Ambassador Jon Huntsman announced his candidacy yesterday at Liberty Park. He promised to be the nice candidate and be respectful.

Here’s a little advice to Jon Huntsman…
When Ronald Reagan gave his speech at Labor Day Address at Liberty State Park on September 1, 1980, he didn’t promise to play nice.

American Rhetoric posted the transcript:

You’re right. The Carter record is a litany of despair, of broken promises, of sacred trusts abandoned and forgotten. Eight million — eight million out of work. Inflation running at 18 percent in the first quarter of this year. Black unemployment at 14 percent, higher than any single year since the government began keeping separate statistics. Four straight major deficits run up by Carter and his friends in Congress. The highest interest rates since the Civil War, reaching at times close to 20 percent, lately they’re down to more than 11 percent but now they’ve begun to go up again. Productivity falling for six straight quarters among the most productive people in the world.

Through his inflation he has raised taxes on the American people by 30 percent, while their real income has risen only 20 percent. The Lady standing there in the harbor has never betrayed us once. But this Administration in Washington has betrayed the working men and women of this country.

The President promised that he would not increase taxes for the low and middle-income people, the workers of America. Then he imposed on American families the largest single tax increase in our nation’s history. His answer to all this misery? He tries to tell us that we’re “only” in a recession, not a depression, as if definitions, words, relieve our suffering.

Let it show on the record that when the American people cried out for economic help, Jimmy Carter took refuge behind a dictionary. Well if it’s a definition — if it’s a definition he wants, I’ll give him one. A recession is when your neighbor loses his job. A depression is when you lose yours. And recovery is when Jimmy Carter loses his.



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  1. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you the topic.

    Republican males have been castrated by relentless attacks from the Dem Propaganda Machine (formerly known as the Mainstream Media). Isn’t it time we elect a Republican woman as President?

  2. i really don’t even know this man, however, he wrote a note to obama when huntsman was ambasssador to china saying to obama how great he was.

    too freindly with obama. ugh!

  3. Any GOP playing nice have proven they are impotent and incapable – and prolly guilty of Treason.

    Some may think I toss that word Treason around lightly.

    But I use it a Thousand Kajillion light years further down the road of where the Founding Fathers used it RIGHTLY on Benedict Arnold.

    The Founding fathers used it when someone raised a weapon against the USA – I’m using it when they are shutting down the pumps on a sinking ship of state, having chopped all lifeboats to pieces already, and poured TONS of sand and sugar on the engines and tied 2 ton millstones to each passenger, and all the cargo. They’ve set the fuse on 50 Zillion times bigger bombgs than the Enola Gay carried, and we’re being polite and not accusing anyone “WITH GOOD INTENTIONS” of TREASON!

    All you have to do to be proven as having “GOOD INTENTIONS” is to be BREATHING.

    They unanimously confirmed raving Commie, Leon Panetta for Sec Def and are in talks to raise the debt ceiling without having effected any spending cuts.

    They should have been hanged a long time ago.

    The dead corpse of America doesn’t even belch for these acts of Treason, of today.

  4. Hunstman’s record belies his assertation that he’s the “ultimate conservative.” His endorsement of cap-and-trade legislation proves that he is unfit for office, as his belief in the hoax of man-made global warming shows he cannot think for himself.

    He is nice to Obama, though, far nicer than Obama has been to America.

  5. Huntsman’s inability to recognize that Obama is a lying, socialist thug with pro Muslim sympathies (if not a closet Muslim) makes him unfit for office.

  6. huntsman is a liberal all the way…anyone appointed by odumbo backs the mooslums policy and beliefs…he is not a conservative in any way

  7. I think Huntsman might rather be the ultimate RINO.

    Also, technically Arnold was not a traitor. Your ancestors fighting in the Revolution were all British until Britain recognized defeat and buggered out. They were British rebels and became Americans with the birth of the nation.

  8. The very fact that our leftist media loves him makes him an ABSOLUTELY NOT for me! Besides, anyone who would serve in Obama’s Regime in any capacity is a traitor as far as I’m concerned. Play nice all you want Jon. The rest of us are playing to WIN.

  9. The mainstream press and those running for office know that you will support anyone but Obama. So, they could run anyone against him, knowing he/she gets your support. In the end, you get the same thing, just maybe not as fast or noticeable. Personally, I will go vote against Claire McCaskell in 2012, and skip the top race like many others I know. Tired of supporting the lite version of the Democrat running. Term limits would fix most of this, but the power structure will not allow that to happen.

  10. Another dreadful RINO offering himself up for consumption. Totally tone deaf to true Conservative principles. The second he praised Hussein it was “over and out” for me.

  11. #9 – JoeCamel

    Note that a bunch of folks did as you suggest and didn’t vote in ’08 because they didn’t want to vote for McCain. Instead we got TheWon . . .

  12. Jon Huntsman is the Democratic candidate for Republican challenger to Obama. Millions of democrats will vote in the Republican primaries in 2012 because there is no democratic primary, and they will vote for Huntsman. Just as McCain was kept in the race when he was running out of cash in 2008, Huntsman will recieve most of his campaign donations from democrats, along with votes in the early primaries. Huntsman is the guy that democrats want to see run against Obama, a challenger who will not attack Obama or say anything bad about him. Just like McCain did.

  13. Jon Huntsman type people are how we got ourselves into this mess.

  14. Huntsman is another tin-ear politician. Promising to play nice means he panders to liberals which then irritates Republican voters.
    Not a winning strategy if you ask me.

  15. Jon Huntsman = Low-fat vanilla yogurt

  16. Huntsman is the democrat wet dream.

    Perry, palin, Bachman, are their Bain

    Powder is dry

  17. Huntsman endorsed by Harry Reed? ‘Nuff said.

  18. Wake up Republicans. A Huntsman or a Romney are not the answer to what ails us. They’re just more of the illness.

    Huntsman or Romney will only slow the descent, rather than reversing it.

    BTW: notice the absence of a teleprompter.

    Real leaders give real speeches.

  19. Huntsman is smarmy- I feel dirty when I see a photograph or listen to him. My visceral reaction is H-E-Double hockeysticks NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His father is a different story-a great man-and a good man-sadly his son is an elite. I have read Srs. little book “Winners never Cheat” several times, he loves his family. Boy oh boy, does Jr. look like a plant, a potted one that has been overwatered and is beginning to smell.

  20. Nice Republican = RINO. Got enough of ‘em. Don’t need anymore. Especially don’t need one in the White House.

    Thanks but no thanks, Huntsman. You can go back home now.

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