Brit Hume Slams Michele Bachmann: “She Would Prove Too Toxic to Independents” (Video)

FOX News Senior Political Analyst Brit Hume slammed Republican Michele Bachmann last night on The O’Reilly Factor. Hume said, “In the end she would prove too toxic to independents much like Sarah Palin did… They would think she is just too much.”
Too conservative = Too Toxic

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  • ruready?

    When a conservative network arises, moderate Fox is toast. There is nothing in the middle of the road but a yellow stripe and dead possums.

  • Steve

    Someone tell Mr. Hume that the so-called “Moderates & Independents” and their value to getting elected is a myth. They had their man in McCain in ’08. Did it work then?

  • Gimme a Break

    The media said that Reagan fellow was too conservative for the moderates.

  • RedBeard

    This is what the elitist pundits said about Ronald Reagan in 1979-80. He had the skill and personality to overcome the silly media biases. But it’s still an open question as to whether Bachmann (and Palin) can do the same thing.

  • Sickofobama

    I saw Hume say this crap last night and wanted to punch my TV.

    He doesn’t speak for me and the American people.

    O’Reilly seemed like the sane one during that interview.

    That’s saying something from me.

    Fox is starting to suck big time.

  • Even Fox news has become too progressive for me to watch.

    The Hegelian Dialectic is hard at work over there.

  • ruready?

    Obama is toxic – but far be it from FOX to say that. Just pick on the conservative woman. Brit, you can speak in your deep, authoritative voice all day long – Michele Bachman is still twice the man you are.

  • Got Billy Ayers on Speed Dial

    More importantly, Bill and Brit are caustic when discussing Governor Palin.

    These clowns are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

  • USMC Thomas

    The MSM live in their little disillusioned ivory tower of smug intellectual and moral superiority and virtue that has no connection to everyday Americans, as they misunderstood completely in 2010.

  • RNCC clearly has a hand in what’s being done at Fox these days

    IMHO- Bachmann can beat Romney… and probably will

  • Karen

    Why do conservative men find conservative women “toxic”? I just don’t get it.
    This would never be said of Perry who actually spoke of secession (far more radical than anything Bachmann has said). The double standard is remarkable.
    Hume needs to realize that Romney(care) is extremely toxic.

  • No Man

    Probably too toxic for RINO’s and GOP party insiders. She’s not one of either ilk.

    Not too toxic for this Independent.

    Anybody but Obama.

  • myohmy

    What is Brit Hume problem with women?

  • Walknot

    The new network is Glenn Becks…Fox will have to tighten up their sippy cup lids if they want to compete.

  • chili palmer

    The best efforts of losers like Brit Hume, Karl Rove, and the rest destroyed the Republican Party, destroyed America, robbed good citizens of lifetimes of work and sacrifice (including some surviving WWII veterans), gave us Obama and Soros in the Oval Office, and ObamaCare. Many Establishment Republicans should be rotting in jail. At minimum, they should have retired from public life in shame. They are democrat and media tools, nothing more. These people did not want the new people we gave them in Nov. 2010 and have done everything they could to shut them down. They are happy in the minority, and their only purpose is to prevent us from getting someone who could save this country. Donald Trump, speaking of Independents, scored enormously well with independents when he was making his run. I followed it closely. The Establishment failures are completely wrong about what independents want. The democrats could easily be beaten. It will be much harder to beat the establishment gop. As Rush Limbaugh has said, “The Ruling Class GOP will fight more viciously to defeat a conservative Republican than they will to defeat Obama.”

  • squeaky

    OT..from free republic
    [Virginia O’Brien, Special Agent in Charge at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Tampa Field Division, ran a gun-running investigation that was walking guns to Honduras using the techniques and tactics identical to Fast and Furious, it was reported to these correspondents this evening via private correspondence from a proven credible source.]

  • Granny

    I stopped watching for a while back when I realized that Fox is no more conservative than a pig can fly and that “fair and balanced” is another term for “hogwash.” Who cares what Brit Hume says . . .

  • obfuscatenot

    #7 ruready?…….perfect.

