Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire – June 13, 2011

The CNN Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire–

Seven Republicans will be on the stage Monday night at the CNN/WMUR/New Hampshire Union Leader presidential debate.

Best intro–
Newt Gingrich: I’m Newt Gingrich and with 14 million Americans out of work it is time to end the Obama Depression.

Second best intro–
Herman Cain: I’m here because it’s not about us. It’s about those grandchildren.

MICHELE BACHMANN – Announces that she has filed papers to enter the presidential race today.

Mitt Romney bashes Obamacare. OK.

Tim Pawlenty won’t say “Obamneycare” tonight.

Michele Bachmann just hit it out of the park. “Make no mistake, President Obama is a one term president!”

CNN asks the candidates if they think the tea partiers are too radical.

You have to admit, Newt is a great in a debate. LOVE that he just corrected the CNN host. “Right to work states are producing more jobs than other states.”

Good for Herman Cain for blasting Obama’s radical NLRB.

Nice kiss up by Tim Pawlenty in dropping “Rush Limbaugh” in his answer.

Nice answer by Mitt Romney on the private sector and job creation. And, he wouldn’t apologize to the CNN host. Good.

Ron Paul still sounds nuts.

Herman Cain gave a great answer on democrats pushing kids off the cliff by ignoring the looming Medicare crisis.

They just blew at least 5+ minutes on gay marriage and gays in the military… Because that’s what Americans are worried about right now.

WOW! Michele Bachmann just gave a WONDERFUL response to the Right to Life in the US quoting the Declaration of Independence!

Newt Gingrich Home Run:
There are humane, practical ways to solve immigration problem if you can get media, politicians to shut up.

The media is wrong – This is a STRONG Field.

Nuts. Ron Paul on Afghanistan: Bring them home as soon as possible. Our national security is not enhanced by our presence in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan.

On foreign policy the Republican candidates absolutely destroy Obama on his crazy, fickle, and destructive record.

CNN just asked GOP candidates if Biden was better pick than Sarah Palin… Really?

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  • Joe College

    I wonder what CNN’s agenda is going to be.

  • Mark S.

    To answer your question, Joe… “We can’t beat Gingrich! Please don’t vote for Gingrich!”.

    I’ve already heard Wolfie and their party spokesman run that line about 4 times already…

  • MrGoodWench

    WTF is wrong with these Republicans ? Can’t they STOP fighting in public ?
    Amongst each other ?

  • Spider

    Michelle B. is winning after the introducitons! She is looking very hot!

  • MikeSilver

    Is Newt drunk? He seems like he’s slurring his speech.

  • Spider

    You know CNN is going to spring some traps, so who ever can navigate those tricks will improve their standing.

  • Ruebacca

    Romney the entitlement pimp will act like Reagan.

  • Tom63010

    I can’t wait for the Democrat Presidential Debate on Fox News! Yeah, that isn’t happening!

  • Mark S.

    answer the question pawlenty!! What are “your” plans, not what’s wrong with the current administration…

  • Joe College

    Where were the jobs in the Bush era?


  • Spider

    This 5% growth number is gonna be some kind of stone to hang on the Republicans?

    The Dems want you to believe 2% is robust.

  • Spider

    Newt’s going for bust. The “Obama depression”, I like the sound of that.

  • Mark S.

    where’d this 5% number come from? And this is one of those questions that Michelle should _knock_ out of the park… (Repeal SOX and Dodd-Frank…)

  • Auntie Em

    It feels very strange to me that I got choked up when I read those opening lines. I wonder if I am alone in being very emotional about this election…as if the lives of our children depend on it.

  • MikeSilver

    Auntie Em ….. you and me. It may be our last election. 🙁

  • Joe College

    They ought to talk about HOW it was passed by shoving it down our throat, as in ***k the Constitution.

  • Spider

    King wants to say he knocked Pawlenty or Romney out tonight. He’s trying to pit those 2 against each other.

