Missouri Couple Charged After Pet Ferret Chews Off Baby’s Fingers

They weren’t at home.

Carrie and Ryan Waldo (KC Star)

They left their baby at home alone with the ferret. The ferret had already bitten the baby twice. A Missouri couple was charged after a ferret chewed off most of their baby’s fingers.
Reuters reported:

A Missouri couple was charged on Wednesday with endangering the welfare of child after a pet ferret allegedly chewed off most of their four-month-old son’s fingers while he was left home alone.

Ryan R. Waldo, 33, and Carrie R. Waldo, 25, were each charged in Jackson County on Wednesday and have not yet entered a plea, said Van Buckley, public information officer for the county prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker.

Documents filed as part of the charges state that the Waldos told police they were asleep when the ferret attack occurred on January 10 in their home in Grain Valley, Missouri. The couple said they awoke to find the boy screaming and bloody and that Ryan Waldo threw the ferret against the dishwasher, killing it.

The infant was taken to the hospital, where seven fingers were amputated because they had been chewed down to the knuckles, the charges state.

Grain Valley police investigated cell phone records and used GPS technology to determine that the Waldos were exchanging text messages from various locations at the time of the ferret attack, when they had said they were at home, court documents show.

The Waldos told investigators the ferret had never bitten anyone, but a person with a ferret rescue organization told their landlord the couple wanted to give up the animal because it had bitten the infant twice, documents allege.

Here’s the complaint against the Waldos.

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  • SturJen

    Fifty bucks says that drugs were involved somehow. Who leaves a 4 month old alone? Tweakers.

  • Black Sabbath

    Look at their faces. They don’t even look sad. Just inconvenienced.
    Have them both empty their pockets and wallets/purse.
    Collect enough money for two bullets.
    Two shots. One each to the head.
    Have this put on pay-per-view via Youtube.
    Money raised from many viewers paying one time to see these two shot will be more than enough to pay for infant’s rehab for years to come. Also, any property, possessions they had are to be auctioned off with money put in long term account infant can access when 28 years old.

  • donh

    I am sure they were just late on getting rid of the baby. Adoption papers take time. Pets are more important than the future of the human race to self loathing leftists.

  • Conservative to the Core

    Liberal media announcing that Anthony Weiner will resign from Congress today.

  • Deanna

    Let the punishment fit the crime. Leave them tied up in a cage for hours with 20 or so hungry ferrets.

  • Ipso Facto

    This reminds me of the couple in Central Florida not too long ago that had a python who got out of the cage and killed their baby.

    My father who was 89 used watch the news and say that when he was young there were a lot of poor people but they didn’t have so many crummy people back then like we have today.

    This is truly a tragic story. What are they going to tell the child when it grows up?

  • NorthernX

    Why is this horrific story even on this blog?

  • HeavyDee

    #7 June 16, 2011 at 8:47 am
    NorthernX commented:
    Why is this horrific story even on this blog?

    I guess my answer would be that it shows how many people in this country have become absolute “pieces of crap.” Reminds me of the old saying “You’re supposed to have a license to drive a car, own a dog, own a gun, etc; but any ignorant a-hole can be a parent.” These strike me as the kind of folks that would stand on their soapbox and scream about their “rights, rights, rights,” but if you ask them about their “responsibilities,” you’d get a dumbfounded look.

  • NorthernX

    So, they’re abysmally stupid and irresponsible.
    I see no reason for this ghastly story to be posted on a political blog.

  • Cro

    Yeah, I sort of agree. Anyone that is a Conservative already understands human nature. No need to be reminded and see things of this nature… it just turns the stomach.


    again a perfect reason for birth control…freakin morons

  • patman

    Those pesky ferrets…

    The mug shots reek of remorse, don”t they???

  • Joanne

    That is just horrible – poor little baby boy …..and why?

  • Kissmygrits

    Just proves some people should never procreate. Don’t they teach sex ed in Missouri?

  • Darin

    How many would be as upset, if they had just killed the baby seven months earlier???

    Don’t get me wrong, they ought to be handled as harshly as the law allows, but some consistency in this nation toward the value of human life, and especially toward the most innocent and helpless of us all, would be a refreshing concept indeed.

  • Radegunda

    NorthernX, it’s Jim’s blog. He can post what he wants, for his own reasons. End of story.


    This makes me so sick. So sad for that innocent little baby, Please god let that baby find a good home! God help us when we treat his children this way, This just sucks! I wish I never read it.

  • PB-in-AL

    #5 Deanna – My thoughts exactly, see how many ferrets it takes to gnaw their fingers, etc. off.

  • http://aol.com Em

    How can people who are without conscience be rehabilitated? That child will serve a life sentence for the misfortune of having been born to these sociopaths. Attempted murder by proxy deserves the most severe punishment.

  • greenfairie

    White trash. Take the kid away and put him up for adoption.