Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) was a huge hit at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana.
FOX Nation reported:

Hotline On Call reported:

In a 20-minute address to about 2,000 activists at the Republican Leadership Conference, Perry decried the Obama administration and even Republicans he blamed for “apologizing” while touting his own record with remarks that sounded conspicuously like a stump speech.

“This administration in Washington that’s in power now clearly believes that government is not only the answer to every need, but it’s the most qualified to make the most central decisions for every American in every area,” Perry said. He called Obama’s approach to the economy “an affront to every freedom-loving American and a threat to every private sector job in this country.”

“I stand before you today as a disciplined, conservative Texan, a committed Republican and a proud American, united with you in the desire to restore our nation and revive the American dream,” he said…

“When it comes to conservative social issues, it saddens me when sometimes my fellow Republicans duck and cover under pressure from the left,” he said. “Let’s speak with pride about our morals and our values and redouble our efforts to elect more conservative Republicans. Let’s stop this downward American spiral.”



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  1. He is absolutely right!

  2. Rush has been saying this for years! I agree too.

  3. Damned straight! Governor Perry we love you here in Paris, Texas. This man is leader and causes the left many a sleepless night whenever he is interviewed on a national platform. Look out Dems 2012 is coming! Run and hide back under your rocks. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel every time I hear this man talk to the American people.

  4. Curry favor.. with the National Socialist Worker’s Party? Don’t be absurd.. Perry is right.

  5. Perry sounds good to me. Romney with his belief that women should have the right to choose – to slaughter their own unborn – and his belief in climate change propaganda makes me believe he is missing a brain.

  6. He’s good on the stump

    Real good

  7. ++

    hmmm, Palin & Perry / Perry & Palin.. Allen (West) & Rick (Perry)
    / Rick (Perry) & Allan (West), or any combo sounds goodto me..


  8. There is more to Rick Perry that meets the eye – check out for more info on Rick Perry.

    I’m hoping Palin will run and Allen West.

  9. Well it’s about time a prominent Repulican Party member said it in a public forum!

    It’s disgusting and frustrating to see how some political GOPers think they can make nice with scorpions and expect NOT to be stung!

  10. We can only hope he doesn’t wimp out on the ““The Left Is Never Going to Like Us, So Let’s Stop Trying to Curry Favor With Them” comment if he runs for the Presidency. Many Republicans get bad advice, get weak-kneed on the campaign trail, and kiss up to the Alinsky Media. See John McCain for details.

  11. Exactly…stop trying to appease the libtards…start calling them out with the truth…because lefties hate the truth…it’s not on their agenda

  12. if republicans behave like democrats , why do we have two parties?

  13. That was a good speech. From what I heard, Perry has the right ideas and the power to arouse the people and expose the Democrats for the charlatans they are. I’ll look closer at him now.

    The current crop of Republicans running for president are a bit weak. Pawlenty is a very nice even-tempered man, he should be a minister. Romney has a fake smile and I don’t trust him, he should run a casino. Cain is a very competent man, he should run a company. Paul is an innovative theorist, he should teach at some university. Gingrich is an old style politician who is infatuated with his ambitious wife, together, they should open an art gallery. Rick Santorum is a good man, he should be in the next Republican cabinet. Michelle Bachmann is a good lady, she too should be in the next Republican cabinet. Sarah Palin is a person of the people and a perfect candidate for President, she should run for the senate next and president after that.

    No matter what, party trumps person in the next election, however, we absolutely cannot elect another shallow rich white guy with a fake smile – how many times do we have to learn this lesson?

  14. Apparently you don’t GET IT, Rick. RINOs and other Republican elites MUST seek favor with the left. After all, it is those leftists who grace limp-wristed Republicans with their “legitimacy” and that little slice of meaningless power so many spineless, sell-outs crave.

  15. He gets it!Gov.Perry gets it!I like this man.

  16. American Patriot commented:
    Rush has been saying this for years! I agree too.

    Sounded exactly like Rush.

  17. Exactly; the left is THE ENEMY not ‘the loyal opposition.’ To treat with them is collaboration in their efforts to destroy this nation. The sniveling weasels who ‘reach across the aisle’ are naught but quislings trading their votes to cling to power they do not deserve. Now, if they were to reach out with sabers, that would be an entirely different – and entirely laudable – approach to dealing with the left.


    They HATE us.

    To them we will ALWAYS be the enemy.

    It’s time we woke up an realized that.

  19. That is funny since Perry’s toughest political battles have been against the Texas GOP while he was fortified solidly by the DIM ALLIES of his most passionate battles.

    KBH had to shame him off his attempt of many YEARS to sell Texas highways to Foreign nations as toll roads.

    Highways already paid for several times over by Texas taxpayers.

    When KBH has to shame you into Conservative stances DURING A HOT-FOUGHT ELECTION CAMPAIGN, IN WHICH SHE PROMISES TO WORK WELL WITH DEMOCRATS – you are in deep sewage waste.

    When KBH is against your LIBERAL program, guess how many TEXAS GOP you got on your side – FORGET ABOUT THE TEXAS CONSERVATIVES!


    I am a Genuine Daughter of the Original Republic of Texas, and my freedom was personally bought at the ALAMO.

    Perry don’t remind me of what I am looking for. He reminds me of Stephen F. Austin who got himself kidnapped by Santa Ana while trying to “negotiate peace” with him. Stephen F. Austin – the Cindy Sheehan of Early Texas History. I guarantee.

  20. He is right in what he said, true conservatives have been saying it for years. The problem is the people he was saying it to. The leadership in the Republican Party is in dire need for a backbone.

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