    Brit, you can speak in your deep, authoritative voice all day long – Michele Bachman is still twice the man you are.

  • Just a thought- maybe some at Fox are already trying to limit the damage of a BIG Bachmann win in Iowa, as a favor to their buddies at the RNC…?

  • RKflorida

    Why do these so called pundits think they have a gift of prophecy. Is there a secret beltway crystal ball that is issued to these RINO’s? They all seem to know the future but if their past prophecies are any guide, they are nearly always wrong.

  • obfuscatenot

    Why do these talking heads think independents are “middle of the road” somewhere between R and D? I daresay the overwhelming mass of independents in this Nation is to the right of most Republicans.

  • J

    Republicans are just not ready for a woman potus. Let the dems put the first woman in the whitehouse… worked out so well with the first black potus!
    Hume, I guess we now know the reason you retired. When we get old, the brain does not work as well.

  • Militant Conservative

    Bachman is the conservative to beat.

    The MSM is telling us who they fear.

    Powder is dry

  • Leslie

    When will misogyny be just as condemned as racism?

  • texabama

    Socialism…just a step away from communism is no longer “toxic” or so we are being told. But females who seek to continue our traditions and honor the values on which this country was founded are toxic and can’t appeal to sane and rational voters. Not in my world!

  • exceller

    I view Fox as “The Karl Rove Network”.
    Bachmann is just the kind of toxic candidate I’m looking for.

  • Indy

    This independent will wait and see who is on the ballot when my state primary rolls around and then I will decide who to vote for. In the end, I will support whoever wins the nomination but I will have my say in the primary…I do know that Romney and Huntsman are off my list in the primary, their position on global warming is enough for me to rule them out, we need to shrink the Federal government, not expand it.

  • Missy8s

    Bold colors not pale pastels.

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  • GrayRider

    Looks like Hume, like Krauthammer just can’t handle the truth.

  • Jenny

    I’m an Independent who campaigned for Hillary and have finally seen the light. Don’t forget about the disgruntled Hillary supporters who still despise obama … They aren’t telling our story. (Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned). I like Michelle but I like Palin better. Wouldn’t vote for any moderate, rino Republicans. Hate both parties but like how Palin goes after both. Like how Michelle represents/supports the tea party folks.

  • driguana

    No more Fox-in-the-henhouse for me either….unbelievable that there is virtually nothing newsworthy on tv any longer….Bill O’Reilly, with his unbearably pompous attitude, has become unwatchable….the only sources of valid info and thinking any more are on the internet.

  • Stephana

    less toxic than the s**tstain in the white house.

  • What is it with Washington-New York based supposedly conservative pundits that they can’t stand conservative women- period? You won’t here Brit say that about Perry, yet some of his statements have been ‘toxic’.

  • Fox News execs refer to Obama openly as “THE ROCK STAR.”

    What does anybody expect from Fox News.

    It is now completely a tool of progress.

  • baseballguy

    Brit – your liberalism is the only toxic.

  • CT

    To all those so offended by Brit Hume’s assessment of Bill Clintons motives concerning Michele Bachmann get over yourselves and pull-up your big boy pants. I like Michele, but that doesn’t make Brit wrong. What I find most worrisome for the party right now is the bile leaking from Romney’s mouth lately, Anthropogenic Global Warming and support for labor unions.

  • C-Christian Soldier

    Time to flick off FOX-

  • concreteblue

    Glad to see that some of the posters here are waking up to the FACT that FOX NEWS is anything but…it is certainly WAY overdue…That being said, I am relishing my schadenfreude as I watch FOX try to re-leash the monster THEY created….”President Bachman”…LOLOL!!!!!

  • Missy8s

    You’re wrong Brit. what’s “toxic” is the spinelessness and cowardice of RINOs and pretend conservatives like yourself.

    Bachmann is the strongest conservative to come forward for the GOP nomination in the last 60 years.

    Mrs. Bachmann is doing well because the people don’t like being lied to or sold down the river out of “political convenience”.

    Mrs. Bachmann has been leveling with the people every step of the way.

    FOX became popular by giving the people what they wanted most from the news, factual reports, a diversity of opinions and the spine to speak truth to power.

