AARP Suddenly Worried About Cuts to Medicare But Supported Obama’s $500 Billion Cuts to Same Program (Video)

Talk about fear-mongering?
The far left group AARP is running ads claiming the current debt negotiations will result in “Social Security and Medicare benefits seniors have earned through a lifetime of hard work.”
The group is running national television ads:

From the AARP website:

Right now, President Obama and Congress are considering a deal to pay the nation’s bills that could cut the Social Security and Medicare benefits seniors have earned through a lifetime of hard work.

One proposal would cut the Social Security cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) — a change that would cost seniors thousands of dollars over their lifetimes…

This is the same group that supported Obamacare – a plan that cut $500 billion from Medicare.

Then again, it was later discovered that AARP stands to reap an extra billion dollars in profits from ObamaCare. Worse, this extra profit is largely BECAUSE of the Medicare cuts.
Typical leftists.

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  • Rhoda R

    AARP has been firmly in the dems corner for as long as I remember. No way in hell that I would join.

  • Sickofobama

    AARP supports the death panels for granny.

    It’s the cash they’re are worried about.

  • AARP

    Yes, we’re AARP. We weren’t worried about the $500 billion cuts to Medicare when the greatest President evah was proposing them. But now, that there is no need to suck his manhood any more, we have managed to find a conscience

  • PamelaOfThePoconos

    AARP has me dizzy as it straddles both sides of the fence. Must be some awful case of crotch itch they have going for themselves.

  • Middle Man

    Why would a retired teacher rely on Social Security, with the retirement plan teachers have.

  • Joe Camel

    Every time they send me something, I send it back in the prepaid envelope with a note reminding them I am not a socialist, and do not / nor will not support their agenda. I have gotten nothing from them in over a year now. Maybe they caught on. Not sure who belongs to their group, but none of my family does.

  • Stephanie

    Teachers do not participate in Social Security or medicare. They never pay into it and they don’t receive it. They get the exact same health plan when they retire as they do when they work, and a lovely retirement check. ALL PAID FOR BY THE TAXPAYER. This ad is absurd since teachers don’t get medicare (or Social Security).

  • Middle Man

    I hear from Seniors all the time who have problems with AARP supplement insurance paying their claims. The only thing about Seniors AARP cares about is their money and vote.

  • Joe College

    now let’s see who on the repub side will take this story and broadcast it everywhere….who??…that’s right we have no balls on that side of the aisle…can’t appear racist now can we… well they better start to make some noise to remove this POS mooslum from office

  • No Man

    It’s not that the liberals $cumb@gs that control AARP love retired persons less. That they love Obama more.

    Cut them off years back.

  • avery

    They already cut 500 Billions,no cost of living for the past two years,and the Death Panel are set up and working to Denil cares.AARP don”t give a Dam about old peoples just what money they can steal from them.

  • Guy in Ohio

    The AARP attacked me with mailings when I turned 50, hoping to rope me in. I was considering it, until they supported Obowmacare … I called them and told them they had lost me. They still send me the mailings, and I send them back shredded in their pre-paid envelopes …

  • regularguy

    I’ve got one of their solicitations in the mail. I think I’ll mail them my two cents. Yes, literally two pennies. They can pay to process that. Eff them otherwise.

  • paul52

    #5 and #7… make sure your facts are straight. Most teachers had other jobs in their lives. I’m a retired teacher and have paid Social Security all but about 7 years since 1966. I’ll see damn little Social Security. I also contirbuted to my pension through payroll deduction for 25 years. (Missouri Public School Retirement System). My “paid health care” ended when I retired. I retired in 2000 and am STILL working. BTW, I abhor AARP and may they die a slow, painful, lingering death.

  • Gideon Reed

    That dog just looks benign. I have it on very good information that this perro is a lowdown, dirty, rotten, conservative in mild disguise. That dog owns a corporate jet and is the Canine CEO who peed on ZerO’s shoes, instead of kissing his tuchis and contributing a Beggin’ Strip.
    Why won’t those Republician doggies realize that more than 99.999% of all breeds support raising taxes, and the remainder just have not been exposed to the Wonder Prez’s message.
    But do not worry. there will be a Presidential speach, every eight hours until vote or suicide time.
    Woof, woof, woof. Oy vey. Here comes another.

  • Molon Labe

    The AARP demonstrates how someone will prostitute themselves without realizing they are selling their freedoms and liberties in the hopes that they will be one of the ruling Morlocks, although they are just eloi.

  • vityas

    Every time I get a mailing from them I write COMMIE in thick black magic marker across the front and send it back in their postage paid envelope.

  • Rose

    It was never anything but a Dim fundraising organ, anyway. They’ve had enough scandals the last 20 yrs that Seniors who support it ought to be ashamed of themselves, anyway.

  • the wolf

    Here’s a better idea: Stop supporting the government raping your paycheck for your entire working life so you can keep your hard-earned money in the first place.