Missouri Couple Charged After Pet Ferret Chews Off Baby’s Fingers

They weren’t at home.

Carrie and Ryan Waldo (KC Star)

They left their baby at home alone with the ferret. The ferret had already bitten the baby twice. A Missouri couple was charged after a ferret chewed off most of their baby’s fingers.
Reuters reported:

A Missouri couple was charged on Wednesday with endangering the welfare of child after a pet ferret allegedly chewed off most of their four-month-old son’s fingers while he was left home alone.

Ryan R. Waldo, 33, and Carrie R. Waldo, 25, were each charged in Jackson County on Wednesday and have not yet entered a plea, said Van Buckley, public information officer for the county prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker.

Documents filed as part of the charges state that the Waldos told police they were asleep when the ferret attack occurred on January 10 in their home in Grain Valley, Missouri. The couple said they awoke to find the boy screaming and bloody and that Ryan Waldo threw the ferret against the dishwasher, killing it.

The infant was taken to the hospital, where seven fingers were amputated because they had been chewed down to the knuckles, the charges state.

Grain Valley police investigated cell phone records and used GPS technology to determine that the Waldos were exchanging text messages from various locations at the time of the ferret attack, when they had said they were at home, court documents show.

The Waldos told investigators the ferret had never bitten anyone, but a person with a ferret rescue organization told their landlord the couple wanted to give up the animal because it had bitten the infant twice, documents allege.

Here’s the complaint against the Waldos.

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  • SturJen

    Fifty bucks says that drugs were involved somehow. Who leaves a 4 month old alone? Tweakers.

  • Black Sabbath

    Look at their faces. They don’t even look sad. Just inconvenienced.
    Have them both empty their pockets and wallets/purse.
    Collect enough money for two bullets.
    Two shots. One each to the head.
    Have this put on pay-per-view via Youtube.
    Money raised from many viewers paying one time to see these two shot will be more than enough to pay for infant’s rehab for years to come. Also, any property, possessions they had are to be auctioned off with money put in long term account infant can access when 28 years old.

  • donh

    I am sure they were just late on getting rid of the baby. Adoption papers take time. Pets are more important than the future of the human race to self loathing leftists.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Liberal media announcing that Anthony Weiner will resign from Congress today.

  • Deanna

    Let the punishment fit the crime. Leave them tied up in a cage for hours with 20 or so hungry ferrets.

  • Ipso Facto

    This reminds me of the couple in Central Florida not too long ago that had a python who got out of the cage and killed their baby.

    My father who was 89 used watch the news and say that when he was young there were a lot of poor people but they didn’t have so many crummy people back then like we have today.

    This is truly a tragic story. What are they going to tell the child when it grows up?

  • NorthernX

    Why is this horrific story even on this blog?

  • HeavyDee

    #7 June 16, 2011 at 8:47 am
    NorthernX commented:
    Why is this horrific story even on this blog?

    I guess my answer would be that it shows how many people in this country have become absolute “pieces of crap.” Reminds me of the old saying “You’re supposed to have a license to drive a car, own a dog, own a gun, etc; but any ignorant a-hole can be a parent.” These strike me as the kind of folks that would stand on their soapbox and scream about their “rights, rights, rights,” but if you ask them about their “responsibilities,” you’d get a dumbfounded look.

  • NorthernX

    So, they’re abysmally stupid and irresponsible.
    I see no reason for this ghastly story to be posted on a political blog.

  • Cro

    Yeah, I sort of agree. Anyone that is a Conservative already understands human nature. No need to be reminded and see things of this nature… it just turns the stomach.


    again a perfect reason for birth control…freakin morons

  • patman

    Those pesky ferrets…

    The mug shots reek of remorse, don”t they???

  • Joanne

    That is just horrible – poor little baby boy …..and why?

  • Kissmygrits

    Just proves some people should never procreate. Don’t they teach sex ed in Missouri?

  • Darin

    How many would be as upset, if they had just killed the baby seven months earlier???

    Don’t get me wrong, they ought to be handled as harshly as the law allows, but some consistency in this nation toward the value of human life, and especially toward the most innocent and helpless of us all, would be a refreshing concept indeed.

  • Radegunda

    NorthernX, it’s Jim’s blog. He can post what he wants, for his own reasons. End of story.


    This makes me so sick. So sad for that innocent little baby, Please god let that baby find a good home! God help us when we treat his children this way, This just sucks! I wish I never read it.

  • PB-in-AL

    #5 Deanna – My thoughts exactly, see how many ferrets it takes to gnaw their fingers, etc. off.

