OBAMA LIES… Tells Jewish Donors His Administration Has Done More Than Any in 25 Years to Support Israel Security

In May Barack Obama proposed handing over half of Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall, The Temple Mount, Old Jerusalem, and the tomb of Jesus Christ to the Hamas-Fatah terrorist alliance.

Of course, his radical position was very unpopular with a most Americans.

Despite this and other attacks against the Jewish state, Barack Obama told Jewish donors tonight that his administration has done more than any in 25 years to support Israel.
Reuters reported:

President Barack Obama reassured Jewish donors on Monday he strongly supports Israel, stressing close ties between the United States and the Jewish state, but also emphasizing that changes in the Middle East will require a fresh look at the region.

“Both the United States and Israel are going to have to look at this new landscape with fresh eyes. It’s not going to be sufficient for us just to keep on doing the same things,” Obama said at the first of two big-ticket fund-raisers where he was speaking on Monday evening.

He addressed the crowd of about 80 people a month after a speech on the Middle East that exposed a rift between the United States and Israel. At Monday’s dinner, hosted by Americans in Support of a Strong U.S.-Israel Relationship, he said his administration had done more than any for 25 years to support Israel’s security.

The man is delusional.

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  • Taxpayer

    I just finished dinner, and I think I’m about to lose it. BLEH!!!!

  • Gman

    If he really wanted money from American Jews he would tell them the truth about how much he had done to help destroy Israel. Remember, Liberal American Jews hate Israel as much as any other liberal.

  • John03

    My God. This man can lie like nobody’s business!

  • A shameless liar?

    He’s a sociopath…

  • ruready?

    Obama is cursed of God. He has set hardened his neck and sided with Israel’s enemies. Judgement is sure – God is not mocked.

  • No Man

    He believes he can throw Israel under the bus and American Jews will vote for him anyhow.

  • Brad

    Sadly… it works… people accept the lies and send the money, frankly it doesn’t matter what he says.

    He could say “I call for the elimination of Israel as a Jewish state” and he’d get a standing O with the same amount of dough.

  • apodoca

    That no Jew in the audience stood up and yelled “LIAR!” says more about them than it does about him. Obama is free to lie. The Jews are free to get up and walk out on him. Nobody did. Most likely, they’ll give him their money and vote for him again, contrary to their and Israel’s self-interest. In the end, it is the Jews who are the fools, donating to and voting for a man whose intentions towards them are ill and who does not hide that. That’s a new low in self-hatred.

  • Sonya

    #6 June 20, 2011 at 9:30 pm
    “No Man commented:

    He believes he can throw Israel under the bus and American Jews will vote for him anyhow.”

    Unfortunately, he is right. The Soviet Jews were executed during Stalin’s years in Russia and they we screaming during execution: I am dying for Stalin! American Jews will die for Obama to be reelected no matter what. Idiots.

  • martha

    He can say what he wants, whether or not they will believe it is another story. Facts do’nt lie even if Obama does like a rug.
    If the Jews give him money then they are bigger idiots than I thought .
    I’m Jewish, I would not give one dime to this man.

  • dnb

    The man is delusional.

    And so are American liberal Jews.

  • bg



    how stupid does he think we are..

    as stupid as he wants, i mean, he’s still spouting audacious lies.. and
    the Republicans, not to mention Democrats, are still silent, also not to
    mention “we the people” have hardly noticed how we’re being slowly
    but surely silenced via the talking head minions who believe they have
    the right to speak for US, as they’re not only dictating who & what we
    are 24-7, but telling US what we want..

    that is exactly how we got McCain & Obama, the MSM et al
    powers that be wanted them, not “we the people”.. *sigh*


  • worried

    I agree, those people should have just walked out. Let him know even without words that we won’t tollerate being lied to our faces. Are people that afraid to stand up for themselves?

  • patman

    I warned my Jewish friends. When they lost Hillary they still voted Dem.

    Have not had them call in a while. Hope it’s setting in…

    Hope it’s not…

  • jainphx

    The excuse of guilt by liberal Jews is getting old, they can still see and hear can’t they. Obama throws all their brothers under the bus, and they still finance him. This is more than guilt this is blatant profiteering.

