The Color Purple Author Alice Walker Says US & Israel Are Terrorist States; Will Join Gaza Flotilla

Last year Barack Obama’s good friend Rashid Khalidi raised cash for a ship named “The Audacity of Hope” to smash through the Gaza Blockade. After months of fundraising the group finally raised enough cash and the Obama-inspired ship set out to joint this year’s Gaza-bound “Freedom Flotilla 2.”

The “Audacity of Hope” will join other Islamists and Leftists in the Gaza Flotilla II.

Alice Walker the far left author of The Color Purple told Foreign Policy magazine that the US and Israel are terrorist states. She will join the anti-Israel Islamo-leftist Gaza Flotilla next month.
Big Hollywood reported:

Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker will join the flotilla of ships next week that will try to break Israel’s maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip. She says the goal is to bring supplies and raise awareness of the situation there. Last May, during a similar attempt by activists, Israel raided six ships. On one, clashes broke out and Israeli commandos killed nine people.

Foreign Policy reached the author of The Color Purple in Greece, where she is preparing for her departure.

Foreign Policy: Why are you taking part in the flotilla mission?

Alice Walker: In 2009, I was in Gaza, just after Operation Cast Lead, and I saw the incredible damage and devastation. I have a good understanding of what’s on the ground there and how the water system was destroyed and the sewage system. I saw that the ministries had been bombed, and the hospitals had been bombed, and the schools. I sat for a good part of a morning in the rubble of the American school, and it just was so painful because we as Americans pay so much of our taxes for this kind of weaponry that was used. On a more sort of mature grandmotherly level I feel that as an elder it is up to me and others like me — other elders, other mature adults — to look at situations like this and bring to them whatever understanding and wisdom we might have gained in our fairly long lifetimes, witnessing and being a part of struggles against oppression. …

Foreign Policy: Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations said the stated goal of “humanitarian assistance” was a false pretext for your mission — and it’s actually designed to serve an extremist political agenda, and that many of the groups participating in the mission maintain ties with extremist and terrorist organizations, including Hamas. Your reaction?

Alice Walker: I think Israel is the greatest terrorist in that part of the world. And I think in general, the United States and Israel are great terrorist organizations themselves. If you go to Gaza and see some of the bombs — what’s left of the bombs that were dropped — and the general destruction, you would have to say, yeah, it’s terrorism.

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  • Whoops, don’t hit any of those mines left over from WWII. Would love to see another sinking of the Audacity of Hope. All these people should leave this country to never return.

  • toongoon

    The more I hear about the anti-american passengers on board this raft the less concerned I am about it’s buoyancy.

  • Dave-O

    I pray that the Good Ship Hope springs a helluva leak out there.

  • Blimpy

    Another useless idiot. So, who cares””

  • Ceroth

    God, I hope Israel has a submarine waiting for them and when they hit international waters the boat has an “accident.”

  • Ginger

    Israel..hit them hard…they are up to something.

    I hope they all take a one way trip to Hell! SCUM BAGS

    Hey Alice Walker…douchbag be careful those muslims has no respect for females and you may get you know gang raped.

  • toongoon

    They all make it clear that they are the enemy of Israel. Do they really think that in provoking an act war they won’t be deep sixed? Well, libs aren’t known for brains just good but misguided intentions.

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    The evil and despicable blockade will be SMASHED by the flotilla of peaceful muslims and their supporters. How much more do you think the holy followers of Allah to take from wicked and godless peoples? Eventually the holy warriors of Islam will say ENOUGH! and our undefeated armies will smite your necks swiftly and mercilessly.

    Oh Allah! By your mercy will the stomachs of the unbelievers be roasted in the fires of hell.

  • Lucy

    If you want to know what Alice Walker is made of, Google the article “How my mother’s fanatical views tore us apart” by her daughter Rebecca Walker. Alice Walker is a heartless, soulless fanatical Marxist.

  • Highlander

    These people are very selective in their designation of terrorist states. They congratulate themselves on their physical courage and high ideals in the face governments committed to principles of tolerance and forbearance, knowing full well how true terrorist states would respond to their antics.

    Until I see the good ship “The Audacity of Hope” steaming up the Strait of Hormoz to take on the Iranians, or anchored defiantly in Inchon harbor, I’ll continue to view them as the contemptable frauds they are.

  • toongoon

    La-de-dah-Dajjal did you get your ticket for the “Titanic II” yet? Better hurry before all of Hollywood grabs them all up.

  • Gman

    Eventually the holy warriors of Islam will say ENOUGH

    Enough to what? Middle East Muslims using goats as their sexual toys?

