Wow. Even DNC Donors Break Out in Laughter When Obama Claims He Created Jobs (Updated)

It wasn’t supposed to be funny…

The DNC donors laughed at Obama last night when he started to brag about creating 2.1 million private sector jobs.

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For the record… The country has lost 2.5 million jobs since he moved into the White House. Maybe that’s why they were laughing?

UPDATE: The White House says they were applauding not laughing.

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  • bg


    the not so funny thing so far is, he always gets the last laugh.. 🙁


  • Spider

    We are not a serious nation right now.

    The whole democratic/liberal/statist mentality is phony, and propped up by a complicit media.

    Please America, let’s get real.

  • Sally

    Just say it, repeat it and (some) people believe it… just like saying the Democrat party is the party that championed civil rights (when, in truth, it fought them, viciously, every step of the way).

  • tommy mc donnell

    truth and the democratic party, never the twain shall meet.

  • vamoose

    BLS numbers: civilian employment peaked at 146.6 million in Nov 2007. It was 142.2 in January 2009. It was 139.8 last month, a net loss of 2.4 million jobs since Obama took office. OTOH, Bush had a net gain of 2.5 million in his first term and 4.4 million overall.

    BTW, Mr. Prez, the private sector creates private sector jobs, not the government.

  • Bill Mitchell

    “If life is like a wheel and we constantly fail, it then follows that we will eventually appear to move ahead by failing. The key is that if you fail, fail consistently…”


    Only in Obama’s tortured logic could anyone say we hit 9% unemployment by adding jobs. Of course the premise itself is a non-sequitur. The government doesn’t create jobs at all (except government jobs). Government jobs are not profit centers, they are overhead. Only private industry can create jobs which result in profit.

  • FurryGuyJeans

    Barry certainly has saved a lot of useless union jobs, those are the ones that consistently vote (D).

  • GUS

    Obama is a complete f**k up, and he’s bragging about it.

  • Guy in Ohio

    “Government jobs are not profit centers, they are overhead. Only private industry can create jobs which result in profit….”

    Bill, it’s nice to know that SOMEONE gets it!

  • Valerie

    He might get the last laugh for 4 years, but the voters get the last say. If even MSNBC can run this story, there’s reason for us to look forward to the next set of elections.

    On Libya, President Obama evaded rules on legal disputes, scholars say
    Decision to override Justice Department unit called ‘disturbing’ by one former legal adviser

    “This is not the way the process is supposed to work.”

    The White House suppressed a written opinion from its own counsel (OLC), picked an individual, who was on his way out already, to collect and select an opinion more to the President’s liking, and then let the individual transfer out of the administration.

    “surprised and disappointed”


    ….and those are his friends.

    from the loyal opposition comes this summation, from Jack Goldsmith, former head of the OLC under Bush, who later resigned after clashing with White House officials.

    “This is not a process designed to produce a sound legal decision.”

    What I would like to know is whether Eric Holder contributed to the MSNBC story, because the story mentions twice that his advice was rejected. Normally, one would expect an editor to delete an allegation that had been repeated.


    just another lying moo slime POS…time to impeach the fraud un-american kenyan

  • Black Sabbath

    The real story here is that the JournOList media, whose only goal is to protect Obama at all costs, along with their DNC big-money pals just laugh this off. A real media would have torn Obama to shreds for saying something this stupid. And, if the DNC donors had more brains than money instead of the other way around, they’d be really nervous about such bricks of stupidity dropping out of Obama’s mouth every time he opens it.

  • serfer62

    Elites laughed
    Unemployed cried
    Boehner golfs

  • jainphx

    This guy is no longer respecting the rule of law, let alone legal precedent. He just does as he damn well pleases on anything he pleases. I have to ask those of you on the left, is this okay with you? Whats to stop him from decreeing himself President for life?

    He has to go for the good of the country and the world!

  • Rose

    Good to know the Treasonous are not misleading themselves.

    I like to think when folks choose the Other Pasture in this Culling Season ordered by The Good Shepherd, that they are willfully and deliberately choosing the pasture for themselves that they truly really want, with no delusions. Just knowing the Good Shepherd is not THEIR Shepherd…

    Americans like to think such decisions are delusional and if they just drag everyone where they don’t want to go, they’ll realize all the benefits of marshmallow “luv” and Be Happy little “Christians”.

    That ain’t true. The “Lost” are generally better informed about Spiritual Reality than anyone else on the planet.

  • joe buzz

    Is it common to put “(laughter)” in a remarks press release or where they trying to prove that his “jokes” were funny to at least some of the attendees?

  • I pray we can save and create a new job for a conservative at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in 2012.

  • Reno_Dave

    In the first hour of his show this morning, Rush said that this was an error in the closed captioning that the White House provided along with the speech, and not a transcript taken at the time it was given.

    It points to a bit of incompetence within the office of the White House Press Secretary, but I would wait a bit on this until a video can be found that can verify the accuracy of the printed version before making a big deal out of it.

  • kansas
  • KR

    Barry is a comedian just like Jon Stewart, you can’t take them seriously. They aren’t partisan either.

  • Wm T Sherman

    Why do you suppose the official transcript reported the laughter? It’s not like the White House feels any obligation to tell the whole truth. Perhaps whoever transcribed it made a mistake, assuming that any laughter must have been with The Won, and not at him.

  • Bill Mitchell

    In 2008, Obama was a sh*t sandwich. A big fat liberal turd wrapped in delicious moderate wonder bread. In 2012, Obama will be a steaming cowpie and he must convince Americans to step in it on purpose.

    Rick Perry 2012.

  • Elites laughed
    Unemployed cried
    Boehner golfs

    I saw this comment and i think it is perfect but main problem is there are to much unemployed

  • Bunni

    Keep yucking it up, barry boy and all your morons! You won’t be laughing when you’re booted out to the unemployment line in Nov. 2012, or hopefully SOONER.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Were there any beverage sprays the moment he claimed to have created all those “jobs”?

  • Molon Lobe

    The Dhimmies must be using either Baghdad Bob or Goebbels to advise them. Tell a lie often enough and the dhimmies and their proles will believe anything.

  • The Gadfly

    Anybody notice that following the link to the official transcript now shows “Applause” instead of “Laughter”? Is this article on GWP a joke, or is the Obama White House re-editing history in front of our eyes?

  • DRJ

    Politico notes the White House transcript has been corrected: (Laughter) was changed to (Applause)* — with an asterisk.

    But if you click on the official White House transcript, the asterisk is gone.

  • bobdog

    I think I know window dressing when I see it…

  • Would someone please inform our nitwit president That they are not laughing with him , they are laughing at him !!!!!!!

  • ohiochili

    Reno_Dave is right- I also heard Rush report it was an error in the transcript for the closed captioning..only the deaf got to laugh. He said it should have read ‘Applause’.

    It was appropriate the way it was written.

  • Bob350

    “Keep yucking it up, barry boy and all your morons! You won’t be laughing when you’re booted out to the unemployment line in Nov. 2012, or hopefully SOONER.”
    Bunni I could not agree more. These morons have to go. But what are we prepared to do when they say they will not leave even if they loose the election!!