    As FOX News editor in chief you have apparently forgotten this fact.

  • czekmark

    What’s toxic, Brit, is your sorry opinions that no one should listen to.

  • CoolCzech

    Whoever we nominate, we BETTER get the filthy communist out of the White House come Election Day 2012. My personal fave at the moment is Perry.


    hume is a DICK as well

  • bg


    “Too Toxic to Independents”, which in turn begs the question:

    Are We Over ‘The Black Thing’ Yet?

    by Lloyd Marcus

    aah, good old boy that Brit.. /s/

    ooh btw, in case it’s gone unnoticed..
    (or i haven’t stated it clearly enough)

    most of the good old boys ( R & D) are ANTI-TEA PARTY..

    Palin knew, now, so do you..


  • Betsy Ross

    See why I don’t watch Fox anymore? I think they have spiked the water cooler with liberal-cool-aid. Even Brit Hume doesn’t make sense.

  • gary gulrud

    “Too toxic”

    My apologies to the Traitor in Chief. Everyone at Fox lies like a rug.

    Gallup has 40% of electorate Indies, 2/3 more conservative than the GOP, the remainder so-libs.

    Bachmann’s strength is conservative Indies, fool.

  • big L

    Everyone says in the posting how great Hume is and if only Hume was back. Both Hume and Tony snow were and are elite a-holes. I recall Snow sneering about the 2 Border officers that were impreisoned and blowing off all the illegal alien concerns of Americans. Too bad he is dead but that was his view and Hume isanother one along with that old duff Dr K who is bitter and needs to retire.

  • Jerry C

    @ #47 gary-“My apologies to the Traitor in Chief.”

    For the umpteenth time, please do not use Chief when describing the Usurper POS. It should be in Thief. So, here goes:

    “My apologies to the Traitor in Thief.” TnT for short, I guess.

  • Big Dawg

    I like Bill and Brit and can’t figure out what it is about women that turn these guy’s
    off…If they keep this up they will be in the same league with Prissy the leghumper Matthews over at MSDNC and we know how that is working out……

    I think highly of Michele but, i like Governor Palin more and could support either one…
    We must remember that defeating Obama is our main goal and we must do whatever
    it takes to accomplish this however much it hurts, the future of our country now is by
    far the most important thing in our future……

    I watch Fox news and use the internet to back up the issues, i have trouble with any
    of the big three or cable news, Fox may not be perfect,but give these other networks
    a try and you will see that all are slanted one way or the other……
    We better hope Palin jumps into the fray, if for no other reason to take the heat these
    left leaning wackos dish out, she can handle it a kick there a** in the same breath……..

    And besides, these people who voted for Obama in ’08 to prove they are not racist,
    needs to vote for someone else in ’12 to prove they are not idiots…….

  • Pat the First

    I don’t think this is about being a woman. I think it is about being one of the most conservative candidates in the crop right now. She has some good ideas. She is probably too conservative to win over enough of the independent votes to win the election, though. She would have to appear more moderate like Obama did in order to win. I think that ship has sailed for her, though.

    Brit Hume has not all of a sudden turned soft on the liberals. I think he is looking at conditions and giving his analysis. I am sure that some people don’t like it, but this next candidate needs to win the independents and some of the so-called “Reagan Democrats” or it is 4 more years of Obama.

  • Chisum

    Karen @ #11,

    About the claim that Perry called for Texas to secede?

    Never happened! FYI.

    That meme is coming from the left. Don’t fall for it.

  • Don

    #41 please michelle doesnt hold a candle to sarah and when the msm gets done giving her the alin treatment she will not be still standing like sarah is,can we say marcus.

  • Pat the First

    Chisum, I think that kind of stuff can happen when anyone depends on sources which only cover what they want to hear. Sources need to be checked. The left lives on half-truths. I hope we don’t need to start worrying about the right doing the same thing.

  • Ripped

    Hume is right, Bachmann is too toxic and a Patriot Act supporter. If you don’t like your freedom vote for Bachmann or Cain or Mitt or any of the other wannabe conservatives. There is no longer much difference between Liberals and Neo-Con’s. That said, I beleive Ron Paul to be the only real conservative left in the Republican cabal.

