Hundreds of Fans Greet Sarah Palin in Pella, Iowa (Video)

Hundreds of supporters greeted Sarah Palin in Pella, Iowa tonight for the premiere of the movie “The Undefeated” on her life in Alaska.

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  • LibsRMorons

    Go Sarah! What a pretty lady! And one class act!

  • Ginger

    Sarah run for president! We will stand with you. We will fill your war chest!

  • jainphx

    If the Good LORD is willing, she can get us out of the hole that the left has put us.

  • bg


    God Bless & Godspeed Sarah & Family..
    all the way to the White House!! woot!! 🙂


  • BenK

    That’s Stephen Bannon – the first person she hugged.

  • toongoon

    Take a lesson barack; she’s first class.

  • gus

    But but but, she’s really dumb and Opie is REALLY REALLY SMART!! And Opie isn’t a Marxist nor a Muslim!!! His pants are creased!!

  • sara
  • jainphx

    I just hope the majority of the people see right through all the shiite being tossed at her, but on a bright note she would be the most vetted candidate in history.

  • Gravelyvoice Jim

    Sarah is a rock star, Michele is a serious candidate. Both are good, but one of Sarah’s biggest liabilities in any campaign would be her attention-grabbing daughter. Sarah is savvy enough to survive and deal with the media onslaught, but is Brystol? The conservative cause doesn’t need another Meghan McCain running around the country in 2012 making PR messes by spouting off like a loose cannon in front of the mics and cameras.

    If Sarah is seriously considering a run, then Bristol would serve her mother well by staying in the background for the next year and a half…but she won’t, effectively muddying Sarah’s message and causing her (Sarah) to have to spend time backtracking or explaining some Bristol sound byte du-jour rather than making sound political arguments on the economy or foreign policy. No matter how much we love Sarah, as long as Bristol’s soap opera continues to be played out in the press the Palin family will be portrayed as a bunch of B-list wannabes by the media – the political equivalent of “Jersey Shore”.

    Sorry, but if we want to win in 2012 with a principled conservative candidate, Bachmann is our best bet. The MSM showed this week just how much they fear her.

  • Susan

    “Bachmann is our best bet.”

    Gravelyvoice Jim

    You forget that Bachmann has yet to be fully vetted so get back to us in about month after MSM fully investigates all of Bachmann’s children and the foster children; lots of pickings for MSM

    You do not yet undertand the vicious nature of the Left while I have no doubt you’ll go from “best bet” to “unelectable” with “too much baggage” in a matter of minutes.

    Because you accepted the Left’s vicious agit-propaganda to destory one of us, you are the reason why the Left can destroy us all.

    You are the problem, not the solution; I am sick and tired of people like you giving into the Left’s power, you are a fool.

  • Rita

    *wondering how many times and how many places gravelyvoicejim is going to bray that post*

  • bg


    Bachmann is okay, she just doesn’t make my day..

    of course should she win the nomination, i would of course support her,
    however, i don’t make or take bets when is comes to the presidency..
    “we the people” need to “discuss”, not “dictate” our candidate.. not to
    mention “elect” not “select”, been there done that in the last election..


  • bg


    re: #13

    when is comes = when it comes


  • Tru

    Good job, Susan.

  • don

    #10 what doyou think of someone who takes federal money then says she knows nothing about it but its on her federal disclosure forms.THIS is washington and the beltway at its worse and yet you think michelle is a true conservative,not.
    michelles calling for a end to the minimum wage in the middle of a depression/recession shows she is not in touch with those of us who are working two jobs to make ends meet.there are a lot of federal regulations that need to go bye bye the epa is numero 1 ,all getting rid of the minimum wage does is hurt the little guy. she is not ready for prime time and not having executive experiance is a big for me its mama grizzley or bust.
    iquote IFwe are to go down,lets go down fighting. sarah in pella last night .