  • NeoKong

    John King is such a creep. I knew he would try to get the candidates to fight with each other.
    He is hounding Pawlenty over the term Obamneycare.

  • vamoose

    Is it just me or is John King super annoying? Let’em talk.

  • Chisum

    I like the way the moderator is trying to pit the republicans against each other and the republicans continue to bash BO.

  • Mark S.

    actually, Neo.. I disagree King says that if Pawlenty made the comments, won’t he stand by them? Pawlenty lost a few points in my book on that question/answer combination.

  • MikeSilver

    Bachmann is doing awesome.

  • Aussie

    Michele Bachmann is going to be a waste of money. That woman would be a shocker as a POTUS.

  • Spider

    Agree, Michelle is ticking up my like-o-meter.

  • NeoKong

    Oh gee. A “mainstream” Republican who would prefer Obama over Tea Partiers.

  • Joe College

    “Oh gee. A “mainstream” Republican who would prefer Obama over Tea Partiers.”


  • Spider

    That ‘moderate’ Republican was one of CNN’s first tricks. Michelle B. swatted that BS away.

  • Mark S.

    I’m guessing everyone was thinking the same thing spider… “that was a “republican voter”? I don’t think so…”

  • Spider

    Romney’s invisible.

  • Mark S.

    Cain says make capital games tax at 0% permanent…
    Santorum says .. 5 years at 0% (I thought it was Santorum, right?)

    Score: Cain +1, santorum: 0

  • Mark S.

    .. er gains tax, not games tax… D’oh!

  • Joe College

    How does John King talk so fast? I can’t talk that fast.

  • Like the reaction chart on the CNN web page of Ind and Rep as each speaks. Cain spikes it.

  • Mark S.

    Cain’s pretty much knocked every domestic jobs interview/questions out of the park… it’s the foreign affairs issue where he loses ground.

  • Spider

    Agree, Jim, Newt is very polished and comfortable in this setting.

  • vamoose

    King reminds me of the hovering, overbearing Al Gore in the 2000 debate with a little bit of tobacco auctioneer thrown in. Give them some room to speak. I’d rather have one in-depth answer that a dozen extended sound bites.

  • Joe College

    They’re all doing well.

  • I notice that Romney manages to keep the Ind and Rep reactions almost synched up. His responses seem to appeal to both equally.

  • Spider

    King wants some one to say do away with the FDA, so he can say Republican’s don’t care about food safey. I can’t wait for the giant bogeyman – “M E D I – C A R E” to be brought out of the closet.

  • Mark S.

    you know that’s where King was aiming, but it seems like everyone was ready for those kind of loaded questions… (although I was hoping someone had said “yes”…)

  • You got it Spider.

  • Spider

    They are all handling the medicare question very well. If only King would stop umming and awwing while they talk.

  • Mark S.

    Sorry, Newt… You were NOT taken out of context… Yes, Cain rementions Private Investments… (although not sold that the Chile example was the best choice.. but I don’t know enough about that situation)

  • Mark S.

    Michelle uses PBHO’s own words to score big time on the debt ceiling!

  • Bob Zimmerman

    I think Tim Pawlenty is doing really good.

  • Conservative to the Core


  • Mark S.

    Hey, King.. instead of putting words in someone’s mouth, how about asking them while they’re RIGHT there… Bravo for Cain for not letting King get away with that crap!

  • I wish Sarah Palin was here! She’d rock all the answers!

  • Chisum

    Newt – ZING!

  • MikeSilver

    newts muslim answer was very well done.

  • Mad Hatter

    Newts Muslim answer was one of his best answers I’ve heard him give in a long time about any subject.

    Anyone else notice how John King is taking people quotes out of context?

  • Chisum

    King is a weasel!

  • psawyer

    My high point was Michele B. when she said she would get rid of the EPA. They are all doing well.

  • Newt nailed the comment. I would not want a Muslim in the administration period. BTW, I have not been impressed with Palin. She could not beat Obama and we need someone to beat Obama

  • vamoose

    This is not a weak field, although there are a couple I don’t particularly care for. All of these candidates have a profoundly different view of government and America than Obama. It’s more about the field than any particular candidate tonight. I hope a lot of people are watching.