  • gus

    Obama is a SOCIOPATH. He has no idea how others view him.

  • JPeden

    I guess Obama thinks his mind is an ipcc “GCM” Climate Model where what it outputs is the real “data” in comparison to that lowly empirical data favored by us sub-elites grovelling around in the sickly muck of life. All he has to do is dream the Commie wet[?] dream, which is also apparently all he can do.

  • calamity jane

    Barry needs to put away the crack pipe!

  • What a delusional commie.

  • Oh Noes!

    Liberal Jews hate Israel and they will vote for this commie again. They agree with the Palestinians that Israel should be wiped off the face of the earth. Sad, sad indeed but so true.

  • gus

    Never again???? Hahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahha. The HIPSTER DOOFUS LIBTARD JEWS are happily hopping on board the trians……AGAIN.

  • Freddy

    ‘Tell the big lie, tell it often!’

    At what point is it OK to point out that Obama’s lies sound like the ones Hitler spread?

  • USMC Thomas

    Did SØBama receive a standing ovation from the Judenrat?

  • SM-AZ

    But, for most of the Dem’s I know, they don’t care about reality. They’re so brainwashed….they’ll keep voting for Dems no matter what.

  • a former dem

    There is something truely mentally wrong with this man that he can lie this easily and constantly, does he practice in front of a mirror daily?

  • gus

    #25, he lies when EVERYONE who isn’t insane, can see it. It’s like he doesn’t care if everyone sees him lying. Seriously, he’s pathological.

  • succotash

    The flotilla sets sail tomorrow Ithink for Palestine to aid hamas. It is called the audacity of hope. It is going with Os supporters. Why didnt they ask him about that?

  • Joanne

    The man is a liar.

  • joscefi

    “…It’s not going to be sufficient for us just to keep on doing the same things,” Obama said …”

    That “same things” is called Land for Peace, it hasn’t ever worked, genius!

  • decentAmerican

    I guess the term “liberal Jew” is just plain an oxymoron for me….how are the two compatible? Where you have the libbo nutjobs like Code Pink supporting Hamas and the PLO, where BO is friends with and salutes someone like Khalidi (for which the LA times refuses to release the video of this), and also BO is friends with Farrakhan, who has called Jews “subhuman”.

    And then BO betrays Israel, our one and only ally in the Middle East?

    I’m sorry, but gotta say it, harsh, but true: I consider any Jewish-American who votes for BO in the coming election in the same traitor category as those Jews in Nazi Germany who turned in their friends and neighbors to the Nazis to die, so that they could benefit. There is a special place in hell for you who are so blind that you do not see your own destruction.

  • donh

    Yes the BIG LIE theory American progressives translated into German for the Hitler fascists to use as their play book. This is an even bigger lie than Napolitano’s talking point about the border never being more secure. Just disgusting what our government has turned into. Control people by lies and deception,,,,,and to do it once again to the jews goading them into walking blindly down a dark alley where muslims lay in ambush.

  • saveus

    Joe Wilson was right
    He lies and lies and lies
    Obummer is the non stop liar.
    Wake up America!

  • tommy mc donnell

    the myth has been the most anti-israeli president in our history. i wonder who the american jews think will be next after they wipe out israel. the communist loving american jew should read up on how many jews were murdered by their russian communists heroes.

  • Mo

    You all have it wrong! Obama is telling the truth! He has united Israel as never since the 6 Day War. Because his view towards Israel is so execrable, so hostile, he has brought together Israelis, noted for their fractious politics, into coming together (by and large) to stand against the “suicide borders” of pre-June ’67. The delusional Israeli Left, while still active, has been marginalized to a great extent. Polls show that the Israeli public fears and loathes Obama with a huge majority, nearing 90%. Obama gave Netanyahu a marvelous chance to make one of the best speeches ever in Congress, in defense of Israel, a speech that made many of us feel real pride in Israel. Congress has come together to support Israel, and even noted Leftist crazies like Jan Schakowsky of Illinois have chosen to defend Israel rather than support the horrible Gaza flotilla made up of other leftist kooks and useful idiots.

