It Begins… WOMAN ARRESTED For Protesting Smart Meter Installation (Video)

It’s an Obama World…
You will do as you’re told. You will keep your temperature at an Obama-approved level… Despite the double-standard set by our president.

A woman was arrested this past weekend for not allowing officials to install a smart meters in her neighborhood.
The P/Oed Patriot reported: reported:

An activist protesting against the installation of ‘smart’ meters was arrested today for civil disobedience. Amy O’Hair was arrested at Monterey and Edna in the Sunnyside neighborhood of San Francisco at 9.30 on Saturday 18 June 2011.

She sat on the hood of a smart meter installation truck to prevent installation of smart meters and refused to move. The police were called and arrested her. It was early in the morning, and few people were around, but a bystander waiting at a bus stop gave support. Amy was taken to 425 Seventh Street (Bryant Police station) to be cited.

The Obama EPA-approved smart grid will track CO2 emissions and internet use.

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    don’t people have anything better to do…ahh CA what a backasswards state

  • Brian

    Getting cited on your own property. Getting charged on usage is reasonable. Any further monitoring is likely a violation of the US constitution. Shame that a *proper* lawsuit accusing the government of this violation would soak up a lot of resources, be a ton of trouble and likely result in harassment by the government.

    What a shame, but this didn’t happen overnight, but over decades.

  • GUS

    And the Republicans are doing ABSO-F**KING-LUTELY NOTHING to stop this intrusion on America’s Liberty.


    But in brighter news, John Boehner went golfing over the weekend.

  • Granny

    I was prepared to be enraged, then I saw that this happened in the People’s Republic of San Francisco. I’m sorry – they have been legislating Happy Meals, circumcision and heaven only knows what else while utterly ignoring immigration laws and anything else they don’t like. They deserve the First for the “smart grid.”

  • Joanne

    I wonder what they would have done if she was a black muslim woman in a burka refusing to get off the vehicle.

    The TSA has the disturbing right to molest passengers and take naked photos of them, so I’m figuring the government thinks that if people have accepted that, they will accept just about anything they throw at them.

    Americans should be throwing a hissy-fit that Obama produced a FRAUDULENT long-form birth certificate, but nothing there either.

  • StrangernFiction

    F*ck John Boehner!


    A Conservative

  • Militant Conservative

    The power co is trying to do this in Georgia. My wife works 2nd shift. You going to turn off her AC when she sleeps during the day? Luckily I know how to sabotage anything.

    Powder is dry

  • Kissmygrits

    Coming attractions of what will be in your neighborhood soon. Brought to us by the party who cares. It’s for our own good and also saving the planet.

  • SeniorD

    Please note the locale – San Francisco; home to Nancy (“I made 62 million in an Obama economy!”) Pelosi, the abhorrent ‘Gay Pride Day’, and other twisted examples of human depravity and degradation.

    And to think, the uncorrupt remains of a true 20th Century miracle working Saint (John of Shanghai and San Francisco) lie in peace in this city he loved.

  • MustComment

    Wow! I refused the Smart Meter install the first time around but they came back and I didn’t fight it. Guess this answers the question of what would have happen, if I had…

    The freakin’ arrested her! UNBELIEVABLE.

  • GUS

    But Sarah Palin is stupid.

  • KansasGirl

    Is this what O meant when he said he wanted to “change” America. Commie bstrds.

  • PJ

    So the smart meter does…what? Is this the thing CARB was trying to pass and talk radio guys organized protests against?

  • Guy in Ohio

    #7 – M/C … sadly, most people don’t even understand what they are planning to do with these smart meters. They aren’t capable of “turning off” anyone’s A/C, at least not here in Ohio. They do have water heaters than can be turned off though …

    All these meters do is feed the power company information on how much power you use, and WHEN you use it. In Ohio, the way it works is simple … you either sign up for a dual rate plan, where they GOUGE you for using power between certain hours, and charge you much less for off hours usage, or you keep your existing plan, and your entire bill goes up. It’s the usual “we’re doing you a favor and giving you a choice” approach.

    Most people will opt for the dual rate plan, but since they will probably continue to live the way they normally live, they’ll get slammed with the higher rate for the bulk of their consumption, and their electric bills will “necessarily skyrocket”. Who wants to sit in a miserably hot house until ten PM, and then start cooking dinner to avoid the high rates?

    Don’t you just love how they are using technology to invade our lives and strip us of our freedoms?

  • Redwine

    When can we freely call the intentional abrogation of our liberty as “tyranny”?

  • This makes me ill

    well over 50% voted to have us dominated by communism. Our farmers grain doubled, meat goes up, diary is being imported, fisheries regulations tripled, no drilling, leases deleted, 42 new regulations placed on every small/middle business (now you must lay down a plastic tarp before putting up a ladder-protects mother earth). Coal mines are being shut down all over US. Health care is shutting down small doctor ran clinics, too many regs, prescriptions will triple, and all education has doubled. If you are black or minority you will be promised a government union job. How can innovation survive? How can the young buy homes? Illegals get free health care, free college, food stamps, housing and all the jobs that we want…our retirees have no part-time jobs they give it to illegals who can’t speak english. The repubs do nothing about Obamas fake SSN (fraud) and how the fly all over the world free. Why don’t they have investigations on Lisa Jackson? ANd site how many will be affected by her EPA regs???And Obama plays golf????? Now they want our mortgage interest??? Our 401K. Who would vote for this? In the last two years he has insulted our military, our science, our supreme justices..I mean everything!!!! Palestinians who hate JEWS and Israel in the WH, taking over public schools they think they are King/Queen and we are SUBJECTS not citizens…

  • bg


    “it” is part and parcel of something much
    bigger that was started a long time ago..

    (follow the links, connect the dots)

    that “history repeats itself” is not a cliche, it’s a fact..


  • Taqiyyotomist

    #16 T.m.m.i.

    Isn’t it the height of irony that the supposedly “freedom-loving” hippies have all expressed their support for Communism and Socialism? Those are the two most freedom-destroying ideologies which have ever existed on the planet, up there with Islam. A hundred years of mass-graves and genocides: this is Communism and it’s brother Socialism.

    When I see an obvious hippie, I wince, because I see stupid, deceived people.

    When I smell patchouli, I smell mass graves, and it makes me sick.

  • dunce

    It was not that long ago that Ca. had rolling blackouts. When everyone has a so called smart meter, the utility company can pick and choose which users are cut off. In an ideal world the decisions would be fair and people living on electric powered life support at home and hospitals for example would have priority. Political considerations would have no place but in the real world some people would have special treatment and because individual users could be cut off while registered democrats would enjoy continuous service or registered republicans. The customer data base can easily be cross referenced with the voter registration lists. A little imagination could conceive more insidious plots. A businessman who supported an opponent might experience 3 minute power cutoffs during his busiest time of day every week.

  • big L

    The guy putting them in, said not only can they be read from the offices, they can be turned
    down (brown-out) and Off (lights out-no internet) Maybe solar/wind/big batteries have a point.
    I hate that thing as there is no way to back-check it. It used to be you could learn the way of reading it and check the bill. Because they used to estimate. Also the wheel truning would tell you if somethin is wrong. Thre is a “fast meter” sundrome when the lines on the pole are coated
    with salt or pollution or guano. and your power is intermittent.
    Now we get bupkis-big brother.
    There are a bunch of people that say they are made sick by
    them…the radiation is intense for them. He was on the radio, has a web-site.