffy

    It’s fabulous even though it looks nothing like him. Those hunksa metal are $$$. In downtown Detroit that brass would be GONZO by sun-up.

  • jony101

    its that where they throw a grenade at him? I actually prefer the “magic carpet ride” statue of him in san diego, it’s more manly.

  • Multitude

    Ahh, memories of the good ol’ days, back when America was loved and respected around the world. That’s a hard combination, you know, to have a balance of both. It takes courage, character, emotional stability, a well-defined identity, and a presence of Being in the executive to find this resonance with other peoples.

    Back in those days, for instance, China looked to the United States as a fierce and respected competitor. Our currency was strong, our intellectual property worth stealing, and our competitive resolve determined. Now, our sovereign Obama kisses the ground when he bows to the bus boy at the local Chinese restaurant. He destroys our currency and dishonors the debt-contract DC elites have sustained for generations as the Chinese government has propped up America’s redistribution of wealth to its elites and bottom 49%. There is no respect from the Chinese for the willfully ignorant fool.

    Russia too had immense respect for us. Putin understood as most Russians do, that a man’s drug says more about him than his words or clothes. Bush was an alcohol man and could drink many others under the table in his day. That’s a man’s drug, to a Russian, and I’m sure there was some short term looking-the-other-way on just how dry Bush stayed, when Putin was in town. But Barry’s coke abuse? That’s a narcissist’s drug. An anti-social drug. A loser’s drug, trying to make a lesser brain marginally sharper for a brief rush. Real men need a drug to handicap and restrain their extreme ability, to slow time and create a moment for social opening, bonding, “seeing into the other’s souls” as Putin and Bush did (through sufficient amounts of vodka, I’d have to expect). Losers need a crutch to briefly think faster, regardless of the paranoia it induces.

    The same goes for Western Europe, Islamic Middle East, and even most of South American and Africa, respecting the sincerity of being that Bush brought. Obama’s such an empty suit, he’s in danger of becoming singularity and creating a human black hole. Watching him struggle to handle basic sentences without a script on yesterday’s Twitter fiasco was terrifying for anyone who wants an executive who can think a complete thought.

  • Callipygian1

    What a very telling tribute.

  • David R. Graham

    The Albanian troops in Iraq during Coalition operations were among the finest there. They performed magnificently. They distinguished themselves, as did the Poles and Mongols.

  • @Multitude – well said!!!

  • MrGoodWench

    Did the U S Ambassador to Albania attend the event ?

  • MrGoodWench

    Petra commented:
    Operation Gunrunner was funded by the 2009 Stimulus Package…
    So thats why they had to pass the bill …to find out whats in it !!

  • What, no birdbath in honor of Obama the Pretender?

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  • bg
  • RedBeard

    Oh, my. This is gonna ruin the day for a whole lot of lefties.

  • bg


    Multitude #8

    interesting perspective, thank you for sharing it..


  • Drea

    #14 July 8, 2011 at 12:06 am
    [email protected] commented:

    “What, no birdbath in honor of Obama the Pretender?”

    I think an outhouse would be much more fitting 😀

  • Andreas K.

    Meanwhile Albania is flooding Europe with crime. Albania is one of the main contributors to our rising crime rates.

    So don’t celebrate them as “pro-American” or anything else along the line. They are not. They are simply taking advantage of the situation.

  • Tired Okie

    RIGHT ON MULTITUDE! Leftist do not understand a real man at all and are afraid of him. That’s why the beta male was invented to soothe their fears of a man in charge. OR a real woman. Just look how afraid they are of Palin and Bachman. The world respects a real man (or woman) who is strong as God meant them to be and of good character as God expects of them. Leftist fear them and do all they can to take them down. God Bless “W”.

  • bg


    Andreas K. #21

    hmmm, interesting comment, and Albanian history:

    flashback to 1991

    [Crime is rising throughout Eastern Europe as the region shakes
    off decades of iron-fisted Communist rule, but Albania is among
    the hardest hit by new lawlessness.]

    flashforward to 2011

    [The overall security situation continues to improve throughout Albania. Albania has not experienced major political violence since the civil unrest of the late 1990s. However, for the first time in more than a decade, four people were killed on January 21, 2011 when an opposition demonstration turned violent. Overall, the Albanian Government has improved the country’s law enforcement and security institutions. Albanian police and security forces continue to achieve success in combating the illegal weapons and drug trade. Anti-American sentiment is rare in Albania. Members of the American community are generally well-liked by the Albanian populace and are not targeted because of nationality.]

    much more at link..


  • bg


    MrGoodWench #13

    Fast and Furious

    [scroll down for videos]

    i’m betting most of them wound up in US
    based camps
    via Mexican based camps..


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  • Andreas K.

    bg, I don’t care about crime in Albania, that’s their problem.

    But Albanians are involved in spreading crime across Europe. Whenever we hear about organised crime in Austria, it’s usually Serbians, Tschechens or Albanians. And it’s like that in Germany and many other countries too.

    Our crime rates are rising because we let all these people in without border controls. If we wouldn’t let them in, we wouldn’t have such issues. And that is partly Albania’s fault.

    So they can go to hell for all I care. I don’t want them here.

  • Andreas K.

    Also: They can be pro-American all they want (or at least pretend to be), but how is that going to stop them from invading our neighborhoods and looting everything?

    We have reached a point where home invasions and burglary are essentially daily occurances. And those are always done by foreigners, like Serbians. Tchechens. Albanians. Romanians. Etc.

    They are gangsters, nothing else.

  • WSG

    I wonder what country will erect a statue to the Obama.

  • bg


    Andreas K.

    gee, what would organized crime in Europe be w/out the Albanians.. /s/

    look i don’t doubt they are part of the problem,
    as for being THE problem however, got a link??



  • So, it sounds like Albanian law enforcement makes life hard enough on criminals that they leave and seek out more crime-friendly locales and this is somehow Albania’s fault ?

    I don’t know a lot about Albania and don’t much care for most of Europe, so the opinion is based just on the information presented here.

  • Commoncents

    Such a shame…. A great honor to our country and the msm ignores it.

    I’m ready for a change.

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  • Joey Nicastro

    Other nations respected him more than the American liberal media. That is all you need to know ! God Bless W !!