Pathetic. Lib Media Attacks Michele Bachmann on Her Foster Care Record

Latest Lib Media Attack on Michele Bachmann: Did She Really Foster Care for 23 Children?

The state-run media is obviously getting worried about the growing popularity of Michele Bachmann. The media has yet to uncover Barack Obama’s college transcripts, but they are already questioning Michele Bachmann’s record as a foster parent.

Click on photo for CBS video–

It’s too bad Michele wouldn’t tell them the names of her foster children so they could use them to smear her.

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  • mg4us

    I hope Bachmann takes on any Media who questions her foster care record and ask them why haven’t they looked into Obama’s record starting with his college transcript. She should challenge them to do their job before being propagandists.

    The media are pathetic.

    Go Michelle go. . . and always smile. .it drives the left crazy. . .

  • Betsy Ross

    Oh, for the love of Pete!
    The liberals whine that it “takes a village” but when a conservative woman answers the call, well, now it doesn’t.

  • nell

    Keep digging, dumpster divers. Maybe the Bachmann’s have a liberal liar neighbor who will make stuff up for you. Not that you need any help with that.

  • Ruebacca

    23 potential Levi Johnson’s.

    that’s how the left looks at it.

  • JKB

    Sorry, they’ve got nothin’. Foster children are controlled by social services. Social services are by and large staffed by extreme Leftists. If there was something here, it would already be widely known. Look how fast the social service government employees had the “goods” on Joe the Plumber.

  • College records! Hell, he hasn’t released his Kindergarten records. What could be in those records to warrant non-disclosure? How much paste he ate as a toddler?

  • ss252

    I just simply despise anyone that is LEFT now!

    I see zero reason to ever try and reason with these moronic humans…..I had a old friend reach out on facebook the other day,

    In the conversation she said she was a liberal,proud of it? I typed back…Good Luck with that and dont contact me again…

    I am 100% done with them all!

    So far Bachmann is the one with Conservative Credentials, we will see who else jumps in…
    Go Michele, kick their assssssssssssssssssss over this!

  • Pat the First

    My parents for years were foster parents taken from very abusive homes. They all had issues. They were only in the home for the most 2 years before they were moved on to other homes or situations. At least, one child had to be taken to a home for children with psychological issues. 2 children were returned to their mother from whom they had been kidnapped.

    For the Bachmann’s to take in 23 children is quite a feat. They should be honored. What you get for the support for the children really doesn’t cover the costs. To be a good foster parent, you need to know that it will cost you money and takes a huge part of your heart.

  • Pat the First

    ‘My parents for years were foster parents for children taken from very abusive homes.’

  • Lindag

    Start getting your e-mails ready Michele..

  • Jaimo

    Just tell the lefty morons that you took in all those kids for the money and you’ll get a pass, because apparently that’s the only thing lefty morons can understand.

  • Pat the First

    Did you read the comments on that video? Absolutely unbelievable.

    They will attack her for not revealing more about those children. Yet I would be not one of them rant or rave about the lack of records of Obama.


    the repubs should come out screaming the “racist” card….those low life libturd media a-holes really suck…as well as anyone who is on the left…anti americans is what they are

  • an observer

    I’m starting to get real tired of the leftwing media. They fully intend to go all Obama in 2012. I hate to say it, but maybe we ought to apply Andy Stern’s SEIU thuggery to select media “stars.” You know, if we cannot use the power of persuasion to get them to cover our candidates fairly, them maybe they need the persuasion of power. “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?”

  • David

    The MSM is really the enemy. They are the head of the snake that help the Government perpetuate it’s corruption. Cut the head of the snake off and kill the snake…. in other words, Kill the MSM , force and news media to be the 4th estate they should be, and it will weed out the corrupt politicians that have the power. It’s simple…. but extremely difficult.

  • SeniorD

    Elect Michelle Bachman and watch a Leftist’s head explode! Team her with John Bolton and the “Golden BB” takes down the entire Demodonk/Sociaiist (like there’s a difference) cabal by massive heart attack.

    Why is it that the Leftists Lenists try to play way out of their league? Don’t they know someone like Ms. Bachman wouldn’t work up a sweat defeating an entire regiment of those clowns?

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    I’ve heard lots of calls, on this site and others, for more security to prevent these people from getting close enough to do such an assault on Republicans. This kind of stuff happened quite regularly the past 20 years at college campuses and other venues whenever a Republican went there to make a speech. Usually the weapon of choice was a pie but sometimes was a fist. Nothing happened to the attacker who was escorted out and usually started making their rounds on the Leftist talk shows the very next day.