    This is GREAT for Israel! Obama, a uniter, not a divider. What could be better for Israel than the people coming together over there? Give credit where credit is due.

  • SSBN 627(B)

    The Liar-in-Chief will be on O’Reilly next week telling us how he’s so much more conservative than Goldwater.

    Really, it’s not Barry’s fault, he’s just reading what his handlers throw up on the screen. Not one original thought troubles his empty mind, no need to practice, just read.

    Excellent diction, though.

  • Rock

    And yet 75 of the 80 people attending will again vote for WTF for no other reason than he is a Democrap. The American Jewish community here are hopelessly mired in self abuse and woe is me, we have been so mistreated.

    While I have tremendous respect for Israel, I wish they would tell their effing friends here to wake the he!! up.

  • saveus

    did obummer ask the terrorist flotilla to cease and desist using the title of his book for their terror ship which title was apparently borrowed from rev. wright or did he send his buddies on the boat his blessings?

  • K~Bob

    Maybe it’s time to question the man’s sanity.

  • Callipygian1

    Since he has done more for Israeli security in the last 25 years than anyone, did he happen to give any examples?

  • Tyler

    Worst. President. Ever.

  • big L

    Forget Obama .Isn’t there any one in your state that could run against a Senator standing
    for re-election?even if it is a cheap campaign, we have to start somewhere. Lets work on the Senate and forget the President race. Forget obama. He is a puppet.
    the gop as done nothing to derail this guy. What? What?Has the GOP done. They are the PLP-
    Permanent Loser Party.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    At Monday’s dinner, hosted by Americans in Support of a Strong U.S.-Israel Relationship, he said his administration had done more than any for 25 years to support Israel’s security.

    Go ahead suckers, vote for the guy again next year.

    I dare you.

  • Pat the First

    Joel Rosenberg would differ with B.O.

    I cannot remember hearing about one good thing he has done for the security of Israel. However, he has made Bibi a huge hero in Israel and united the Israelis.

  • Pat the First

    big L commented:

    My next Senator to come up for re-election won’t be until 2014. Both are Democrats with very little chance of either of them losing an election. They are set for life. In fact, it is literally impossible that anyone close to being a Tea Party member to have a chance to win in my state.

    The problem is not the GOP. It is voter fraud perpetrated for the last 10 years of elections and unions.

  • #34 June 20, 2011 at 10:28 pm
    Mo commented:
    You all have it wrong! Obama is telling the truth! He has united Israel as never since the 6 Day War.

    It’s just more satisfying to cheer for straight up good leadership, not for unintended consequences of bad leadership. But Joseph told his brothers after they sold him out that they meant it for evil, but God turned it to good, soooo … maybe we can have hope in such things, too.

  • And he’ll stay delusional just as long as there are 80 people paying over $35K to hear him utter such nonsense. Who is more delusional: Obama, or the big Jewish donors there?

    The bullets for any future Holocaust will be paid for by Jewish fools themselves by helping elect their enemies.

  • Molon Lobe

    Anyone want to bet he doesn’t lose more than 5% of the Jewish vote compared to what he hot in 2008?

    In America for most Jews it isn’t a religion, its a heritage. The same as buffet Catholics/Protestants.

  • Kate

    Surely American Jews are not stupid enough to believe this lie. Israel didn’t have a better friend than George Bush. Obama, IMO, is anti semetic. Just look at his record and his friends.

  • Redwine

    Barack Insane

  • Terry, Eilat – Israel

    As an Israeli, I can only say that American Jews are proving to be quite a disappointment. To fall for this con man shows how naive & gullible they are, you could say that they just yearn to be suckered.

  • TiminPhx

    American Jews don’t care about Israel for the most part. To them, they would act all shocked and cry out “Never Again” if it were wiped off the map. But in secrety, they would be so happy to have that whole “Icky” problem dealt with.

    The American Jews of today are the same stripe who helped the Nazis make up the train lists and when finally arrived at the camps themselves acted as the Capos.

    Obama knows this and as the type of Marxist who spent many a formulative year with Muslims will help Israel off that cliff.

