ANGRY LEFTISTS Arrested After Storming Montana Capitol to Protest Oil Production (Video)

Angry leftists stormed the Montana capitol on Tuesday demanding that Schweitzer end his support for the Alberta oil pipeline that will carry crude oil from the Alberta tar sands through Montana.
He wouldn’t.
They were arrested.

The Billings Gazette reported:

About 70 protesters thundered into the state Capitol on Tuesday, banging on plastic pails and chanting slogans in opposition to the planned Keystone XL pipeline — slated to carry crude oil from the Alberta tar sands through Montana — and the “megaloads” of oil drilling equipment destined for Alberta.

The group pushed its way into the outer offices of Gov. Brian Schweitzer and had a brief, loud discussion with him in the governor’s reception room.

Most of the protesters left the meeting and continued the demonstration outside Schweitzer’s offices in the hallway leading from the rotunda. Five of the protesters, linked together with makeshift devices of PVC pipe wrapped in chicken wire and other materials, refused to leave and were arrested after several warnings from law enforcement officers.

Arrested and cited for obstruction of justice (because of the pipe mechanism that police said hindered enforcement) and trespassing were Dolan; Johannes Pedersen, 22, of Eugene, Ore.; Erica Gwen Dossa, 24, of Missoula; Shelby Elizabeth Cunliffe, 25, of Missoula; and Sarah Ellen Stock, 25, of Missoula.

…Adrian Guerrero of San Francisco, who said he was with Rising Tide as well as the activist group Earth First, stood on a chair and earned several rounds of loud cheers denouncing the project as an attack on the environment, on indigenous peoples and on the working class.

“We came here to this country with the idea that America be the land of freedom and prosperity and all that b—s—, but what really happened is that people like my family get shoved to the bottom of the f— barrel and that people in those offices, and their corporate lobby, can continue to destroy the environment and throw us off our land, where my father came from, peasant along the side of the f— river in the Amazon, so that we could come here and be the slave class, and then ruin the Earth up here, too,” he said, to a loud round of cheering and drumming.

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  • Gary Salmon

    One wonders how these protestors got to Montana anyway??? By wind powered vehicles?
    By solar powered vehicles? Did they walk? Did they ride bikes? Or did they arrive by fossil fueled operated vehicles? That would be my guess!!!

  • msr

    So, if I understand Mr. Guerrero’s point, wherever his family has gone, they’ve been losers. Imagine my surprise.

  • Ozark Lee

    California transplants that fled the hell they created – only to recreate it somewhere else.


  • Meep

    Ahem… “plastic pails”? “PVC”?

    Dude. Those things are made of the same stuff your sippy cup is made of. Plastic. Where does plastic come from?


  • Ceroth

    They should have tazered his ass right then and there.

  • Don

    Adrian the amazon is calling you,go back adrian go back the river needs you.btw please make sure you stand in the river naked and wait for the little catfish to visit.

  • I_B_Prophen

    Everyting that touches the lives of these idots, eveything they use in their homes, put on their backs, is largely —— an oil by-product. Their little civilization they’ve imagined for themselves would crumble in front of them if they got their way?

    Where is birth control when you really need it????

  • Mitch Rapp

    He said all this wearing his nylon shirt, dacron undies, synthetic rubber tennies and plastic belt! I am surprised he knew were Montana was coming from San Francisco

  • Mad Hatter

    If the radicals have infested Montana, that’s rather alarming. I always seen Montana as an All American state. Maybe the radicals are trying to take it over the way they’re trying to overtake Colorado.

  • an observer

    Shoot. Them.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    You HAVE to have one of these type arrests on your resume before any of a dozen Leftist organizations will hire you… using taxpayer-funded money, of course.

  • Trialdog

    Ignorant and useless communist dipsticks. I note they are all of working age. From the article it appears their self centered tantrum occurred during the day. I suppose they have night jobs.

  • Never could understand why these folks want to protect the environment and also be in favor of abortion.

  • FGT

    #1 Gary

    “One wonders how these protestors got to Montana anyway???”

    They marched…..They have been duped into the long march. They apparently think its “cool” or something.

    These fools have never stopped and thought about what’s on the other side of capitalism. They just blindly accept what they are told and never research where all this ends.



    “You Americans are so gullible, no, you won’t accept communism out right but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of socialism until you finally wake up and find you already have communism, we won’t have to fight you, we’ll so weaken your economy until you fall like over ripened fruit into our hands”

    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev

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  • Ipso Facto

    Motley conglomeration of biological degeneracy.

    Has anyone ever noticed its always the same old poorly groomed, foul mouthed, unattractive people that are always complaining about “The Man”, corporations, capitalism, lobbyists, big oil, etc. Their litany of complaints eerily sounds like they are nothing more than children grown old. They have simply moved on from their days as irritable kids when they were constantly bitching about things like, “gee, why do I always have to clean up my room”, “you’re always picking on me”, “why can’t I ever do what I want to do”, “why do I always have to wear clean clothes”, etc.

    Classical victims. Even when they got to see the Governor, there was nothing that would satisfy them. They don’t want a civil dialog because that would diffuse their transferrential anger – which they never want to give up

  • tommy mc donnell

    people that support oil production should be at the capital tomorrow protesting these clowns.

  • Radegunda

    How exactly does that moron think he’ll be more prosperous and free if his energy supply is artificially limited?

  • Saul Alynski

    They love modern technology when they need Syphyllis and AIDS medications.

    Ladies and Gents. This is the LEFT. They don’t play by rules. WE DO. When Kenneth Gladney was beaten. The LEFT lied and perjured at the trial. They don’t play be rules. WE DO.

