Unhinged Leftist Radio Host Ambushes James O’Keefe at Right Online – FAILS (Video)

Violent far left Air America radio host Nicole Sandler ambushed conservative investigative reporter James O’Keefe at Right Online this weekend.
It was a complete failure.

The Raw Story

Progressive radio host Nicole Sandler is at the Netroots Nation conference in Minneapolis, where she ran into a decidedly conservative attendee: James O’Keefe.

As Sandler describes on her blog, she spotted O’Keefe in the lobby, and he invited her over to chat. Naturally, she pulled out her Flip Cam and recorded the whole thing. Eventually, O’Keefe tires of her and tries to get Sandler to go away.

“I didn’t ask for an interview, I just wanted to have a discussion. You’re interviewing me on tape,” he says, when she reminds him that he gestured her over.

“Yeah, you tape people all the time. You tape people and you edit the tapes to make it look like things that didn’t, happened.”

For the record… The last time we saw this violent leftist she was being cuffed and frogmarched from an Allen West town hall event.

The Shark Tank has the video.

Now Nicole is ambushing reporters at conservative conferences.
Wait until your parole officer hears about this, Nicole!

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  • Meep

    The first frames of the O’Keefe video show a date of June 18, 2001.

    What’s up with that?

  • Meep

    Go to youtube and see the date it was uploaded..

    Uploaded by nicolesandler on Jun 17, 2011

  • Chisum

    O’Keefe is an insipid ass?

    Nicole, I’ll take the ‘insipid ass’ over an angry harpy any day!

    Just so there is no misunderstanding, Nicole, YOU are the angry harpy.

    I hope that’s clear enough for you, Nicole.

  • Auntie Em

    LOL!! James O’Keefe made her look every bit the ignorant fool that she is. Her lithium and antipsychotics need to be adjusted. She is subtherapeutic.

  • J Galt

    This woman is truly a lunatic. Her internal conversation is so loud she can’t let anyone else speak. She is a perfect example of I can’t hear you because my mind is made up. What part of the employees trying to help someone set up an underage brothel is she confused about? The part where a few offices got word about the project and called the police well after the fact to cover their asses. Registering Democrats is so important that making up voters by the dozens, signing up folks multiple times to get your quota and signing up yourself in multiple districts is perfectly acceptable. That by the way is more serious than the trumped up misdemeanor of pretending to be a phone repair man to ask some questions of a public official who is lying and stonewalling her constituents.

    Nicole needs to get a life and stop trying to validate her existence by denying political realities and scapegoating people who are trying to make people aware of corruption and cynicism. By exposing corrupt Government and publicly funded offices James OKeefe does a service for all Americans. Without public awareness of the overreach and perversion of the mandate intrusted to Congress and organizations like ACORN there is no hope for a renewed America.

  • Michael M

    She could use some anger management classes. What a nasty individual! Possibly a stray from the Neanderthal genus.

  • I believe you are seeing the dress rehearsals for the next election cycle- and this is just a small taste of what will become the New (ab)Normal.

    Gird yourselves, folks- it will get a lot worse before it gets any better.

  • Bob Zimmerman

    They should have thrown some glitter on her

  • mcc

    “Angry harpy.” Perfect. I was struggling to put a name to what I was hearing.

    Watched Jon Stewart with Chris Wallace earlier (hoping to better understand him) — and, boy, was the anger simmering below the surface evident at times. Not a happy man. Nor does he see clearly either. But nothing like this one.

    Liberals, open your eyes! (Not for Lefties like the hopeless harpy.) Read the awakenings of Mamet, Horowitz and others. It’s yourselves you’re deceiving.

  • Meep

    Straight from O’Keefe’s Project Veritas: He had judicial permission.


    Now, let me check on Sandler’s probation.

  • Ginger

    The corruption goes on and on. Weiner married to a muslim brother hood and Hillary and Bill right in the thick of it! I guess Weiner is muslim too? Tell me how Billy boy had the authority to marry Weiner and his muslim brotherhood wife.


  • pat pacer

    James O’Keefe is so cool, she is a bitch. The closer it gets to elections watch all the little seedlings of the once might oak sprout up with tucked away stimulus funds. For the 2008 election when the homeless was being exploited for two beers, a concert and a meal, all who were silently “paid” to register and vote, most likely, have not voted since and need to be reregistered.

  • chuck in st paul

    “Come on now, admit it! YOUR GUILTY!!”
    repeat (loudly)

    Goodness, what an obnoxious cow. “I don’t care what the government says,” …??? WTF lady? So this guy is just going to open up like some TV detective show and cry tears of regret while bawling out his confession because of your hard nosed grilling? Geeez what a moron.

  • JimmyT

    Yes she is an idiot, but, how can your headline say she ambushed him? He called her over. Your headlines are starting to remind me of the NYT. That’s 2!

  • xkaydet65

    Sorry. James has no complaint here.This libtard tried to do an interview after being invited over.For a guy who makes his bones doing ambush interviews,O’Keefe should not be grousing over being on the other side.

  • big L

    Apparently in most locales you can go to the County Clerk and get a permit to marry folks for one
    day. This is how the Cruiselines have weddings before leaving port. the pastor or person gets the certificate and the rules for signing and anythig else neded from the County.
    so Bill clintoon did that, or not.

  • daryl

    Where does the left find all of these hot (tempered) women?
    And for what it’s worth #14 & #15 he didn’t “call her over”.
    She approached him and he invited her to sit. Then she ties
    into him with histrionics that only female lefties can manage.
    Straight facts spoken here. Get ’em straight or stfu.