    By the way, if god is on you side then why hasn’t he protected the few hundred thousand of your brothers that we have waxed over the last ten years?

  • toongoon

    Oh and Bomb Voyage! I mean Bon Voyage.

  • I am not the most intellectual in the bunch, so maybe I am wrong, but I thought that the Color Purple was a poorly written book that only made it big because of Oprah.

  • Rachelle

    Once again, I hope the Israeli defense forces sink this ship. What a target rich opportunity!

    These people belong down with the whale crap.

  • a former dem

    3 questions….

    1) where is this boat sailing from? the US?

    2) will it be flying the US flag?

    3) Has the Isreali Navy indicated how they will block this stupid boat?

  • toongoon

    he evil and despicable blockade will be SMASHED by the flotilla of peaceful muslims (PEACEFUL MOOSLEMS got it? PEACEFUL MOOSLEMS. funny)

    How much more do you think the holy followers of Allah to take from wicked and godless peoples? (your crayon [koran if you prefer] is full of wickedness and godlessness, written by a man who became more and more psychotic as he got older)

    Eventually the holy warriors of Islam will say ENOUGH! and our undefeated armies will smite your necks swiftly and mercilessly. (What? Not peaceful any more?)

    Oh Allah! By your mercy will the stomachs of the unbelievers be roasted in the fires of hell. (You should try Christianity, hatred and violence is a terrible way to live.)

  • apodoca

    I guess this means Alice Walker is gonna live in Turkey/Iran/Egypt/Gaza/Saudi Arabia/Sudan or one of the actual terror sponsoring states and renounce her U.S. citizenship.

    Hey, Alice, you don’t know what racial discrimination is until you live in an Islamic country. You go girl!

  • “I sat for a good part of a morning in the rubble of the American school,”

    Oh, which school was that?
    How much was the rubble a function of Hamas and Fatah mortal cage match?
    Alice Walker is a solid middle class, prom queen university scholarship college grad. Her own life totally repudiates what she wrote.

  • Ginger

    Hey Alice…got your burka on yet to hide all of them bruises that you will have to hide? Oh, them poor goats! 🙁

    What does that hag look like? Just wondering!

  • Freddy

    This entire stunt makes no sense. Israel is going to tell these ships to go to either the Israeli port or an Egyptian one. In the end, they will choose the Egyptian one.

    I hope the ‘activists’ have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on this useless venture. It will cut down on their war chest for future stupid acts.

  • John03

    Just another democrat making an ass of themself. May the force be with the Somali pirates.

  • Alana
  • Mad Hatter

    I’ve stated this in another posting on this site.

    If we get a Republican President in 2012 (not a RINO), get control of the Senate, and hold the House, Ryan, or Bachmann has to re-start the House Un-American Activities.

    This anti American woman, Van Jones, Bill Ayers, Michael Moore, etc, etc, need to be investigated by our Government in trying to under mind our nation in times of war, along with giving aid and comfort to our enemies.

  • joscefi

    “…On a more sort of mature grandmotherly level I feel that as an elder it is up to me and others like me — other elders, other mature adults —…”

    ‘….I feel that as an elder…’, isn’t that just wonderful, another self annointed, self important, un-elected, “elder”!

    Will she be joining, Nelson Mandela’s troupe, , the travelling Desmond Tutu/Jimmy Carter, etc. gang, or starting a separate franchise?

  • xqqme

    I say Alice should go to Gaza and take a box of Bibles with her. The Palis, of course, being the tolerant civilized crowd they are, won’t mind.

  • Mikey

    2 things
    1) Did Ms. Alice happen to see any of the damage caused by the thousands of rockets and missiles that were FIRST shot at Israel’s civilian population that CAUSED Israels response after repeated warnings to the Gazan terrorists to stop?

    20 I think all the Israel haters and terrorist sympathizers should be on that Flotilla.
    And if i were Israel I would give ’em 2 documented warnings then sink ’em.

    It’s Israel’s only gain out of the whole flotilla exercise

  • tommy mc donnell

    another america hating leftist. thats how you win pulitzer prizes.

  • E Doret

    The UN: Israel’s Blockade is an Illegal Collective Punishment.

    In order for any meaningful talks on peace to restart, it is necessary for the Israel government to lift the blockade of Gaza which the UN has determined is an illegal collective punishment.