    It continued until unafraid Republican MEN took it upon themselves to attend such events (coordinated or otherwise) and serve as a protective detail around the guest speaker. Keeping watch, they quickly stepped between the attacker and the speaker and, quite often, simply flattened the attacker with a fist to the face, or tackled the attacker and wrestled them to the ground. THIS is what is needed for Republican Candidates at all levels of office whether local, State, or National.

    Time to step up, gentlemen! You are not lefty girlymen. You know what you have to do.

  • Sally

    #5- You are so right.

    The fact that she and her husband helped in this way is so admirable, as well as incredible, since she was managing a very demanding career as a federal tax attorney and business owner.

    I’m still waiting for the media to probe into why Mr. Obama and Mrs. Obama each had to relinquish their law licenses. Anyone who works had enough to obtain one would certainly work diligently to maintain the license. This, alone, is very, very odd, to say the least.

  • Sally

    By the way-

    Happy Father’s Day!

    to all fathers out there….

  • Tjexcite

    Would it not be great if one or more of the fosters who are over 18 come out and campaign. Having them be the sons or daughters whose mothers where to abort them but that horror changed them to put them up for adoption. The MSM would try to track down the birth parents of those kids.

  • Fionnagh

    I think Bachmann may be our “Won.” Why? Well, have you noticed how the Dem trolls are coming out in force against her? Why would they do that, except to take her down because she could hold her own against Obama (not to mention the RINOs…)? She’s a tea-party candidate, not a RINO. She’s bright, articulate and, best of all for us, SHE HONORS THE CONSTITUTION. And it’s that last presidential qualification that scares the hell out of these libs.

  • Susan

    No doubt Bachmann’s own campaign manager Ed Rollins is delighted that the Left is going after his “third tier” and “not a serious Republican contender” (Ed ROllins Fed 10, 2011 CNN oped) into an “unelectable” candidate with “too much baggage”.

    Rino-maker Ed Rollins is determined to have Mitt Romney for President. I cannot come to Bachmann’s defense when she herself has allowing herself to be used by the GOP Ruling Class Establishment to bring division to Tea PArty America so that Romeny recieves the primary nomination.

    THis is McCain/Huckabee all over again in which Huckabee-managed by Ed Rollins- divided COnservative votes so that McCain could come out on top.

  • Susan

    Please excuse my spelling errors-in my hasty response I failed to preview before posting

  • Granny

    #20 June 19, 2011 at 10:08 am
    Tjexcite commented:

    Would it not be great if one or more of the fosters who are over 18 come out and campaign. Having them be the sons or daughters whose mothers where to abort them but that horror changed them to put them up for adoption. The MSM would try to track down the birth parents of those kids.

    No, no it would NOT. Those individuals, both the former foster children and their parents, are entitled to PRIVACY. Further, not all children who end up in foster homes turn out well, through no fault at all of the foster parents. Why saddle Bachmann with the blame for problems that are not hers?

  • sandy

    I like Michele Bachmann. Perry/Bachmann that’s a winning ticket.

  • Bill in Ga

    When did it become a thing to be a foster parent? An d that is 23 over time. Not all at once.

  • sandy

    Granny #24 too right. What if they get a hold of a couple of these foster children and offer them big bucks to destroy Bachmann’s chances? Carpet Bombing the opposition is what Chicago Politics is all about. And the American People who live and die by the Tabloids eat it up with a spoon.

  • sandy

    Sally commented:
    By the way-

    Happy Father’s Day!

    to all fathers out there….

    And to all the fathers who are no longer with us. We remember you with Love.

  • Dan

    Why did she hide in the bushes to spy on some gay people? The media has a treasure trove of stuff on her, just waiting to go full bore with it.

  • JimmyT

    I’m sorry, but, I’ve watched this 5 times and do NOT see an attack on Bachmann. A request for clarification on lengths of time each child spent at MB’s home, but, not a questions as to whether it happened or not. Am I missing something or are you going readership via outrageous headlines? P.S. @Dan–go back to KOS.