  • Why does he keep asking those stupid questions at the end no one cares about? Beatles or the Stones

  • Mad Hatter

    John King should be asking (this or that) Capitalism, or Socialism? That’s what we’re facing.

  • Michelle is doing quite well, but she doesn’t have a chance – a majority is not going to vote in someone from the house

  • @psawyer – I agree – nix the EPA

  • Cain is right – who cares about don’t ask don’t tell, the world is falling off a cliff, and we are worried about don’t ask don’t tell

  • artsykr

    Just going by your comments how about Cain POTUS and who would be good on foreign affairs for VP..?

  • Mad Hatter

    The majority of them answered very well on Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They are light years ahead of Obama.

  • Spider

    The South Carolina debate was a good start. This debate is a very good follow-up. As stated above, its getting the conservative ideas discussed and I think many of the sound bites from tonight will resonate for the next couple of weeks.

    I like where we are.

  • vamoose

    #61 “who would be good on foreign affairs for VP..?”

    John Bolton

  • Mark S.

    Loved Bachmann’s 10th amendment answer on the gay marriage issue

  • Mark S.

    ooh.. now to the nitty-gritty… illegal immigration, let’s see where John tries for the “gotcha” on this one

  • Mad Hatter

    There goes King trying to guilt them down with the “child of an illegal getting health care”.

  • Mark S.

    what was paul doing? comparing illegal immigration to Iraq and Afghanistan? HUH???

  • Mark S.

    Pawlenty actually doing well on this immigration question… I didn’t think he’d do well on this one, but he’s proven me wrong.

  • great answer Newt on immigration

  • Mad Hatter

    I noticed how John King won’t talk about how Phoenix is the second largest kidnapping capital of the world. He won’t talk about the drug cartels coming across the border, the MS-13 gangs coming across the border, and he won’t talk about the human trafficking at the border.

    What a shocker, huh?

  • NeoKong

    Who let Paul McCartney in…?

  • Joe College

    Other than RP, any of these people would make a good president.

  • Spider

    NeoKong, exactly !

    I thought it was Phil Spector at first.

  • A homeless person in San Francisco would make a better president than the current person we have sitting in the oval office

  • Spider

    Joe College, I agree. It puts the lie to the LSM meme that the Republican field lacks ‘seriousness’.

  • psawyer

    They all have class.

  • Spider

    How are the dems/media going to counteract this strong showing?

    Maybe they could have Debbie Wassername Schultz and Howie screaming Dean put on a mock debate to present all the ‘mainstream’ democratic talking points?

    Look out for some extreme ‘subject changing’ by the media in the next couple of days.

  • Liking what i hear from Bachman she’s having a great night, Also like Cain and Newt.

  • Spider

    King’s cheap attack on Palin, flipped to a flaying of Joe BFD Biden by Timmie P. !!!

  • Mark S.

    so far, Newt’s salvaged some of his campaign… will it be enough? I dunno, I doubt it.

    Cain’s been a little disappointing compared to the last debate, he’s held his own and his honesty is refreshing

    Romney … i just don’t trust anything he’s said so far, other than pointing out Obama’s blunders.

    Pawlenty has to learn to _speak strongly_ about what he believes.

    Bachmann.. hit the ground running.

    Santorum.. i just can’t get a feel of with this format.

    Paul… The “not asking his generals for advice” basically was the torpedo that sunk any interest i have in RP.

    I’m surprised this Palin question didn’t get thrown at Bachmann (with a follow up about Rollins).

  • psawyer

    John King’s last question….What did you learn in the last two hours?…honest answer…King is creepy.

  • aprilnovember811

    So they’re concerned about those radical Tea Party Americans, the taxpaying, moms and dads, and grandparents, but didn’t ask if ACORN, LA RAZA, SEIU, or Islamic Jihad were too radical? I wish Sarah Palin was in there. Hope to see her soon.