    Looks like the fat beeotch needs another cheeseburger…LOLOL

  • Anon Y. Mous

    I like how she told one of the other gentlemen that she didn’t know who he was and wasn’t interested in talking to him. The three men were sitting having a conversation. Sandler, passing by, recognizes O’Keefe, who then politely invites her to join them. She immediately turns the conversation that had already been taking place as her own interview session, in effect, demanding that the others butt out.

    I can’t believe that she released the video. Didn’t she play it before she uploaded it? Didn’t she she what an ass she was?

  • Ah, the fair flower of liberal womanhood!

  • Her tag line to the video is uninspired and redundant. She is as boring and untalented with the written word as she is with those she bleats.

  • CV1

    All of these people represent the political dog and pony show that turns average American citizens off.

  • averagemelon

    I’m proud of James.

    He remained in the adult mode; calm and respectful even though Sandler tried like nutzy-koo-koo to get him to admit something she THINKS he did. I’ll bet she never before encountered a person who does not lie about events that took place. James was so refreshing to watch. Bravo.

  • theBuckWheat

    A liberal’s world is inside out. Inside their minds is their reality, what goes on outside is only relevant to the extent it is useful to support what is going on inside. They spend their lives trying to maintain their internal reality. Facts are only useful when they support that world and are ignored or rejected when they do not. So, of course such people make up their own rules, and they give themselves a pass for behavior they approve of.

    They support, for example, “street theater”, and “die ins”, to protest this or that. But when a conservative conducts a little street theater of his own, buy dressing up as a pimp, it is highly offensive because it destroys one of their cherished components of their self-maintained reality. In this case, ACORN was part of their effort to remake society and now James has destroyed that, at least for the time being.

    The worse thing you can do to a liberal is copy their own tactics and cause a collision between the real world and their internal reality.

    Ever tried to show a liberal where he is wrong? It is as impossible as nailing jello to a wall. And if you really are able to squeeze them into a corner, it is common for them to suddenly play the hater-card. You will experience a Gollum-like outburst: You are a hateful person, you must hate women, children, minorities, furry animals, you must hate me. What has happened is that when their internal reality is sufficiently shown to be false, their self-identity has been shown to be false. Merely proving a fact can be an act of hate, inside liberal-world.

    And thus a person who seeks to get to the truth about ACORN, hates all liberals who love and support ACORN. And that is why James is an asshole, and not worthy of praise for the imaginative way he allowed the public to see how corrupt ACORN really was.

  • daryl

    I appreciate O’keefe for his part in the publicizing of what Acorn was up to and about. Hang in there James!

  • Leatherhelmet

    Seek help Nicole.

  • Joanne

    I wouldn’t talk to that bitch – she is a liar right from the get-go. “I was just asking a question.” No you were not, you were implying he committed a crime, which the government found he did not. These people are haters, and the left calls the right haters. Ugh.

  • Latin2

    She said at that the end “You were upset that Acorn registered DEMOCRATS”.

    That shows her stupidity

    UH….Acorn is a tax exempt non-prof9t organization, not a political organization

    I thought to have a tax exempt non-profit status and receive money from the government you were NOT supposed to be a PARTISAN organization.

    That is like the Tea Party getting direct funding from the federal government. Why would everyone, including Republicans, get taxed to pay for a DEMOCRATIC operation to get more Democrats to sign up and not be fair?

    I think that would DISQUALIFY Acorn to get federal funding and stop them from being a non-profit.

  • CherryDelite

    I can’t wait until James O’Keefe runs for office. America needs a true patriot like him.

  • BarbaraS

    I still get a chuckle when I remember James’ effort in college to ban Lucky Charms cereal because it was offensive to the Irish.

    It would have been more reasonable (hah) if this woman had let anyone finish a sentence before yelling and accusing them of obstructing and lying. I’ll bet this cretin is a fully paid up member of NOW.

    BTW, why are these two diverse conventions held in the same city at the same time and in the same hotel? Was this planned or just a happy circumstance?

  • Taqiyyotomist

    #28 Latin2

    Excellent observation and comment. Thank you.

  • nobama2012

    that unfortunate woman is so angry. Poor thing she wants to be a journalist, and failed miserably. Such anger with these libs.

  • What a loon so in love with the sound of her own oh so earnest voice.

  • WheelsOfFortune

    Wow, what a noise! It was as if James just invited a swarm of mosquitoes to join him in a small enclosed area.

    But just to be fair, he never did answer the two questions she repeated over and over and over again: Did he wear the outfit to the Acorn office, and Did he try to tap the phone lines. He just referred her (over and over and over again) to “government reports”, as though he wasn’t at the scenes of the crimes (?) and therefore couldn’t speak with any authority on the subject. Why didn’t he just answer directly?

    And too, someone really needs to correct #17’s “correction”. Here is a direct and complete quote right from the “ambusher” herself:
    “I didn’t try to talk with him. I did take a picture of him, as I know he’s on probation and I assumed he was breaking the law. He told me he got clearance to attend, and I said “OK” and began walking away. He asked me to sit down to talk. I declined. He asked AGAIN… Who am I to refuse such a nice request?”

    (I could not find a statement from James to deny this, so we shouldn’t just make up the truth, based on our gut feelings about an aggressive sounding person.)

  • 666wearelegion

    Progressivism like liberalism is also a mental disorder. The usual form of debate used by a libtard or a regressive is name-calling, talk over every one using your loudest voice and repitition.