The current Arizona Congressional Districts (GSA)

After census numbers were released this year the State of Arizona picked up a seat in Congress. The Republican-led state just hired a liberal group tied to the Obama campaign to redistrict the state.

Tucson, AZ — Arizona’s Independent Redistricting Commission announced Wednesday that the bid for the mapping process of Arizona’s congressional and legislative districts had been awarded to Strategic Telemetry, a campaign consulting firm for left-wing candidates.

The company’s president, Ken Strasma, was President Obama’s national target director.

When asked about this Ruth McClung said, “America needs to be aware of what is happening in Arizona. Our Independent Redistricting Commissionhas just selected a Democrat campaign company, to redistrict our state. Arizona voters want fair and impartial lines for their new districts. Why pick this campaign company which clearly has a conflict of interest? It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out there is much more to this than meets the eye!”

Ms. McClung went on to say, “The people of this country need to stand up against this type of political bias when it comes to mapping our political districts, not just in Arizona, but all over the country.”

Ruth McClung, a rocket scientist, barely lost her election in 2010 to top socialist Rep. Grijalva.

UPDATE: Ruth sent this…

Hi Jim,
Good to hear from you. This is really disgusting for Arizona. Here
is the company’s website.

If you look through their Press section you find out that their are a
liberal campaign company.

Thanks for your help,



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  1. nothing good can come from that

  2. The party of stupid!

  3. WTF! There has to be some violation of law here to allow a group with such an open agenda to gerimander things to NOT be selected. If this decision was done by Tucson, it’s understandable. I wonder how much the Socialist Grijalva, the best Congressman Mexico can have, wasn’t behind all of this.
    This is disgusting.

  4. Gee, gerrymandering done by an unelected political action group. Wow, that is not going to give any advantage to Dems now, isn’t it?

    Sadly gerrymandering has been part and parcel of our Republic from its inception. The term is even named after the man who perfected it to an art form, Elbridge Gerry, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

  5. Hard fought political treasure is being squandered here. This needs to be corrected. NOW!

  6. Who is paying the ‘independant redistricting commission’?

    I simply cannot understand why they would even exist if all they do is to pass the job to someone else.

  7. Soros bought off somebody in Arizona.

    That spooky dude needs to be put down.

  8. OK, so I went back and looked at the meeting notes of that ‘independant commission’. They are really quite limited in their abilities. They seem to think bells and whistles mean something. It also appears they are pushing the job off to a third party in order to shield themselves from complaints. With someone else drawing the maps, which could actually be done by a 6th grader, they can always point fingers and blame them later on!

  9. Has anybody every asked for Grijalva’s papers? Seriously.

  10. This is precisely why it’s imperative that the Tea Party is involved in rooting out the shenanigans of these vermin at the state and local level, as well as the federal.

  11. This make absolutely NO sense to me! Can someone explain how this works?


  12. I would like to know who the decision makers were…

  13. The “county” of Fairbanks, AK [FNS Borough] just voted to support a Democrat-supported appeal of the Alaska redistricting plan.

  14. Idiot losers

  15. To the victors belong the spoils.

    The Re-pubs won, they set the lines?

    Is this more go along to get along jive?

  16. I don’t call it the Clueless Party for nothing.

    This is, after all, the state that gave us the guy who reaches out to all his friends across the aisle, and the party machine said, “He’s our guy.” The rest is history.

    By the way, Rush, Hewitt and others have been playing clips of Reagan lately. Wow! Now that was straight talk, and it should not be confused with the mealymouthed drivel that the self-proclaimed straight talker from Arizona bored us all with back in 2008.

  17. I wish I had a link, but something similar happened in Texas and Colorado to make it easier for Dems to take control of key areas. It was done by a law firm, whos name escapes me.

  18. This is rediculous. There is free and low cost software out there that can produce districts that are maximally compact (i.e., not gerrymandered). The state’s GIS staff can do it easily. Heck, the Senate’s staff can be trained to do it. There is no need to hire any outside firm, let alone one with political ties.

  19. Where is the Governor? Where is the AZ Attorney General? This is a conflict of interest.

    Would not be surprised if bribes and payoffs were the motivation for the selection. .


    Also, McCain as Senator should speak up about this. Why the silence McCain? Are you turning DemoRAT?

  20. That liberal/ progressive imposter McCain was probably behind this in some fashion. This is a big sell out of the highest order to all Arizonans. Follow the money and see what that turns up and it won’t be pretty.

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