  • bg


    Big Dawg #50

    re: [We must remember that defeating Obama is our main goal and we
    must do whatever it takes to accomplish this however much it hurts, the
    future of our country now is by far the most important thing in our future……]

    and no offense meant, because most of us probably don’t
    even realize we’ve been conditioned to think that way..

    but that is what i call what GWB called the “soft bigotry of lowered
    expectations”, either that, or under the radar scaremongering.. 😛


  • Kissmygrits

    They don’t want to say it out loud, but I’ll bet off mike Bill, Brit, and all the others would say they won’t vote for a woman. They’re rebelling against the yes, dear, attitude adopted around the house. If Sarah gets in the race, and wins the R nomination, will these smartest guys in the TV studio vote for 4 more years of failure? Hmmm.

  • claw

    Hold it! Listen to the full clip. Brit does not think Michelle would be too toxic, he was stating that the Democrats believe should would be too toxic for the independent voters. As usual, the Democrats are wrong and Brit is right.

  • bg


    claw #58


    GP, whose side are you on??


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  • bg


    ps: #59 et al

    my own fault for not listening to the tape first.. but alas, that
    is exactly what happened to Wallace.. he was crucified w/out
    any real comprehensive understanding of the context in which
    he asked the question..


  • Freddy

    Last night O’Reilly ‘teased’ a segment about one of the defense attorneys from that baby trial. O’Reilly stated that ‘the attorney had given the finger to THE AMERICAN PEOPLE’. After making this statement multiple times, he slightly adjusted his statement to be ‘giving the finger to the media, himself, and therefore the American people’.

    It is impossible to conclude that ANYONE in that trial was making ANY statement to the American people. Only someone that thinks ‘they ARE the american people’ could make such a statement. Sorry, but whatever was going on in that courtroom was not about me!

    I always prefer to look at people’s actions when understanding them.

  • Dunce

    Conservatives are always labeled extremists, but our far left moron president is goldilocks just right for independents. The mainstream media always refer to our rinos as moderate, if they are moderate the inference is that all the rest are immoderate though that is not the word they use,they always say extremists.

  • Mark S.

    So wait a minute, is Claw right? Did Brit say that ‘democrats ‘claim’…” or did Brit say “he thought…” (can’t see it on the work computer… as they have vids blocked from us)

    there’s a BIG difference.. .Come on Jim, if it’s the first then the entire post is EXTREMELY misleading and some of us are very disappointed in you for making it look otherwise.

  • Mark S.

    + .. and I disagree with you , bg on Wallace. He put his own foot in his mouth on that one, and he had nobody to blame but himself on that one, which he admitted; and therefore apologized for.

  • RedBeard

    After viewing the clip twice, it appears to me that Hume is agreeing with a position that he himself puts in Bill Clinton’s mouth.

    I don’t see any way to defend Hume on this one. He’s clearly siding with the elitists and helping to spread their claptrap.

  • bg


    Mark S. #65

    believe what you like..

    however, it’s obvious to me that you too did not listen
    to what he stated in it’s entirely
    , never mind context..

    btw, just an fyi, go get em!! /s/


  • bg


    RedBeard #66

    even if (in your opinion) that was true, it
    was not in any way presented as such..

    sorry but, Brit Hume Slams Michele Bachmann:
    “She Would Prove Too Toxic to Independents”

    is a blatant misrepresentation.. are CONSERVATIVES supposed to be the
    party of “coulda shoulda woulda been the truth ” or what?? please, help
    me out here, exactly where have i gone wrong??

    you know, i used to consistently argue with meatfbrain (?) :aka:
    buffalobutt about GP titles when he didn’t have a case, this one
    isn’t one of them..


  • zelda

    Being one of those “independents” that everyone salivates and tip-toes around, I can assure Mr. Hume, Ms. Bachmann is just my cup of tea! It’s Mitt Romney and Romneycare which I find toxic.