  • Joe College

    In the last two hours, John, I learned you have tourettes.

  • MikeSilver

    Newts role seems to be bullet catcher on the tough questions when the other candidates are under fire from the lame-stream media. Protecting the quarterback is a role he’s good at. (mixing my metaphors).

    Now that we let the Obama Media run a debate against our guys/gals. When does Rush get to run the Obama vs. whoever debate?

  • Mad Hatter

    Mike Silver, I agree. The conservative media, the new media, never run a Dem debate, why does the GOP always allow the Alinsky media to run theirs?

  • Missy8s

    Cain 2 and 0!

  • aprilnovember811

    Palin could not beat Obama? Did God speak to you personally and let you know this? Palin will landslide Obama if she runs. I’m getting sick and tired of the attacks on Governor Palin. Let’s compare for a minute, Sarah Palin, American in every way. Obama, Indonesian despot in every way. No, you’re right, who in their right mind would vote for Sarah Palin? That was a ridiculous comment from you.

  • zelda

    Michelle Bachmann & Rick Santorum were great! Newt Gingrich was very good, unfortunately he’s made so many early mistakes. Michele Bachman!!!!!!

  • Mitch Rapp

    Questions from the left – Can’t they find anyone to ask a question on how much damage the liberals are causing?
    Waste, fraud and abuse
    incompetence in leadership throughout gov’t

    Dump CNN

  • zelda

    Romney is a FRAUD!!!!! He was the biggest fake out there tonight.

  • Jennifer H

    Why does NH think we should give them preference as to who is our pick when they could not even give a good forum for a debate of our candidates. It was the same onld same old biased BS.
    Bah the whole thing stunk to high heaven.

  • So who won tonight’s debate?

    Brian O’Connor

  • Molon Lobe

    Romney proved why he is Romney and a RINO.

    Cain was good but flubbed the queers in the military.

    Santorium was excellent and consistent.

    Pawlenty was much better but still acts like he would be the jester for Franken.

    The Ronulian was as crazy as ever.

    Newt sounds great but he’s just a legacy RINO.

    Bachman won, hands down.

    Only the Ronulian and Romney sounded like true losers.

    And the moderator who though deep dish or thin was an issue of national importance.

  • tarpon

    I think we had a good gaggle of tea party candidates. Now to try and figure out who is real, and who is blowing smoke.

    Thanks for all your hard work, fellow tea partiers!!! Now we have to stick it to the liberals.

    This election is for America!!!

  • Ginger

    Let’s Roll…………for AMERICA

  • Mark S.

    I think we had a good gaggle of tea party candidates. Now to try and figure out who is real, and who is blowing smoke.

    People trying to prove they were “tea-party” acceptable..

    Bachmann, Cain, Santorum did (IMO)
    Romney, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Paul did not.

  • Mad Hatter

    Who is the Don King look alike that CNN dragged out to critique the debate?

  • Mark S.

    he’s a semi-regular CNN contributor after debates and elections, Hatter… I have no idea what his qualifications are… “I think he dug himself a deeper hole…” but then said it won’t matter to the Republicans..

    In other words… REPUBLICANS ARE RACISTS!!!

    Gergen whining about McCarthyism… Well, damn, those two missing buildings in New York don’t give you a CLUE?!?!?

  • Mark S.

    uhoh.. gibbs on CNN.. time to change the channel to the “cheerleaders” and the ‘demon-spawn” (okay, is it fair to call MSNBC that?)

  • enjay

    Anyone on that stage would provide strong leadership for America. It’s refreshing to see people who love their country and speak for smaller government, empowerment, freedom and for government to get off our backs.

    You don’t hear any of this from the current president.

  • CommieJuice

    Whoever gets the nod will be the next president! I believe it in my heart and head!

    Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul will not get the nod and will not hold higher office than they currently do now or have done in the past. They are right on a lot of issues, but wrong on some of the key issues and unfortunately for Newt, he can’t outlive his past. Ron is passionate – which I like, but some of his ideas are more over the top than I would want on certain issues and a lot of us can see that.

    With the exception of Paul Ryan, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint, Marco Rubio, Allen West and Rand Paul, I think Michele Bachmann is the best representative we currently have serving without mentioning governors. She was good in the debate and I agree with her on most issues, but she has an uphill battle (one that I will gladly help her battle).

    I think Herman Cain is something we need in this country, there is no doubt he has a lot to learn, but what he doesn’t know or have a strong opinion on at this moment will work itself out later and he will be on the right side of the issues unlike the loser currently in charge.

    Tim Pawlenty is much stronger than I was previously lead to believe, but I don’t think now is his time, it’s possible the future might hold something big for him and I would have no problem voting for him if he got the nod, I just don’t see it happening this time.

    I like Rick Santorum a lot, the more he gets a chance to talk, the more I like to hear. Santorum’s passion, being young enough to not be labeled “old”, good looking, articulate with substance makes him more ideal to beat the current loser. For us it’s about the issues, for many others it’s about the looks, articulation and appeal which he scores high on all.

    Judging from the past, the outcome seems clear.. Cain is leading and is liked as well as needed, but the powers to be will find a way around that. It’s not going to be an ugly primary, but I don’t see the right one beating back to moderates. The one candidate that can appeal to moderates and liberals besides the current loser is Mitt Romney. Romney will be the next president. I don’t like it, but seeing how 2000 and 2008 went, I don’t see how will can put a real conservative or even a libertarian in there when the elites who wield so much power are in line with the moderates and liberals more than the conservatives and libertarian. The media wants Huntsman or someone like him, they don’t want any of the people who appeared in the debate tonight. We need a leader to be on the RIGHT side of things, one that can distinguish themselves from the left, not to sit on the fence or one who tries to copy of the ideology of 1920’s Italy, 1930’s Germany, 1960’s Russia or 2000’s North Korea.

    Our field is strong! We are in a fight, fear is common in a fight, but in the end we MUST win or else I truly believe it will lead to what everyone calls “the end”, not something I want to see happen, not something the weak minded on the left want either even if they aren’t able to see that is the path they lead us on. A post American world at this point cannot be sustained. Even if I am wrong on everything I said with the exception of whoever gets the nod will be president, this country will be in a better place as long as the “challenger” becomes the champ, and the words “Lets welcome the “NEW” president of the United States” is spoken on January 20th 2013.

    God bless us and God bless our candidates!

  • Steve

    We have two videos of the CNN GOP Presidential Debate posted now on Common Cents……

  • man_in_tx

    Until I read about Cain’s utterly foolish comment this evening about gays in the military, I was leaning toward him as my vote for President.

    I will tell you, Cain, I care, and so do millions of vets — to say nothing of the bulk of the active duty.

    Cain never served, and it shows. He is completely lacking in foreign policy/military expertise.

    Who cares? Wow! Talk about utterly stupid. Good-bye nomination.

  • Pat the First

    I do get a good laugh at the people who think that Newt is a RINO. He at one time was the conservative’s conservative. Just goes to show that the electorate is pretty fickle.

  • Dan

    I think the current field is weak and would never support any of them to be honest. I hope someone enters the race soon.

  • Pat the First

    I would support Pawlenty first and then Romney. But my hope is that Rick Perry decides to join the race as well.

  • Redwine

    If Perry enters the race, it will turn into a hot, hot, hot Perry/Bachmann ticket to win by a landslide.

  • owl

    I don’t want Newt because he makes me mad at some of his goof ups. Then he will take a position I hate (Nancy & Newt?). I didn’t see the first few minutes but if I had to say who took the tough ones the best===Newt. That same tongue that gets him in trouble, can also take on a tough issue like immigration.

    I like Cain’s honesty. Plus, I think he would be good with the money. He’s smart and can learn the rest. I mean how hard can it be, Obama has the red button.