  • southernsue

    the jews in America are jews by name only. they don’t care what happens in Israel.

    if they voted for obama, then that tells their story. they could care less what he is doing to Israel, out of site out of mind.

  • Terry Gain

    The man is delusional.

    No, he’s not. He’s just a leftist liar. Jews who support him are delusional.

  • Densie

    Well, the Jews had better wake up.

  • listingstarboard

    There are some liberal whites that would gladly exterminate segments of white ideology too–That is why the cohesiveness of Muslims and blacks give them such power–they are loyal to their religion or their race first and foremost. Whites and Jews are not.

  • boobuns

    So what if Obama is the most pro-Israel President ever..

    So what.. if Joe Biden calls himself a ‘Christian Zionist’ .. doesn’t matter if he puts Israel before America.. so what… if Obama’s increases military aid to Israel by 75 million, .. so what. lol. Silly right wingers, will you never learn?

  • Pat the First

    March 22, 2010 – Benjamin Netanyahu was left to stew in a White House meeting room for over an hour after President Barack Obama abruptly walked out of tense talks to have supper with his family, it emerged on Thursday.


    May 19, 2011 – “We believe the borders of Israel and Palestine should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps, so that secure and recognized borders are established for both states,” – Obama

    boobuns, pull your head out of the sand.

  • Cathy

    This president knows that the media will not report his lies because the media is in the back pocket of this administration. The blatent lies that this President spews every day get bolder and bolder because hes never held accountable by the lame stream media… its a shocking display of suckupism that has never before been experienced… amazing.. .

    and if the jewish community takes this President at his words… well.. then they deserve what they get.. … becuase he is no friend of Israel or the jewish people.

    see ya
    cathy : )

  • Anna

    *~* Who Is Obama To Decide The Fate Of Isreal… or Anyone’s For That Matter. I Alway’s Wanted To See Isreal, One Day God Willing I Will And Our Father Will Have To Take Me Also.. Your Truely Blessed Isreal… I One American With Many More Stands With You. *~*

  • that’s okay, Obummer told Americans the southern border is safe!

  • JudithNYC

    To be re-elected, Obama needs the Jewish donors’ money more than he needs the Jewish vote. Also,aside from the orthodox or more traditional Jews, who vote Republican, the Dem Jews are less religious, if at all, liberalism is their religion first & formost, many have no Jewish education or sympathies. Others, still vote Dem as if it is the same party as their grandparents’s Dem party w/ belief in FDR. Anyway, no state will turn based on the Jewish vote, but the Dems will indeed hurt if they loose the big Jewish donors. Would be interesting to learn the names of those 80 donors.

  • sandy

    I think the Jewish Donor money is gone with the wind. Whether this comes from Jews who support Israel or not — they can all spot an Anti-semite.

  • Maureen

    What the heck is “Americans in Support of a Strong U.S. – Israel Relationship?” Never heard of them. No information (that I could find) on the Internet about this so-called organization. 80 people at this event makes me think that a handful of Liberal Jews who made big contributions to the Dems were rounded up to be tapped for contributions by Obama’s supporters – or else. Small crowd considering the huge attendance at Zero’s speeches during his first campaign.

  • I can’t believe that jews showed up, more than less support this anti-Israel empty-suit, like someone stated this tells more about them than does him.

  • I voted for him and I am very sorry. I hav fonr my homework and I wondered how president obama went Jeremiah Wright’s church for 20 years. This man was a true anti-semite. Obama
    doesn’t Jews but for the money. Jewish people are so much forgiving. It is in their DNA. We have to wake and say “We will not take abuse anymore.” I can’t wait for November 2012. We will send him back to Chicago so he can do neighborhood organizing and Mayor Rahm Emanuel
    can hire him for the City street cleaning department.

  • Lucy

    Israeli’s as stupid as they were, are like Americans, who believed it was a good thing to have America’s first “black president”.

    They thought his “blackness” would mean that he would be a good guy.

    The didn’t realise that he’s a radical socialist with strong islamic sympathies due to his daddy and his step daddy being muslim.