  • bg


    re: #67



  • JimmyT

    Romney is their guy. That’s why I don’t watch Fox anymore. I stick to getting my info from the smart people on the internet.

  • Molon Labe

    How many moderates and independents voted for McCain?

    Such people are lefties who are too ashamed of their views to identify themselves as being bereft of common sense.

    I am surprised at Hume. Just shows most media people are way to the left of the average American.

  • JudithNYC

    Once Palin runs it will be a whole new ballgame. Nevermind the independent vote, if the GOP nominates another RINO like Romney or an inexperienced Congresswoman like Bachman, there will be no way to get out the Republican vote. Palin is the only constitutional conservative w/ 20 years of executive experience, a loyal base, & probalbly donor-backing that can motivate crowds of voters to show up at her rallies & get out & vote. BTW the Teaparty is packed w/ independents. But, if the Repubs stay home the independent vote is irrelevant. (For now Bachman is just a staking horse for Romney to draw votes away from Palin to allow Romney a victory while MB gets VP.) Palin is the only one that Obama & the GOP establiment fear.

    Ever since Murdoch’s Lib son took over Fox News, he has used his leftist, anti-Israel leaning to influence Fox’s leftist direction.

  • Valerie

    I don’t know that either woman is “too toxic” to independent voters. It seems to me that the only thing that has made either of them “toxic” or “controversial” has been the untruthful howling by a bunch of talking heads who don’t like to read.

    So if they just double down on lying about you, you become unfit for public office? Do we really want to run our country that way?

    Remember, Obama had lots and lots of extravagant endorsements by talking heads, coupled with very deliberate efforts to spike negative stories about him and his campaign….just how well did that work out? It seems to me that the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Newsweek, plus MSNBC staked their circulation and viewership on BO in the last election. Perhaps the voters will find other people to listen to, in the next election.

  • John Cooper

    Last week I dumped Fox News altogether. I switched my Dish Network package to a cheaper one which doesn’t carry Fox. Screw ’em.

  • RedBeard

    I heard what I heard, BG. It seemed clear that Hume was telling his audience that Clinton did not mean what he said. Then Hume did some projection, putting words into Clinton’s mouth, words that Hume came up with on his own. I can’t see how Hume gets a pass on this one.

    It’s like the old biased interview ploy of saying, “Some people believe that you are way off base about [fill in the blank]. How would you answer that criticism?” Of course the “some people” include the biased interviewer.

  • RedBeard

    By the way, I don’t need to dump Fox, since I never have been a viewer. I refuse to get my news from any of the so-called “news” networks. Too little hard news, too much shouting, too much phony happy talk, too many plastic Ken and Barbie clones, and way too much hair.

    Sure, Fox is probably much better than CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, and the degenerates at MSNBC, but that’s a backhanded compliment for sure. It’s like saying that Bugs Moran was a lot nicer than Al Capone.

  • Valerie

    Claw # 58, bg

    I think you’re right. But whether Hume personally agrees with what the Dems are doing or not, he correctly identifies their position: they are trying hard to sell the notion to their own people that Michelle Bachmann, like Sarah Palin, is “too toxic” for centrists. If the Republicans believe it, that’s a bonus for the Dems, because the Repubs will abandon some strong voices.

    That’s the argument that has to be beaten. If either Sarah or Michelle are “too toxic” for Democratic and Independent voters, then the Republicans and Tea Partiers lose, no matter who they choose as a nominee.

    I think the argument is beatable, for either lady. I think this President, the last Democratic Speaker of the House and the current Senate Majority leader have failed in their responsibility to our people as a whole by shutting out the loyal opposition from even consultation and debate over policy and legislation. I am a Liberal voter in a big, wide country. I want balance in my legislation. I want the best of the Conservative viewpoint to be embodied in our laws.

    I think that both Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann are more conservative than I am, and I would still vote for either of them, because they are right about the economic and foreign policy changes that need to be made now.