    Bachman is strong when she gets a chance to really respond. I must be nuts because every once in a while, Ron Paul makes sense and then he is nutty as a fruitcake. Santoran and Romney are my least favorites. Pawlenty can give a good answer but still looks kinda invisible.

    Overall, I am pleased with all of them. They aimed at the target. It’s early and I don’t think the field is set. I like that we are driving the media nuts by not picking all our candidates. They can’t focus all their spite but they are scared chitless it is in Alaska and they have not found the dirt. I think Palin and Perry will both enter at some point.

  • JimmyT

    Cain lost it for me tonight. He siad he would not have a Muslim in his cabinet and then backed away. Had he answered like Newt, he could have closed ground on the #1 spot. Too bad we can’t trust Newt. He knocked a few of them out of the park. Michelle–OK–Romney–goodbye–RP–goodbye–Pawlenty–OK–Santorum–Very good. I’m a big Perry fan. If he doesn’t get in, I’m pushing Santorum. I thought he looked very comfortable. He would eat bambi’s lunch in a debate. Actually, any of them, except RP, would send bambi packing. I didn’t think King did as bad I thought he would. And, the questions from the audience were good questions–and fair!

  • Rose

    “Newt Gingrich Home Run: There are humane, practical ways to solve immigration problem if you can get media, politicians to shut up.”

    NOT to those of us who care about Border Security who happened to see him LIVE, FIRST HAND as he spent 45 MINUTES laughing at Sean Hannity – agreeing with Alan Colmes – that SHAMNESTY, the McCain bill, needs to be signed and Republicans just need to get realistic and pragmatic about it.
    Never seen him before or since as relaxed and contented, enjoying himself so tremendously…

    At My expense – as I live an hour and half from the Mexico Border, and we down here could get rid of it all in a few WEEKS! With methods LEGAL in the MAJORITY of NATIONS including MEXICO! And legal for the vast majority of USA History, as well.

    Never would I call anything Newt a home run. He’s a BLANKING SHYSTER. And I’d get banned for telling you what I genuinely think of him.

  • big L

    This is 2011. No need for goof-ball announcers from the left or to have CNN do anything.
    Some charis and auditorium or gym and a video camera or two. It is not 1960 where there needs to be a ‘sponsor. Effem, do it ourselves.
    Every time the GOP lets the left set the rules. and then look like high school. Also forget the backwater NH and Iowa. A detriment.

  • Old Fan

    Great Night – ALL of the potential Nominees did just fine. Democrats get a dose of reality.

    This was a good night for all, especially the Nation. The fashion on Our side is wrong – the romanticizing over a ‘fantasy ideal’ is a waste.

    Romney was strong. His answer on the Afghanistan question was poor however – some of the responses canned, but he remains very sound. We would be foolish to continue to demean his offering – especially his being a Private Sector hero of sorts. Mr. Pawlenty did just fine, his response on the pathetic “Biden vs. Palin” question was outstanding. Mrs. Bachmann’s presence was very welcome. I thought Mr. Cain was a sincere positive as well. Mr. Cain, Mr. Pawlenty, and Mr. Romney are all proven CEOs who come from outside the Beltway. This is a genuine positive. Mr. Santorum had a fine offering. Even Mr. Gingrich and Mr. Paul scored some good points against the Democratic Party. Although Mr. Paul’s isolationist denial is truly destructive for anyone who believes in the successful Reagan Doctrine. Our Nation would be in far greater trouble, with the foreign policy denial Ron Paul offers.

    It is wonderful to see this on CNN, with the focus on the dreadful reality the economy is disastrous – and Democratic Partisans are largely responsible. The focus of the debate is a sincere sign the Democratic Partisans are in deep trouble. The GOP field is attractive, constructive, healthy – we will do just fine.

    We are actually in good shape with this group – especially without John McCain. The team aspect is most healthy, when if focuses on the real prize – the disastrous Democratic Party.

  • Old Fan

    “The media is wrong – This is a STRONG Field.”