  • Em

    How can people who are without conscience be rehabilitated? That child will serve a life sentence for the misfortune of having been born to these sociopaths. Attempted murder by proxy deserves the most severe punishment.

  • greenfairie

    White trash. Take the kid away and put him up for adoption.

  • Valerie

    *sigh* The police files of every big city in the country have stories worse than this. This one is just odd because of the unusual animal involved. There are other stories, not fit to print, about deliberate cruelty and injury to very young children. What people can do to children they do not love is baffling.

  • w

    Both of those animals should be locked up in solitary confinement for life, minimum! First they allow a ferret to roam the house after giving birth, then they leave the baby home alone! They are sick! How dare they put that baby at such risk! How horrible it must have been for that baby! I would not say no to the death penalty for those two animals! They did not have the right to treat that baby so badly and they need to be taught that lesson.

  • Ginger

    #8 HeavyDee


  • Ginger



  • Ginger

    My heart crys for that precious little baby! Please Lord turn that child over to a loving mama and daddy! Keep that child away from the two morons who conceived that child.

  • I am somewhere between nauseated to the point of vomiting and complete gone-postal rage at these people… if you can call them ‘people’.

    Here’s to hoping their cell mates find out what they did.

  • Erik Petterson

    This is absolutely unacceptable…and that is under stating it! I can’t imagine such a horrible thing happening to such a young child. Having to go through life with a horrible tale to tell of neglect by parents, and being eaton slowly by a f__king Ferret. “Hey Jimbob, how’d ya loose the fingers, an IED?” “Naw, Ferret chewed them off”, while Mom and Dad were out scoring some Meth.”

  • [email protected]

    We are seeing the idiocy wrought from forty years of left wing control of education. The result is a populace with no critical thinking skills or common sense.

    These abject morons have no business being charged with the responsibility of caring for a blow fly, let alone an infant.

  • ar05075

    Hang em’.

  • Freddy

    As mentioned above, there is likely some sort of connection to drug use in this case.

    How much training has been set aside by animal rights activists over the decades? Thirty years ago, very few would have pretended a ferret was a pet. Ferret’s are in fact a member of the RAT family! With all of the animal rights making moral equivelant arguements to raise the value of an animal to the level of a human, the question of a drugged mind BELIEVING such nonsense must, unfortunatly, be considered.

  • the Boodge

    If we lived in a PERFECT society these people would be executed IMMEDIATELY! Its a shame LIBERAL ACTIVIST judges let scum like this off the hook and feel they need to be rehabilitated, which has been proven to be a failure for sh*theads like this! Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if CPS allowed the parents to keep their baby.

  • LW

    Ferrets are most certainly not part of the rat family; they are part of the carnivore family, just like dogs and cats. Only the most indifferent parent leaves a defenseless little baby alone for hours with a carnivore (and it would take hours to do that much damage — ferret mouths are small). Much as we trust dogs and cats, they too have been known to maim or kill babies.

  • Bubba Bafferson

    Geeze, any inbred idiot with a working dick, and any crack head with the ability to spread her legs and lay on her back can have a kid. Something is quite wrong with that, really. I’d bet my right nut these to sad sack specimens were out scoring meth or some other kind of drug.

  • AuntieMadder

    I can’t even see leaving the ferret to roam the house alone, outside its crate. I’d worry until I returned home that I’d walk in to find a fried rodent, attached at the mouth to a lamp cord. Leaving a baby unattended is out of the question entirely.

    That boy will live his entire life without all of his fingers just because he born to a couple of selfish dumb@$$es.

  • AuntieMadder

    @ #32 – Ferrets are rodents. Like rats (and humans, too), they’re omnivores; they eat both animal and plant foods. Rats have and do also feed upon animals they can overtake. It’s the reason you don’t see rats and small mice hanging together. Small children and babies have been bitten by rats attempting to feed upon them.

    @ #31 – If we lived in an ISLAMIC society, people whose crimes or behaviors cause this much anger and outrage are executed immediately. But I’d hardly call Islamic nations “perfect societies.”

    @ No One In Particular: This tragedy isn’t the result of liberal policy, influence, attitude or legislation, nor is it a “sign of the times.” Neglectful, abusive parents and the children they cause to suffer have lived among us for as long as there have been parents. So far, all efforts to change that by way of the government have failed children like this baby boy and have only resulted in handing over to the state power and control that had once belonged to parents.