  • Daryl Herbert

    They will give all kids/foster kids/step kids of GOP candidates the Levi Johnston treatment: if they say bad things about the candidate, they get to be famous

  • Black Sabbath

    All Michele has to do is hit back on any one of these topics which 99% of the voters will be more interested in than her foster care record:
    – Economy in shambles
    – 5 – COUNT THEM – FIVE WARS – one with a record death toll
    – foreign policy disasters
    – skyrocketing gas/food/clothing prices
    – 800+ Democrat seats lost last November under the Obama leadership
    – $14 trillion in debt
    – Raiding the public pension to avoid raising the debt ceiling
    – Ignoring the War Powers Act

    And a host of other Obama failures over the last three years.

  • kansas

    So the job of the media is to hold a “treasure trove” of stuff on Bachmann? If they have it, then release it. If they simply wait to use it strategically that proves the point, one more time, of how corrupt they are.

  • Radegunda

    JimmyT, they’re assuming she’s a liar. And whenever anyone asked any questions about Obama’s past, the Dems called it an attack, and racist to boot.

  • Mr. Potato Head

    Welcome to Palin World, Michele.

    And please stop filling my inbox with spam, Michele, just because I donated to your previous campaigns doesn’t mean you should flood my in-box.

  • don

    maybee now if you are willing to see that the msm will do the palin treatment on ANY conservative that they percieve as a threat.who really knows if there are or not any skeletons for michelle to hide.
    this is why sarah must run,she is the only one who has had the full treatment and is still standing,this besides her other qualifications is why i will support her over all others.
    oh yea,if michelle is so tea party why hasnt she gone full bore after mittens yet?

  • obfuscatenot

    “Did you really have 23 foster kids?” How is this question any different than “Did you really have 23 abortions?” would these so-called reporters ask that question?

    I’d love to see Bachman answer like the Democrats – Don’t -just say something you want too like “A relevant answer to an irrelevant question is……I still have my law license, unlike someone who lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.”

  • Will

    Was just watching the beginning of coverage of the U. S. Open golf tournament on NBC. The introduction began with a clip of school children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in a classroom interspersed among patriotic scenes. The phrase “under God, indivisible” was edited out of two recitations of the Pledge.

  • Gary B.

    The news media should praise her for helping any number of needy children.

  • serfer62

    The MFM analysis has begun…they want romneyCare

  • Ron

    What a bunch of dirty [email protected]@rds. Folks you’re about to see all kinds of filthy smears and lies coming from the left, with the MSM headlining rumor and innuendo on any potential front runner nominee. Their paper messiah is going down in flames and they will stop at nothing and I mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to prevent the lefts ” Shamelot” JFK lite pipe dream president from falling on his a$$ come 2012. God Bless Michelle Bachman and Sarah Palin and keep them and their families safe from the evil pouring out of the mouths of MSM types in general like raw sewage from a busted pipe.

  • Noble Six

    White males, the liberals don’t feel the same stab of betrayal they do when they see a Sarah Palin, a Clarence Thomas, or a Condoleeza Rice.

    I.E., someone who, according to their gender/race politics, should be on their side, but who has wandered off the reservation.

    THIS is why their hatred of Sarah Palin was so vicious, and why once they get going on Bachman, who will be campaigning as a Presidential candidate rather than a VP, they will surpass any of the vitriol Palin got.

  • averagemelon

    When all is lost for the Democrats in the week before the election, radical Islamists will nuke an American city and Obama will put a “moratorium” on the elections. This regime has no intentions of leaving power under ANY circumstances. Mark my words, folks. Everything else is just a distraction to them and a game to keep our eye off the real goal.

  • I had a while back on some leftie blog or something that they are saying she only took in the kids to use as slave labor to babysit her own children. That is going to be the narrative that they pass along, it will be interesting to see if any of them speak out in her defense. Although, I get this feeling Bachmann would rather protect their privacy then win an election.

  • Too bad she doesn’t want LGBTQ people to adopt or foster parent. Learn more about COLAGE today!

  • zabazoom

    It would seem that the commentators here have know idea who Bachmann truly is, but project their own values on her. Being from Minnesota’s 6th district I know her to be manipulating the facts that pander to you, She is not the conservative you think she is.

  • Duane

    I guess this old liberal stumbled across the “nuts” on the right! As a former foster parent I credit Michelle Bachmann for fostering. I have heard that she was a very good parent. She just is someone like most of the Republican candidates that are homophobic, prejudiced and appealing to people’s fears and stupidity.

  • sambeaui

    Why do so many of you feel violence is a viable answer. No where in the world has violence created a fully functional society