    In three bloody weeks from December 27, 2008, during ‘operation cast lead’, white phosphorus and other weapons were used against the people of Gaza, killing 1400, the majority of whom were civilians including over 300 children, plus the destruction of schools, houses and public buildings. The Likud government of Israel that exports Uzi machine guns and other munitions to regimes worldwide, and imports billions of dollars of military equipment – (including cluster bombs, rocket & grenade launchers, surface to air missiles, F15/F16 strike aircraft, aerial bombers, Apache attack helicopters, Dolphin nuclear-armed submarines, armoured personnel carriers, unmanned drones, aerial vehicles and electronic warfare equipment from the US and Europe) – wants the world to believe that its blockade of the starved, bankrupt people of Gaza, is legal in order to prevent imaginary arms shipments to a besieged enclave of 1.6 million, mainly unemployed people who are desperate for food and medicines, not guns.

    The Gaza massacre and the illegal blockade exists only by courtesy of the EU which continues its billions of dollars of bilateral trade with a non-European state under an Association Agreement, the existence of which is the key economic factor that keeps the Likud government in power – and the blockaded and bombed enclave of Gaza, under siege. The EU and the UN must take action. For far too long the world has stood and watched people die and starve, and remained silent.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    #8 June 24, 2011 at 8:11 pm
    Mahdi Al-Dajjal commented:

    Just like Baghdad Bob predicting the US would lose the Iraq invasion, eh? Or defeated during the First Gulf War?

    Where is he now?

  • Chisum
  • #29 June 24, 2011 at 11:47 pm
    E Doret commented:
    The UN: Israel’s Blockade is an Illegal Collective Punishment.

    In order for any meaningful talks on peace to restart, it is necessary for the


    The UN has a office that processes and delivers ALL aid, government AND private to Gaza. Warehouses, trucks, staff, normal business hours.

    The ONLY blockade is for WEAPONS. EVERY COUNTRY RESERVES THAT RIGHT. That’s why no country pursued Israel in international court. They ALL knew Israel was in the right in boarding those ships, and NOT ONE COMPLAINING NATION was willing to give up their naval patrol rights to prop up a LIE. Turkey cried and wailed like drama queens for the CAMERAS, but didn’t do anything. They need to board ships, too. Just a SHOW.

    Gazans are well-fed with the world’s HIGHEST POPULATION growth rate at about 4%. Infant mortality is LOW with HIGH SURVIVABILITY. Hamas and Fatah killed more of each other in their pwoer struggle cage match.

    They don’t have a SINGLE starving ANYONE in Gaza and they’re opening LUXURY shopping malls.
    Seriously, WHAT BLOCKADE? If it has houses, TVs, sofas, kitchens, indoor plumbing, eletricity, restaurants, malls, schools, it isn’t a “refugee camp” it’s a CITY. Fed UP with the fat, hip clothes, cell-phone-tricked out PHONIES.

    Lying is a deadly sin, punishable by eternal damnation. Don’t matter if someone doesn’t “believe” it applies to them. It does. And to lie about Israel compounds the sin.

  • squeaky

    some how i doubt alice would sign on to a martydom event but then again……. she should hope that all passengers and crew of the good ship lolly-pop are vetted. imagine signing on for the bragging rights of being on a vessal breaking the blockade and finding yourself hostage to a group willing to take you to hell with them. [[While Khalidi will help raise money for the initiative, he said he does not plan to sail on the ship.]]


    hope her will is up to date once israel blows it the F up

  • Andreas K.

    Hitler would love Alice Walker.

    I hope Israel deals with this modern Bismarck properly. Aka sink it.

  • Nadadhimmi

    RE: #27. Hey Mikey, killing Jews was exactly the objective. As is the objective of this “flotilla”. Antisemitism on American college campus’s is quite open these days, as it is on most “major” so called “news” networks. Oh yeah, the libs hate ’em some jews, hate ’em damn good too! The audacity of the “audacity flotilla” is astounding. They don’t even see the need to conceal their hate anymore.

  • greenfairie

    I’ve read a book that featured several incidents over the past few hundred years where ships were found completely abandoned yet there was no sign of struggle or that anything was wrong. The passengers and crew were never found.

    Sounds like a piece of cake for Mossad.

  • Valerie

    I wish the reporter had asked her whether she also believes that the United States invented HIV infection for the purpose of killing people of color, as claimed by “God Damn America” Wright.

    If she believes that kind of nonsense, then her remarks about the US make a kind of sense, and someone should follow up with questions about her other sources of information.

  • paul52

    “Forward torpedo tubes loaded and doors open, Captain. We’ll save one Torpedo for ‘E Doret'”

  • Dray

    I hope Ms Walker and her other crew mates never come back to this country.Whenever I have heard liberals bash this country,I have asked them ” Why don’t you just leave if you hate it so much”?.It renders them speechless,like a deer in headlights.