    As it is, children’s medical care/preventative health care, discipline, and education are not the decisions of parents; they’ve been handed over to the state in the names of Protecting The Children and For The Future Of The Children And The Country. Still, children continue to suffer the effects of abusive and neglectful parents. We could continue to transfer to the state parents’ rights until human reproduction and the babies/children who are the result of it property of the state in some feeble, misguided, knee-jerk reaction to horrors such as the one this child has suffered, but the abuse and neglect of children still wouldn’t stop. Reactive measures (seeing to a safer, healthier future for the child and bringing criminal charges against the parents) are the best we, as a society and a nation, can do or hope to do, at least by way of government and legislation.

  • Lvkahnefan

    @ Freddy. First off let me state I work with many child abuse cases and this is sick. However Ferrets ARE NOT part of the rat family. They are part of the mink family. Second off they had to have been starving the ferret as well. I have two ferrets and both I have had since they were 3 and 4 months old. They have been played with by not only my children but by my friends small children. They are very docile and do not bite. The only time I have been “bitten” is when they are teething and even then it was never hard enough to even leave a mark. Ferrets are not horrible animals and they are very good with small children. Should you let them in a crib with an infant no, no more than you would a kitten or puppy. There is only two people to blame in this situation and is it by no means the F_ing ferret as you put it. These are two very twisted people and unfortunately it is people like you posting things that give animals a bad name, the same as the pit bull. It is irresponsible pet owners that torture their animals that cause cases such as this. These two are the ONLY ones that should be getting a bad rap. We have the internet people. Google and educate yourself before you open yourself up to comments. As for these two I think RATS yes real RATS from the RAT family should gnaw them alive. Besides for the ferret to do that, it was not a little while. He had to have been starving and chewing on the baby for a long time. They don’t eat much before going to sleep for hours on end.

  • Lvkahnefan

    @ Auntie Madder…you also are incorrect about ferrets being rats. please read on people:

    Ferrets are domestic animals, cousins of weasels, skunks and otters. (Other relatives include minks, ermines, stoats, badgers, black-footed ferrets, polecats, and fishers.) They are not rodents; taxonomically they’re in between cats and dogs, a little closer to dogs. They are friendly and make excellent pets. If you’ve never met one before, the easiest way to think of them is somewhere between cats and dogs in personality, but rather smaller. They can only see reasonably well, but they have excellent senses of hearing and smell. Some are cuddly, others more independent; they vary a lot, just like other pets.

    What about ferrets attacking babies?
    There are several stories floating around about ferrets attacking babies, some more true than others. Ferrets are unfamiliar to most people, so it’s easier for them to make sweeping statements on the basis of a tiny amount of information. Some of the reports are simply rumor, or the result of confusing another animal with a ferret. Others are based in fact, but omit important information (for instance, that the child and pets had clearly been neglected or abused prior to the attack). A small number are unfortunately true.

    However, plenty of children have been attacked and even killed by dogs and cats. The number of people injured by ferrets each year is a tiny fraction of the number wounded or killed by dogs. People don’t claim that all dogs and cats are too dangerous for pets, but rather that more responsible parenting and pet ownership is needed.

    According to Chris Lewis, former moderator of the Ferret Mailing List:

    The FML has carried confirmed reports of two, possibly three, cases where an animal identified as a “ferret” has seriously injured, and in one case, I believe, killed, infants. One in the UK, and one or two in the US. In none of these cases has it been proven that the animal was a ferret – particularly in the UK, it is quite possible that the animal was actually an European polecat which are raised for fur and sometimes for hunting (in the UK). And in each case gross child and animal abuse is well documented. But it’s important to remember, that even the most pessimistic statistics on ferrets show that a ferret is about a thousand times *less* likely to cause injury than a dog. Indeed, every year there are hundreds of very serious or fatal dog attacks in the US alone. Worst case statistics show approximately 12 ferret attacks ever recorded in the US.

    Dr. Bruce Williams, DVM, adds:

    I can say from personal experience that there are many, many more bite incidents with the household dog or cat, and that either of these species tend to do a lot more damage. I have seen children require over a hundred facial stitches from getting between the dog and its food, but never anything like this with a ferret. But I’ve also been nailed by my share of ferrets too.

    Personally, I don’t recommend ferrets for people with children under 6 or 7 – either the child or the ferret ends up getting hurt.


    Just thought you all should have the correct information, straight from those that know.

  • Autumn

    Let them have their fingers chewed off. That poor, innocent baby. I cried my eyes out when I heard about this. As a mother of a 2 month old boy, I cannot FATHOM leaving him unattended for even a moment. How long were they out of the house for this to happen?! That poor baby probably laid there and SCREAMED in agony for god only knows how long. And these pieces of sh!t don’t even look remotely sorry. I f*cking hate people. I really do. This makes me absolutely sick. That poor, poor baby. Baby, where ever you are, I’m sorry that you were born to such horrible people.