Eat your peas.

(News One)

Like her husband, Michelle Obama likes to lecture America about their eating habits. But, that doesn’t mean she listens to her own advice.
French fries are her weakness.
MyFOX NY reported:

First Lady Michelle Obama may have temporarily forgotten the lessons of her own anti-obesity campaign when she indulged in a sinfully caloric lunch Monday at a popular new hamburger restaurant.

A Washington Post reporter said the first lady ordered a cheeseburger, french fries, chocolate shake and Diet Coke at Shake Shack — a trendy hamburger spot that recently opened an outpost in Washington’s Dupont Circle.

Based on nutritional information on the restaurant’s website, the meal added up to a scale-tipping 1,556 calories.

Obama has made the fight against childhood-obesity a central focus of her White House tenure and launched the “Let’s Move” campaign to promote exercise and ensure children have access to healthy food.




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  1. Moooochelle, you amazon, hypocrite piece of crap, you and Barry blue lips are perfect for each other!

  2. Drooling hypocrisy!

  3. Shut you big fat piehole MOOCHELLE.

  4. Her kids need to be very careful if she ever gets too hungry…she will eat them

  5. That butt like a twenty dollar mule wasn’t built on rice cakes and tofu, a lot of french fries gave their life in the making.

  6. Oh my! It’s going to go to her hips and all the doors at the WH will have to be widened, furniture reinforced and her bed will require more stabilizers. The vehicles will need to be retrofitted.

    Remember what happened to “The Beast”.

  7. “We Are The Hamburglers We’ve Been Waiting For”

  8. Even her kids are plumping up.

  9. Oh c’mon guys ,
    she did have a DIET coke

  10. Ol’ Moochelle – she be packing a LOT of junk in her trunk!

  11. Wash down that chocolate shake with a Diet Coke.

  12. Computer/Document Experts Agree…

    Usurper Barry and Hamburgler Moochelle are laughing at all of us.
    Media, blogs, talk radio, congress, FBI… ALL SILENT.

  13. You people just don’t understand. Michelle and Barack are Smart. They know what they should eat and when.

    When they eat something – lobster, ice cream, hamburgers, whatever – it is reasonable and perfectly justified, because they are both Very Smart,

    It is the rest of us who are Stupid. We need to be told what to eat. By Michelle.


  14. “Lets Move” Great idea…back to Chicago please!!!

  15. I know what Sir Golfsalot Hussain is singing right now :

  16. And she lives within her means too!! The BLIMPINGTON POST said so.

  17. Nothing but an ignorant, marxist sow. The President of South Africa was kind in snubbing the pig because he did not have a chair that would accommodate her yard-wide ass.

  18. Is it possible to think of nothing more deplorable than to seeing Our First Lady, dragging her knuckles across the carpet, moving from table to table, devouring all that is owed her, with a deprivation and disregard that mocks the People of this Nation?

    Can there be ANYTHING more disgusting than what resides in Our White House?

    I whole-heartedly look forward to and welcome a new resident. But I would advise that every sheet, napkin, and towel be exterminated with the utmost care and diligence.

  19. Oh, it was not a 1556 calorie lunch; it was 1700.

    From Washington Post that first reported:

    “Update:We made a mistake in our original calculations. The calorie-count for the first lady’s order was actually 1,700, not the 1,556 we originally reported. Our apologies.”

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