    Indeed Mr. Hoft, no need to play the fashion game.

    And the underestimated are actually in a far better position than the destructive hype.

    Anyone on that Stage, as Romney stated, would be a better President than any Democrat.

    We will do just fine, if the Democrats and others, do not succeed in dividing us.

  • Ozark Lee

    OK – I guess I can opine as well.

    Overall, the field isn’t as weak as had been professed.

    I thought Herman Cain toned down some of his rhetoric to his advantage. I have liked the guy since he MO-FO’d Bill Clinton at the town hall at KCTV but he can get a tad bombastic.

    I can’t trust Pawlenty any further than I can throw him and I’m only 5’6″ tall but he did a great job on answering the issues that were presented. Sadly his Achilles heels never were presented so I think it is safe to say that T-Paw is CNN’s next choice to be John McCain or Bob Dole – the sacrificial lamb.

    Newt is in redemption 101 at mid semester, he knocked a couple out of the park but I was actually watching the David Gregory Disaster and there was no out of context involved beyond Mr. Newt accepting Gregory’s premise in the first place. It doesn’t much matter – he will not be the nominee.

    Ron Paul is still a kook, but I tend to agree with much of what he says. I guess if I was a chronic pot smoker I could get more excited about him.

    Romney put in a credible performance with no major gaffs and at this point he is the likely nominee. I’m not going to go beating on doors for the guy but if he is the nominee I will put the paper bag on my head and a clothespin over my nose and vote for the guy. Again, he didn’t get any hard questions. I’m sure that Media Matters has him turning over Afghanistan to the Taliban by now but he quickly corrected that statement.

    I thought Santorum did very well, he backed up his interview with Chris Stigall at WPHT without a bunch of weasel words and qualifiers. He too has his warts but I’ll put him in the “worth a look” category.

    Bachmann did just fine herself. She has learned what Sarah Plain has not yet figured out. That thing in front of you is a microphone and it will amplify your voice even if the crowd is screaming in either approval or disapproval. By speaking softer you can create an EF Hutton moment. I thought she was quite consistent except for deferring to the “Commander in Chief” on war decisions, a minor flub but a flub none the less and I’m sure she will get massacred for it by Chris Matthews and the rest of the MSNBC crowd. All Republican women are just stupid you know.

    My 2c,


  • AuntieMadder

    @ #115 – “Sarah Plain?” Puhleeze.

  • Ozark Lee

    @#116 – I caught my typo after I posted but you can’t edit – My bad.


  • mg4us

    BTW. . anyone knows who that sour leftist CNN woman was who asked those far left questions????

    . . the look on her face gave it away that she was not happy to be there with real Americans. .conservative Americans!

  • mg4us

    Let’s see what kind of questions CNN will use when Obama is in the debates. . .

  • southernsue

    at this point, i don’t care who is on the gop ticket, i will vote for them.

    obama and his evil ilk have to go, obama isn’t even an American name, wt?

    vote them out, all demonrats and their evil ilk. clean house! they cannot continue their destructive ideology on the United States.

    remember, united we stand divided we fall.

  • Militant Conservative

    The future president has not entered the race. Yet.

    It is early still, the establishment elites in the R party

    are very worried. Too many non controlled candidates.

    Any would surpass Obama, first affirmative action

    malignant narcissist muzterd.

    Powder is dry

  • bg


    America/ns needs a PALIN &/or WEST, real leaders for real people..


  • Jordan Andrews

    Can anyone explain to me why they think Ron Paul is nuts? All I hear is nuts Nuts NUTS!!!

  • JimmyT

    @Jordan–He’s not nuts, he just comes across that way because he can’t control his emotions. He has good ideas and a firm grasp of the founding documents, but he sounds like a crazy man when he gets excited. If he were 6’2, 25 years younger and calm, he would have a big base among conservatives. IMHO

  • Jordan Andrews

    JimmyT, he is emotional because he really wants America to get on the right track. I never thought he sounded crazy. One thing is true, he is the most popular candidate on the internet by a long shot! Do you know why? Because he is a legitimate man with legitimate answers not to win an election but to fix America.