    It’s coming.

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  • gus

    The way COMMIES/LIBTARDS/ALYNSKY ACCOLYTES/and POST MODERN HIPPIES,..infiltrate and have infiltrated most of our INSTITUTIONS, leaves MONTANA and it’s UNIVERSITIES NOT IMMUNE.


  • Rose

    When they protest Oil Production, they should be BANISHED FOR LIFE to places that have no Oil PRODUCTS.

    No motorized vehicles, no Electricity, no computers, no golf balls, no tennis shoes, none of the oil-based Synthetic garments or other products, no plastics, most medical supplies, no metals that used oil in the processes of mining, heat-forging, and manufacturing of the products, such as BICYCLES, no manufactured products, furnishings, insulations, shelters…
    planting and harvesting of FOOD…
    They should be banished from being ABLE to use such products in their personal lives.

  • Rose

    #14 FGT – AMEN – and add this to your quotations, as well:

    “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without
    knowing how it happened.” – Norman Thomas, (1884-1968) six-time U.S. Presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America – Presidential Candidate, 1948 – from an interview during the presidential campaign

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  • Molon Labe

    Send them all to some Marxist paradise like North Korea where they can carry on as they like for the rest of their lives.

  • gus

    #16 Ipso Facto. You quote was so Sublime, that I intend to cut and paste it, in order to remind myself of it’s pure and simple ELOQUENCE and TRUTH.
    Thank you.
    #22 and #23. Rose. Both good posts. The second was quite profound and worthy of kudo’s.
    The Norman Thomas quote amongst many others we Conservatives have recognized, including Alynski, Obama and other Marxists of note. (Obama is now the standard bearer). Honestly espouse the fundamental IDEOLOGY and committed Political philosophy of the LEFT. The LEFT has game plans. The IDEOLOGY, is not just a PATRIOTIC IDIUM as we CONSERVATIVES would view our primary IDEALS and Patriotism and Loyalty, vis a vis our Nation, and it’s founding principles of Liberty, limited govt and Capitalism.

  • gus

    My last Conservative Evangelical Screed.
    Libtards, Leftists, Obama, and those who combined and were ORGANIZED to get him elected.

    Every DEPT. or Cabinet Office, that Obama over sees, has been filled by an accolyte who is part of an ORGANIZED IDEOLOGY. Mostly Communist or new World pseudo Communist. Then the layer of CZARS who are unelected, un-Senate approved ERTZATZ, Cabinet members, picked specifically for IDEOLOGICAL PURITY and because of an “organized” plan. All of the GOALS of the far left,, are being implemented, as part of a PLAN.
    Conservatives, do not operate this way. AND ARE SUCKERS because of the naivette.
    George W Bush, did not have ORGANIZED GROUPS and DETAILED IDEOLOGICAL accolytes as his CABINET. George W. Bush, picked Cabinet and Dept heads, who generally agreed with his political views, and whom, W. expected could carry out G.W.’s General idea’s and wishes.

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  • burt

    Obama and his Red (or is it now green?) Army.


    they should have discussed it civily over a beer summitt.. LOL/sarc.

    tree huggin mutherfukkers…ban them to the middle east and see how they feel about living with mooslum trash

  • Kissmygrits

    The article above left off some of the more interesting tidbits from the protest. The capitol is a historical landmark and many furnishings date to the early 1900s. One protestor began playing an a piano in the room and the other protestors climbed on top of an oak table to dance and shout. They claimed to be there ‘to establish an uncompromising position’, that’s our job’. They left the guv’s office when told to do further demonstrations in the rotunda so they danced and drummed their way there. They tore scraps of paper from state materials and locked arms awaiting arrest. They had been camping in a meadow near Lolo Hot Springs for a week and filled the air with body odor. They had been protesting the mega loads going from Idaho to Alberta with their camp in.

  • Nadadhimmi

    RE: #3, Lee. You are correct, sir. Leftists protesting Oil production: how’d they get there to protest, WALK?

  • Buffalobob

    The problem is that these same anarchist roam around protesting and violating the law. They get a slap on the wrist an go out the next day and do it again. There needs to be a three strike rule similar to some cities in AZ, where if you get arrested for shoplifting three times in 5 years it becomes a felony, with serious consequences. These eco terrorist have been violating the law with little or no retribution. Which is why we are now dealing with the fruits of that policy, ELF.

  • Buffalobob

    What is interesting to me is how gullible people who are not environuts, leftist or progs, are easily convinced to join with these anarchists. Case in point, Idaho, the wide load protests. Look it up. I was in Idaho for 6 mounts last fall. The transportation of the wide loads of equipment from the west coast shipping docks was given the ok by the Idaho transportation dept. after long deliberation and planning. It allowed these huge trucks to transport the large vessels with strict control on stopping and traffic slowdowns. Well the econo nuts took up the cause and enlisted rafting and river guides, businesses, and other recreational minded people and convinced them with their hysteria, that this was a bad thing. These people who depend on fuel never stopped to realize that cheep and plentiful fuel would benefit their lifestyles in the future. Sheep.

  • Stuart

    I used to live in Montana, so I was a little alarmed at reading about this. These were not the Montanans that I knew. Then I read where they were from; San Francisco, Eugene Oregon, and the rest from Missoula. The Missoula people are likely students at U of M. In other words sheep, who are getting sheared whether they know it or not. The rest are likely professional “activists” riding some grant money, (or daddy’s trust fund), all the way to Helena.
    The Montanans who I came to know have limited patience with folks like this.