  • Ingrid Fuhriman

    Actually, I was around in the Reagan era–lived in Cali when he was governor. He was quite liberal on social issues and common-sensical on budgetary issues. You “pure” conservatives would not have liked the Ronald Reagan who ran for president. Indeed rather than saying he was too conservative to appeal to the then pretty center right country, it was more likely to hear that he was too “moderate.” Reagan had good financial advisors and was a smart guy and a fast learner. He did some good things for the country’s economy, but dead men are often made into saints and Saint Ronny he was NOT if you really study his early tax policy and other stands the man made. He morphed into a fine president for sure but please don’t deify him without studying the man lest we begin to think that none of our candidates measure up. They do in their own ways.

  • Ingrid Fuhriman

    Michelle Bachmann is toxic and should be considered as such by conservatives, not because Hume said it, but please talk with the very conservative legislators who have served with her. I won’t violate the name of a fine and very conservative person who confided that Michelle is lazy, a camera hog, doesn’t work well with other members, hasn’t really done anything remarkable in her time in DC and is frankly a little “dingy.” Further, she went on to say that Michelle is kind of like Weiner was (before the “incident”)–always looking for glory without works. She and her hubby have been feeding at the federal trough and taking all the funds they can get while she speaks against this kind of thing in theory. We can do better than Michelle. Hume is right. She is unelectable and partly because–much as we conservatives don’t like it–we do need the independent vote to win. We can’t afford another Goldwater this year (and I liked Goldwater).

    Also, I would hope all of you will look at the world we live in right now. With all the foreign affairs that will require working with the heads of Muslim nations who very much look down on women I personally do not feel that this is the time for a woman President.

    Our goal should be two fold in my book–Unseat Obama with any of the R candidates running. Electe someone with deep commitment to Capitalism and with the knowhow to start turning around this ship of state economically (including deficit, jobs, GNP) before we hit the rocks. They should be someone whose poll numbers show they can win. Right now that simply is NOT Michelle Balkman or Sarah Palin.

  • Joanne

    Same old argument – too conservative, not conservative enough – whatever. I’m sure the U.S. is ready to swing to the right as opposed to the far left.

  • bg


    Valerie #78


    and as you must know by now, i haven’t watch Fox cable since O’Reilly
    agreed with Reid that the Iraq war was lost, long time passing now..

    however, who owns Fox, who hosts Fox, etc, etc, etc, has absolutely nothing to do with the latest so called conservative fad of bashing FOX HOSTS for getting the jump on DEMS rhetoric against Republican candidates..

    guess that only works for made up stuff Dems spit in our faces. gah!!


  • bg


    Brit Hume: Democrats want Bachmann

    [“I suspect that what he thinks is what I know a lot of Democrats think is
    that — in the end — she would prove, much as Sarah Palin did in the end,
    toxic to independents, who would think she was just too much.

    Too far right and too prone to saying peculiar things that are off-base and so
    on — that she would be a much easier target for attack ads and the kind of
    ridicule that Sarah Palin got.”


  • tommy mc donnell

    what they mean is bachmann is too conservative for the liberal media. conservative pundits are deathly afraid of the liberal media. if they did their job maybe the liberal media wouldn’t be so powerful.

  • surfcitysocal

    Wallace and “flake”. Now Hume and “toxic”. I’m beginning to think there’s a lot more sexism involved here, even among those who claim to not be on the left. They just can’t help themselves. It’s astonishing that this country does not seem to be ready for our own version of Margaret Thatcher.

  • Chisum

    Ingrid Fuhriman,

    Do you happen to have any facts to back up the rumors? I’d love to see them.

    Otherwise I’ll be forced to dismiss your comments about Bachmann as vile innuendo.

  • bg


    Ingrid Fuhriman #80

    re: [They should be someone whose poll numbers show they can
    win. Right now that simply is NOT Michelle Balkman or Sarah Palin.]

    not a poll person, and this may or may not
    be the latest, but here you go anyways..


  • bg


    will the real Ingrid Fuhriman please post facts..


  • bg


    re: #87

    what i find incredibly telling is the fact that Palin has not entered the
    race, yet she’s not exactly the “loser” her detractors on both side of
    portray her to be.. ergo, if and when she does, we’re going to see a
    different run horserace..

    PALIN & WEST-= 2 of the BEST!!


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