  • Gary

    I didn’t see the debate. I ripped the CNN button off my remote a long time ago.

    But I’ve been a proponent of Bachmann for a long time, and she is unassailable in her conservative values.

    I’m glad (from what I’m reading) that other people here got to see that.

    Ozark Lee @115:
    Ronald Reagan once quipped “I paid for this microphone.”
    I’ve never heard anything said by Sarah Palin that sounded like she didn’t intend for it to be heard. I admire the way she does things. The more groomed the politicians become, the more leftward they slide.

  • JimmyT

    @Jordan–I don’t disagree with your assessment, but remember, Howard Dean raised more money than any other candidate on the internet. It doesn’t translate to primary victories. Many people on the net follow RP, but, that’s the extent of their involvement. I agree with many of RP’s positions, but, I don’t believe he has the communication skills to convey/convince the public. My route to success in the 2012 election is to find the candidate who portrays as many of RP’s positions that I agree with and also has the capacity to convince other people. IMHO

  • Susan

    Why are my instincts telling me Bachmann is the Huckabee-in-Drag candidate there to provide cover for the Establisment GOP RUling Class?

    SOmewhere in the past four months Bachmann sold out for her self-interest and I personally am not buying this GOP RUling Class bamboozle.

    First, she hires Huckabee’s campaign manager Ed ROllins-who Feb 10, 2001 in a CNN oped-wrote that Bachmann is “third-tier” and not “a serious contender”.

    THen a couple of weeks ago Krauthmammer dictating how she is “next in line”

    and now this bamboozle of the sell-out to the Establishment meme:

    “Doug Mataconis about last night’s debate:

    Bachmann is a much better public speaker [than Palin] and, say whatever one might about her ideas, she is able to present them in a much more polished manner than Palin has ever been able to.

    Doug Mataconis previously:

    Not From The Onion: Michelle Bachmann Mulling Presidential Bid

    ABC News is reporting that one of the more bizarre members of the Republican House caucus is thinking about running for President …. Of course, “mulling” a Presidential bid is different from actually running, and even if she actually ran Bachmann would be, at best, a gadfly who got press attention for her outrageous statements. Good for entertainment value, not a serious candidate.”

    Michelle Bachmann: Tea Party talker full of Establishment crap.
    She sold out.

  • Gary

    Susan, I would posit that your viewpoint is a bit naive. You’ve picked the very most conservative of the bunch and called her the GOP stalking horse.

    Why don’t you check her voting record rather than swallow the last thing you heard somebody else say?

    She started the Tea Party caucus in case you forgot.
    She voted against the debt ceiling increase that the establishment voted for.
    She is the only one saying loudly and clearly that Obamacare has to be repealed.

    Where do you get off leveling the accusation that she is full of establishment crap? When did she ever carry water for the establishment?

    You don’t like her hiring of Rollins? Who would you have her hire? Or put another way, which one of these political campaign types doesn’t sing the song he’s paid to sing? He’ll be on her campaign today and on Obama’s re-elect tomorrow if the money is right? Yesterday she was third tier, today she’s the only choice. That’s what these guys do for a living.

    But since you’re smarter than the rest of us and you see through her ruse while the rest of us are being bamboozled, you do us all a favor and sit home on election day if she gets the nomination. That way, Obama can win your state’s electoral points, and if enough brilliant thinkers like yourself are out there, then we can get four more years of Obama.

    In conclusion, you have offered nothing to support your own conclusion “she sold out”. That makes you as irresponsible as the LSM, of which you may be one for all we know.

  • Molon Lobe

    Why do they let Ron Paul in these debates? He is a clown, whenever he says something relatively sane he goes over the edge about the military=industrial complex or how if we have a biorthday party for bin laden the mussies will love us.

    He’s crazier than a moose that got into the apple jack.